Rich MTV Gangsta Rappers Shoot It Up At TV Party In LA

MTV rich gangstas shoot it out at party

Black thugs killing each other is NOT ‘economical suffering.’  It is a cultural collapse which has made many non-blacks very, very cynically rich.  The black thug ideology is peddled very hard by MTV and other operations and we look at the super rich dude who owns these black gangsta entertainment complexes and we find a very rich elderly Jewish guy.  Rich gangstas fight each other exactly the same way their people who love them fix social messes, by killing someone, often randomly, very often in public where a lot of bystanders can also be sent to the graveyard.


Singer Chris Brown ‘shot at’ during LA nightclub party | Mail Online


Black Kapital Records CEO Knight was said to have walked out of the club, where he was spotted by a police officer and taken to hospital by ambulance…


Music producer Suge Knight has been injured during a shooting at a glamourous awards show party in a Los Angeles nightclub hosted by singer Chris Brown, it has been reported.


Witnesses said 25-year-old singer, who is still on parole following his recent release from jail, had been the target of shots fired at the 1OAK club in West Hollywood, where he was hosting a pre-party for tonight’s Video Music Awards.


MTV is owned by the Viacom corporation which is run by Sumner Redstone which is a fake name to hide the fact that this dude is really Mr. Rothstein, an elderly Jewish financier who along with his fellow buddies, runs Hollywood and in this case, black gangsta music operations.


There is a media blackout of this event.  I got the news from the British scandal/titties rag, the Daily Mail.  The NYT has yet another stupid article about Ferguson on the front page, no mention of this story at all.  The top story at the Washington Post is this:  Officer who shot Brown went from one troubled police force to another.  Another top story there is this idiocy: The quest for the perfect victim which says who cares if the guy we are rioting over is a thug?  We have to have SOMEONE to riot about and since most of the people killed by cops are thugs, well, we riot over thugs.


Note that the WP never mentioned the little black Chicago boy deliberately shot four times in the back in broad daylight.  He was murdered by black gangsta thugs who would be perfectly at home at the MTV party in LA.  The WP never mentioned the riot/shooting by MTV thugs in LA!  Nothing.  Dead silence.


Aside from the top earthquake story, the Huffington Post has this:  Inside A Rally For The Cop Who Shot Michael Brown where they howl about racism at these rallies as if there was zero racism at the black rally/riots.  America’s Long, Dark History Of Police Violence is another story and still no MTV shooting party story!  There is this Obama Orders Review Of Police Militarization and this: Michael Brown’s Body Was Left On The Street For 4 Hours.


Every shooting I ever witnessed and yes, I have witnessed gangstas shooting people dead, the body ALWAYS lies there for a while if the person is dead and gone as the cops do their survey of everything.


What is really infuriating is the Huffington Post which is a feather-weight paper that loves to do stupid celebrity junk.  And this is a news story of MANY celebrities at a huge party and a near-murder event!  On MTV, no less.  Yet the story has been dumped.  This is how deliberate lies operate: they hide information that clashes with ideology all the time and in the US it seems any story about rich gangstas shooting up each other at top TV parties is VERBOTEN.


How insane is this!  Well, CNN also didn’t highlight this story but did have this one along with a raft of Michael Brown stories that hash over the stupidest things, that is, the police never know when a minor thug decides to be a major thug:  Texas police chief shot and killed in traffic stop – by a young man named Lopez who was wanted for a minor crime, graffiti painting, and decided he didn’t want to bother with jail like Brown, and attacked the cop when the cop tried to get out of the car and shot him four times.


Meanwhile, Obama is wondering why cops want all that armor and other stuff.  He should talk to them directly to find the answer.

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12 responses to “Rich MTV Gangsta Rappers Shoot It Up At TV Party In LA

  1. melponeme_k

    The rap stars have no more freedom than the rest of us. They are puppets for the elite. They are propped up for idolatry then torn apart for more spectatorship.

    The only way for any serious entertainer to rebel is to refuse fame and fortune and work outside the system.

  2. As a Black person I remorselessly say I am GLAD that the gangstas and thugs kill each other. One less degenerate holding the rest of the race back! Honestly it is the rappers who need their asses kicked for starting this whole drugs,violence,money,and disrespecting women culture in the first place. If Black America wants to rescue its’ youth it can start by denouncing these wannabes!

  3. e sutton

    Looks like we might have to bring some Jew Hollywood writers and directors to add to the anointing of St. Michael “Sweet Swishers” Brown, as he’ll be getting the St. Trayvon treatment.

  4. larry, dfh

    This is why the cops are miliitarized.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    Thugs don’t want rifles, they want little concealable handguns to slip into their belts and take to the club.

    Handguns are militarily worthless. Past 25 meters, in a moving fight, you might as well throw them at what you’re trying to hit.

    It’s too bad we couldn’t have banned all handguns (including their manufacture) and left rifles unregulated according to the second amendment.

  6. Christian W

    Well, when Police Chiefs start to advice the public to arm themselves somethings gone totally wrong… Then again, the real menace to the public isn’t necessarily thugs on the street, but the heavy weights at the top creating this mess. Naturally the elites want the little people to worry more about looking over their shoulders than at what the elites themselves are doing, stealing everyone blind while speaking with forked tongues.

    The US is supposed to be the richest nation on earth, by far. So where did this third world like disaster come from?

  7. larry, dfh

    Answer to C.W.: social and economic planning. Despite the sneers from the libertooninan crowd, we do have a highly planned economy.

  8. luc

    Michael Browns Funeral Today.

    Obama is, more than anything else, a racial demagogue.
    The impropriety of his various statements about specific incidents — from Henry Louis Gates to George Zimmerman, and now this Brown killing — has been monumental.

    Zero White House dignitaries sent to the funeral of US General Harold J. Greene. Zero dignitaries sent to visit the family of James Foley.

    But this takes the cake: sending White House representation to the funeral of an obvious criminal — a thief (among other things, most likely).

    It is truly amazing that the President of the United States, an office Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt held is know giving a quasi state funeral to a street thug and taking advice from a street ‘preacher’seriously !

  9. DeVaul

    “It is a cultural collapse which has made many non-blacks very, very cynically rich.”

    I do agree with this statement. It is true, and it is very sad because there was so much hope after the Civil War that black people could live alongside white people as equals. Of course, we all know that did not happen, and that is part of the reason why black Americans have suffered a complete cultural collapse, with absentee fathers and families run entirely by women who refuse to admit any faults in their own children.

    I cannot help but wonder why this Jewish thug hides these stories. What is in it for him? What’s his agenda? He is not black, so what is he gaining by hiding real stories about real people (who are not pure-blooded jews)?

  10. emsnews

    He makes oodles of money selling dirty sex entertainment and vicious drug dealer killings as entertainment for inner city people of all sexes and skin colors.

  11. DeVaul

    But you said it was not in the news.

    Oh wait, he owns MTV, not the newspapers. Now I see. Sorry.

    What a scumbag.

  12. emsnews

    It was buried in the very far back pages in the news. Big news in ENGLAND. 🙂

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