Eastern Ukraine Orthodox Russians Win War With NATO, Bilderberg Gang Insane With Rage

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I predicted that the East Ukrainians would win their fight and this was based on looking at their sense of justice, their brio, their determination to undo the coup in Kiev and resist the neo nazis put into power by the EU and US.  The Bilderberg gang that was formed at the end of WWII in order to corral European nations into a capitalist alliance when the people were demanding more socialism, is furious with the Russian success in fighting this proxy war in Ukraine.  Putin is very popular in Russia today!  Very popular.  Seen as a strategic genius, turning a Russian defeat into a Russian moral and military victory!


Because from day one, Putin was right and NATO was totally wrong.  Morals matter in wars.  NATO promised Yeltsin it would not surge into Eastern Europe and plant missiles there, aimed at Russia.  This was broken over and over again.  Well, the NATO expansion which is bad for Americans who are the ones expected to fight all the insane religious and ethnic irritations of Europe.


Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko Reach Cease-Fire Agreement


Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of sending its troops and weapons to support pro-Russian insurgents who have been fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine since mid-April. Moscow has vehemently denied this charge.


That denial leaves unclear how effective the truce announced Wednesday would prove to be. After a meeting with Poroshenko last week, Putin had said a cease-fire was not discussed because Russia was not a party to the conflict.


Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was quoted by Russian news agencies on Wednesday as saying the leaders had “largely agreed on steps that would be conducive to a cease-fire,” but repeated that Russia is not involved in the fighting.


Rebel leader said earlier this week that they would respect Ukraine’s sovereignty in exchange for autonomy.


Click here and go to the bottom of the page to see the pathetic military equipment the Ukraine coup used and which has been totally wrecked by the Orthodox Russian speaking Ukrainians:  Putin, Poroshenko Largely Agree on Ukraine Cease-Fire Steps – Bloomberg


Former Polish President Lech Walesa Warns West: ‘Arming Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear War’ which shows that some former leaders maintain their sanity.  This news has been hidden from view in America because our media owners are nearly uniformly rank warmongers.


Ukraine, Caught in a Vise is the NYT video about how Ukraine is moving towards Europe ignoring the fact that nearly half of the country doesn’t want this at all.  The ‘vise’ here is the Ukrainian Orthodox Christians who refuse to join NATO.  The Times is livid with rage about this.


That other warmongering rag, the Washington Post, has a new editor.  A polished D.C. insider to lead Post, a Reagan right wing hack, frederick Ryan Jr. who is the founder of Politico.  He is a Bilderberg gang member but isn’t Jewish which  unnerves the AIPAC Zionists a bit.  He is a warmonger, though.


So today’s editorial is all about how the US should not respect the autonomy of the Eastern Orthodox Ukrainians but instead, act as if Ukraine is part of NATO and renew the attacks on the civilians in the eastern half.  In Britain, Cameron is demanding war today.

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 6.14.29 AM

Cameron warns against appeasing Putin which is very funny considering that England’s military power is rapidly approaching zero. Up to 1,000 NATO Servicemen to Take Part in Military Drills in Ukraine This Month which I suppose is now going to be cancelled unless this drill wants to find out what real warfare looks like.


The graph above shows the rapid decline in British military power.  If Putin bombed half of the airfields of Britain and destroyed half the planes, he would have had this level of success. How on earth is Britain going to project military might when they are systematically destroying their own military?  HAHAHA.


Britain has taken up the assassin drone business and have bought hundreds of these stupid things which are being systematically destroyed by the Islamic rebels many of whom are former Iraqi army officers or soldiers.  What is more hilarious is, the British promised to by a huge number of F-35 jets that are expensive and filled with all sorts of problems and are nearly unusable.


And this is merely a looting expedition on the British taxpayers who have been pulling in their belts and doing with less and less.


DDG Type 45: Britain’s Shrinking Air Defense Fleet and MoD cuts: Army shrinks to smallest size since Crimean War shows the reality.  Britain is a straw man.  It has nearly nothing.  With the famous navy, LITERALLY nothing!

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 6.13.01 AM


Wow.  The Kamikaze government planners have sunk most of the fleet!  Putin’s magic wand has eliminated virtually all the bigger craft the Brits once had.  When we look at all the EU countries, their navies are falling apart rapidly.  China and Russia’s navies are growing.


The French are building Russian ships for them and Putin is paying cash.  The French briefly said they would not give the ships to Russia and were immediately punished and rescinded their threat in less than 24 hours because there would be riots at the ship building industries if they did do this.


The damage is done.  I am supposing the Russians will soon be buying Chinese craft instead, anyways.


Click on this link to see an Army recruitment ad in England telling women they can be paratroopers:  Why Britain’s armed forces are shrinking by the day and does it really matter? – Telegraph


But that doesn’t matter, the Government says, because they are going to fill the Army gap with a minimum of 11,000 extra reservists by 2018. That means recruiting an extra 2,750 reservists a year…


The only problem, is since 2012, the trained strength of the Army reserve has flatlined. The MoD now says recruitment processes have improved. But even so, between April 2013 to April 2014, the number of trained reservists increased by just 170 people.

That means, by a rough estimate, more British people have travelled out to join Isis in Iraq and Syria than helped bulk up our own reservist force last year. That’s an estimated 400 to 500 jihadists, by the way.


The latest war on the disarmed and helpless Palestinians has given the jihadists the moral edge.  They know that the Jews are merciless and so they feel they have the right to be merciless, too.  Ethnic cleansing is merciless which is why the stupid Western Ukrainian Catholics thought it was a great idea to torment, kill and destroy their fellow Orthodox citizens.


The German elites have gone insane and will be severely punished in the economic arena due to their open rage that their sneaky annexation of Ukraine failed again:  Failed Diplomacy:  NATO Hardliners Push for Firmer Stance against Russia claims the right wing German rag, Der Spiegel.  Germany and France’s military is about as ragged, poor, falling apart, nonfunctional as Britain’s military.  All these leeches want to shove the US into a major war with Russia.


Meanwhile, the US sends 350 more troops to Iraq to protect the gigantic, biggest embassy in the world which is now a ghost town, the same way they protected the US embassy in Libya.  We will see jihadists jumping into the pool at the one in Bagdad pretty soon.


Speaking of sneaky annexation of a country:  Israeli DM: Gaza War Cost Over $9 Billion so we should expect yet another AIPAC raid on our finances to pay for this.


Saudi Arabia arrests 88 in crackdown as ISIS grows in the Terror Kingdom which is run sort of like North Korea.


And our coup in Egypt is falling apart, too:  Egypt Roadside Bomb Kills 11 Police Officers in Sinai  while in our other NATO victory in Africa,  11 Jetliners Missing After Islamist Takeover Of Tripoli Airport .  The Bilderberg imperial game is derailing in a huge way.


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33 responses to “Eastern Ukraine Orthodox Russians Win War With NATO, Bilderberg Gang Insane With Rage

  1. Seraphim

    MOSCOW, September 2. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s Investigative Committee has declared it has imposed arrest on the office building belonging to one of the companies owned by Ukrainian big business tycoon, Dnepropetrovsk Region’s Governor Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

    I am tempted to make a bet that Kolomoyskyi would be the one sacrificed. Actually he is the most likely to have organized the shooting down of the Malaysian plane and the Russkis know it.

  2. emsnews

    NOW we just might find out who shot down that plane! The total dead silence after the black boxes were found and turned over to Malaysia by the rebels in East Ukraine is most telling!

    The pressure on Malaysia to do this must be just amazing.

  3. Jim R

    The story here will be “antisemitism” because Kolomoyski is a Jew.

  4. emsnews

    If he conspired to shoot down the plane and blame Putin, he should be arrested and put on trial at the World Court.

    Won’t happen, of course. BUT the longer the black boxes remain hidden and secret, the worse it gets, proving our suspicions that NATO conspired with Kolomoyski to commit mass murder in order to frame Putin.

  5. melponeme_k

    The Royal Navy dwindling?

    The real problem, according to Huffingtonpost, is this….


    Women in the UK don’t know anything about their reproductive organs.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

  6. emsnews

    HAHAHA, someone tell the queen!

  7. e sutton

    “The French are building Russian ships for them and Putin is paying cash. The French briefly said they would not give the ships to Russia and were immediately punished and rescinded their threat in less than 24 hours because there would be riots at the ship building industries if they did do this.

    The damage is done. I am supposing the Russians will soon be buying Chinese craft instead, anyways.”

    And almost on cue, this from AP:
    “France is suspending the delivery of a hulking warship to Russia amid security concerns about Moscow’s actions in neighboring Ukraine, President Francois Hollande’s office said Wednesday.
    The announcement comes a day before the start of a NATO summit and after months of pressure on France from allies to suspend the sale amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine.”

    So the French whore is hopping into bed with the AIDS infected rapist, expecting to awaken the next morning fresh, invigorated, and chaste. I hope Europe enjoys the severe beating they’re going to receive this winter from Putin. Apparently some lessons are never learned.

  8. Alaskan Ice

    Ukraine was tricked into decapitating itself (by both sides) and then divvied up. Bickering over the carcass hasn’t constituted a dispute worth leaving the golf course.

  9. emsnews

    The EU and US thrive on selling weapons. And then pick who is going to be knocked off, Mafia style, and get them to disarm.

    This worked until Libya fell for the scam. Putin is no fool. He will twist the tail of the EU until everyone is crying in rage and they can’t stop him, he is FULLY armed, big time.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    Putin pulled out his Ukrainian leader and pulled back Pro-Russian Ukrainian army officers, without serious resistance, to let the neo-nazi-zionist-led, swatstika-helmeted freak show take over Ukraine.

    Only then could he annex Crimea (and Eastern Ukraine). . . legitimately.

    Crimea seems to have been part of the deal. Seems the bickering is over Eastern Ukraine.

    If we tally up Putin’s most recent gains and losses: he let go of half of Syria to Saudi/US/Al-qaeda/ISIS and got Cyprus and Crimea (and maybe Eastern Ukraine). Pretty decent trade if he’s consolidating.

    The other benefit: Much has been written about Russia controlling the supply of gas to Eastern Europe. Seems neither the US/EU nor Russia wanted a fully-functioning, nuclear-capable Ukrainian state sitting on those pipelines, not unless they wanted to make another seat at the G-8 to pay the troll.

    Economically, as these smaller nations are rubble-ized, corresponding global demand for fossil fuels falls, and the wealth creating benefits of banking-suppressed energy prices relative to EROEI concentrate in western, high consumption nations, even as they are forced to tighten their belts.

    Of course, the big players are saving big domestic oil deposits for later after peak oil tapers down, and beginning to focus on agriculture as a major profit focus as world population rises.

  11. DeVaul


    Tony Blair gets “Philanthropist of the Year” award by GQ magazine.


    These clowns will buy anything to burnish their horrible public images.

  12. vengeur

    It is always amusing to see disgraced lackey politicians like Tony Blair being rehabilitated so that they might further serve their masters. Blair, Bush Jr. and everyone involved in the “weapons of mass destruction” sham War on Iraq should be in prison for war crimes against humanity. They unleashed a hell infinitely worse than Saddam.

  13. melponeme_k

    Tony Blair is the reason why UK women are confused by their reproductive organs. FACT

  14. DeVaul

    “…so that they might further serve their masters.”

    That is scary. The idea that they can come back and do more damage is just downright scary, but I am pretty sure that is the whole point of “rehabilitating” them — unless he bought the award himself (which I doubt).

  15. JimmyJ

    New study about race and shootings.

    “When confronted by an armed white person,
    participants took an average of 1.37
    seconds to fire back. Confronted by an
    armed black person, they took 1.61 seconds
    to fire and were less likely to fire in error.
    The 24-millisecond difference may seem
    small, but it’s enough to be fatal in a


  16. aashild

    It is rather ironic to see how ‘outraged’ the Western leaders are over the beheadings of the two poor journalists by ISIS, because this terror group was after all created by these same governments! The US and EU funded and trained these terrorists in Syria in an attempt to topple Assad. These islamists rats has beheaded thousands of people prior to these latest incidents that got so much media attention. I despise this kind of hypocrisy! The West created this frankenstein monster in the first place, so they should also be held accountable for all the atrocities that these terrorists has committed. (Pardon if my english is not perfect).

  17. Alaskan Ice

    @aashild: “It is rather ironic to see how ‘outraged’ the Western leaders are over the beheadings of the two poor journalists by ISIS, because this terror group was after all created by these same governments!”

    It’s not hypocrisy, it’s an intentional “blow-back” machine. Arming people who despise you and letting them run amok only to “discover” that they have turned against you! It justifies and breathes new life into the perpetual “war on terror.”

    Now, domestic civil and human rights can be continuously curtailed, leaning forward in anticipation of darker economic times as peak oil tapers.

    And, foreign leaders who are selling out their people’s oil for a nickel on the dollar in terms of EROEI. . . leaders who couldn’t pick up the phone and trust their own generals and police chiefs to remove any “good old boys” in the hills that contested their complicity with globalization for fear that their own generals and police might turn on them too. . . those leaders can sit back and watch western governments mop up all those internal “good old boy” nationalists. All those nationalists have been tricked with this terrorist nonsense and twelfth century jihadism into making it easy to get rid of them while deflecting the blame onto the West and away from their own corrupt leaders.

  18. DeVaul

    That’s partially true. The real funders of the religious maniacs in the middle east are the house of Saud and the Quatar sheikdoms and maybe some smaller sheiks around that area. They have the money to fund the mayhem, and we just sell the weapons and bombs that are used to cause it.

    Which brings me to an article written by Pepe Escobar over at RT in which he claims that Osama actually intended to lure us into Afghanistan and his successor now intends to lure us into Iraq again and bankrupt us. He then claims that another nobody also thinks the same way.

    Ummm… I’m sorry Pepe, but you are waaaaaayyyy behind on this thought. I have read Elaine talking about it since at least 2005, and I found her site with a simple google search, so Pepe could have and must have done the same thing at some point in time.

    It really irks me to read things like that and know that these international authors just cannot admit that a woman (yes, that IS what it is about) knew something before they did. It is pure, ugly male chauvanism, and I lost respect for Pepe because he did not cite Elaine, whom he must know about.

    Pepe is not under threat of death for citing Elaine, so his ommission of what she stated so many years ago was deliberate. Pepe is either dull of mind, or he is what I just said he is — an ugly male chauvanist.

  19. Alaskan Ice

    I think we’re discussing the same feature. To spell it out: the Wahhabist tribal rulers of the Arab Peninsula are selling out all their people’s oil on the cheap to western globalist interests who promise to keep them in power as part of the bargain.

    Those local rulers remain in power in part by distracting local dissent away from both internal political solutions and even internal revolutionary solutions.

    Attracting local dissent and transforming them into terrorists by financially and ideologically supporting movements like ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the one hand, so that their globalist masters can swoop in and eliminate them on the other.

    It’s a “blow-back” machine that cleans out the trouble makers, distracts local hatred from local rulers, and justifies an eternal “war on terror” at home.

    Another example would be the “open door” policy prior to the events of 9/11 that EMSNEWS likes to mention now and then.

    These so-called “elites” (and other assorted globalists and spooks) are consistently planning and enacting policy based, a priori, on violent action that they themselves have deliberately elicited using established methodologies, methodologies that avoid legal accountability and even most public conscious understanding.

  20. Alaskan Ice

    Anyway, the globalist empire is not going to go bankrupt through military spending in Iraq or Afghanistan anytime soon.

    Ours is an Athenian model on fossil-fuel steroids. If you recall, the Athenians told the other city states either to supply a share of ships or else pay a tax that was less than the cost of supplying that share of ships. When all the city states naturally paid the tax instead, the Athenians built all the ships and used their Navy to monopolize trade and then make back the difference in profits.

    During the front side of the Hubbert curve, as world energy supply was expanding, we very successfully followed a sort of “neo-Athenian” model that effectively monopolized the lion’s share of consumption (5% of the population consuming 20% of the resources). This was done over and above shouldering the sole military expenditures for hundreds of bases and, at times, a 600 ship navy.

    Indeed if you look at the sheer volume and length of time that this has been going on, in a 100 trillion dollar world economy, a national debt of 15 trillion is only about one year’s take of that extra 15%. No bankruptcy there. All that was necessary was to constantly expand the world supply of energy (and thus goods and services), ensure that it was priced competitively low in an ever soft and expanding market, ensure free trade with the military keeping sea lanes open, and finally consume as much as possible at home to reap the benefits of the 20:1 EROEI and other favorably worked out finance, labor, commodity, and foreign exchange differentials and treaties.

    Even after peak oil, it seems this Neo-Athenian model is being held together, partially with ZIRP and commodities price fixing, and partially by reducing global demand pro-rata to match a shrinking world pie.

    The obvious critical vulnerability is not bankruptcy for nations with the ability to print their own money at 0%. Rather, the obvious critical vulnerability is when oil producing nations create their own commodities exchanges, effectively insulate them from the bottomless pockets of foreign financial derivatives and futures manipulation, and then watch the price rise and/or decrease supply. Given the fate of Libya, such a nation would have to be nuclear capable as well.

    Seems that leaves the Saudis, the Iranians, and the Russians as the most likely nuclear capable, energy producing nations who might create a true “fee-market” commodity exchange. Those are the players holding the wildcards for globalism.

    To that extent, Bin-Laden was fooled into wasting his efforts when simply wresting political control of his home nation from his fellow ruling class tribesmen held the the most potential for defeating his stated enemies.

    Wittingly or unwittingly, Osama was a creation of the “blow-back” machine.

  21. emsnews

    All fine and dandy EXCEPT…the holders of our debts are the Chinese and Russians!!!

    They can force a bankruptcy! And guess what?

    THAT IS THEIR PLAN! I know first hand, the Chinese told me this long, long, long ago, before Tiananmen Square.

  22. emsnews

    Obama: He also knew exactly what he was doing.

    He was quite clear about this: lure the US into Afghanistan and then drive us insane so we attack Iraq and Iran and then go bankrupt and we are going bankrupt, bin Laden was a strategic genius.

  23. Alaskan Ice

    Last I checked some bank in Belgium was “buying” all our debt now.

    I believe the Chinese, the Russians and Osama are mistaken to believe they can outsmart western financial interests using debt. I suspect nationalist interests like the wiz kids with supercomputers on Maiden Lane took back some of the reins of finance from the private sector sometime after Soros broke the bank of England. For example, with the passage of NMS, they both eliminated specialists (and all their “skin in the game” liquidity) and created a system favorable to HFT that effectively allows the computer jocks to transmit fed policy directly into the markets, greased with some central bank slush.

    After the bailouts made all the banks zombie slaves to a 0% federal funds rate to rollover bad debts and kick them down the road. . . not to mention the ability to both borrow and get interest on excess reserves. . .

    Central banks are now propping markets and suppressing commodity prices directly. They’ve dropped the fig leaf and are even having promotional rebate type offers to get other central banks into the game.

    At the end of 100 years of 5% of the global population getting 20% of the resources in a 100 trillion dollar economy, that 15 trillion dollars is only one year’s take, that can be written off, inflated away, or not.

    The issue is whether we will have something to pick up some of that slack so the landing isn’t too jarring? That’s where all the oil in Northwestern Alaskan National Petroleum Reserve and ANWR come into play along with the breadbasket in the midwest and whatever else is on the back burner.

    Anyone waiting for US to go bankrupt is just letting us play it out.

  24. emsnews

    Well, it looks like the US is going the ‘blow up the world’ route, not the ‘quiet bankruptcy’ the USSR took.

  25. Alaskan Ice

    Again, I think there’s more than meets the eye to these squabbles in Ukraine, Syria, etc.

    Game theory suggests that in a decreasing system, stronger players should gang up on weaker players while pretending to remain adversaries.

    Consider your average poker game in any Casino (a decreasing system because the house takes its cut from pot wagered). There are a few sharks at each table pretending to be tourists. Individually they’re strong, experienced players with huge bankrolls, but they know they can’t beat the house in the long run given its cut. So, even without agreeing ahead of time, they identify each other at the table and, nonverbally cooperating while pretending to be at odds, they invariably begin fleecing every novice who sits down. One after another.

    That would leave US, EU, China, and Russia pretty much playing against the rest of world, pretending to be at odds with each other, using various roles, and not wanting to take it all on at once.

  26. emsnews


    Ahem. Casinos hate that sort of thing and usually haul you into the back room and Mafia-style (they are either Jewish or Italian or Chinese Mafia in the first place, most working with Indian tribes who turn a blind eye) and give you a nasty warning.

    They HATE money flowing to anyone else. Period. They did this to me! I always won. Took a several month summer for them to finally figure out I won every time (a fun system I had, indeed!) and kicked me out and now I am blacklisted at all casinos.

    HAHAHA. I made several hundred without lifting literally a finger.

    No, the only crooks at the gambling table are the goons running the joint.

  27. Alaskan Ice

    They don’t overtly cooperate; and they do it until only until they can’t get away with it anymore for sure. And some of them are only self-styled sharks who lose along with the tourists. But, it’s the only reason the sharks play those tables at all. . . to fleece the tourists along with the casino.

    Look, whether or not we agree on how successful the tactic is for gamblers in a decreasing system like a casino with a house and goons.

    The fact remains that we agree that there is an incentive to cooperate – after all that’s one thing the goons are there to prevent.

    Anyway, there is no house draining the pot or sending goons for the US, the EU, China, or Russia; there is only the backside of peak oil decreasing the system.

  28. Alaskan Ice

    Perhaps a less contentious example of how cooperation works between the strong in a decreasing system, consider the famous case of Dudley and Stephens:


    Stranded on a lifeboat are four people: three grown men with families and one 17 year old cabin-boy. Is it any coincidence they ate the cabin-boy instead of drawing lots as agreed? Was he really going into a coma first or did they just kill him in his sleep?

    Ukraine is more alliance than war.

    They’re hamming up the dispute over the coma, the drawing lots, and who get the best part of the corpse in order to fool the next cabin-boy who climbs aboard.

  29. Luke

    Right. ‘Ahem. Casinos hate that sort of thing and usually haul you into the back room and Mafia-style.’…Yes, I knew someone who was caught cheating at cards in Vegas. Did they ever beat him up in the backroom.

    He in turn hired a 6’7″ hitman to beat the 2 who beat him. Those 2 ‘security guards’ were hospitalized.

  30. emsnews

    HAHAHA…but a very dangerous game. Make sure you do it to the right casinos and not the Italian run ones or worse, the Jewish Mafia ones.

  31. emsnews

    True story about real poker players: I sometimes rode the Manhattan, NY to Chicago overnight trains and there were always this circle of businessmen who didn’t fly but took the train.

    They played cards much of the night. I joined in for the fun of it, not my own money, they chipped in just to have a young female at the table, I did it for the drinks and dinner.

    They were hilarious guys, all in sales.

  32. Alaskan Ice

    Look, Biden wouldn’t have gotten his son working for a Ukrainian energy company if there was any chance it was really the flashpoint for WWIII. Obama wouldn’t have gone golfing the weekend the Russians sent troops into Crimea. If the so-called “elites” really wanted a war, they already have all they need with MH-17 being downed.

    This is Dudley and Stevens


    Ukraine is the slain and eaten cabin boy, “Parker.”
    Russia is “Stevens” holding his legs, while the west is “Dudley” slitting his throat with a pen knife. China is played by Brooks, who abstains from the act, but can’t help nibbling on the corpse’s farm leases.

    And it’s just one of many more. . .

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