Compton, Inspiration For Grand Theft Auto Games, School Guards Get Right To Carry Semi-Auto Guns

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After a number of school shooting where the deranged killer wears body armor, schools in high crime areas are upping their arms, too.  Gun controls are failing, the population is at war with each other and violent video games feed into all this, big time, and ethnic cleansing excuses by Jews makes it worse so we have this sort of crazy stuff going on, our schools are under siege within and without.


In Compton, school police can use semiautomatic weapons – The Washington Post


 There is evidence that school police may need stronger guns. In a review of 62 mass shootings that killed at least four people each, Mother Jones magazine found earlier this year that “more than half of mass shooters possessed high-capacity magazines, assault weapons, or both.”…


Officers will have to apply to carry an AR-15 and, if selected, be trained. They will also have to pay for the rifles — which cost about $1,000 each — and ammunition themselves.


Yes, most mass killers in schools are crazy young white males who often adore shoot-up video games…and one of these is the inspiration for Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto is made up of a series of levels, each set in one of the three main cities. In each level, the player’s ultimate objective is to reach a target number of points, which is typically achieved by performing tasks for the city’s local crime syndicate….
If the player is arrested then their multiplier is halved. Unlike in later games in the series, the player can be wasted in one hit without body armor…

The player can gain points by causing death and destruction amid the traffic in the city, or steal and sell cars for profit.


Today, the tradition continues with the main crimes still being Grand Theft Auto:  Compton Crime – Mapping L.A. – Los Angeles Times



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Compton is a high crime area but it is lower than all of Detroit, for example.  and yes, it is mainly auto thefts, not shoot outs like in Detroit.


compton CA has high crime rate compared to rest of LA

Actually, the crime rate there has fallen since its peak in 2005-2008.  And as I tooled around using Google maps, I see mainly well-kept homes and many with Hispanic-style iron fences.  So it isn’t being turned into a no-man’s land like Detroit or now, Ferguson.  Here is one crime story about schools there: Compton School Board Member “Shocked” by Sex Crimes Charges.  Seems he raped a man who was unconscious.


And the other news is, last March, Teachers stage apparent sickout at Compton high school.  Sounds dangerous.


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10 responses to “Compton, Inspiration For Grand Theft Auto Games, School Guards Get Right To Carry Semi-Auto Guns

  1. Alaskan Ice

    These mass shootings are not mass murder they are better viewed as suicides, suicides using mass murder.

    The important distinction is that suicides happen in epidemics, epidemics in both numbers and type of suicide. Psychologists believe that when suicidal people hear of another suicide, they are more likely not only to commit suicide themselves, but to do it in the same manner.

    To that extent, the politicians and the media harping on these suicide/mass murders, for their own “hot button” political purposes, are themselves complicit in the suicide “epidemic.”

    It’s about suicidal kids and a media that endlessly drums on these types of suicide/mass murder events, glorifying them in the depressed minds of those kids. . . not video games.

  2. vengeur

    Sure AKice, these kids practicing murder and all manner of brutality for hours on end have nothing to do with these mass murders. If you bothered to look, in almost every case, these perpetrators of mass murder were lovers if not addicts of these games from hell. You talk a good game, and then always seem to come to a nonsensical conclusion.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    @vengeur, if you bothered to look, most kids play these video games, and most kids aren’t suicidal mass murderers. If you want to talk nonsense, you have a causation problem.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, but the fact is that SOME who are MENTALLY ILL play these games and do insane things. And the parents are responsible by giving them the games.

    And yes, playing killing games is dangerous just like consuming too much porn is dangerous. What we consume becomes our internal selves.

  5. melponeme_k

    I play games. But even I raise my eyebrows at the excessive violence. I absolutely refuse to play first person shooters.

    Elaine is right on the social factor. All of these games encourage a breakdown of social ties and manners. The chat channels in all these games are filled with hate speech, profanity, sexism and all forms of bullying. Game developers encourage this mindset quite simply because it keeps them in the money. Also most of them are “on the spectrum” for autistic type behaviors and most likely cannot recognize ill socialized behavior.

    Can games prod a mentally ill person towards violence? YES. For the rest of us…it turns us into ill mannered cretins.

  6. There is a game called postal 2 which was also know as the worlds first serial killer training simulator.

    Personally I like the STALKER FPS games. BUT I am not going to get a high powered sniping rifle and go on a killing spree.

    But it is too easy to blame the game for the later actions. In fact you have to look rather closer to home.

    In the US you have an unholy mix of guns in almost unlimited numbers, Children being medicated with psychiatric drugs for perfectly normal behaviours, alienation and a non stop diet of Hollywood stylised violence.

    Hollywood keeps pumping out s**t about how real men solve problems by firing 100,000 rounds of ammo at their ‘problem’.

    The politicians and religious nut jobs go mad if even a hint of a nipple is shown in a love scene on TV.

    The doctors pump children full of SSRI’s and or Ritalin (which is a form of amphetamine) Add alcohol and or other recreational substances you have a witches brew.

    You can only go on a shooting spree if something triggers it. You need a grievance. You need to be alienated. Goth, Gay, Transsexual and even being a geek will all put you outside the pack.

    The pack is generally lowest common denominator and measures its manliness by beating up the weakest.

    It is OK to be outside the pack if you are strong. But if your weak then alienation happens very quickly.

    All this points to a very broken society. How you fix it before it implodes is up to you.

  7. vengeur

    So, most kids play these games, and only a few go off and do mass murder. Oh , OK. I feel better about the whole thing. There is a DIRECT causation link between these games and MOST of the people who commit these mass murder sprees are avid players. To refuse to see the direct CAUSATION is nonsense.

  8. OK Vengeur Blame the Game if you like. Nothing happens without a context.

    Elaine has a fair point about the parents sharing some of the blame. But the parents are not the only ones with a finger in that pie. The wider society has its share too.

    There is always a rush to demonise the shooter. The are always a LONER and or a MENTAL CASE. The picture in the news always makes them look INSANE. Have you ever wondered why that is?

    They are words just like ‘TERRORIST’. Words that are used to stop you thinking about the wider context.

    Terrorist stops you thinking about the justice of their cause. Mental Case, Drug Addict and Loner all make you think that they are the exception rather than the norm.

    They simplify things to black and white. But the world is not like that as well we know. We also like to accept the easy lie rather than the bitter truth. In that context society is constantly looking for the quick fix. The band aid, if you like, rather than the proper repair. The trouble is that you end up with a problem covered on band aids that conflict with each other.

    As previously stated nothing happens in isolation. In order to go on a killing spree you need both a grievance which gives birth to the desire for revenge. Taking away the game does not take away the grievance or the desire for revenge.

    The game can only show them how to act out their fantasy. But killing sprees are not a new phenomenon. Killing sprees happened long before the advent of computer games. Ed Gein had almost certainly never seen a computer.

    So do we also blame the ‘Death Wish’ films? The Cowboy films? The TV? The Schools? The Doctors? Guns? The Quick fix?

    They have all played their part. Lets look at them.

    Hollywood and TV: Say we can not show less violent films and programs because the audience demands them. They also claim that audience does not understand complex themes and story’s so we simplify them so that they can understand.

    Guns: The NRA jealously defends the right of everyone to own as many fully automatic weapons as they imagine that they need to defend themselves from the blacks down the road. I suspect that most members of the NRA also suffer from a severe case of ‘Blackcockitis’ They will kill us in a sleep and rape the corpses if we do not have enough guns.

    I do wonder what would happen if a poor black township was to buy a load of M16 automatic rifles and a shed load of ammo. Another Waco is the most probable outcome.

    Schools: They know who is and is not part of the ‘in crowd’. But generally ignore bullying if it does not happen to blatantly or off the premises.

    Doctors: Why are they handing out SSRI’s, and amphetamines to children at their parents request? It is just a quick fix. When the real problems relate to the parents not spending quality time with their children.

    The Parents: Why have children if you do not want spend quality time with them? If they need attention give them attention, Do not medicate them as a substitute. You need to give them the correct moral and social framework with which to prepare them for the outside world.

    It was no accident that Adam Lanza shot his mother first. The alienation and grievance started at home.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    Servants of rulers have been thinking of ways to create suicidal warriors for thousands of years: berserkers, samurai, terrorists, etc. For their own purposes, in war and peace.

    To think that these people, who have monopolized our media, would refrain from old tricks, is naive.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    Another of their tools is to create controlled opposition, ranting and raving permitted, directed towards no meaningful solution, but rather either paralysis or despair.

    For that reason, I’m not terribly concerned whether solutions offered make perfect “sense” or “nonsense” but rather that they exist outside of the discoursive space of the controlled opposition dialectic.

    That existence is proof of their authenticity; ideas to light a brush fire in the mind, to paraphrase one of the founders.

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