WWIII Looms: DNC Hopes Hispanics Flood US & Then Vote For Them, Global Warming Means No Vacuum Cleaners In EU, HAHAHA

From the Washington Post:  How demographics may whip the GOP…Even if the GOP wins the Senate this year, migration and the Latino vote could take it away in 2016.  I see this as gloating all over the liberal press.  The naked push to legalize illegal aliens so the Democrats can win elections is rather treasonous, I would suggest.  Why not import millions of voters for their party from other places?  Not China which is conservative, of course.  But then Hispanics tend to be conservatives, too.


Four in 10 children are born to unwed mothers but with Hispanics, their marriage rate is higher than most other minorities especially blacks which have a horrific out of wedlock birthrate much greater than 50%, for example.  Hispanics tend to be against abortion, have larger families than whites and are Catholics.  The trend here is towards the Republican Party in the long run.  Marriage statistics for Hispanics are very close to the statistics for white European Americans.  The Democrats depend on the woman’s vote and the vitriolic hatred of women’s rights by the Catholic Church and the GOP leadership, to survive as a party.


Driving away married women in general by supporting thugs and elevating these to saintly status is a sure loser for the Democrats.  Boasting about promoting illegal aliens and giving them scholarships and jobs and handouts while denying this to white children is a very big loser for the Democrats.


And the Democrats are digging a hole to China on this issue, the fact that when black thugs attack people and rob stores, they can’t be handled with kid gloves if they are violent but the Democrats insist on tying the hands of the police while doing absolutely nothing to stop the thugs:  Michael Brown remembered as a teen who was ‘going to shake the world’ sort of the same way he shook the very short, helpless store clerk who tried to stop him from stealing stuff openly.  Yes, earth shattering giant.  If more follow his example, we will see more clerks armed with guns, using them more frequently.


The neo-leftists who are fascists like the far right wing, are after the New York Times’ because of this editorial calling Michael Brown “no angel”  but begging us to still think of him as some helpless child and not a thug, piece completely misses the point according to the Politburo press.  Left wing press has gone crazy over this stupid event which is dumber than the Trayvon event and even less excusable.  The NYT wanted to still hold the not so gentle giant up as some civil rights icon while admitting at last that he was a thug.


This ‘thug’ business is increasingly hidden from view in all black deaths and murders as chaos consumes the black community.  When I read Ferguson newspapers after the shooting, I noticed nearly all the complaints were about the schools which were FAILING and were being closed for being useless and the students bussed to the suburbs to go to school.  Which the suburbs didn’t want due to the horrifying fact, that schools fail when parents fail.  And sending failing students whose parents are working to make failures leads to chaos in new schools if there are too many of these failures.


And California rich man Bezos is pushing this storyline in his privately owned Washington Post: Climate change recklessness…The science is clear: Humans have caused climate change, and the time to take action is now.  Which is a huge lie. And yes, California is warmish though no where near warm as in say, the 1950’s. And it is certainly dry which is what happens when the climate gets cooler. What Bezos wants is to freeze us to death so he will use less air conditioning at his home estates.

Both NOAA and NASA degrade and shift temperature data in the past so that the past is colder and the present looks ‘warmer’ deliberately using faulty computer programs that ‘smooth’ the data over and over again creating a false ‘hockey stick’ event.  As this has been extensively uncovered by anti-global warmists, it is spreading from England to the US and now to Australia, as it is more and more certain that a lot of cheating is going on in order to convince people it isn’t colder, it is hotter when it is not hotter at all:  The heat is on. Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ — The Australian « JoNova so there is now hard proof that Australia’s climatologists are feeding us bad data, too.  And this is a scandal there in the mainstream media unlike  here where the degrading the data is top secret and never mentioned.


There has been a spate of reported frosts recently. Some Oz links-

02.11.2012: Researchers probe warming climate frost puzzlehttp://www.grdc.com.au/Media-Centre/Ground-Cover/Ground-Cover-Issue-101/Researchers-probe-warming-climate-frost-puzzle

august 2013: Late frost hits southern cropshttp://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/news/agriculture/cropping/general-news/late-frost-hits-southern-crops/2669524.aspx

31 october 2013: Frost bites Victorian and New South Wales farmshttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-30/frost-bites-crops-in-nsw-and-victoria/5053672

15 Aug 2014: Grain farmers anxious about severe frost damage for the second year in a rowhttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-15/frost-damage-crops-harvest/5672784~ ~ ~What did the 97% of consensus settled climate scientists say?

csiro feb 7, 2007“increases in productivity (rainfall, longer season, fewer frosts) will lead to increases in cropping in some areas.”http://www.climatechange.gov.au/sites/climatechange/files/documents/03_2013/nrs-appendixes.pdf


The ruling elites who have been telling us living in tiny houses is cute and we should all aspire to this is also telling us we can’t burn energy because this is evil unless you are very rich and then the sky is the limit, of course.  In Europe, there is fury over a recent ruling by the overlords in the EU Brussels group forbidding vacuum cleaners:  EU Imposes Ban On High-Powered Vacuum Cleaners.  Over the next several years, the power of these will be cut by 50% and this is causing tremendous fury today.


The global warmists who created these rules are claiming that Consumers will get better vacuum cleaners than ever before …which is a lie.  EU vacuum ban will hit allergy sufferers because they won’t pick up dust very well.  I dream of a beastly vacuum cleaner. And I have one week to make it come true by Fay Schopen |theguardian.com: the Guardian is ground zero for insane global warming hysteria so the writer of this article is mousing around, trying to play jokes.  Oh, and mentions that wall to wall carpeting is what is wrong here so I suppose the apparatchiks will forbid this in the tiny homes they want us to live in, too.  And pets, their fur, you know.  Can’t have them, either if you are a Good Global Warming Citizen.


We can predict with total certainty that people will next be ordered to lower the heat in winter because of global warming and burning firewood will be verboten and the people of North Korea won’t feel left out any more because we will all be living in North Korea as the planet enters another mini-ice age.


Speaking of Old Man Winter, who lurks around the corner, Ukraine: Russian forces cross border in tanks claims the Kiev coup.  Lavrov: Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine while Russia reports that Ukraine President dissolves parliament, paves way for early election even funnier is how the French goverment resigns amid rancor over German austerity pressure.  The EU is imploding as I predicted.


And if the EU enforces more global warming taxes and more global warming restrictions on the citizens, it will fly apart at the seams when Russia applies gentle pressure on the energy delivery systems.  Oh, and the Malaysian airlines thingie: IT IS DEAD, JIM!  Seems the co-conspirators with the Kiev coup have decided to keep it hidden for a while longer until we all forget and are exposed to another ten minute hate session about Putin.


In between ISIS saying they will attack America like on 9/11 again.  Oh, and Syria said we can’t bomb them without permission.  HAHAHA.  Good lord, what a seething mess this all is.  All due to ideology, greed and sheer stupidity wishing for WWIII.


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21 responses to “WWIII Looms: DNC Hopes Hispanics Flood US & Then Vote For Them, Global Warming Means No Vacuum Cleaners In EU, HAHAHA

  1. Alaskan Ice

    Problem for the democrats is that the republicans are the other side of the dialectic who will want to keep the illegal and thus ineligible to vote. (The handlers of both parties want a flood of cheap labor with limited legal rights that can’t vote.)

    Poor ethnic groups will begin to split republican to avoid additional competition on the bottom rungs being foisted on them by democrats.

    Finally, the second generation, who definitely will be new, voting US citizens, will be just as likely to vote against the party supporting illegal immigration and go republican. (We’ve already seen this in Texas.)

  2. Alaskan Ice

    The game for the handlers of both parties is keeping it even: if the republicans shoot themselves in the foot, then the democrats have to shoot themselves in the knee, etc.

  3. emsnews

    Ha. A shoot out in Congress!

  4. Ziff house

    WW3 , yes , USSA trying to get nukes into ukraine, cuban missle crisis in reverse.

  5. Mystery, why is israel not attcking ISIS now they have short range missle. They usually bomb any threat.

  6. OT mystery, why does this site and or Denningers never mention ” civil fortfieture” as one of the most egregious criminal offences commited by your gov. literally highway robbery and extortion commited by the police.


    ELAINE: I have mentioned this a lot. IT is the main excuse for the ‘war on drugs’. You have read me for years and yet you accuse me falsely due to emotions raised by Al Sharpton, a professional liar and rabble rouser.

  7. In the UK we think that the last person to enter parliament with honest intentions was one Guido Fawkes AKA Guy Fawkes. Of the Gunpowder plot fame. Seems like both the UK and USA need the likes of him again.

  8. melponeme_k


    The Weather propagandists are really digging the barrel bottom. Since evidence doesn’t back them up…they decide to show photos of scientists scared by their own shadows.


    Meanwhile that stupid Burning Man festival is delayed due to being rained out.


  9. emsnews

    Yes, I just published the story about that! HAHAHA.

  10. Pingback: Global Warmists Worried About End Of Times Demand No More Vacuums And Tiny Houses For Us Peons | Culture of Life News

  11. vengeur

    Here’s a story about more saintly African American “teens” perpetrating a violent racial hate crime on a white man. Of course Eric Holder is not interested since the criminals were not injured or shot . LOL http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2014/08/25/family-thinks-otterbein-assault-may-have-been-hate-crime/

  12. ziff

    Elaine sorry to cause offence , i know squat about sharpton , and there is very little about civil fortfeiture given the size of the problem, sorry i just have no memory of your comments on that subject relative to other issues here.

  13. emsnews

    I know a LOT about Sharpton, he used to live one block away from me in NYC and tried to get me KILLED.

    Sheesh, he is a crook, a rabble rouser and totally evil. I hate him and with good justification.

    BTW, the reason the cops love to hand out tickets so much to the middle class is to pay for the government and themselves via fines and fees. This is old hat, it is quite Medieval, even Ancient Rome which made money this way while crime ran riot. The criminals were caught only so they could be entertainment in the arenas being chased by lions, etc.

  14. ziff

    ? goes way beyond tickets !

  15. Alaskan Ice

    Vengeur, this is how it degenerates, tit for tat. It’s too bad the racist crowds on both sides likely will be too stupid to vent their rage on the small club who orchestrated it all.

  16. Alaskan Ice

    emsnews, the guardian is not the ground zero of global warming.

    Al Jazeera handed Al Gore 500 million dollars during his global warming road-show. The owners of Al Jazeera are the Wahhabis rulers of the Arab Peninsula, the rulers of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain. Those rulers have been selling out their people’s oil, their non-renewable birthright, the greatest resource mankind has ever known, for pennies on the dollar.

    As production was expanding, it was water under the bridge; they couldn’t have easily raised prices, given increasing competition as new wells came on line, even had those rulers of the Arab Peninsula wanted to betray their western globalists masters.

    But now that global production is leveling and falling, they are truly cheating their people. With an EROEI of 20:1, they could be demanding a 5 or a 10 instead of a 2. . .

    Indeed, free markets left to their own devices would call for such a price naturally as production increases level off. That’s why the markets are not free or transparent and demand is actively being tampered with in various ways including the “global warming” meme.

  17. vengeur

    Ak ice: I agree with you 100%. This racial hate is being stoked. It is very difficult to not get sucked into it. That being said, people still have to be smart enough to not fall prey to this jungle law, which means avoiding situations wherever possible. That man in the waffle house thing was very foolish. As were those teenagers beaten at the McDonalds that I posted. I do blame Obama for pandering to this, and NOT getting above it.

  18. Mewswithaview

    Turn on the closed caption to see what they are saying

  19. emsnews

    Yes, we have no hurricanes and few tornadoes so this is EXTREME weather.


    This is beyond insane, it is funny as hell. 🙂

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