Bilderberg Elites To Meet In 2015 In Tyrol, Austria To Discuss WWIII Plans And Energy Taxes

As US/Saudi armed paramilitary troops terrorize the Middle East with impunity, as the US says it can unilaterally bomb Syria with no input from anyone or respect for borders or the government of Syria, we have the US and NATO pushing for WWIII with Russia claiming yet again that Russia is sending weapons to Ukraine’s Russian speaking citizens who are being bombed by the Kiev coup!  So, we get a totally insane NUCLEAR war for no good reason at all while fighting crazed Muslims all over the Middle East to Afghanistan and then there is the China/Japan tension over some tiny islands while Japan merrily pollutes the entire Pacific Ocean with toxins from Fukushima which is never, ever mentioned in the news these days while it gets colder and colder and all our media yaps about is global warming!


All this is due to the Bilderberg gang’s secret plans:  » Report: Bilderberg 2015 Location Discovered Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


It is claimed that the 63rd Bilderberg confab, at which prominent political, financial and business figures will gather, is to be once again held in Europe. The exact location is said to be the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, a remote “five-star hotel conference centre” in the Austrian mountains.


The location of the 2015 gathering has reportedly already been confirmed by Austrian police, who spoke with the Austrian press agency APA. While the police spokesperson declined to give precise details about security requirements, it was confirmed that preparations are underway. The police, according to the Austrian report, will also be preparing for protests.


Our media which has many owners going to Bilderberg meetings, never ever mentions this group in any way, shape or form except to attack anyone who interferes with these conspirators.  The US media gladly promotes race riots here while at the same time, changing the name of illegal aliens into ‘undocumented workers’ and Obama has been ordered by the Bilderberg gang to ‘legalize’ millions of these in the hopes they will vote for Bilderberg drones and AIPAC puppets in gratitude.  Diluting the value of native citizen’s votes by the millions.


We see the results of these conspirators: wars, insurrections, chaos, terror, mass murder and possibly the end of civilization when, as per usual, throughout history, the fools decide to attack Russia right before winter.  Again and again and again and yet again.  This suicidal urge is amazing to me.  I have deeply read a lot of Russian history looking mainly into why so often fools do these stupid things and still can’t figure out the manic urge and how it inhabits brains.


Doesn’t ANYONE look at history?  Really?  Without propaganda salivation like Pavlov’s dogs that drool whenever key words are fed to them?  The bloody history is huge, it is infamous.  Obvious!  You can’t miss it!  Yet it is invisible once people decide they want to be suicidal.  Sigh.


Insane and frankly, childish.  One thing about the Goddess of History: she is a very cruel teacher and she writes in blood.


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2 responses to “Bilderberg Elites To Meet In 2015 In Tyrol, Austria To Discuss WWIII Plans And Energy Taxes

  1. Alaskan Ice

    WWIII is an simply an illusion, but only as long as energy is priced using western methodologies.

  2. melponeme_k

    In regards to the Illegal Aliens. They are going forward with the bogus
    asylum reason to get all the slaves into the country.

    So I guess all of them will now be victims of spousal or parental abuse.

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