Burning Man Event Drowns In Mud This Year!

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Death Valley was cooler than Missoula, Montana on Sunday and the next night, Death Valley sets new cold temperature record by wide margin this month and in July, and previously, the 2014 Speed Week at Bonneville Salt Flats Cancelled Due To Flooding two weeks ago.  This is quite a monsoon season in the arid desert southwest.  Only California’s coast is denied these rains, quite capricious of Mother Nature, don’t you think?


Burning Man festival delayed after heavy rain in Nevada | Culture | theguardian.com


She said: “Thunderstorms rolled through the playa around 6am and rain continued for several hours. There was a slight break in the weather, but now it’s starting again.


“The playa is mud, making it impossible to bike in and very difficult to walk in,” she added.


Burning Man, which attracts about 50,000 people each year, is due to run through 1 September.

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The Canada/Midwest border area continues ridiculously cold this summer but finally on the Northeast section we got a tiny taste of summer, barely.  Note the cold in the southwest desert areas, too!  And Mexico.

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And it looks like a rather feeble Atlantic hurricane is going to miss everyone except Iceland which has an increasingly active volcano.  Oh, and we are now supposed to scream and cry due to Underwater methane gas plumes erupting along Atlantic coast which has been there for eons, of course.  Climate Bomb? Methane Vents Bubble on Seafloor off East Coast …is a typical alarmist headline.  

What is particularly insane about all this is, the Atlantic Ocean is supposed to have destroyed global warming!  Yet it is increasing it even though there is no warming.  So we must panic about this.  Then there is methane gas in Russia, too!  Boo!  All this is bizarre considering it is getting colder, not hotter.
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6 responses to “Burning Man Event Drowns In Mud This Year!

  1. luc

    For those in USA-Can I wonder how cold this winter will be.

  2. Alex lemas

    I,m reading “Cadillac Desert” by Mark Reisner, great read about the West and water and history of how it really got put together. Great read.

  3. emsnews

    My grandfather’s family came to California in 1848. Even then they knew that water was difficult to get and it was a desert in Southern California.

    My godmother was born in LA way back in 1859. She and my grandpa would complain about all the newcomers ruining the place,namely, everyone who came after the Civil War. She died at 105 years old.

  4. luc

    As you have wisely noted, these conferences are in da Tropics.
    UN etc ‘experts’ feeding at the gov trough.


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