NATO Trumped By Russia China Military Alliance, Ukraine Uprising Winning War With Kiev Coup

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Two cartons I did many years ago!  Both of them are applicable to today because our rulers are the Bilderberg gang who want WWIII because they erroneously believe that WWII made them very powerful, this is when that gang first began conspiring with each other to foist ‘internationalism’ on the rest of us which was really reborn fascism but with an American instead of a British or German face.

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This cartoon here is all about how Russia can shut down all of Europe’s economy and freeze the people there and bankrupt them by forcing them to buy much more expensive energy products.  And that China, way back in 2003, was itching to get all that energy for itself.  Now, it has it.  Completely in a few years.  Europe has been outwitted.


Isn’t this great news today?  Ukraine warns of ‘great war’ with Russia ‘the likes of which Europe has not seen since WWII’


 The European Union warned Moscow on Sunday that it would slap it with fresh sanctions unless it reversed course in the crisis within a week.


Putin responded on Monday by saying that he hoped “common sense will prevail” and urged the bloc to “work together normally” with Moscow.


But that wish looks unlikely to be granted for now, with EU leaders growing increasingly critical of Putin’s actions.


On Monday, German President Joachim Gauck said Russia has “effectively severed its partnership” with Europe and wants to establish a new order.


Herr Gauck ist ein Bilderberg gangster.  Ja, er ist dass!  HAHAHA.


Complaining that Russia and China are imposing new world orders on NATO aggressors is hilarious.  The US and Europe have committed a boatload of war crimes and illegal invasions for the last 25 years!  All in the name of the New World Order.  Which no one in the US public is supposed to know about, of course.


Putin accused Europe of ignoring the Ukrainian military’s “direct targeting” of civilians in the conflict and said the offensive pushed by insurgents there were simply an attempt to expel Kiev’s forces from residential areas.


All of which is 100% true.  The fascists who illegally took over Kiev using NATO money and CIA contacts immediately began an ethnic/religious cleansing against the Russian speaking East Ukrainians.  This was very, very highly provocative and NATO is 100% responsible for this happening.


People were ruthlessly massacred before the Russian Orthodox people banded together rapidly to really fight back and they are succeeding…massively.  This is because morality and right is on their side and they have a feeling of pride, defending themselves from oppression.


The US public is being lied to grossly by the Bilderberg gang who control our media and which is mainly run by AIPAC operators so they get a reverse mirror image of what is going on with excited stories of Russia invading when it was the US invading via a coup.


‘If I want to I can take Kiev in a fortnight’: Putin’s threat to Europe revealed by EU boss as Ukraine loses control of key airport which is also 100% true.  Europe couldn’t fight an invasion of topless female protestors much less the entire Russian military complete with an arsenal of nuclear missiles.


We must remember that the Bilderberg gang refused to negotiate an end to the nuclear arsenals after the USSR fell because this would mean the illicit and hidden nuclear arsenal held by Israel would also have to be eliminated so nothing was done.  Now, the sides are lining up for WWIII and nukes will fly unless diplomats in the West are replaced with non-AIPAC Bilderberg gangsters.


ITAR-TASS: Russia – Russian military to return from war games in China by September 4 which is another shot across our prow.  Our inept and stupid diplomats, focused entirely on ethnic cleansing, breaking up countries that irritated Zionists and other schemes, have driven Russia into China’s arms.  The US and EU cannot win a nuclear war with both China and Russia.  Both nations are physically huge.


Europe is much smaller and Japan is really small compared to these geological giants.  The US/Canada complex is huge, too, but most of the populations are mainly on the East and West Coasts and very vulnerable.


ITAR-TASS: Russia – Three Yars mobile ICBM regiments to be put on combat duty December — Defense Ministry


“By the end of 2014, two more RSMF mobile regiments are planned to be equipped with the Yars system – in the Tagil and Novosibirsk missile formations and another stationary regiment – in the Kozelsk division. These three regiments are to be put on trial combat duty in December 2014,” he said.
According to Andreyev, with the re-equipment of a number of RSMF formations with Yars, the missile system’s share in these forces has already reached 50%. “Further plans for equipping other missile formations with the Yars system have already been made,” the RSMF spokesman added.


Russia’s stellar, huge, cutting edge missile programs have been revived and are better off than the US which cut NASA spending and parked many billions of dollars into the global warming farce at NASA which now has to publish erroneous or outright fraudulent data to keep the global warming scam going in the teeth of global cooling.


So our own rocket programs are dying, not growing.  ITAR-TASS: Military & Defense – Putin OKs plans for creating super-heavy rockets — Rogozin.  ITAR-TASS: Russia – Hefty $1.5 billion to be invested in Vostochny space port 2015 — Putin because whoever controls space controls the planet.


ITAR-TASS: Russia – Russia for closer interaction with Arab world in settling Palestine-Israel crisis which bites the Bilderberg gang right in the ass.  This is the #1 thing they 100% do not want at all and will drive us into WWIII to prevent this.


Libya ‘lost all control’ as Islamist militias rampage and Parliament demands new prime minister as the total defeat of the NATO Bilderberg illegal invasion scheme did not want.  Or rather, they wanted a certain degree of chaos with Europe dictating what happens next but this was overturned by enthusiastic, anti-Europen, anti-Bilderberg gang insurrectionists who openly mock our rulers and they are, of course, 100% correct to make fun of our rulers who are intensely stupid.


Wealthy political donors seize on new latitude to give to unlimited candidates – The Washington Post: so the Zionists and rich bastards will pour more of their wealth into our elections and put in power more stupid people who will do dumb things for them and wreck our economy even more and make the lower classes poorer and the rich richer and I recall this is the exact same dynamics that led to WWI.


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12 responses to “NATO Trumped By Russia China Military Alliance, Ukraine Uprising Winning War With Kiev Coup

  1. melponeme_k


    None of these cretins have any shame. They flaunt the bribery in our faces.

  2. Jim R

    Love those cartoons! I hope you can get back to making them, Elaine.

    MoA says it’s over, too. And NATO is free to fall apart now, as it no longer has any purpose.

    I just hope the adults in the room can take the nuclear toys away from the children before they hurt themselves.

  3. Mewswithaview

    Another blowback from the Libyan NATO backed campaign has been the uprising in the French colonies across North Africa. France is bacnkrupt and bogged down in several countries putting down the natives.

  4. John

    Yes it’s getting scary out there. What exactly do they think they will achieve? No one wins a nuclear war. I have a horrible feeling this has been the game plan all along. Oil and gas are running out fast. The US will disintegrate very quickly into nothingness. I suspect they are willing to risk everything to prevent that. The irony is even if they get it right. And that’s a huge IF. It only buys them 2 or 3 years before you back to square one. This is so insane I have trouble believing a very real evil is not involved here. In Revelation it’s stated that 1/3 of the earth will be uninhabitable and the water undrinkable. And that the whore of Babylon would burn.

  5. Seraphim

    @’If I want to I can take Kiev in a fortnight’

    Deception! It can be done in days, if not hours!

    @Chinese-Russian war games

    I think it is a clear warning to the hotheads who plan to unleash ISIS against Russia, China.

  6. DeVaul

    “This is so insane I have trouble believing a very real evil is not involved here.”

    You should not have any trouble at all with this, as you are most certainly correct. A real evil is involved, and it consists of men and women so totally consumed by greed, avarice, absolute power, and social status that they cannot tolerate a world where they are not in control of everything.

    They are all little Hitlers, and they want us to all commit suicide with them because we “failed them”.

  7. larry, dfh

    No Luc, that’s not off topic. It’s depressing and disgusting, but certainly not off topic.

  8. Christian W

    That’s a very good link, thx luc.

    Dickens would have recognized the mindset behind squeezing the last drops of blood out of the desperate for profit.

  9. Luke

    I recall 15 – 20 years ago when I would read in financial news about ‘investing in privatized prisons’. That and ‘prozac for kindergarteners is a growing market’. I kid you not.

  10. DeVaul

    I’m not surprised by this. My own son was subjected to this by my ex-wife, and he now suffers from irreversible personality disorder. I just hope that after 12 years on psychotropic drugs that I would flush down the toilet 13 days a year that he does not develop a brain tumor or cancer of some kind.

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