9 Year Old Innocent Boy Shot 4 Times In Back By Thugs In Chicago

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 3.16.49 PM

In broad daylight, witnessed by more than one person, a child was ruthlessly gunned down most likely by a neighborhood hoodlum, and there is zero outrage, no witnesses rushing to put the shooting on You Tube, the President and his goofy DOJ buddy, Holder, say nothing…business as usual as blacks continue to eradicate each other at an astonishing rate.


Antonio Smith, 9, fatally shot FOUR TIMES  in Chicago after running from home | Mail Online


Outraged public and community leaders were offering a reward Thursday for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the boy’s death.


‘I love my city, but the city took something from me that I love even more,’ Antonio’s stepfather, Kawada Hodges, told ABC 7 Chicago. ‘And that was my son. That was my little guy right there.’


Antonio is the latest of at least 11 children under 18 years of age who have been shot to death this summer in Chicago, several of them by stray bullets


Activist priest Father Michael Pfleger of Chicago’s St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church gathered with neighborhood residents and others at the murder scene late Thursday…


He announced a $5,000 reward will be offered for information in the case. Other religious leaders have also added to the reward, bringing it to $13,000.


Here is a satellite photo of the murder site which is next to the train tracks and right where there is a blue bus stop sign.  The ‘park’ next door is a huge graveyard.

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 3.11.15 PM

All the hollering about how evil cops are killing blacks, statistics show quite clearly that over 90% of all black murders are done by hoods in the hood.  Scattered about are the occasional police shootings but how does that amaze anyone when this sort of rampant carnage is continuing?


Chicago Tribune – 9-year-old is executed: Where’s the outrage?


“This 9-year-old boy — in my mind — when you get multiple shots for a 9-year-old boy in a back alley, that’s an execution,” he said in a telephone interview before the event. “That’s not a drive-by, that’s not an accident. That sounds like an execution.”


He’s been outspoken about Ferguson, but he knows that moral outrage is undercut if there’s silence over the assassination of a child.


“We cannot simply be outraged about something that happens someplace else and get immune to what happens at home,” he said. “This is pure evil.


Where was the outrage with the previous 11 child murders?  None to really write home about!  Here is the neighborhood this last month, in the crime stats:  Chicago, IL Crime Map – Showing Crimes in Chicago for 8/13-8/22.  Note the 8 murders.

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 8.39.56 PM

Antonio Smith was shot in a backyard that borders a railroad viaduct on 71st Street. To the east, the gang that runs things is called Sircon City. To the west, a group called Pocket Town runs the show. Police say he was not a gang member.


So, there are gangs in this neighborhood and it doesn’t look like it is a wonderful place to live.  The police don’t make it nasty, it is the people who live there who have made it nasty.  Note the few arrests, nearly all of them in one location.


I suspect strongly that the cops make themselves rather scarce in South Chicago.

Maps of Crime in Chicago: Crime in Different Neighborhoods | New Republic

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 8.58.47 PM


Both NYC and Chicago have gun laws restricting ownership but NYC also had a very pro-active stop and search also which produced this:Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 8.59.01 PMOver half of Chicago has a higher murder rate than two isolated parts of NYC and almost all the Chicago high death areas are much higher death rates than the highest rate in NYC.


Naturally, the black leaders want an end to NYC’s efforts at stopping blacks from slaughtering each other.

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12 responses to “9 Year Old Innocent Boy Shot 4 Times In Back By Thugs In Chicago

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  2. vengeur

    Another AMERICAN boy of nine years murdered in America. This country is dying on the installment plan. A city here, a city there. I see the Russians were laughing at us the other day, “fix your own problems!!!”, they said.

  3. vengeur

    Here’s an interesting story of some other americans kids murdered: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/david-paulin/beaten-to-death-at-mcdonalds/

  4. luc

    Word online is that when Nancy Grace learned it was a Black who murdered a blond child she dropped the case. Jonathan Foster was only twelve years old when he was tortured to death with a blowtorch by a sick black woman. please add his age. all the stories sadden me but the children killed affect me the most.
    heres a list of a few victims,Here is a list of American women killed in racially motivated hate crimes. All are fair haired.
    Probably haven’t heard of them. Well, according to Rachel Jeantel, they are just dumb blondes.

    Kelly Hunnewell
    Lindsey Bonistall
    Jennifer Ross
    Christy Sanford
    Holly Michael
    Ann Walenta
    Heather Muller
    Christina Eilman
    Stephanie Hummer
    Constance Russo-Carriero
    Autumn Pasquale
    Melissa McLaughlin
    Channon Christian
    Emily Haddock
    Beverly Melton
    Anne Presley
    Eve Carson
    Brittney Watts
    Melinda McCormick
    Genelle Conway-Allen
    Sharlotte McGill
    Kristen Warneke
    Pam Gentry
    Laura Dickinson
    Jeanne Ann Clery

    Christopher Newsom
    Baby Antonio Santiago
    Matthew San Filippo
    Michael Hoots
    Kari Myers
    John Bannon
    Peggie Robinson
    Bob Strait
    Tyler Johnson
    Brianna Benlolo
    Nancy Strait
    Thomas Sonnenber
    Robert Marchand
    Kyle Joseph Jobin
    Shirley Marchand
    Ashley Carpenter
    David Carpenter
    Douglas Dooley
    Colleen Rittzer
    Jonathan Foster
    Bernice Shaufele
    Marley Lion
    Justin Friedland
    Marilyn Erb
    Kelly Erb
    Danny DeGennaro
    Jose Aparicio
    Jeffrey Babbit
    Richard Daughenbaugh
    Nicole Piacentini
    John Sanderson
    Sarah Coit
    David Santucci
    Reba Lynn Ryan
    Andrea Kruger
    Saskia Burke
    Lawrence F. Howse
    Amber DeLoach
    Robbie Gibson
    Juliana Grna
    Paul de Wolf
    Alan Grna
    James Vester
    Eve Carson
    Michael Daniels
    Joseph Harvey
    Kimberly Leto
    Juan Uribe Pena
    Stephen Pitcairn
    Lawrence Thorton
    Aysha Ring
    Tevin Geike
    Delfino Mora
    Jose Pequero
    Jason Scott McClay
    Bailey O’Neill
    Eric Santiago
    Troy Wolff
    Miguel Piloto
    Joey Klett
    Domenic Perruccio
    Jeffrey Babbitt
    Richard Daughenbaugh
    Elaine Goldberg
    David Santucci
    Lauren Daverin
    April Fulghum
    Paula Martin
    Fannie Gumbinger
    Sabina Rose O’Donnell
    Andrea Rebello
    William Zachary
    Janie Fullilove
    Evan Tyler Fitts
    Sharlotte McGill
    Delbert “Shorty” Belton
    Christopher Lane
    Christopher Cervini
    Peter Jordan
    Amanda Hayes
    Billy Jo Bratton
    John Bannon
    John Serpe
    Lawrence Bowman
    Michael Hoots
    Kyle Lutes
    James Copeland
    Jerry Copeland
    Dean Mayley
    Carroll Jordan
    Colleen O’Connor
    Margaret Kohlberg
    Ben Grant
    Ryan Hacke
    Sabrina Gianino
    Jack Davis
    Nathan Trappuzzano
    Officer Alexander Thalmann
    Baby Silas Nelson
    Mary Stella Greco
    Casey Nicole Mitchell
    Shelaine Maxwel
    Robert Mohler
    Christina Bossinger
    Lynwood Ray Gresham
    Ciaran Conneely
    Michael Leger
    Susan Soldierson
    James Stewart
    Kayla Archer
    Holly Embry
    Christopher Fell
    John Gibbons
    Michael Saucier
    Tyler Zanco
    Amber Long
    April Smith
    Kate Dixon
    Ralph Ameduri, Jr.
    Officer Ronald Jones
    Robert Kuentz
    Kourtney Krista Dawson
    Vincent Binder
    Michael James Perkins
    Donna Bouffard
    Ronald Sanders
    James Wallmuth III
    Diane Zaleski
    Susan Wolfe
    Sarah Wolfe
    David Peterson
    John Dooley
    Joseph Griffiths
    Donalvon Odell Rhyne
    Officer Jimmy Fulford
    Ann Harrison
    Andrew Young


    Scott Norman
    Graydon Brown
    Zachary Sheridan
    Katharina Lawn
    Kirk Lund
    Jessica Cormier
    Cheryl Gilberg
    Donald W. Sager
    Karol Hurst
    Deputy Lonnie Coburn
    Steven Finckbeiner
    Kayla Archer
    Laura Ackerson
    Sylvia Crowell
    Joshua Burns
    Genie Harshfield
    Cassie Holden
    Jade Harmony
    Telisha Shaver
    Alex Anderson
    Sheila Serrano
    Sharon Cox
    Jessica Cox
    William Pena
    Oakley Mitchell
    Sara Gretz
    Brandy Keenan
    Sandy Rogers
    Cayce Ray Vice
    Carissa Horton
    Ethan Nichols
    Krystal Skinner
    Alexandria Nicole Bertran
    Christian Dehart
    Marilyn Bethell
    Jacob Wages
    Christopher Michael Matley
    Malinda Gibbons
    Danille Michaels
    Shane Williams
    Kevin Quick
    Felicia Celeste Vickers
    Angela Steigerwalt
    Nathan Potter
    Colton Gleason
    Michael Patin
    Keith Jerome Whisnant
    Scott Kakaris
    Jessica Hawk
    Eileen B. Ferro
    Robert Francis
    Christopher Alexander Markoff
    Aaron J. Thomas
    Joseph Anderson
    Tracy Pickryl
    Danielle Kelly Thompson
    Jette Jacobs
    Robert Brewer
    Kyle Roberts
    Adrianne Robert
    Petra Rohrbaugh
    Ralph Ameduri, Jr.
    Stephen Honickman
    Bobby De Muth, Jr.
    Courtney Caitlyn Rae
    Concetta Russo-Carriero
    Lauren Burk
    Bowie Richard
    Jamie Spurlock
    Phillip Tucker
    Howard Bernstein
    Regina Riley-Paul
    Wlater Malloy, Sr.
    Heather Bechtel
    Suzete Berrincha
    Sara Jane Hakopian
    Sandra Price
    Michael Giddens
    Wendy Fisher
    Jessie Auguilar
    Jeffrey Mark Graff
    Floyd Henry
    Hunter Miller
    Tricia Patrelli
    Matthew Morrow
    Geoff Vincent
    Jennifer Johnson
    Marsh Ann Brown
    Bernice Schaufele

    Jonathan Foster was only twelve years old when he was tortured to death with a blowtorch by a sick black woman. please add his age. all the stories sadden me but the children killed affect me the most.

    one day soon, a directive will come down from the White House – or perhaps the Supreme Court – demanding a cessation to crime data being broken down by race and being readily accessible to the general public.

    Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission data breaking down gun violence (fatal and nonfatal) by race in the formerly tranquil town of German immigrants.
    No more, with the city a destination point for welfare-addicted blacks escaping the nightmare of their own creation in Chicago.
    Same with Chicago and Philadelphia, with the police departments of those two cities publishing yearly data on homicide reports by both race of the victim and suspect.

    Though since Rahm Emanuel took over as mayor of the city, the Chicago Police Department has ceased publishing murder reports (last one was published for the year 2011); perhaps a directive already came down in the city to cease the publishing of facts unflattering to the black cause?

  5. luc

    ‘This country is dying on the installment plan’. The killers are what color?

  6. emsnews

    What is killing us all is our massive trade deficit and wild government spending mainly on foreign wars that gain us absolutely nothing.

  7. CK

    And the search for the Great White Defendant creeps ever onward.
    Black on black murder is not of national interest. It is the quotidian and no one sells papers writing articles about the quotidian.
    Black on white murder news is actively suppressed. They neither fit the agenda of the socially progressive nor the narrative.
    White on black murder is like the unicorn; a rarity to be valued and exalted and which will sell many papers and many page-views and many
    A nation can have either civilization and civility or it can have diversity and democracy.

  8. vengeur

    LOL. Searching for the unicorn! Or Bigfoot! “We caught him, we caught him!! er… well , maybe not. But he’s out there and we will not cease ’till we catch his white ass!” – Eric Holder

  9. DeVaul

    “Scattered about are the occasional police shootings but how does that amaze anyone when this sort of rampant carnage is continuing?”

    I don’t think you understand the reason for outrage. No one expects hoodlums to do the right thing or “enforce the law” or anything like that.

    And who are these people going to protest and march against? Hoodlums Incorporated? As if they even care.

    People don’t pay taxes to support gangs. They do pay taxes to support police departments entirely, and when the police act like gangsters, that is when the people are pushed right over the edge.

    When evil becomes institutionalized, whatever happens on the street becomes irrelevant.

  10. vengeur

    When all the facts are on the table about this shooting a month or two from now,we will see who acted like a gangster, Mr. Brown, or the Cop. Unfortunately for the misguided, wishing will not change the facts.

  11. EC

    Someone who’s friends with some Chicago cops say they take their time responding to calls in certain rough parts of Chicago, so that all the shooting is done by the time they get there!

  12. Christian W

    US personal finance

    Police tell Detroiters to buy guns in city riven by race issues and crime

    City police chief has encouraged residents to arm themselves as stark racial disparities in ‘shoot first’ laws become clear


    Funny that the Guardian filed that article under “money” and “personal finance”

    Official segregation next, like in Iraq and Israel I guess, with walls and everything.

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