Bilderberg Big Shot, Krugman Thinks No One Is Richer When Empires Go To War, A Deliberate Lie

Liberals love to make fun of conservatives complaining that they are delusional and cling to fake stories yet liberals do this every bit as much as conservatives.  Examples abound such as clinging to the ‘global warming’ story and then turning it into ‘climate change’ just when it is proven decisively that it is getting colder, or the myths built up around various black criminal youth who die fighting someone white or Hispanic, we have Krugman, a Bilderberg ‘liberal’ sounding off about the Ukraine mess, blaming Putin for everything.


Krugman asks why the Ukraine mess is ‘getting scarier by the day’ and being a good Bilderberg gangster, he claims that this is all Putin’s fault and the US and EU have nothing to do with causing a right wing Catholic coup in Kiev: Why We Fight Wars –


If you’re a modern, wealthy nation, however, war — even easy, victorious war — doesn’t pay. And this has been true for a long time. In his famous 1910 book “The Great Illusion,” the British journalist Norman Angell argued that “military power is socially and economically futile.” As he pointed out, in an interdependent world (which already existed in the age of steamships, railroads, and the telegraph), war would necessarily inflict severe economic harm even on the victor. Furthermore, it’s very hard to extract golden eggs from sophisticated economies without killing the goose in the process.


We might add that modern war is very, very expensive.


Capitalist wars are always very expensive because often these are looting expedition carried out by the elites on the rest of the citizens. That is, they put a very high price tag on war materials and systems and then charge it to the general public who then have to pay this all off, the little guys, the workers, the pettit bourgeoisie, small home owners, etc.  Debt is piled on the public while the owners of the systems get filthy rich.


Krugman knows all this.  His story at the NYT is all about blatantly lying to everyone so his literal Bilderberg buddies can continue looting us.  The latest F35 is a prime example, it will make Boeing rich and bankrupt everyone else which is why our allies are now beginning to refuse to buy it.  Israel wants it, of course, because it is added to our collective bill and we pay for it via huge debts.


That is something Krugman never mentions, being also a Zionist as are most of the commentators at the Washington Post and the NYT.  After talking about the expensive uselessness of wars by empires, Krugman then talks about Putin being evil:


And if authoritarian regimes without deep legitimacy are tempted to rattle sabers when they can no longer deliver good performance, think about the incentives China’s rulers will face if and when that nation’s economic miracle comes to an end — something many economists believe will happen soon.


We have a authoritarian regime here.  It isn’t authoritarian for the US public which is sliding into chaos.  The controls on our cities is nearly nonexistent, our borders are wide open to foreign invaders who infiltrate in endlessly.  Far from controlling the US, much of the nation is out of control.


As race wars, drug wars, crime sprees, destruction of cities via offshoring much of our manufacturing, job losses, declining incomes, abandonment of whole structures, falling tax collection ravages our country, war machine debts pile up by the trillions and far from retreating, our empire is like a balloon that keeps expanding due to debt expanding.


Spending on wars increases constantly.  If there is even one minute of quiet, the Bilderberg gang drum up yet another war.  Ukraine is a prime example.  After ordering the President of Kiev to not remove the violent right wing demonstrators, the President fled and after the EU and US NATO team shoved in a new government that immediately began oppressing half of the citizens, there was a real uprising.


Which continues.  Russia moved quickly to save its only warm water port which is to be expected and then sat back but the armed suppression of the Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine has finally moved Russia into saving them.  The resistors have killed soldiers, not citizens of Ukraine who are civilians and they have shot down military jets and this is what happens in wars which the US supports if it is people fighting, say, Assad or Saddam.


The difference between paying and supporting with weapons, uprisings in Syria versus uprisings in Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep is, when there is a clash there, it will be between two nuclear armed empires.  This won’t make the rich, richer, it will possibly annihilate them.


If London and NYC and Tokyo are nuked, that is the end of the elites.


The stupidity of pushing forwards with obviously dangerous confrontations that are morally wrong doesn’t occur to Krugman because he is a Zionist who believes in ethnic cleansing so he sees nothing wrong with buddies doing this.  All, while the US writhes in agony over the ethnic warfare being waged here at home with no solution except more retreats from protecting out cities from criminals.


Peaceful protests in Ferguson marred by clashes as police arrest 47 people overnight after bottles of urine are thrown at them‘Shoot me now, kill me now’: St Louis police kill black suspect, 23, who ‘charged at cops with a knife’ after robbing convenience store‘That could have been any one of us’: Washington Redskins defense run out with their hands up in tribute to slain Ferguson teenager Michael Brown which is kind of sad since Native Americans are trying to force the white owner of this team to change the name!


White Republicans think race ‘is getting too much attention’ in Ferguson while conservative pundits slam Obama’s ‘racist’ remarks on teen’s death while an All-black ‘Outcast MC’ biker club patrolling the streets of Ferguson in a bid to help keep the peace after ten nights of unrest.


Two children and one adult held and two cops shot in 12-hour hostage standoff in Chicago after police interrupt armed burglary of a black neighborhood by black hoods who prey off of their own people with impunity.  It isn’t just blacks who are going nuts, how about here near where I live in NY, a Woman who ‘kidnapped and sexually abused two Amish sisters’ with boyfriend got a grant to write a college thesis on ‘the psychology of rape’.


She lived in this trash heap and had a white thug boyfriend.  Her thesis was all about how watching violent rape porn could motivate someone to do it, too.  Then there is this story:  Family’s outrage after authorities refuse to pay $800,000 medical bills for toddler hit in the face with a grenade in police drugs raid gone wrong ‘after telling parents they would’ which reminds us of the very high cost of the War on Drugs which is actually a war on the poor.


Then there is this drug story featuring a black woman this time, the grenade victims were Asians, She’s had a bad day: The strung-out mugshot of a woman high on synthetic pot who stole a cop car, led police on a high-speed chase and caused a multi-car pile-up thanks to the prohibition on fairly harmless natural pot, people desperate to be drugged up use fake pot that is more like crack.  The prohibitions have created monster drugs that make people do insane things.


Mr. Brown of Ferguson fame was also high on synthetic pot, too, it now appears after his autopsy.  The woman in this theft/crash could have provoked riots, too, but luckily, did not.  This is why Federal legalization of pot and an end to the war on drugs would be so helpful, in a big way.  But I suspect that the reason black politicians and leaders like Sharpton are not demanding this is because this makes ghetto blacks richer because deals flourish where cops are removed or scared to patrol.


This doesn’t justify riots on behalf of thugs.  This does remind us that wars are actually raids on the Treasury and the War on Drugs supposedly paid for itself via confiscation of the goods of people convicted of drug dealing only the money brought in this way (and the corruption and fraud this causes as police seek to enrich themselves this way) is dwarfed by the costs of fighting the War on Drugs plus the uselessness of the entire business.


Then there is the white mostly young male mass killers at work:  Two California teens ‘planned huge school massacre and had researched submachine guns, bombs and other explosives’ as they wrote to each other how wonderful it would be to massacre classmates and sundry people.


Surgery delayed for Perry teacher injured by thrown rock by a gang of white school boys in Pennsylvania last month, it hit the teacher in the face causing serious brain damage.  Two stood at the overpass and threw it at  her car while two others followed her with a rock collection to stone her further.  Now they face prison time and deservedly so, too.


Hollywood entertainment is increasingly violent and this is definitely affecting our youth plus violent video games that do no service for humanity.  But then, people are free to entertain themselves in various ways, just acting it out in public or against victims in private has to be stopped by the State.  Which is impossible if the State is dedicated to endless warfare to make the rich, richer.


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10 responses to “Bilderberg Big Shot, Krugman Thinks No One Is Richer When Empires Go To War, A Deliberate Lie

  1. luc

    I can not find the quote of Krugman. I believe a few years ago he said ‘TARP should have been bigger’.

  2. Jim R

    The most disgusting story to come out of Ukraine has been the one of these “safari” companies who charge $$$’s to allow well-heeled psychopathic gun nuts to come to Donbass and shoot some Slavs.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    The dollar is supported by cheap oil prices.

    These wars are all about keeping oil prices jiggered as low as possible while sucking it all out of foreign lands at the fastest possible rates.

    It is very profitable. At EROEI of 20:1, paying close to a dollar for something that returns twenty dollars worth of work is very profitable.

    Makes nations want to consume as much as possible.

  4. Christian W

    Paul Krugman, Timothy Gartner Ash (professor at Oxford), Bernard Henri-Levy… just a few of the mouthpieces for the elites, paid to cover up and cloak the crimes of the elites in a veneer of credibility. Part of the steady drip of propaganda and brainwashing.

  5. Christian W

    @5 That is why the EU leadership (not necessarily the citizens) is on board with all the insanity in the ME and Ukraine too. They have their eyes on the energy goodies in Iran, the Caspian and Iraq etc. and of course Russia. It won’t stop until Russia puts it’s foot down in the form of a nuke somewhere. Since Putin came into power he has had to fight three Western sponsored wars on his borders, Chechnya, Georgia and now Ukraine and of course the Western sponsored war in Syria where Russia has a naval base.

  6. melponeme_k


    Earthquakes in Oklahoma and environmentalists blaming Fracking. I hate tracking, and also think it disturbs the surrounding earth, I don’t think it can cause major earthquake activity. This seems to be another sign of stress between the LA ring of fire fault line and the New Madrid.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, the New Madrid is going to act soon enough.

  8. DeVaul

    Putin has ordered the humanitarian convoy forward after Kiev handed him another list of demands. Here is how Kiev views this convoy of aid:

    Ukraine’s intelligence (SBU) chief, Valentyn Nalivaychenko, has described the convoy crossing the Russian border as a “direct invasion.”

    “We call it a direct invasion,” Nalivaichenko told journalists. “Under the cynical cover of the Red Cross these are military vehicles with documents to cover them up.”

    Kiev’s stance was echoed by the EU, who labeled Moscow’s decision to order the convoy to go ahead without Kiev’s consent “a clear violation of the Ukrainian border.”

    Orlov was right. The Ukranians could not figure out a way to steal all the aid, so they held it up until they could find a way, but Putin has seen through this facade and ordered it forward before people start dying en masse.

    I expect Kiev to bomb the trucks or cause mischief of some kind. Shame on the cowardly Red Cross for not escorting it. It is now escorted by the Russian Red Cross only, and they know they may be killed by Kiev goons.

  9. JT

    “Russia moved quickly to save its only warm water port which is to be expected”


    “and then sat back but the armed suppression of the Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine has finally moved Russia into saving them.”

    You become Krugman yourself.
    Nobody on either side gives a rats ass about the people in Ukraine.

  10. emsnews

    I hate to pop your bubble but I suspect the RUSSIAN SPEAKING Orthodox care greatly about all this but then, you seem unable to see them as humans with feelings.

    Emotions are a very toxic thing that drives humans insane.

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