Former Kansas City Police Chief Proud Of Stopping Cops Shooting: Crime Now Out Of Control

Kansas City crime spree place after cops not allowed to shoot perps

The above map is some of the crimes committed in just four days in Kansas City which has a very high crime rate after the police were ordered to never shoot at anyone except when attacked and even then, they should hesitate.  So now the thugs run wild, the city is increasingly uninhabitable and the former police chief that started all this is proud of stopping the police!


Joseph McMamara  is quite proud of his change in police tactics:  There is never an excuse for shooting unarmed suspects ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion



Kansas City’s black community wanted to know, Why had this boy died for a nonviolent crime? My police department responded quickly: He should not have been fired upon.


I reminded the media that I had announced in my first news conference as chief that I didn’t believe officers should use their firearms unless there was imminent danger to human life. I planned to rewrite the firearms policy, I had declared, so that officers were officially ordered not to fire except under those circumstances.


As soon as possible, we announced the official new policy. It prohibited police officers from firing at unarmed suspects. We cut back on all police use of military gear. We invited local community leaders to help shape police responses.


In the wake of the new policy, police shootings fell dramatically, and crime declined as local leadership joined with police in speaking out against crime.


The Kansas City shooting, remarkably similar to Ferguson today, offers lessons we can learn.


McNamara was brought in from NYC right when crime began to rage out of control there.  Like his fellow top cops at that time, he was proud of avoiding race riots…via ignoring blacks when they destroyed neighborhoods, burned businesses, attacked whites, Asians and Hispanics and committed many crimes.


Here is a short list of reported crimes in Kansas City over the course of less than a week:

Kansas city crimes one week August 2014

This is exactly why I started my own police patrols and why I was engaged in very bitter battles with the Mayors, Beame and Koch both, and the entire police structure to force them into patrolling mostly black neighborhoods and going after thugs who were a very grave menace.  They wanted to patrol only their own mainly white (Jewish and Italian) neighborhoods.  And ‘leave the animals to kill each other’ in black neighborhoods which was perfectly fine with Al Sharpton and his gang.


And here is the end result of the NYC top cop fixing Kansas City:  Kansas City is living down to its high-crime reputation | The Kansas City Star


The national spotlight on Kansas City has been harsh in recent days.


With 20 or so reported random shootings on the highways and a neo-Nazi charged with three senseless killings in a suburb, the city’s image as a good place to live and visit has been shaken.


Most of the roadway shootings occurred within Kansas City’s limits. And while Sunday’s murders happened in Overland Park, some major U.S. media have highlighted the fact they were in “a suburb of Kansas City, Mo.” (The New York Times), a “Kansas City suburb” (Huffington Post) or “the Kansas City area” (CNN).


The violent crime rate is over three times greater than the US average.  The black mayor was blase about all this:


Mayor Sly James gave a TV interview on the subject, which included this attempt to downplay the troubles:


“But I do not believe that you can say that what’s going on in Kansas City is of such a weird nature, such an extreme nature, that it’s any different to what’s happening in the rest of the country. It’s not.”


Compared to Detroit and Camden, NJ, maybe Kansas City isn’t so bad.  But it is!  Compared to more civilized places, it is becoming a hell  hole.


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23 responses to “Former Kansas City Police Chief Proud Of Stopping Cops Shooting: Crime Now Out Of Control

  1. nclaughlin

    There are actually two Kansas City’s, KC Mo and KC Ks. KC Ks is the one you stay away from. I now live in Northern California, but when I was in the KC area I lived in Lenexa Ks. There were hardly any non-white people in Lenexa and the surrounding towns. The KC metro area is very segregated.

  2. emsnews

    Yup. When I went to the University of Kansas in 1967, it was beginning to self segregate in ernest.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    Sometimes police shooting to death unarmed assailants are “justified” because they fear they will be overpowered and then have their guns stolen and used on them!

    As ridiculous as this sounds, the dirty little secret is that there’s some truth to it: Modern police are so loaded down with kit on their batman belts, bullet proof vests with 20lbs of titanium plates to stop center mass rifle bullets, backup firearms, etc, that a male of even lesser stature and skill can easily overpower them. Police are so loaded down they ought to have at least two officers to physically overpower and arrest a teenage boy or a young man, just like with military units overseas.

    But, just like the longshoremen, the police unions traded their partners for six figure overtime years ago, and so now their safety (and even their ability to do their job) seems to them to require using deadly force in situations where it really isn’t warranted.

    Certainly it polarizes communities when “kids” are involved, delinquent or not. The people in those communities are just like the people in your community when it comes to their kids: everyone knows or fears that one day their kids might screwup too, and so no one wants to see unarmed kids getting shot. . . once they get past their early twenties, there’s not the same visceral reaction from community members.

  4. emsnews

    Man, the people who terrified us the most in NYC years ago were the TEENS because they didn’t go to prison so they ran wild and were and often are extremely dangerous.

    The older guys are survivors and take more caution.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    Juvenile law has been abandoned in favor of treating seriously delinquent juveniles like adults, in part because of that time period.

    That’s still different than summary executions for back-talk, taking a swing at a police officer, or trying to get away in a moving car (that’s another broken-record story: where one officer jumps in front of and then away from the path of the evading vehicle, calls it an attempt to run him over instead of get away, and then they start shooting).

    It seems you are advocating shooting unarmed people who cause any kind of trouble and then fail to comply immediately, particularly poor black people. I just don’t think that’s a tenable position.

  6. DeVaul

    Man, am I surprised by this title and article. Do you really think that crime will go up if police officers are not allowed to shoot unarmed suspects?

    The two examples you give are not black on black crimes or petty crimes or anything like that. They are white on white crimes and crimes committed by an extremist group that advocates the overthrow of constitutional regimes.

    Quite a different kettle of fish.

    Shooting unarmed black suspects will not stop the above mentioned crimes. The mayor of Kansas is right. Even if crime goes up, he is right because it is unlawful to shoot unarmed citizens. The real reasons for the increase in crimes stats in all cities are glossed over once again by arguing about whether police can shoot first and then interrogate the corpse or must first wait to interrogate the suspect before shooting him.

    Here in Lexington, KY, police do not shoot unarmed men, so we don’t have race riots or massive civil unrest. I’d say that’s as good a statistic as any other I have seen regarding this issue.

  7. e sutton

    Add to the above scenario, teens loaded with plenty of testosterone (and maybe just “loaded” in general, as “little Mikey” seems to have been) and you’ve got plenty of trouble just for the axin.

  8. DeVaul

    Our leaders, and a good many ordinary citizens who should know better, are not going to face the fact that the fossil fuel age is over, and with it the Industrial Age. There will be no more factories unless they are sweatshops, and there will be no more endless acres of office jobs to push paper around to manage these factories and their mindless corporate titles.

    Instead, our leaders will focus on and encourage fringe issues that are a consequence of the collapse of our empire right at the end of the Industrial Age so that no one can see them looting what is left of the public trust.

    I would suggest that unemployed men in large, dying cities try to learn skills like farming or animal husbandry or anything that can help them survive in the countryside, but I know they would not accept such an occupation. For them, it is not a way to get rich or even reach middle class status. Telling them that such things are dying out is not what they want to hear, so the politicians continue to promise jobs by simply pulling them right out of their ass — if they get elected, of course.

    We are living through a slow motion train wreck, and giving someone the job of conductor because the previous conductor was crushed will not solve anything. No real plans are being made for the real future that is coming.

  9. emsnews

    Hate to say this but history was made in the past by hordes of ‘teens’ who back in the old days, dying young, the marauders were usually rather young.

    And the fact is, YES, if the cops retreat and trust me, they will cease to enforce any laws, you get death doom and destruction. It is painfully obvious.

  10. vengeur

    So, in round 1 with the cop , it seems Michael Brown fractured the cops skull (FACT) and attempted to get control of his gun, which went off in the struggle (FACT). Apparently he was about to attempt round 2 when he was shot. Doesn’t this make more sense than the account of his criminal accomplice who has most probably already not only perjured himself but started a riot with his inflammatory LIES of a man shot in the back with his hands up. We are living in Orwellian times .

  11. Christian W

    A lot of people have gone completely off the rails, without doubt. But when we have war criminals running things at the top why should the little punks in the hoods behave differently? Murder, lie and spin. Steal and get away with it if you are macho/”smart” enough. Bend the rules as much as you want. Shoot a black man running away and claim you thought “he reached for a gun” (he didn’t have) and if you are a cop you walk away without a problem (saw that on another video) (genuine police brutality). Pretend you are a victim of police brutality (if you fuck up) to hide your own crimes (fake police brutality). The problem is the general lawlessness and lack of accountability. And when there is accountability the law is crooked and bent in favor of some (white collar crime and police) and against others (the poor).

  12. Christian W

    Look at Abu Grahib and the US Army. It’s only the foot soldiers that get convicted, the officers walk free. Same with NATO and Israeli war crimes (they by definition do not exist). Look at the criminal politicians and bankers who ruin whole nations and stuff their pockets, again nothing happens. There are LAWS against all these behavious but they do not apply since the crooks run things now. The reason there are supposed to be laws against such behaviour is for the very simple reason our ancestors learnt the hard way what happens when the crooks aren’t stopped. Things go to hell, big time.

  13. Alaskan Ice

    It seems that in order to pit the police against the underclass and the underclass against the police (so that neither one nor both turns on the powers that be):

    First, encourage the police with a ridiculously permissive legal system that all but excuses them for excesses from both an employment law and criminal liability standpoint (leaving civil lawsuits to mop up the damages and charge them to the taxpayer).

    When a police excess occurs, create two media narratives with excessive press coverage, one for the police and one for the underclass.

    Then they keep trying until there are riots, pitting the police against the underclass and the underclass against the police.

    It’s not the action (or excuse) that matters to them, it’s the violent reaction.

  14. Alaskan Ice

    The next round will be when the cop gets cleared by the grand jury and the press claims that the prosecutor withheld evidence and showed them the officers’ family photos instead. . .

  15. emsnews

    The liberals still believe all the lies told by the Trayvon lawyer and family. So does Holder our massively incompetent head of the DOJ.

    So nothing good will come of telling the facts in this case, either. There were no riots over the poor lady who was brutally and with no reason, beaten mercilessly by the LAPD cop, for example.

    No, the riots are all around people who were thoroughly in the wrong and violent, too! By the way, the cop who beat the lady in LA has been fired and will be punished for his crime. Dead silence from the professional rabble rousers.

  16. charlottemom

    Fubar without a doubt! Looting continues at top and bottom of our society. This will continue until it simply can’t. Agree with AI and christian.

    I saw a black woman community activist on msnbc yesterday (for reference..she was wearing the most ridiculous cowboy sparkle hat). She was calling for US bombing to continue in mideast and then bemoaning Ferguson policing. These are crazy times for sure! She was fully in favor of military enforced “Peace” …Over there!

    A ny policeman once told me that when any police force is brought into a neighborhood (not theirs) to enforce law and order that police end up resenting that community immensely.. be they poor or rich!
    If true this doesn’t bode well for cracking done harder but akin to a vicious cycle of violence

    People should be fully prepared to protect themselves as I dont think the police or looters (elites and underclass) truly care how this effects middle class at all.” Race” riots are class wars ..try not to get caught in the middle as the government fights off these insurrections and there will be more. Its not about protection its about damping down uprisings. Count on media to hype race or personality or whatever…anything but our lawless gangsta society here and abroad and dire economic train wreck.

  17. emsnews

    This is why my talking point #1 when I was actively doing police work as a citizen in a ‘no go zone’ (aka, black neighborhood) I demanded that most new hires back then be blacks for cops because patrolling your own neighborhood works better than patrols from aliens from the outer burbs who are also anti-black in general.

  18. DeVaul


    If History is the story of young males marauding around enforcing laws that they make up on the spot, then I don’t see the point in focusing on one event after another that follows this pattern, since it goes back to the dawn of (human) History. You cannot fight History. It is what it is.


    You seem to imply that the “underclass” is Orwellian, and that they are the ones who thought up the whole idea of being Orwellian.

    That to me is “Orwellian” in and of itself.

  19. Christian W

    JPMorgan and Bank of America just settled with the US government, paying billions in fines to whitewash a tiny part of their crimes. Yet the banking executives walk away free men and can keep going on with their looting operations, the very crimes that are laying the ground work for hollowing out of US society and creating the breeding grounds for small time, and big time, hoods and punks.

    So why is the whole of the US up in arms over a police vs black man bust up gone wrong but ignores the immensely larger story? Within the JPMorgan and Bank of America settlement there are thousands, if not millions (because the crimes of the Wall Street banks reach international levels), of tragedies. But no, let’s focus on one single tragedy in a hood because our attention is deliberately pointed at that one (and away from the Wall Street Hood) and let media roll out self serving loud mouths that are quick to fan the flames of emotions and racial tensions.

    Talk about bait and switch to cover up cause and effect.

  20. DeVaul


    The MSM slipped up when they said that the total of fraudulant mortgages created by BOA was 962 billion!

    Under the law, if it applied to our rulers, they would have to compensate the victims to the tune of what they stole, i.e. 962 billion dollars.

    No wonder Bernanke has been hustled off into obscurity.

  21. vengeur

    @ Devaul: No I didn’t mean anything about “Orwellian” to be associated with the “underclass”. The underclass never decides how the “truth” is going to be presented .

  22. DeVaul

    Well, it’s good to know that. Thanks for clarifying that.

  23. For one reason, I can’t see all of this content, stuff keeps disappearing? Are you utilising javascript?

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