DiBlasio Mayor NYC Stops Gun Searches, Blacks Now Run Riot, Shootings Shoot Upwards

Patriotic American construction workers



Here is a fine example of the working class in my neighborhood.  Note the American flags in the helmet of the black steel worker, most of his coworkers also had these flags.  Also on the bridge they are building is the sign put up protesting NY gun laws.  These draconian laws were passed to stop the shootings in the cities but the shooters in the cities use illegal hand guns.  There is high feelings against the gun laws while at the same time, DiBlasio decided it was racist to search for guns hidden on black thugs so no one is stopped for gun searches anymore with the obvious painful results.

pro gun sign Berlin NY


New York Police Union Urges Democratic National Committee To Reject Brooklyn 2016 Convention Bid due to the rapidly rising murder/stick up rates thanks to DiBlasio’s orders.

The NYT doesn’t mention any of this but here is a story today about DiBlasio and his change in neighborhoods, he moved from a white enclave to a white enclave…surrounded by crime waves:  A Tale of de Blasio’s Neighborhoods: Park Slope and Yorkville – NYTimes.com

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.26.38 AM


Because of stupid changes to police practices, the NYPD stop-and-frisks drop 99% in Brooklyn, while shootings in NYC keep climbing as other serious crimes fall, according to latest NYPD data which is meaningless, the are fewer crimes being processed because the cops are basically on strike.  The row over the man who was chocked to death is also why the cops are ‘on strike’.  They feel, correctly, that they are being blamed for the social disorders they have to deal with so they are basically going to withdraw and let the citizens deal with chaos alone.


Below is this month’s gun shootings sprees in Brooklyn, NY Crime Map – Showing Crimes in Brooklyn thanks to the end of the frisk actions:  Looks like Chicago and it is the same sort of thugs doing it, the same race, the same excuses.

Brooklyn shootings August July 2014



I lived in the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn two blocks from the Precinct headquarters.  I was on the committee that worked with the cops and held the record, bar none, of active citizen’s arrests including taking down, with a broom, an armed hold up man who fought fiercely with me while I had him in a choke hold.  I won, he lost.  This was back when the mayors, to keep peace with the liberals, let criminals run riot and I began forcing the police to stop passive patrols and be more active.


Crimes in the 78th Precinct dropped like a rock after hard efforts on my part and other heroic citizens who stood up to the criminals.  When we first began openly working to get higher police participation, the gangs came to us with threats, we better back off or they would kill us.  One of our committee members nearly was assassinated when one of the gangs tried to shoot him in his living room but he bent down to pet his dog and dodged the bullet.


I had bullet proof windows on my lower parts of the brownstone because of this.  When we won our war with the gangs and mayhem nut cases, Park Slope took off like a rocket and is now mostly upperclass whites…who are liberals and who hate the cops and the cops don’t like them, the cops being working class stiffs.  The rich want services and deference and want the cops to treat vicious criminals like the Gentle Giant of Ferguson, with kid gloves which is a total failure, trust me on this, few ever gave up to me when I arrested them except after I used force, sometimes harsh force.


Below is an example of why cops can’t be all that nice all the time:

murderer escapes NYC cops

Last year, a Murder Suspect Escapes From 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, NYPD Says –later that month in January,  Escaped murder suspect Brandon Santana arrested after he escaped to the Bronx …he jumped out of the bathroom window after begging the cops to give him a chance.  And he took it.


Back in liberal Park Slope, Eyes on the Street: DOT Replaces PPW Bike Lane With Parking | Streetsblog New York City  Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes are doing the right thing asking for better bike conditions. I biked all over Park Slope and downtown Brooklyn and I love bike lanes and paths!  Fought hard for these.  But…


78th Precinct clears portion of sidewalk previously occupied by officers’ vehicles after complaints  – NY Daily News


Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri ordered officers on May 5 to park parallel to the curb instead of perpendicularly — a practice among city precincts called “combat parking” — along a section of Sixth Ave. near Dean Street.


The change — which reduced the number of vehicles parked near Dean Street from 10 to five — has freed up space along Sixth Ave., officials confirmed.


I know the cops are pissed about this.  So they will be even slower to respond to people calling for help.  And they won’t be helpful, either.  Brooklyn 78th Precinct Police – Prospect Heights – Brooklyn, NY | Yelp

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.33.27 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.33.46 AM

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.34.17 AM


The police back when I was there were much nicer mainly because I fought hard for them and I backed them up all the time and they appreciated this.  When I got them to clean up 5th Avenue which was a burned down husk thanks to blacks rioting during the Great Black Out, they did this for me specifically because I was with them as they did it, I argued with Mayor Koch to give them the money, the extra pay, the bullet proof vests, etc. to do a very, very dangerous job flushing out gang after gang using the ruins as a stash place and crime hell hole.


Now we see liberals in full blown attack on the cops and they will respond by not patrolling Ferguson or Detroit or Chicago and now NYC which was once a safer city.


As for the gun laws, in Arizona, The fateful seconds before nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor dead with an Uzi: Video of child losing control of submachine gun after being told to go ‘full auto’ is released by cops.  This is insane.  This is gun nuttery at work.  Giving a powerful gun to a little girl for fun is stupid.  Real stupid.  I give this ‘gun instructor’ today’s Darwin Award.

sunset borger

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38 responses to “DiBlasio Mayor NYC Stops Gun Searches, Blacks Now Run Riot, Shootings Shoot Upwards

  1. Peter C.

    Uzi’s are for killing people …..demonstrated very well here!Why is this entertainment in america?

  2. e sutton

    It isn’t just guns that are a problem. Black rage is busting out all over at YT. A full scale race riot appears to be set in motion by our PTB.

  3. Alaskan Ice

    “I know the cops are pissed about this. So they will be even slower to respond to people calling for help.”

    The police need to set the example with their driving, not an exception.

    If some police want to be prima donna’s who get pissy and won’t respond to calls, then the people need to know that they can cut their overtime budgets, or even replace them.

    There are plenty of unemployed out there to take their place.

  4. melponeme_k

    @Alaskan Ice

    Do you realize how much money and time is required to train a police force? They would never be able to train enough policemen in time to replace the on duty police force that is protesting.

    Not only that every police man/woman has first hand knowledge of their beat, the cases being investigated etc. Getting rid of them would lead to big black holes in many intelligence areas.

    The public needs to work with them not against them. A police force that is supported by the populace means that said police force won’t turn against them to satisfy the whim of any tinpot dictator.

  5. vengeur

    Giving a child like that an automatic weapon is criminal. It is beyond irresponsible. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I feel sorry for the girl because she had a fool for a father. An automatic weapon like that has ONE purpose: to kill PEOPLE. I am absolutely amazed at the idiocy of giving a child this kind of weapon.

  6. emsnews

    She was shooting at a picture of a man, too.

    As for cops: why be one if you are constantly being attacked for fighting cons or crooks who are violent? Brown was a violent giant, for example. I would have shot him, too, if he attacked me.

  7. ziff

    Any one notice how the news is getting more surreal.

  8. melponeme_k


    Large solar flare last Sunday according to this story.


    In light of Obama’s helping out carbon traders….I hope, for the sake of people in danger of no power, the sun will flare up a bit more.

  9. Alaskan Ice


    Obviously only a few would need be fired to impress accountability for things like refusing to answer calls because rules of engagement or parking have changed. And then a whole six months later we could train another. But if it came to a general strike, street crime like corner drug dealing could be stopped by deputizing two week trainees, en mass.

    As for tinpot dictators and our broken “intelligence” system . . .we’re talking about local policing, not national intelligence.

    Anyway, the politicians are already letting them do whatever they want, without much accountability, and giving them huge budgets that aren’t even up for debate when there are fiscal cuts. The politicians do this so that the police will support them, or at least look the other way.

    The police don’t need the support of the public, the public needs the support of the police.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    I suppose it’s par for the course when the politicians and their handlers try to distract the public from the social results of their economic policies culminating over the last 50 years.

    Patting the police on the back to solve an economic problems with bullets. At the very least, distracting everyone from the architects and beneficiaries of those failing economic policies by pitting the underclass against the police and minorities against each other.

  11. emsnews

    How on earth do you FORCE the police to make arrests if they are then hammered hard with demands from the people who are resisting arrest, that the COPS be put in prison????

    That is effing insane.

  12. DeVaul

    Off Topic:

    Here is a good explanation of SA’s creation of the mayhem in the Middle East and how it is used by others (note the pics of our leaders with the king):


  13. As for the gun laws, in Arizona, The fateful seconds before nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor dead with an Uzi: Video of child losing control of submachine gun after being told to go ‘full auto’ is released by cops. This is insane. This is gun nuttery at work. Giving a powerful gun to a little girl for fun is stupid. Real stupid. I give this ‘gun instructor’ today’s Darwin Award.

    I’ll bet this is the REAL reason why politicians want to enact gun control laws. That, and the fear of the repeat of the Black Panthers driving up from LA to Sacramento during Regan’s governorship. That event caused Reagan himself to sign California’s first gun control law!

    But the fact of the matter is, some cultures can handle guns, others cannot. And if it weren’t for a surplus of the latter here in the USA, gun control would and SHOULD go hand-in-hand with universal gun ownership.

  14. Christian W

    @7 Ziff

    I know. I have felt we entered some kind of twilight zone since 2001 and the Dubya presidency.

    I can barely read the news nowadays even. There is a reason scientific studies show that if you follow the MSM you are actually less informed than if you do not. Fox News was the case in point for that study but you just have to look at the cable news, NYT, BBC etc to see the same thing in action.

    So much of what goes as ‘news’ today is simply appeals to emotional thinking as a design to dumb down the population (Black Rage, White Fear). People seem to think that if they are emotionally convinced of something being true that is as accurate and real as if it really is true. Faith based thinking vs examination of reality. This is of course deliberate and part of the brain washing of the populace (which we know from the invasion of Iraq etc etc etc is extremely effective). Rationality was thrown out the window years ago. Bullshit baffles brains.

  15. ziff

    @ christian. , its really weird now , i think events are happening faster than they can spin it.

  16. Christian W

    Yeah, they imagine they can control Chaos… Chaos will have the last laugh about that one.

  17. I thought the gun range should have a higher age requirement for machine guns- like twelve, for example.

    The instructor handled the situation poorly and has already experienced the consequences. The real victim is the girl, and the remaining perps are her parents who took her there and paid for it – it costs a lot more than a ticket to Disneyland, I’m pretty sure.

  18. DeVaul

    That girl will have nightmares about that event for years to come. She shot a man in the head! We talked about it here at work, and one thing we discovered was that an Uzi submachine gun weighs almost 8 pounds, which is about 1/5 or 1/4 the girl’s body weight. (My daughter weighs 40 pounds).

    If she was shooting one shot, as initially, her body could handle the recoil, but turning on the full auto was the same as handing her a jackhammer. It is just unbelievable what people will do now-a-days for a quick thrill.

    At the range, I have noticed several things about range officers. One, they all love guns (of course), and they all love to see a new type of gun or one they rarely see. They even want to see it being fired, if it is allowed. They are all the same regarding that, but then they separate into two groups: one group is very strict about safety and the existing rules for that range and will not tolerate ANY infraction of the rules; the other group will tend to “let things slide” and be lax about enforcing the rules.

    It is this latter group that usually accounts for all the range accidents.

  19. Alaskan Ice

    “How on earth do you FORCE the police to make arrests if they are then hammered hard with demands from the people who are resisting arrest, that the COPS be put in prison????

    That is effing insane.”

    Who says throw cops in jail? That argument is part a non-constructive controlled dialectic. Anyway, it’s simple: you force them to do their civilian job or find another. Some are more suited for police work than others. Part of police work is arresting people who are combative. That should not involve shooting unarmed people.

    There are some problems with modern policing. Most have never been in enough real street fights to contend with someone who actually has been. Police have chosen to patrol and even attempt arrests when the are alone, overloaded with gear, and overworked grabbing politically thrown overtime bones.

    What is insane is pretending that the job is more dangerous than roofing or fishing or a host of others, or that it somehow requires more pay to motivate than a soldier in Afghanistan who is fighting trained, experienced combatants shooting back with real rifles and rocket propelled grenades.

    These challenges need to be solved constructively. Loosening the rules and countenancing some tenuous self justifications for using deadly force only serves to alienate the entire public, not just those resisting arrest.

    One possible solution is to have armored police patrols in groups of four, employing non-deadly force, but backed up by one or two SWAT teams patrolling continuously in their vehicles as a quick reaction force, with their gear on, and ready to respond immediately on scene. . . and not thirty minutes after they leave the weight room.

    Maybe that isn’t the best answer, but there are solutions besides what is being spoon fed in a controlled dialectic right now.

  20. Alaskan Ice

    It’s not the action that matters to the club, it’s the violent reaction. It’s hard for police to see that they’re being set up in a giant distraction that pits them against the underclass.

    All while the club pats them on the back and spoon feed them overtime.

  21. DeVaul

    “One possible solution is to have armored police patrols in groups of four, employing non-deadly force…”

    I agree with this. Let them be clothed in body armour, but don’t give them automatic weapons or military weapons of any kind. This is what scares law abiding citizens. I still remember my fear upon exiting a train in France to find a guard armed with an Uzi submachine gun, not to mention trying to use the bathroom on a moving train while two East German border guards armed with AK 47’s stood outside talking to me and making me knock on the door so that they would know I had not jumped out the window.

    I don’t want to live in a police state, and Elaine is arguing for one, even if she does not realize it.

    I saw what went on outside the walls of West Berlin, and believe me, you don’t want ANY of that.

  22. Alaskan Ice

    If an armed policeman can justify shooting any unarmed person who resists arrest by saying that they were clairvoyant enough to be afraid the suspect might successfully overpower and take the policeman’s weapon AND then would decide to use it to kill the policeman (despite the backup weapon the policeman isn’t talking about tucked into his body armor) . . then besides arresting criminals. . . .what we really have . . . are one man death-squads hunting hot-heads. . . of all people. . . and if the officer happens to be a sadist (and I can tell you there are always sadists in the woodwork anywhere). . . . he can even bait some hot-heads for real fun!

    Who needs tin-pot dictators when you can have this.

    Another solution is maybe two officers without deadly weapons to do the wrestling, and maybe another officer with a deadly weapon standing back for security.

  23. larry, dfh

    And a whole lotta cops are ‘roided to insanity.

  24. emsnews

    A fine fantasy world this is!

    You WILL get your wish for no cops making arrests and you WILL get the obvious result: intense, severe, deadly crime of every possible sort, I have lived in this and yes, I kind of ‘took over’ rather brutally in some ways…

    Look, NO revolt EVER worked AT ALL in ANY HISTORY unless first the revolt take in the cops and the military to at least 50%.


    All this cop hating means you all will either be crushed or isolated in uninhabitable places where no sane person dares visit or live. Seriously.

    And think the cops are unreachable? They are not. Trust me on this. But if your goal is to have chaos and lawlessness with violent thugs doing as they please while destroying property and killing innocent people…um…no.

    We will have race wars…which all black people will lose, 100%. They have not the slightest chance of upping the violent ante and winning especially since they spend much of their time killing each other. Amazingly stupid, no?

  25. Alaskan Ice

    50% is doable.

  26. Alaskan Ice

    particularly once they realize they’re being set up. And I suspect they know that.

  27. Alaskan Ice

    Unfortunately, 50% doesn’t matter for a superpower, particularly THE superpower, no matter how much its constitution has been derailed.

    Remember all those air force and navy nuclear commanders that were fired last year over chicken shit? gambling. test scores. cheating. etc.

    It’s not the action but the reaction that matters to the club. It was a silent coup, of sorts.

    Whoever commands the loyalties of their replacements is now in charge. I”ll cross my fingers and hope those are the good guys.

  28. emsnews

    50% of the cops do NOT want to revolt. Except AGAINST LIBERALS. By the way, a pair of black cops tasered a black man to death yesterday.

  29. Christian W

    You WILL get your wish for no cops making arrests and you WILL get the obvious result: intense, severe, deadly crime of every possible sort, I have lived in this and yes, I kind of ‘took over’ rather brutally in some ways…

    How the elites laugh when we get caught in their webs. The REAL question here is not “no police” or “freedom for the blacks” – it is simply that there should be no psychos in the police force, nor should there be psycho criminals running around on the streets (or in Washington and on Wall Street, the Pentagon etc) wreaking mayhem.

    It’s simple. There has to be real sane police work by competent police officers, just like the black community has to wake up to the real issues facing them, which goes far beyond police harassing them. Perceived police harrassment them is but a symptom of larger issues.

    There has to be a political awareness that looks beyone black and white issues (which is why self proclaimed (self serving) ‘black leaders’ are quick to speak for the ‘black community’ thus promoting the divide). The real issue again is no jobs, no education, no money and broken families. The issue is Divide and Conquer policies by the elites so they can steal everything for themselves. This theft is far more than money but ultimately it is about power to do what they please, cloaked in the language of Law and State (the Legal language and the Political language) to allow them to do whatever they please.

    Of course in such circumstances it is difficult to build a solid local community. Instead what happens is the elites allow a ‘trickle down’ of just enough funds to keep the broken community on subsistence levels and with enough money/food coupons to be useful consumers at the minimal level and promote drug, gaming, music/celebrity and sports culture every way they can as distractions (and part of the myth promotion, more about that later).

    The elites weave powerful spells. A favorite tool is the False Dichotomy (when did you stop beating your husband/wife) = Blacks are being oppressed by the Police (in reality Blacks AND the general population are being oppressed by the elites (the police force is just a tool in their hands) whites are simply higher up on the totem pole and get a larger share of the trickle down allotment to CREATE the Totem Pole in the first place. Whites are also higher up on the totem pole as part of Divide and Conquer.

    Another favorite tool is Proving the Negative. Let’s say someone accuses you of having an ill intent (the Negative), of course you never had an ill intent to start with (ie a Negative never existed to start with), but nothing you say or do will convince the accuser that you had no ill intent to start with (which is simply reality). That way the accuser takes power over you (takes you out of reality) and into their insane world IF you play the game of the accuser (ie the game of the elites).

    That is how the elites operate. They create ILLUSIONARY REALITIES where the populace is forever running around in psychological mazes with NO way out. The only way to deal with such questions is stay in reality and face the accusers head on and never enter the maze.

    These psychological mazes are elaborate structures, even if deceptively simple. The ground work is created using MYTHS (which are basic cultural brain washing techniques). One such is the American Dream. The victims of the brain washing myths are likely to do things like wearing flags in their hats believing themselves free, when in realtity they are running around inside the Maze of Illusion serving the elites. Another myth is ownership of Guns = Freedom.

    And so on. When people don’t even reflect over their most basic programming they have little hope to see through reality. When they don’t see through reality they get played by the elites, such as in the cases of Trevyon and now Brown.

    If you try to play the game played by the elites they will win, because they will use whatever you say or do against you to strengthen their own power (riots —> more power for the police/surveillance state more political division leading to more political power for the elites). This is of course why the elites are feeding the EMOTIONAL aspect as much as they can (rage, fear, illusions of the American Dream (Reagan is a good example of how they tapped into this etc). Emotionally thinking people are not sober, rational, clear thinking people capable of seeing through the illusions and deceptions aimed at them.



  30. Christian W

    … continued from above.

    In the US the so called “Conservative” and “Liberal” divide is completely controlled by the elites now. That is why both of them are so perverse and have nothing do to with reality.

    The elites have simply tapped into the basic mind sets of the Conservative mind, and the basic mind set of the Liberal mind to use the basic drives of both to achieve the ends of the elites. The perversion prevalent in the US political disourse and landscape at this point in time is simply an accurate picture how out of touch with reality the populace has been driven by the spells of the elite.

    Liberals are supposed to believe in reason and rational, scientific thinking it is rooted in the Age of Enlightenment. Now US liberalism is deteriorating into an Age of Illusion and Confusion. Liberals have become professional Do Gooders for the Earth which in reality means tools for the elites. Why? Because the elites have been playing (brainwashing) them for decades.

    Same thing with Conservatives. They are supposed to be about the careful approach to society, prevention of economic bubbles, preservation of culture, the rule of strict law etc. Now “the Conservatives” are the main wrecking ball aimed at overthrowing the rule of Law and run by religious fanatics with no sense of rationality or reality aimed at wrecking the foundations of the Englightened State (equality before the law etc). Conservatives have become Religious Fundamentalists (or been kicked to the side as Libertarians). Conservatives have become tools for the elites. Why? Because the elites have been playing (brainwashing) them for decades.

  31. Alaskan Ice


    Yes, I mostly agree with you. I think the problems will only get worse in the near future, as they have been steadily getting worse over the last few decades.

    Our leadership decided decades ago to embark on an economic system that was at best a banking and commodities deception and at worst a fraud. They staked the “globalist” empire on banking chicanery supported by ever growing foreign resource exploitation. Concern over a looming day of reckoning is causing a massive tightening of all controls, almost to the level of absurdity, and slowly de-legitimizing every social institution subject to those controls.

    Unfortunately, more than 50% of the people don’t seem to care about these illusions.

    @emsnews, You keep returning to an emotional dialectic of love/hate with the police. Congressional applause for brutality on the one hand/ or else send them to jail for murder. Neither applies. People don’t want revolution; they want to be able to hold their leaders accountable through democracy, and they need to select leaders that will actually lead and supervise state agencies and personnel, and not let them run amok. (This isn’t confined to the police; there are city managers making a million dollars a year in some states, etc.)

    Anyway, it’s a bit circular to suggest that people need to support brutal behavior by the police, if only to ensure that people will have 50% police support in case they need to remove a brutal dictator. In the end, what’s the difference? In America, we should only need 50% of the people.

  32. emsnews

    NO, wrong entirely.

    NO revolution every happens with the cops and military opposed. Ever. All of these happened when the protectors of the elites desert them.

    I see none of this happening today. I see the cops and military repulsed by the delusional thinking of the anti-law and order people.

  33. Alaskan Ice

    Once again you are talking revolution; I am talking democracy.

    The big problem is that the people don’t seem to care.

    Delusional is bringing a gun to a brawl and then shooting people because they might take it AND use it against you.

    My problem with the dialectic you are pushing is that both ends of that dialectic support those in power who designed and benefited from failing economic policies and seek to distract and shield themselves from accountability using a divide, confuse and rule rubric.

    On one end we have the “police state” where judges, politicians and police chiefs countenance murderous rules of engagement in a “civil” society, pitting the underclass against the police, but not the architects and beneficiaries of failed economic policies.

    On the other end we have a situation of selective enforcement and cowardice to patrol, where judges, politicians and police chiefs throw up their hands and pretend there’s nothing they can do to fix it because their hands were tied, yet again pitting the underclass against the police and ethnic groups against each other, but not the architects and beneficiaries of failed economic policies. All these blighted areas effectively being “punished” for rioting by those in power failing to attend to their responsibilities.

    Somewhere in between we have sane, civil policing, a world where unarmed people who charge police or resist arrest don’t get executed, they get beaten a little off stage and then charged with serious crimes and go to jail for a while. Yet to continue to avoid a vibrant, thoughtful democratic process, those in power would prefer either alternative to this result. And we can see that in the two narratives emerging from these types of incidents.

    Wild west, gangs of new york OR 1984 police state? They can continue to rule either

  34. Alaskan Ice

    Incidentally, if there’s one lesson to be drawn from both the Chinese Government’s response to Tiananmen Square (that they would use nuclear weapons to support their government if the unrest spread) and Western Governments’ apathy towards Fukushima, it’s that the greatest risk of nuclear weapon use is not war between superpowers, or even a superpower against a non-nuclear power. (No government wants to be eliminated by another government’s nukes.) Rather, the greater risk is a nuclear superpower choosing to use nuclear weapons on its own soil against its own people.

    In any nuclear superpower, the sentiments of the people, the police, or even the regular military don’t matter much if change cannot be achieved democratically.

  35. emsnews

    OK, so you are saying EVERYONE will disarm and then of course the cops will disarm?

    Or you want THEM to disarm while the thugs keep their guns? Huh?

  36. Alaskan Ice

    I’m talking about people who are unarmed or with everyday objects in their hands not being killed because the police don’t want to have to physically fight with them.
    Ultimately their job is to crack that nut themselves . . .but if they can’t. . . . more guys to feel safer? unarmed guys in groups of four or five to do the wrestling with one carbine wielding officer standing back for security, along with SWAT teams jock-ed up and rolling on a five minute tether?. . . there are lots of options.

    Unless people care to look between the dialectics being devised by the political and media controllers, . . . then they should decide what they like better: 1984 or “Gangs of New York”?

  37. emsnews

    I have this video of a bodega in the Bronx where gangs using guns did horrible things yesterday.

    The gangs are NOT being disarmed at all. Even NYC is now being ravaged again by lunatic thugs. And people waving fake guns, real knives, axes or whatever can suddenly be armed with real guns in a minute and figuring this out is terribly dangerous while in the middle of a fight with someone on some sort of terrible drug like PCP.

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