Bilderberg Gang Pushes Hard For WWIII: Russia Demands They Release Malaysia Jet Data, They Refuse

total nuclear warfare

Warmongering Zionist Anne Applebaum talks about causing nuclear war in this editorial:  War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post.  She claims Russia wants nuclear war!  So Scowcroft, Hadley and Miller: NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in this looming nuclear war meaning, the US plans to annihilate Russia using nuclear bombs ignoring China, for example.  The warmongers have gone totally insane at this point.  They really think they will win a nuclear war with Russia and China.


Michael Haltzel: Extend NATO’s umbrella to Montenegro and Macedonia and all points north, east and south to surround Russia with these superior nuclear missiles which is exactly why Russia is pushing back after the US and Germany both nakedly lied about not moving nuclear missiles right onto Russia’s front doorsteps.


The Post’s View: The West must make Mr. Putin pay for his aggression—no surprise to see the top warmongering rag demanding WWIII.  They never call it that.  Any war with Russia in the past 300 years has turned into world wars and empires collapse because of this.


Russia Demands Release Of MH17 Recordings because the US and EU are conspiring with Malaysia (bribes, anyone?) to hide the information.  From day one, I didn’t believe one word from NATO and the Western leaders about this jet incident.  Now that nothing is forthcoming at all in any way, shape or form, it confirms reports in Russia that Ukraine shot the jet down.


Baltic Fears NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield against Russia which is false news because the Bilderberg gang planned for all this and this is why the US REFUSED to even discuss disarmament when the USSR fell.


But the majority of NATO members, especially Germany, are opposed to the proposal, warning that it could result in an unnecessary provocation of Moscow. Representatives of these countries have warned that NATO has for years pledged to Russia that the missile defense system would not be directed at the country. Further debate on the issue has since been delayed until after the summit.


Hardliners did, however, succeed in pushing through one issue prior to the summit: The so-called reinsurance measures for Poland and the Baltic states — the placement of four companies and an increase in the number of reconnaissance flights on NATO’s eastern border — will not automatically expire after one year as originally planned. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had demanded that the military action be re-approved by all NATO member states after one year. Ultimately, however, Berlin was alone in the position and abandoned its stance.


Well, well, well and what began WWII?  Something about an invasion of Poland, no?  This, like WWI, triggered a tsunami of defense treaties which started WWII in ernest.  Of course, the fascist states of Japan and Germany were itching to start WWII just like Germany and Austria itched to start WWI in a direct conflict in Serbia with Russia.


Do note that Merkel did NOT want this action because I hope she dimly remembers what caused WWI and WWII.  We just passed the 100 year anniversary of WWI and celebrated this by watching our Zionist media work with our Bilderberg rulers to bring about WWIII.


Meanwhile, the ruling elites who want to crush unions and drive down the wages of the working class and deny them all access to all that lovely oil and move them into Tiny Homes and weak appliances that don’t work too well, are freaking out over the backlash over this invasion of foreign labor on top of imports:  Why Britain’s primary schools are bursting at the seams  | Mail Online


In 2000, 15 per cent of all births in the UK were to mothers born outside the country — in 2010, it had risen to more than 25 per cent. This is because the number of foreign-born women living here has increased, and also because they have more children than British-born women, since they are more likely to be aged 25 to 34, when fertility is at its highest.


Research by the Office of National Statistics has revealed that in 2011 the TFR was 1.84 for UK-born women and 2.21 for women born outside the UK. Women born in Romania had a TFR of 2.93, the highest of any EU country, while Polish women contributed the largest number of babies.

I predict that UKIP will stomp the Conservative Party in the next decade and the Conservative Party will cease to exist.  The Liberal Party has destroyed its union base by embracing the import of millions of legal and illegal aliens.  So who will protect workers?


Fascists, of course!  I am puzzled as to why liberalism embraces the notion that flooding job markets, schools and medical services with millions of aliens is good for workers.  This is obviously insane.


Britain can’t stop this flood of aliens destroying the school system, hospital care and job prospects for citizens (they are actually subjects who are ruled, not citizens) but the warmongers ruling this sad country have plenty of blood to shed on behalf of Eastern Europeans who are destroying Britain from within:  Britain to spearhead 10,000-strong Nato rapid reaction force with mission to halt Putin’s ‘Tsarist expansionism’.


And who is ‘expanding’ and ‘taking over’?  Why, the countries recently joining the EU!  This invasion is harming all citizens of England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.  And it was devised by the Bilderberg gang who want cheap labor, poor schools, expensive energy and lots and lots of wars to kill off pesky peasants who are young males.


And terrorize the women into living in basements as bombs rain down on their heads and their homes are destroyed. More money to be made rebuilding afterwards!


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32 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Pushes Hard For WWIII: Russia Demands They Release Malaysia Jet Data, They Refuse

  1. aashild

    History is so easy to forget, don’t you agree Elaine?

  2. melponeme_k

    Another prong in the attack on citizen’s ability to buy homes and own land.

    Equity groups homegrown and foreign buying up property to rent. This adds to the blight in many cities, because these equity companies do not care about upkeep. They only want to monopolize land to drive up their own rents and keep people from being able to buy their own homes.

  3. nclaughlin

    Glad to see that you are back to cartooning!

  4. emsnews

    My husband’s health problems (hospitalized several times since March!) made it impossible to do cartoons. I have to be relaxed and in the right mood, not terrified he was going to faint or stop breathing.

    The CPAP breathing system has stopped the deterioration, thank god.

    About rent: why are landlords called LORDS?

    Heh. They are lords! What do we call renters?

    PEASANTS. Or social inferiors. Up until the mid-19th century, only land owners got to be in Parliament or Congress, for example.

    My family has been property owners (lords) since around 1066 AD. Before that, they were Norse raiders.

    My grandfather always said, ‘Own property. Don’t put debt on it or the banks own YOU.’

    Most homeowners are actually renting from banks. Who confiscate the property if not paid off. I have owned outright since around…1986. Trust me, owning with no debt is fantastic.

    As for moving around easily, when there is no debt on a property it is pure gold. You can sell it at any price, any time of your own choosing. No ‘underwater’ stuff to worry about. Debt is bad.

  5. Peter C.

    Debt is bad.Oh yeah on the personal OR national level.
    Average Canadian will add$ 20,000 in debt this year .
    (70% are homeowners,a world record I think)
    Many have 30 or 40 year mortgages on overpriced houses where the interest rate is only fixed for the first 5 years.(unlike the states where you can lock a rate in for 30 years).
    Debt slave peasants for the rest of their lives.Poor suckers.

  6. Peter C.

    Property tax should be a one time payment,many people lose their land when the property taxes are raised on fixed income owners.This would also
    restrain the muncipality from wasting money.

  7. DeVaul

    Peter is right. I could be wiped out by a rise in the king’s tax, even though I own my home outright. I’m sure this will eventually happen.

    Currently I have no debts, thanks to my father’s life insurance policy, which allowed me to pay off my home mortgage. I paid it off even though the interest rate was only 1% because of my disability. I just did not like having a debt hanging over me. People thought I was crazy, but there were hidden fees that added to the interest and caused me to lose money by some other means, so I feel like I did the right thing.

    My wife asks how people around us can afford two huge trucks, RV’s, campers, boats, big homes, and other expensive toys while we eat rice, and all I can tell her is that they are probably deep in debt. Their vocations don’t allow for having 3-5 children and huge mansions and all that other stuff, so my best guess is credit and monthly payments.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t see how. It all adds up to more than their incomes, so where does the money come from?

    Whenever we pass a house in our area that I said would not sell, and it did, my wife reminds of that until the sign appears a year later in the front yard saying “Bank Owned”. I always point that out to her, but she pretends she never said anything (smile).

    I’m a patient man.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Putin intends to break the back of NATO and he is very close to doing it. Once he has Ukraine under control of even before that he will move on Latvia and Estonia and other near Russia territories. He sees the Whitehouse as completely isolated and paralysed especially after the Syria episode last year and will probably reckon he has a two year window until Obama leaves office. Germany is completed dependant on Gazprom with the German leadership (Gerhard Schröder) bought and paid for and the entire EU is divided. The outside intervention in the Syrian civil war is also about gas pipelines, Qatar needs to get it’s gas to the European market via pipelines running through Saudi, Jordan and Syria. The weakens Putins hand if the Europeans have an alternate gas supplier and drops the price of gas which exposes the Russian internal economy.and his government.

    Both Putin and Obama are now trapped in a vicious circle.of escalating violence and we are stuck in the middle. Only the Chinese leadership if they so chose can break this international game of chicken for that to happen a deal on Japan must happen. What a mess.

  9. DM

    Trust me, owning with no debt is fantastic.

    Yea, a bit better. Of course, it only elevates you from the Serf class to the Peasant class. Don’t run out of money to pay your land tax to the real owners.

  10. CK

    Ah DM you understand the truth. All taxation is theft.
    EMS and others like to pretend that they “own” something because their is not a monthly mort gage payment to a private or semi public entity.
    Instead their is the never ending yearly payment to the property taxers.
    I dream of a boat sail powered and a fair wind with which to find new neighbours when the current neighbours become tiresome.

  11. DM

    She claims Russia wants nuclear war! So Scowcroft, Hadley and Miller: NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in this looming nuclear war meaning, the US plans to annihilate Russia using nuclear bombs ignoring China, for example. The warmongers have gone totally insane at this point. They really think they will win a nuclear war with Russia and China.

    So, the Washington Post gets the principals of the “Scowcroft Group” to promote this shite.

    A brief review of these people reveals them to be second-rate at best. The entire upper echelon of the US/UK establishment are pretty much second rate at best.

    The problem is that they delude themselves. Believing that they are the Crème de la Crème, how could it not be that every brain fart they have is not the embodiment of wisdom itself?

    They really, really believe their own hubris, and they really, really think that they are as smart as the Russians. Interesting times ahead.

  12. melponeme_k


    Almost all of those idiots with that group are finance trolls. So you can be damn sure that any decisions they propose are all about how much money they can make. Hence waving swords at the Russian windmill because they are afraid of Russia being an oil power.

    The fact that most of them were in government or advisers of government just explains all that jackass decisions we saw government get involved in.

  13. ziff

    msm loves to get everyone’s knickers in a twist, isis is very great at hitting soft targets and will melt if they get hit hard.. russians are just being idiots, how can you tell any of them apart? ,when things get crunchy they will settle.

  14. emsnews

    Taxes: when my family owned castles and estates in England, the ‘tax’ was when the king or some upstart wanted us to fight for him and we had to rouse troops from the peasants and arm them and then get on that old War Horse in armor and go forth to fight and if the king is smart, loot some French people.

    Then along came the War of the Roses and we ended up killing each other then Henry the XIII dying with a messed up family thanks to his many divorces and murdering his many wives…

    And we ended up here.

    You see, there is always ‘taxes’ but if we eliminate these society collapses. Seriously and hugely. How do you pay for the things that make us a civilization? That is a key question.

  15. Jim R

    Henry the thirteenth??

    And, in answer to that last question, Bitcoin! Hahaha …

  16. CK

    None of the things that make civil society need theft to fund them.
    None of the things that make a European culture needed theft.
    Opera, symphonies, ballet, science fiction, Shakespeare none of those needed theft for funding.
    Roads and canals do not require some thug with a gun and a uniform and a ID from the strongest local mob. Impartial justice can be arranged without the Government having to have its thumb on the scales and the justice providers on its payroll.

  17. emsnews

    CK, are you crazy???

    Opera: in Europe is is funded via taxes! If a Prince hires Wagner, he paid him via TAXES.

    You must love toll roads. Most sane countries reduce these as much as possible and a sure sign the US is going bankrupt is, more and more roads are toll roads and the money collected goes to foreign banking houses.

  18. Being There

    Many of the toll roads are owned by Sovereign Wealth funds by JP Morgan and bought by wealthy arabs and other foreign elite.
    They “rent” the roads for 80 years for pennies on the dollar as the states themselves are desperate for money. They find they go through the money quickly because taxes are not paying for the needs of the state. In the meantime, the holders of the funds are GUARANTEED a profit. This is not Capitalism, folks.

    As far as not wanting taxes. The folks who hate taxes are breaking down the modern nation state. It’s about breaking with a social contract. It’s about institutionalized looting of the public for the good of a tiny few.
    When people recognize that the propaganda is to benefit those with way too much money, maybe there will be pressure to bear.

  19. Christian W

    In the meantime, the holders of the funds are GUARANTEED a profit. This is not Capitalism, folks.

    In this new system we are living under the share holders never lose, if the big boys are involved.

    What a rotten loop isn’t it. The Gulf King “oilgarchs” pump their oil money into the Wall Street systems, which are designed to loot taxpayers everywhere. Of course Wall Street created the oil money dollars in the first place to start this rotten loop. The owners of the Wall Street systems, the US and Israel etc, then reward the “good” Gulf King “oilgarchs” by supporting their regimes and policies etc against political enemies who may have other ideas what to do with the oil loot. Bad “oilgarchs” who don’t want to play by the Wall Street monopoly rules, get bombed.

    And the suckers with the bill for all this is the taxpayers who get indebted for their mere existence as subjects in the nations performing the scam and those who don’t want to play Wall Street Monopoly.

    Then we have the hangers on in the sidebusiness of creating arms to support this racket.

  20. CK

    Opera was not started by theft, that it is currently maintained by theft is sad.
    I noticed this spring that the privately owned and maintained toll roads had the winter’s pot hole extravaganza fixed quickly. Government roads not so much eh? Public roads are like public education; second rate and deplorable but providing a lot of fake work salaries paid for by theft.
    So removing from the government drones the ability to steal your money to build crappy roads which they can then sell to their friends should be a good thing.
    There is no such creature as the social contract. If you did not sign it then it cannot be a “contract.” Just a thug with a gun and some smooth con artistry stealing from you and calling it justice.
    As long as you accept the paper they print in return for your services or your goods, the government can never go bankrupt. For trusting them you can.


    ELAINE: Opera from day one was an elite thing paid for via exploiting peasants.

  21. DeVaul

    “There is no such creature as the social contract. If you did not sign it then it cannot be a “contract.” ”

    This is patently false. Indians signed nothing, but lived within a very strict “social contract” like all tribal groups and every other group of humans that has ever existed. Because they are not Tea Party members, they don’t refer to their social pact as a “contract”, but it’s there nonetheless.

    There never has been and never will be a group of people who do not have a social contract, unless it is a group that has suffered complete and total cultural and societal collapse, like the Ik people of Africa and other indigenous groups who barely exist now.

    This is the epitome of the jewish mentality: if I didn’t sign it, it doesn’t exist!

    We are lucky that our ancestors lived without this mentality for a million years before we foisted it upon ourselves. We are alive today because of the social contract that our ancestors lived by. Those who had none or were outcasts went extinct and don’t have any descendants.

  22. CK

    I have no Indian heritage. I cannot even claim a Senator Warren % in the Fukowee tribe.
    The “social contract” is what your government puts on you if you don’t pay your protection money on your property, your income, your thoughts and ideas, your savings and your hostages to fate.
    The mentality might be shared with the Jews; their Book allows them to, morally, screw anyone who is not a fellow tribe member. So maybe that social contract government fraud belief is more fitting to your preferred evil group.
    We exist today because our ancestors more or less kept their noses out of their neighbours affairs and their hands out of their neighbours pockets.
    We are dying out because we no longer believe in civility, and voluntary works; instead you and your ilk worship the elected thugs the Clintons and Bushes and Reagans and Lincolns and Obamas and Wilsons and all the rest of the horrid march of socio and psycho paths that litter the history of the world with their excrescences.
    If we have a social contract, why must the tax collectors be armed?

  23. DeVaul

    I believe you really understood what I was saying, so I will not argue at length with you about your obsession with the current government or empire we live in. Your contention that social contracts are evil and don’t exist unless forced upon us by evil governments is false.

    American Indians are just one example of a people who lived by social contracts that all people live by. Civility and willingness to work together for the common good (volunteering) are social contracts that bind groups together. I am surprised that you cannot see this.

    All you see is a piece of paper and a rule book. A social contract is much, much more than that.

  24. emsnews

    Taxes are civilization. When there is none, you have HIGHWAY ROBBERS AND PIRATES.

    One of my ancestors was a pirate! The Queen of France conspired to attack the Huguenots and he fled Paris and changed from being a merchant to being a pirate.

    Was quite successful and survived to retire to the New World which was a howling wilderness by then but he did well with that, too!

    But it was a howling wilderness and generally speaking, a former pirate is like a shark in such waters thus, the survivability success.

  25. luc

    Taxes are the fee to live in a civilization. Or semi civilization. Roads, Police, Fire protection etc. What changed things is the Federal Income Tax in 1912? Since then its been bigger and bigger gov.

  26. DeVaul

    I think CK has misplaced his anger. As I said before, all groups of humans live by a social contract. Hell, most are born into one and never even question it, so what is the real issue?

    The real issue is whether the social contract that you live under is fair and just. If it is not, then problems arise.

    The social contract that we live under here in the US is unjust and unfair, as it ensures that all wealth and resources become concentrated in the hands of a tiny few individuals. This is not fair or just, and eventually brings about an end to the current social contract and the creation of a new one.

    Notice that most revolutions overthrow the old order and try to replace it with one they consider to be “fair and just”.

  27. emsnews

    Most revolutions fail. This is because they destroy the social order and most often replace it with vicious tyranny as they struggle to maintain power.

    Even the US ‘revolution’ wasn’t really one. It was a civil war, actually.

    And the disorders of slavery, the abuse of labor, led to a second civil war.

  28. DeVaul

    Hmmm… well, as I said, most revolutions “try” to replace the old order with a better one, but if they do fail, it is hard to see what kind of “failure” has taken place if an old form of tyranny was destroyed and then exhanged for another.

    The alternative, of course, is to do nothing at all. Not even try.

  29. CK

    Revolutions attempt to replace the current gang of thugs and thieves with a different gang of thugs and thieves. The new order is always better for the folks running the new order. For the rest it is the same shit with a different label. The alternative is to live your own life and keep your hands off other folks stuff and your noses out of other folks ways.
    @DeVaul I truly have no anger. I accept the world as it is and do my best to not interact with the thugs of government or the thugs that have been imported to replace us. I do not believe that there is any such mythical thing as a social contract that I am bound to observer or pretend that I acquiesce to. Fair is a word lying between fail and fart in most English dictionaries. I believe its first meaning is comely, attractive, graceful, pale. I doubt that you are using it in its first meaning.
    @EMS will you please delineate between money stolen from me by highwaymen and or pirates against whom I may defend my self and my monies and monies stolen from me be uniformed thugs calling themselves a government instead of calling themselves a gang, and against whom I may not defend myself? There is none. Theft is theft calling a rose a gardenia does not make it so, calling theft by some longer name does not make it any less theft.

  30. DeVaul


    I don’t know what to tell you. If you truly accept the world as it is, then you must accept that you will live on some potentate’s land no matter where you go, and that potentate will send his (goons, thugs, beaurocrats, gangsters, workers, ministers, medicine men, etc.) to your house with a demand for money or goods.

    If you chose not to pay, you could be killed or imprisoned, and that is part of being “free”. That kind of freedom often leads straight to death, and if you want that kind of absolute freedom, you must be willing to accept that outcome.

  31. Alaskan Ice

    The “the social contract” (and its unpleasantries) is not a Hobson’s choice; it is a Hobbesian choice: The other choices are places like Somalia, a constant state “of every man against every man.”

  32. CK

    I have understood since 1969 that I am property; that some thug can come and claim whatever he or she thinks they can get away with.
    I like it where I am, I am certain that I could equally like it somewhere else where some other thug holds sway.
    In 1969 the then currently reigning thugs came for me and told me I had to give up my wife and family and don a uniform and go kill people that neither owed me money nor had done anything to anyone in my family, among my friends nor any of my neighbours. On pain of incarceration and death I was to go kill people. That is a slave. I did not like being a slave. It is eye-opening to have become a slave having imagined that I was a free citizen of the great USA.
    @Alaskan Ice
    The world has many places some like the USA and The EU are reckless slave nations, other places are less reckless, less slavery oriented, and other places are a bit more religiously attuned ( Somalia being just one of many). Hobbes was a bit of an optimist.

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