The Tower Of Ecobabble: The EU Commissars Dictate Only Low Wattage Appliances Of Any Sort Allowed, Peons Enraged By New Limitations

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The Nordic swan which looks like the bird has been run over by a lorry, is the sign that one is purchasing a low wattage, nearly useless appliance in the EU.


EU to ban high-energy hair dryers, smartphones and kettles and anything that makes civilization tolerable as the eco-lunatics claim peons use too much energy which makes it harder for eco-luntics and the Bilderberg gang to fly around the planet having ‘save the earth’ meetings in exotic resorts or getting stuck in the ice in polar regions and other amusing things aside from living in huge palaces and like Branson, flying into space for the hell of it all, etc.  Yes, the EU is going to crash and burn not because of a desire to fight WWIII with Russia but because of an insane desire to force Europeans to live like North Koreans.


Present EU legislation covers televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners but not the wide variety of smaller sized sized electrical appliances employed in the day-to-day life of households across Europe.

A European Commission study, that is nevertheless getting completed, has identified up to 30 electrical appliances to be covered by the EU’s Ecodesign directive outlawing high-wattage devices such as electric kettles, hair dryers, wifi routers and smartphones.

Günther Oettinger, the German EU power commissioner, stated that legislation preventing consumers from getting higher-wattage appliances was essential to fight climate alter.


Ecolabel:  Due to insane fears of global warming, after blatantly lying about this by renaming it ‘climate change’, the ecowarriors who are very similar to the ISIS maniacs in Syria and Iraq, have basically declared war on nearly all consumers in Europe, big time.


The EU Ecolabel was established in 1992 by the European Commission. The EU Ecolabel helps to identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted. It is the only pan-European Type I official ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel is awarded according to ecological criteria agreed on by experts, industry, consumer organisations and environmental NGOs and verified by independent third parties. The implementation of the EU Ecolabel is set through the Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council


French fury at plan to end 35-hour week as the peons have to work harder for the privilege of living in a Tiny House with No Appliances.  I expect further uprisings in Paris.  Since the EU rules infuriate the police, I expect the cops there to join the demonstrators.  You see, this is how real revolts work.  Quite different from race riots or football hooligans or other disorders.  Piss off the cops and they cease protecting the rich.


Five NATO Weapons of War Russia Should Fear an article by an infante terrible, Michael Peck, claiming that the EU has amazing weapons none of which are as nasty as what Russia can throw into Europe, which should scare the Russians.  Well, the Russians simply have to sit back, cut off the gas and let the EU crush their own people with insane rules about appliances, energy and global warming especially since I expect a very nasty winter this year.


Europe is about to collapse into severe chaos this winter.  I suspect the EU will die rapidly like ALL confederations.  History is clear: confederations are naturally weak.  They don’t work very long and usually fold when under pressure.  This is why most history is written by empires, not confederations.


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9 responses to “The Tower Of Ecobabble: The EU Commissars Dictate Only Low Wattage Appliances Of Any Sort Allowed, Peons Enraged By New Limitations

  1. larry, dfh

    Well, according to Marx, high unemployment is a desirable situation in capitalism. A shorter work week means more people can be employed to accomplish the same amount of production. This is not desirable to the winners of the capital-go-round game.
    And what is a ‘low wattage vacuum cleaner’? Low amperage means low suck; it’s very simple. OTOH, I think low wattage LED lights have come a long way.

  2. melponeme_k

    The people of Europe have to give up first world living so the Elite can swan around in their private planes, private boats and keep their mega-estates. And in these mega-estates do you think their servants will be cleaning those palaces with low wattage appliances?

    And forcing people into hell just to save 30% on power! Only that little. Heck, I bet stopping the Bilderberg meeting would save just that much alone.

  3. emsnews

    It will also save the climate! 🙂

  4. wellwell

    As you’ve often pointed out, Elaine, nearly nine years since the last major hurricane hit the US:

  5. luc

    From link,Of course, we have had hurricanes since 2005. 2010 was a very active year in the Atlantic basin, with 19 named storms. Twelve of those were hurricanes and five of those were major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher). Amazingly, in 2010, none of those hurricanes made landfall in the United States.

  6. emsnews

    They didn’t make landfall nearly anywhere! They rolled off into the vast sea and faded away. England and Iceland got lashed by the tattered remains.

  7. Luke

    looks like USA winter 20014-15 will be a doozy. Snowing in 7 states the first week of September.r?

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