Global Warmists Worried About End Of Times Demand No More Vacuums And Tiny Houses For Us Peons

A reader here on my little blog has a funny Huffington Post story about global warmists who had their portraits taken showing how freaked out they are about it getting slightly warmer when things are definitely cooling down and may cool down very drastically in the next 50 years.  These ‘scientists’ are literally going insane.




The Weather propagandists are really digging the barrel bottom. Since evidence doesn’t back them up…they decide to show photos of scientists scared by their own shadows.

Meanwhile that stupid Burning Man festival is delayed due to being rained out.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 6.14.24 AM

Tim Flannery
Mammalogist, Paleontologist University of New South Wales, Monash University, La Trobe University

“Climate Science underestimated the pace of climate change, it was too conservative. We’re now having far more rapid change than originally projected. Change that if not slowed, will undoubtedly affect my children and my grandchildren…”


Note how this lunatic worries about ‘climate change’ without mentioning that the ‘change’ is now towards a colder climate!  Far from being ‘too conservative’ these crazy people are totally wrong on every possible level and all their predictions have been annihilated by reality forcing them to change temperature data to make the past colder and the present warmer just to keep up the pretense we are roasting to death.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 6.14.11 AM

Penelope Ajani
Biological Scientist
University of Macquarie, Sydney

“The scientific community know sea levels will rise, people will be displaced and food resources will diminish. But I work on the small things, the ocean’s plankton, and we are already seeing climate shifts in these organisms. How those changes will affect the global ocean is something we really can’t answer – and that scares me. For example, the fact that we’re seeing tropical species all the way down the east coast of Australia, means massive changes are occurring. However, we currently can’t predict the exact impact of these shifts…”


Sea levels are not rising worldwide and since glaciers are growing again and Antarctica has more ice than ever before, worries about sea levels rising is verging on insanity.  What is particularly troubling is, this fake scientist yaps about tropical plants moving southwards when this winter, very cold freezing weather has killed any transplants and kangaroos were hopping about in the snow, looking confused.


What is really insane is, higher CO2 levels means more growing plants.  I have noticed my forest, fens and fields are all not only very green and lush this year due to lots of cold weather rain and snow, they are growing faster than 20 years ago due to more food, aka, CO2, which my plants gulp down joyfully.  Yesterday, I was looking at the tree rings of my biggest oak tree which is now dead and lying in the field.  300 years ago, the rings were big for about 50 years as extra rain fell but then when the Little Ice Age began, the rings were very small due to short growing seasons and long winters here.


YES, the climate changes and having an open mind about all this is highly recommended.  And these crazy people are freaking out over phantoms they created by meddling with raw data to produce a false hockey stick ‘global warming’ which, due to it not warming at all, they turned into ‘climate change’.  I wonder when they will all die of stress due to worrying about a monster they created themselves by faking scientific data.


Good riddance if this happens.  Since they want to make the rest of us suffer great miseries, good riddance to them all.


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23 responses to “Global Warmists Worried About End Of Times Demand No More Vacuums And Tiny Houses For Us Peons

  1. melponeme_k

    In regards to the tiny houses, I linked to this MOMA exhibition a few years back. You can always count on the elites to show their hand (pointing the bone) before their plans.

    They plan to push all of us into tiny rabbit hovels. What will happen to all our former suburban land? Nature reserves? AS IF! Think mega estates like the Medieval barons of old. Its Sherwood Forest, don’t hunt my deer, all over again.

  2. DM

    For me, the really scary bit is that these people think they are smart.

    Is this all we have?

  3. luc

    Tiny Apartments = Agenda 21.

  4. emsnews

    Welllll….my ancestors had great estates after the Norman Invasion of England…and LOST IT ALL by 1600. HAHAHA.

    And since then England has mainly been ruled by Germans…another HAHAHA they can’t understand all that well.

  5. luc

    DM, ‘Is this all we have?’. NO! It is what the media wants us to see. Brainwashing us. Like the ‘ferguson mess’.

  6. luc

    ‘ Think mega estates like the Medieval barons of old. Its Sherwood Forest, don’t hunt my deer, all over again.’ Think Ted Turners place in Montana or Bushes place in Argentina. Etc. Forbes bought a greek Isle.

  7. emsnews

    History is crystal clear: detached elites who have to hire private armies usually die at the hands of their protectors. Or they adopt their protectors and marry them to their daughters to prevent looting of the estates.

    Then aliens roar in and burn everything.

  8. Alaskan Ice

    Just goes to show: if the globalists throw enough money at something, even scientists will tell them whatever they want to hear.

    Global warming is all about reducing overall demand for fossil fuels now that we’re past peak global oil production.

    If the globalists keep prices low but don’t reduce demand, they get shortages. If they let market forces push prices up closer to the energy returned as opposed to the energy invested in the fuels, then consumer nations get hammered and producer nations get rich. The reverse of the front side of the Hubbert Curve.

    Global warming was a punt to support oil markets jiggered lower.

    Another way for them to collapse oil demand is to call in debts and bankrupt nations, like say Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, etc.. Another way for them collapse oil demand is to engulf nations in war.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    Most scientists just throw in a few one liners about climate change without actually connecting the dots. They mumble something at the start of their documentary so they can get their grant money for their ship to go on a three year odyssey studying whatever and then make a nature movie.

    But the “useful idiots” who actually believe it? How can they worry more about CO2 emissions than, say, the unprecedented release of radioactive elements in the ongoing, unmitigated Fukushima triple meltdown?

    Not to mention deforestation, starvation from soil erosion, etc.

    Lunatic weather worshippers have plagued the human race for thousands of years.

  10. ziff

    Here is an example of MSM hyping GW , notice our local lake here, the first shot is july when snows are usually still melting, The second ‘money shot’ is Aug., when things have usually melted off , i’d say the ice is doing pretty good.

  11. DeVaul

    “Or they adopt their protectors and marry them to their daughters to prevent looting of the estates.”

    Really? I never heard that one before. Do you think that happened towards the end of the Roman Empire? I’d love to know.

    I wonder if Bush plans to pass his daughters off onto the guards at his estate in Paraguay? What the hell will Cheney do? He had better hope there are a few lesbian guards if he wants to survive.

    Is that why he is in Dubai?

  12. luc

    Patty Hearst married her bodyguard. Shania Twain married her producer.
    I assume there are hundreds of other ‘for instances’.

  13. luc

    Comment #11. I did go to link. I agree with a comment that the melt ‘looks like bad photoshop’. and heres another comment,

    Very strange that it is now a “Glacier”.When I was a kid all these ice fields in the area were just that ice fields. Tthose that were named glaciers, it was in the Victorian lose meaning of the word not in the modern geological sense. CBC used go to great pains in the ’60’s ‘& 70’s, when reporting the geo-thermal activities such as quakes & fumuroles to say that these were transicient ice fields & not glaciers as geologic term. Also many times the Volcanic activity melted much of the ice. Check your archives CBC!

  14. Here’s another one, go find shots of mt shuksan from lake ann , if you can find dates 2014 looks identical ( in terms of ice) to 2006.

  15. melponeme_k

    Get ready for power blackouts and no heat this winter due to Obama running to serve carbon trade market.

    You know who will bear the brunt of this horror, poor people (mainly blacks in the inner cities) who will die from cold.

  16. emsnews

    Yes, a bitter winter will lead to an uprising by the rest of America and the liberals who screamed ‘the sky is falling’ will be hammered very hard and I predicted this two years ago.

  17. luc

    ZIFF, where is the link?
    EMS, bring on the ‘arctic’ type winter and the rebellion against ‘AGW’ nonsense.

  18. DeVaul

    Speaking of peons: this lawyer wants celebrities with criminal records to be able to cross any border so that they can perform their “public services” to us peons.

  19. luc

    Money talks!

  20. @luc , just google it ,by the way the commentors on that article didn’t know squat as they are never in the mountains , we hold the snow well into july.

  21. emsnews

    Wow, they really do want the EU to be North Korea! HAHAHA.

    Well, the people can resist and revolt and in this case, the cops WILL side with the people against the EU autocrats who claim to be liberal ecologists.

    By the way, more and more politicians are joining UKIP and want to rip up the EU control of England. The EU is 100% a Bilderberg operation launched by the richest elites.

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