Russia Is Winning War With NATO And Bankrupt US: Disastrous Diplomacy Drives US Destruction

Watch this celebration in Red Square in Moscow last May!  The Russians are very focused on regaining military espirit d’corps.  The EU troops, on the other hand, are mainly sloppy and dispirited.  The neocons who rule us are unable to explain away their utter diplomatic failure when they drove Russia into China’s arms.  Here is an editorial by a criminal neocon whining about all this and trying desperately to explain away this immense, historic alliance developing between Russia and China who share a HUGE border which is now safe.


Breaking news:   Igor Strelkov Claims Responsibility for Ukrainian Ships Attack in Azov Sea…sunk several Ukraine coup ships.

Ukraine Conflict Has Been a Lift for China, Scholars Say – at least the title is correct.  Ha.


“The notion of a Sino-Russian authoritarian axis against the West is nonsensical,” Mr. Lo said. “Although Putin has consistently downplayed the ‘China threat,’ this is never far away in Russian thinking.”


Well, that nails it!  Russia hasn’t viewed China as a threat for many years now!  Both Russia and China want to suppress the Muslims that share borders with each.  China is near zero threat to Russia ever since fascist Japan and AIPAC US elites decided to ‘pivot to the Pacific’.  By upping the military ante, by encouraging small nations to join the US war machine, the US took on many expensive obligations with little return.


This, in turn, is bankrupting our nation.  We are supposed to overlook the trade deficit with Japan and the nations clustered on China’s southern borders.  All of whom work relentlessly to have a huge trade surplus with the US.  So, China now has balanced trade with Russia and this makes both stronger.  The US has terrible trade imbalances with our allies which are destroying our economic system and driving the nation into bankruptcy.


Mr. Lo didn’t quite say it, but the Ukraine crisis, according to his assessment, was providing another free ride to China and its leader, President Xi Jinping, the kind of easy diplomatic gains President Obama complained of in a recent interview with Thomas L. Friedman, a columnist for The New York Times.


AIPAC Friedman has got to be one of the stupidest neocons on earth.  Very full of himself, he misunderstands even the simplest of economic or diplomatic actions.  He is a fool.  So naturally, the NYT features him since he is conveniently incompetent but is in total synch with AIPAC.  So, China gets ‘easy diplomatic gains’?  HAHAHA.  While we get ruinously expensive diplomacy.  That fails miserably on every level, of course.  Shame on the Chinese!  HAHAHA.


As it turns out, Mr. Xi has been somewhat more involved in Ukraine than is commonly known. Just before Russia annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea last March, Mr. Xi called Mr. Putin and urged him to find a political settlement, according to Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China in Beijing.


“This was not an easy thing for President Xi to do because of the strategic relationship between China and Russia,” Mr. Shi said. Mr. Xi also telephoned Mr. Obama to express China’s opposition to Western economic sanctions against Russia, he said.


Here is my letter to the NYT which the editors censored because it mentions the Machine, aka, the NWO and Kissinger.


Elaine Meinel Supkis Berlin, N.Y. Pending Approval
This story is crazy. The ‘experts’ here are liars. China is very angry with the US which has openly encouraged the Japanese to be much more territorially aggressive right offshore of China, rearming itself while propaganda stories attack the Chinese and mock the ‘comfort women’ and the massacres done by the Japanese military.


China is very, very angry about this and an alliance with Russia to counteract the crazy ‘pivot to Asia’ by our own Pentagon war planners is the cause of this anger.


There is NO WAY the Chinese will be our friends when we cooperate with Japanese fascists! Russia is reaping the benefits in many ways thanks to the Pentagon and our elites dreaming of imposing their collapsing New World Order (Kissinger was whining at the Wall Street Journal this week that his NWO is collapsing!).


Meanwhile, Der Spiegel calls for military build-up in Germany – World Socialist Web Site:


Remarkably, Der Spiegel begins its critical survey with the Luftwaffe (Air Force), which is of particular importance for a powerful imperialist intervention force. The magazine quotes a “confidential report” by the Luftwaffe to the Defence Ministry indicating that “almost the entire German Euro Fighter fleet is lame.” The report concludes that the Luftwaffe needs “a major repair operation.”
In large diagrams, the reader is confronted with the “dramatic situation” in relation to combat aircraft and transport planes. Of 109 Euro Fighter jets in the inventory of the Bundeswehr, only eight are fully operational, Der Spiegel writes, a particularly “awkward” problem for the government because it has promised to send up to six of these planes to the Baltic States beginning next week. There, the planes are to monitor the airspace in the Russian border region.
In the logistics sector too, the situation is disastrous, the magazine writes. Of 67 CH-53 transport helicopters, only seven are currently airworthy, while just five of 33 NH90 machines are operational. There is a severe shortage of spare parts and qualified mechanics.


Some delusional right wing German Nazi you tube video fun:

Germany has NOTHING.  Germany can’t invade Ukraine…again…with junk equipment.  Russia’s equipment is in fine shape now.  Germany isn’t.  They will shove the US into Ukraine which will cost us dearly in overhead costs, dead soldiers and utter failure again.  For what?  Look at the whole ceremony in Russia.  Putin is VERY popular with the generals, with the war heros who are dying off rapidly now.


They love him.  The soldiers are smiling, heads up, proud, happy even.  Today, the propaganda in the US media is that Russians are upset with injuries to Russians in the Ukraine uprising.  HARDLY SO.  I very seriously doubt this.  Here is a hysterical and silly head story from the NYT which has a miserable track record when it comes to warmongering and lying:  NATO to Create Force to Cover Eastern Europe, Officials Say.


Out of what?  Look at the German data above!  They have NOTHING.  They promise to contribute this or that but it is a Potemkin Village Idiot moment.


In the Sahara, more Pentagon drones brays the Washington Post.  Yeah, let’s do more of what doesn’t work at all.  I have said repeatedly for years, drones are cowardly, silly and useless.  All they do is enrage Muslims and inspire them to attack us with greater and greater gusto.  Ergo: this doesn’t stop them at all.


Zionist  warmonger, Pincus: wants to tell us How the U.S. can fight extremism: beat up the Palestinians, steal their land, sneer at them, crush their children and steal money and arms from Americans and leave them holding the bills and forcing them to pay up.  Yes, that will stop ‘extremism’.  Oh, and do this with Russia, too.  Yes, guaranteed to stop extremism.


Rebels show desire for deal with Ukraine claims the WP, in a video showing the Russian Ukrainians basically telling the Kiev CIA coup government, they lost the war and better negotiate a deal.  WorldViews: Modi goes to Japan, takes an indirect swipe at China in the continuing attempt at driving China closer to Russia.  Our ‘diplomats’ are probably the most incompetent on earth.  But then, they are working for Netanyahu so we should go complain to him.


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11 responses to “Russia Is Winning War With NATO And Bankrupt US: Disastrous Diplomacy Drives US Destruction

  1. Christian W

    I have said repeatedly for years, drones are cowardly, silly and useless. All they do is enrage Muslims and inspire them to attack us with greater and greater gusto. Ergo: this doesn’t stop them at all.

    That’s the point with the drones. They are chaos making machines. The US/Israel neocons want the Muslims enraged and up in arms. They want chaos to envelop the entire region apart from Israel of course and the Gulf Kingdoms as long as the Gulf Kings behave themselves.

    Our overlords seriously think they can turn the whole of the ME into a giant Palestine.

  2. Petruchio

    As usual, Elaine you are right; Thomas Friedman is likely THE stupidest neo con on Earth. I would nominate David Brooks, but, upon further thought, Brooks is, imho, just another media whore. Brooks merely gets more airtime than average. Then again, neo cons almost without exception are idiots. That these chickenhawks have so much power in Washington DC is a testament to how thoroughly corrupt US elites are–and deluded.

  3. Seraphim

    Not only that the soldiers are proud and happy. The Russian Army has something that Europeans have not, a long combat experience.

  4. emsnews

    The EU is a confederation and history is crystal clear: all confederations are WEAK by nature and fall apart rather quickly and this includes the Southern Confederates in the Civil War.

    They really actually refused to help each other once Grant became head of the military and began systematically destroying them one by one. From that day on the confederation, only four years old, was doomed to total collapse.

  5. CK

    In regards to Friedman: When being stupid puts more wealth into one’s bank account, expect one to continue to be stupid. The more the stupid is subsidized; the more stupid is delivered.

  6. CK

    In regards to prideful militaries, remember that after 1975 the US military was in a sad way. They had had two non victories in a row. First Korea then Viet Nam. Troops had been fragging officers, drug use was huge.
    The best the military could come up with was that they had been “stabbed in the back” by the politicians and news media at home.
    ( Same shit different war; that was what the German generals all said after 1918 ).
    Luckily there was Ronnie Raygun. First he led the military to victory over Granada and then his successor led the US military to victory over Panama and then over Iraq. The good times were back, the uniform was revered, heroes all. Pride in the step of the soldier. Maybe not so much now, given how hard and loud the media has to push about our wounded heroes etc. etc. Two more non victories Iraq and Afghanistan and this time the military controlled the media — so not so much “stab in the back” whinging after Afghanistan is ended.
    The Russian army had its moment of doubt and pain after their Afghan debacle. So it took a few years but they handled the Chechens, managed the Georgian Olympics sneak attack and are embarrassing the Ukes and the Ukes manipulators.

  7. DeVaul

    “They promise to contribute this or that but it is a Potemkin Village Idiot moment.”

    Yes, and in addition to the entire working part of the Luftwaffe being sent to the Baltics, we contributed some 170 paratroopers.

    As I saw them getting off the plane in Poland or wherever, I had to wonder if they really thought that 170 men were going to make any kind of difference at all. That was a true Potemkin TV moment.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, it is sad. And funny! All our ‘allies’ simply stopped spending on military and concentrating on exporting to the US and wrecked their lovely Gentle Giant Thug @.

  9. Petruchio

    “I have said repeatedly for years, drones are cowardly, silly and useless. All they do is enrage Muslims and inspire them to attack us with greater and greater gusto. Ergo: this doesn’t stop them at all….” The VERY same thing can be said for the use-by the US-of torture, such as waterboarding and renditions to name just two. Of course, by ANY rational, moral standard, extraordinary renditions and waterboarding are repugnant; they are war crimes. But even IF one sets aside the moral aspects of torture, these methods being used by our neo con warmongers/profiteers is a VERY bad idea. Torture has the opposite effect on its intended “subjects”. Yes, you get to torment those you capture, but what about enemies that escape capture, what is their reaction to the prospect of being captured and then tortured? Two things. One, it makes them fight harder. No one wants to be captured and then tortured. Your enemy is willing to die rather than surrender. Two, and this is a big one. Your enemy becomes so hot for revenge, to give the original torturers a dose of their own medicine, they can barely think of anything else. Don’t doubt this: some of the soldiers listed as dead and missing were actually on the receiving end of payback. It’s one of the REAL reasons the US decided to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The local “rebels” were becoming EXTREMELY competent at capturing the ‘infidels’, contractors or otherwise. Maybe if we didn’t have chickenhawk cowards for leaders (Bush II, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others) this country wouldn’t get into wars it shouldn’t.

  10. Of course they will stop after all most of them are russian troops anyway.

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