Zionists Scream About How War On Terror Is Getting More And More Violent As Zionists Attack Everyone Else

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Here is the front page of yesterday’s New York Times, one of the world’s top Zionist warmongering rags.  Like the War on Drugs, the War on Terror is a total mess because the entire concept is insane due to the fact that raging empires are causing both.  John Kerry, who wrote his lunatic editorial refuses to see who the real terrorists are because he is a Zionist who has no mirror.  McCain learned nothing from the Vietnam war and wants wars all over the place all the time, being deranged himself.  We caused this: Syrian exodus reaches 3 million – UN.  Before the US and Israel decided to decapitate Assad, there were zero refugees and no one was being beheaded or stoned to death in Syria.


Obama: We Don’t Have Strategy for Iraq-Syria War which is a total lie.  The strategy was to destroy Syria as a nation and turn it into a broken mess like Iraq.  Saudi Arabia wanted this, too because they hate and fear the Shi’ites and other minority Muslim religions.   Here is another NYT story by Zionists: How to Stop Radicalization in the West.  Oh dear, why are Muslims all stirred up, the Zionists ask while smirking and then they turn to killing more Palestinian children and stealing stuff there.


NYT Now Room for Debate asks what can be done to stop young Muslims in Europe and the United States from adopting jihadist views. The Zionists wonder why Muslims hate them and hate the US which is run by AIPAC. In wake of war in Gaza, a fight over numbers goes on

The United Nations says that 7 in 10 of the 2,104 Palestinians killed in the hostilities were civilians. Israel disagrees, citing a figure far smaller.


This is the final product of Naziism: the people suffering from fascist beliefs become inhuman.  Jews want us to weep for Holocaust victims while sneering at victims of Jewish violence.  This is also very insane because no one can do this feat.  Once one crosses the fascist Rubicon, there is no turning back.  Jewish people deserve no sympathy for being victims of fascism if they are aping Nazis.  Until the leaders of Judaism renounce their efforts to crush the Palestinians and steal everything, they can’t whine about others doing the same to them.


Influence of ISIS spreads to Egypt as militants decapitate four Israeli ‘Mossad spies’ in copycat video that echoes recent Islamic State beheadings in Iraq which is beginning to scare the Zionists.  This is a classic Frankenstein event.  Mossad worked with the CIA and Saudi secret police to create this monster and now it menaces Israel.  Duh.  ‘It would be an honor to join ISIS and become a citizen of the caliphate,’ says Fort Hood shooter who killed 13 because our Founding Fathers warned us to not get embroiled in religious warfare because that never ends and always ends up being very violent.


Man arrested for making a bomb threat in Chicago after he ‘flew an ISIS flag from his car’ and led police on high-speed chase as we lose the War on Terror at home thanks to Zionist policies and AIPAC owns Congress.   Terror attack on the UK now ‘highly likely’: David Cameron warns ISIS ‘pose a greater threat to Britain than we have known before’ which means he should resign as a failure because he and his Bilderberg gangsters claimed all the wars, all the attacks on innocent parties in the Muslim world such as Assad or Saddam has not brought peace, it has brought dangerous chaos. Which is rebounding onto the sponsors of NATO wars.


ISIS in Mexico? Feds DENY watchdog group’s claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans to cross the porous border to commit ‘imminent’ car-bomb attacks on US targets


Judicial Watch’s US government sources say the terror group is a stone’s throw away from El Paso, Texas as the White House dithers on anti-ISIS strategy. The FBI denies the claims but Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in an interview that his sources were ‘golden’ and called the government’s insistence ‘so dishonest.’ ‘It’s a non-denial denial,’ he told MailOnline.

Citing Johnson’s use of words like ‘credible’ and ‘specific,’ Fitton said, ‘You could drive a truck bomb through that loophole. DHS has not denied our story.’


We are at war with a quarter of the world and if at war with Russia and China, it will be half of the world or more, we can’t stop alien invasions here at home due to lack of police, military, etc, at our home base:  Border Patrol busts fishing boat carrying undocumented immigrants into San Diego less than 24 hours after a large group of illegal aliens stormed a city beach the first boatload ran into the country and only 7 were captured.


The Russians are again proving they know how to fight, duh!  History is clear about that little matter if anyone imagines they can waltz in and fight there:  Rebels besiege trapped Ukrainian volunteer soldiers


Their plight and apparent dispatch into battle with little training and inadequate gear has sparked scorn across Ukraine.


How silly.  This article in the Western media is full of lies, of course.  The ‘volunteer soldiers’ are all fascist right wing anti-Russian Bandera clowns who are getting exactly what they wanted: an ethnic religious battle except they picked it with Russians which is, as history explains over and over again, is insane.  But the fascists were told by Israel and the US that they had full backing and will get weapons and money from US and EU taxpayers to fight this futile war.


And they are losing:  Ukrainian fighter jet ‘shot down by Russian missile in combat with rebels’.  I am glad that Russia has now forced the EU and US to stop flights over this region.  We hear NOTHING about the Malaysia jet once the actual data was found.  Obviously, the crazy fascists in Kiev probably did shoot it down themselves.


England has lost control of its borders and is being flooded by Eastern Europeans which is causing UKIP to rise rapidly in the eyes of voters frustrated by this flood allowed in:  Net migration to UK soars by 39% to 243,000 | UK news | The Guardian


Net migration to Britain has surged by 68,000 in the past year to 243,000, leaving in tatters Theresa May’s promise to reduce the figure to below 100,000 by next May’s general election.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says two-thirds of the 68,000 increase in the 12 months to March 2014 was accounted for by a rise in European Union nationals coming to Britain, mostly for work.


No fly zone: Obama ruins Labor Day weekend travel plans for New York’s super rich by grounding their private jets as he is there to collect money from the very rich.  I hope all of their jets cease flying after all, the Bilderberg gang itself is the chief party claiming we will all roast to death if we use any energy that isn’t solar or wind.


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16 responses to “Zionists Scream About How War On Terror Is Getting More And More Violent As Zionists Attack Everyone Else

  1. Petruchio

    Yes, the western media IS full of lies. As I was channel hopping last night I saw David Brooks giving us the elites’ spin. Russia was attacking Ukraine. We need to support our proxies in the region (who is ‘we’? Pick up a rifle Brooks. Go to Ukraine and teach those evil Russkies a lesson). This is going to be a long protracted war, fought on more than one fronts, etc. I wonder if David Brooks EVER feels any sense of shame or embarrassment over being such a lapdog, such a disgrace to the journalistic profession? Nah, probably not.

  2. Jim R

    The Novorossiyans have recently liberated a town named ‘Metalist’, really a part of Lugansk. The meaning of the town’s name is obvious.

    The propaganda all says these stupid rebels must have gotten missiles from Russia, never acknowledging that the Donbass was always an industrial area which manufactures a lot of tanks, missiles, etc. for Russia.

    The Kiev junta chose poorly. They thought NATO/EU/USA would supply them with weapons in unlimited quantity. One recent report says junta military units are showing up with old cold-war era armor that is radioactive. Guess where it came from?

  3. Christian W

    The Novorussians are using the same tactics the Finns used in the Winter War. They allow the Ukrainians to attack along the roads and then close them off behind the invading forces thereby creating a “cauldron” (“Motti” – encirclement – in Finnish).

    Just wait for General Winter to come. In the Finnish Winter War an entire battalion of Russians gave up when they smelled the Finns cooking sausage soup. The Russians had eaten all their horses down to the bones already, and when the temps were lower than -30 C the starving Russians had to surrender or starve/freeze to death.


    ELAINE: The Brit term is to ‘kettle’. This is ancient warfare, by the way.

  4. Christian W

    I’m sure the Western “elites” are absolutely dying to come up with a reason to prop up Kiev with direct military support. If things continue as they are now Kiev will have lost by the time winter comes.

  5. Jim R

    (it came from Pripyat, unless Japan is secretly pitching in)

    And, yes, winter’s gonna be a beauyottch this year. I’ve argued with Elaine in the past about Global Warming (it’s a real effect, and I expect it will be back later this century), but this year the Sun is on hiatus, and we have some nice volcanoes popping up here and there.

    This year is where Europe settles that gas bill with Russia, and suddenly gets interested in things like geothermal and insulation. And insolation too!

  6. melponeme_k

    “I hope all of their jets cease flying after all, the Bilderberg gang itself is the chief party claiming we will all roast to death if we use any energy that isn’t solar or wind.”

    In that cave you always write about, they stumbled upon the Dragon that lives there. Dragons hate humans, they really hate humans that steal their gold. So now under his sway, they will all self destruct. Which we are watching right now, as they open up a million fronts in a war they cannot win.

  7. emsnews

    The Cave of Wealth and DEATH is highly dangerous and yes, the Grim Reaper rules that realm. Pluto is the god of death and wealth in ancient Greece, by the way.

    AS for roasting to death: it ain’t gonna happen. Unless the sun shifts gears. This is what determines temperature and is the basis of all climate systems, ultimately.

    If it chills like my father predicted, this isn’t a mere 30 cooling cycle it will be a much colder Little Ice Age cycle.

  8. melponeme_k

    “If it chills like my father predicted, this isn’t a mere 30 cooling cycle it will be a much colder Little Ice Age cycle.”

    Yes, Pluto has called back Persephone to the underworld. She is leaving her mother’s house.

  9. Willy Nilly

    One thing Zionists did right is teach US cops how to respond to a demonstration by black people, right Elaine?


    ELAINE: Riots, you mean?

  10. Mh17 flight data was declared top secret.

  11. For those who are interested I have found a couple of interesting websites. The first a blog which has a lot of very interesting maps on it very much at odds with the ones in our press.


    The other is I think the news agency of Novi-Russia


  12. emsnews

    Yes, the data from that stupid plane business is now top secret and Russia is demanding the criminals release the data and they point blank refuse. US media silent.

    Gads, this is so obvious and dumb. And as usual, I was right from day one.

  13. Christian W

    The crimes are piling up so high now our ‘elite’ is getting beyond desperate to save their own skin. No system can take bullshit overload forever, eventually it will reset and our cute little bullshit leaders are acutely aware of that little fact, they sense it coming big time.

    Our glorious leaders will do everything they can to prevent that reset though. Like Hitler these characters will let everything around them burn down to the ground rather than face themselves in the mirror.

  14. emsnews

    With 100% of the mainstream media screaming for war, telling us Muslims are evil, Putin is Hitler and Netanyahu isn’t a Nazi, we will be driven into WWIII.

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