Democratic Leaders Hope Race Riots Will Bring Out Black Voters Who Will Vote For AIPAC Tools

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Mortality rate: African nations and Afghanistan are the worst.

AIPAC owns and runs the entire Democratic Party.  In return, black politicians vote 100% for all AIPAC issues without murmur. This is because it is very easy to raise ‘election’ money and get friendly press if AIPAC loves you even if you are a black politician and AIPAC actually makes things worse for constituents.  After years and years of this, blacks are worse off than ever before thanks to being fed systems and financial investments that make things worse and worse.



Before the Great Society and the War on Poverty (odd, isn’t it, that this is now a wild shooting war!) black marriage rates were roughly equal to working class married rates of whites.  Then it suddenly plunged off the demographic cliff and today, 70% of all black women are either not married or never marry.  The elimination of men in family life has led to a literal moral collapse.


The Democrats, wishing to pet and kiss black voters so AIPAC can have more power, will not wrestle with the social collapse which is turning all black communities into hell holes.  All the school reforms have hit this massive brick wall due to black communities producing families that are incapable of using schools to educate their children.  The worst schools in America are schools which have predominantly black students.


Liberals are scared of the rising forces of conservatism and desperately need blacks to vote based on black rage and a desire to remove the last vestiges of policing from black communities: At Risk in Senate, Democrats Seek to Rally Blacks –


Still, among Democrats, intense debate continues on whether, and if so how, Mr. Obama can be helpful in the midterm contests. Some Democratic leaders want him to remain largely invisible and focus on fund-raising events. Others are pleading for him to try to bring a policy focus to a largely shapeless election.


“It would help a lot with turnout if the president and vice president could take a populist economic message out to the countryside beginning on Labor Day,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster. But, she hastened to add, Mr. Obama ought to do so only in states where his standing is still relatively strong.


Black voters BEWARE: the Democrats are openly talking about replacing you with illegal aliens who will suddenly get the right to vote as a gift and are expected to vote for AIPAC Democrats out of gratitude!  Far from being ‘second class citizens’ blacks are actually heading towards ‘we don’t need you anymore as workers’.  This is highly dangerous!  Here is a comment by one (I assume) black person writing a comment at the NYT article:


DeathbyInches Arkansas 17 minutes ago
Yes after 246 years of slavery the black population of America was freed in 1865. Sadly, black Americans have been forced to be 2nd class Americans for the last 149 years.


Black Americans will remain 2nd class citizens forever if they don’t register every adult 18 and up & join with white Democrats working to bring equality to everyone in America without exceptions.


Only when that happens will Stand Your Ground laws disappear. Only then will black teenage males be safe on our streets. Only then will Ferguson, Missouri conditions of inequality be banished from all US cities & towns already sizzling & about to erupt.


I believe that most black voters want to passively let the carnage continue except they also don’t want whites to fight back which is why so many were very intent on punishing Zimmerman and can’t believe he had a right to defend himself and why they want a cop who may have been viciously attacked, put in prison.  The man choked to death by cops in NYC recently had a huge arrest record and was going insane on illegal hallucinate drugs, and they want the cops punished for that, too.


This will render blacks as even more dangerous to handle and the only way to do it will be to either ignore crime a la Detroit or to shove them into ghettoes and never hire them or have them participate in the economy.  Both of which are horrible outcomes.  But the Democrats who represent blacks are totally unwilling to grab the bull by the horns and fix what is wrong.  Here is my comment to the article:


Elaine Meinel Supkis Berlin, N.Y.
Who is killing blacks today?


The answer is obvious: other blacks. The kill rate is immense, it is very lopsided. Occasionally, cops kill blacks, too but the number is tiny compared to the daily slaughter blacks inflict on each other relentlessly.


The only way to hinder this is to disarm inner city blacks. And when the new mayor of NYC took office, he stopped this and shootings, murders with guns and mayhem in general has shot back upwards again.


Voting Democratic means more blacks killing each other, it seems.


Here are the demographics at work:  African-American family structure


Census data revealed that, in 1840, there were 99 black males for every 100 black females within the population.[45] Recent Census data in 2003 revealed similar, yet worse findings as there were only 91 males for every 100 females.[45]
Black male incarceration and mortality rates are often pointed to for these imbalanced sex ratios. Although black males make up 6% of the population, they make up 50% of those who are incarcerated.[45] This incarceration rate for black males increased by a rate of more than four between the years of 1980 and 2003.


Furthermore, the incarceration rate for African American males is 3,045 out of 100,000 compared to 465 per 100,000 White Americans males.[45] The chance of black males to be arrested and jailed at least once in their lifetime in many areas around the country is extremely high. For Washington DC, this probability is between 80 and 90%.[45]

Right there in DC, the collapse is a huge hole in the ground.  When women have no husbands, children are raised with no male contribution or worse, a string of men coming out of prison, finding an army of alone women to choose from, taking over and exploiting them and making the children even worse off.


Weary U.S. Workers Are Still Experiencing Hard Times is another New York Times headline.  Duh!  The political system is all about exploiting Congress to cut taxes for the rich, give them bail outs and a helping hand when they screw up the economy and to crush unions and wreck our lives as the rich seek to get richer and richer.  This hammers the black community particularly hard. America and Immigration Since the 1870s


The officials were making sure that these immigrants would not become paupers on the streets when they get to the mainland. These exams were mostly for the immigrants who were coming in poor. The wealthy immigrants only went through these tests if they showed sign of sickness or had legal problems.


It was believed that if the wealthy immigrants could afford to buy first and second class tickets to the ship, they would not become dependent on the state for economic support. The restrictions were for the unfortunates. People with disabilities and with mental health issues were turned back because it was believed that they would eventually become institutionalized.


These inspections would take a long time to be performed. It could take up to five hours to inspect the immigrants if their papers were correct. If not, it would take longer than five hours, and if the problem couldn’t be resolved it would lead to deportation.


Here is a comment from a graduate student at a site run by a professor about the reality of going to university:  85. It is not a ticket to the upper middle class. – 100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School


Re: Anonymous 08/02/12 – US citizen microbiologists are going to work at McDonalds as burger flippers, physicists to work in shoe stores, and computer scientists to work at Best Buy while our industries, educational institutions, and government all claim we have to import increasing amounts of skilled labor to work in these fields and others.


The nation is even subsidizing the educations of a high percentage of the ‘imports’ while large numbers of skilled, intelligent, and educated US citizens are begging for work and resources. We even have a biologist who did Nobel Prize research now working in a car-parking service.


The powers that be in the US have already decided to double down on already high immigration levels (both legal and illegal, in absolute numbers we outrank every other nation on the planet already) instead of allowing the existing workforce to adjust to market wants. Veterans and others who have made meaningful, substantive contributions to the welfare of the nation ought to regard this as a kick in the teeth.


We have the UN Calls Out U.S. On Police Brutality and many Americans don’t want police brutality but what are we going to do about the many millions of unemployed Americans who lost jobs thanks to our rulers refusing to patrol the borders?  Not to mention people like the new Amazon owner of the Washington Post lobbying to bring in aliens to replace Americans who are educated and expert at computer coding, etc.?


This next election like the one in England is all about illegal aliens and how to stop it or how to exploit it and thus, get rid of ANYONE appealing for black votes.  This election is all about jobs and all about race at the same time with no solutions offered by either conservatives or liberals that will save the black communities from utter ruin.  Time is running out with the police increasingly leaning towards no more protection in the big cities if blacks go berserk.


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5 responses to “Democratic Leaders Hope Race Riots Will Bring Out Black Voters Who Will Vote For AIPAC Tools

  1. Getting arrested and receiving a stretch in prison is known as “street cred” among inner city black males.

  2. vengeur

    The Washington Post does a schmooze piece on Michael Brown and his accomplice, Dorian Johnson. Here is a sample quote: “Johnson was trying to move beyond a series of challenges, including difficult encounters with police.” LOL. These liberals are really shameless panderers.

  3. emsnews

    Finally, due to a website demanding Brown’s extensive juvenile arrest records, are admitting this gentle giant is a thug. But won’t say so outright so they use mushy language to hide the truth.

  4. CK

    When a government wants more of something, the government arranges for the thing to be subsidized. Likewise when less of something is wanted, the government arranges for that thing to be selectively taxed more than the desired ( subsidized ) alternative.
    Johnson’s war on poverty decided to tax successful black families by subsidizing unmarried motherhood. It has worked wonderfully, Detroit is so far the most successful Great Society project.
    Who’s your great granddaddy, granddaddy, daddy? Consider a generation to be the amount of years from a woman’s birth to the birth of her first child. Is it 12 years ( menarche )? 14 years? 18.75Years?
    2014-1960 = 54 years =more than 3 generations of subsidized single motherhood or conversely highly taxed married with parents and children familyhood. You get what you subsidize. It is one of the laws of the copybook headings.

  5. larry, dfh

    The choking death in Staten Island was deemed a Homicide by the coroner. No more Michael Baden and his slimey little cover-ups. Homicide almost always is treated as a crime.
    One of the large contributing factors to black male incarceration is the Democrats on the judiciary committee. The ‘crack vs. powder’ cocain laws were Joe Biden, as were the mandatory 10yrs for possession of a firearm along with drugs. And the Dem senators invested heavily in private incarceration, such as Al Gore.
    AIPAC destroyed the congressional career of my all time fav. pres. candidate: Cynthia McKinney.

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