ALL Of Europe Spends Much Less Than HALF GDP Percent Of US Military Spending: Bad Alliances Kill US

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Time to pay your way: France and Germany told to ‘urgently’ increase military spending as the price of Nato membership: one of the funniest stories on earth.  All our ‘allies’ leech off of the US military machine which runs 100% on US public debt which is piling up in huge mountains at home in the US and much of which is sold overseas to…China and Russia and up until recently, Japan.  Buying up US war machine debt helps everyone interested in weakening their currencies vis a vis the dollar so they can flood the US with imported goods.  The graph above illustrates how the entire NATO alliance is actually making the US much, much weaker, not stronger and trade statistics with Europe doubles our weakness.


Any empire tangled into alliances that suck the empire dry, die.  It is a slow death punctuated by endless ‘border wars’ on behalf of distant provinces that make the empire weaker, not stronger.  Ukraine illustrates this in a most ugly fashion.  It is not a tiny enclave like the Baltic states.  It is huge in population and poor in finances and requires the Empire to pour endless funds into it to keep it barely afloat.


If I were a devious political planner, I would move heaven and earth to avoid sucking Ukraine into our empire!  I would give that dead turkey to Russia.  Let them deal with it!


The graph above doesn’t show the dire extent Europe sucks out US money and abuse our military alliance.  Greece, for example, spends 2.3% of its GDP on NATO but this is due mainly to the economy there collapsing recently.  So their GDP is much smaller than two years ago.  The Russia boycott by NATO is killing the economy there all over again.


Germany is rich and owns a lot of US debt and their portion is tiny compared to GDP, only 1.3%, half of what the UK spends which is half of what the US spends.  The UK is the only strong economic country in Europe that pays more than 2%, all the others underfund like crazy.


The American computer wiz running brutally effective ISIS social media campaign: College-educated son of top Boston doctor is on FBI Most Wanted list: yes, we are to go to war with a much bigger and much more dangerous entity than al Qaeda.  This entity was also, like al Qaeda, created by the Saudi royals, Israel and the CIA.  It’s job was to overthrow governments Israel and the US wanted to get rid of and it, like the previous entity, will ‘blowback’ on the US.  Which is ENTIRELY OK with our neocon rulers who need desperately to whip the US into religious ethnic warfare with Muslims.


US warns ISIS could get hold of Syria’s CHEMICAL WEAPONS which is hilarious.  If ISIS didn’t get these, themselves, Mossad and CIA operatives will insure they do get these.


Just as an invasion is an invasion, our world either has rules or it does not’: Sen. John McCain offers withering criticism of the West’s response to Russia’s occupation of Ukraine on visit to Kiev: the madness of the neocon has no limits.  The world has no rules, it has rulers.  These rulers are neocons who are ruthlessly draining the US dry of all collective held wealth and transferring this overseas to their offshore banks and other locations.


I have said this repeatedly, if the US wants to save itself, it must get our navy together and invade all the many mostly British offshore banking islands and take over them and raid the banks there.  Then tax the money found there at a 50% war rate.  This will end our public debt in a flash with not one American dying!  The neocon plan is the exact opposite.  They sell this debt to nuclear armed nations and then will go to war with these which will destroy much of the US but our debt won’t have to be paid!  El Stupido, big time.


Putin says he ‘cannot be stopped’ as NATO warns Russia has 3,000 combat troops and hundreds of tanks and armoured vehicles in Ukraine – and 20,000 more on the border which is the truth.  Ukraine is next door to Russia and is pretty flat and easy to invade.  Russia has good reasons to invade.  The US has none and it is a huge overstretch for the US and our stupid ‘allies’ in Europe have no back support for us and our own soldiers will be spiritless when fighting and the Russians, furious and full of energy.


And our Ukraine allies are quite insane and have no power to help us at all and are simply looking for someone to leech off of and by letting them into the EU means 44 million Ukrainians can hike all over Europe, all trying to get into other countries’ socialist systems to get on welfare.  Already, many countries are on the verge of either revolt or bankruptcy due to sucking in so many Eastern European nations.


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10 responses to “ALL Of Europe Spends Much Less Than HALF GDP Percent Of US Military Spending: Bad Alliances Kill US

  1. melponeme_k

    Whenever people start to sing the praises about the cradle to the grave programs they get in Europe, it makes my blood boil. Simply because the US is subsidizing all of this fine living because European countries no longer have to support large military forces.

    There is a choice, a very hard choice which is now hidden by false economies.

    To have social programs to the extent that Europe does, they can not have a large military nor be expansionist in any way (i.e. free flowing immigration).

    If they want expansion and military, they have to give up wide ranging social programs.

    Once the US goes belly up broke, Europeans will discover the true costs of health care, vaccines, social security, unemployment etc. Plus they will realize that these programs are being taken away from them by the elites in order to switch them to the coming military bloat.

    Once the US has no money, we will see the further explosion of fascism seeking to protect social services for citizens and seeking to limit immigration. The same will happen in the US. And all of this will be accompanied by extreme ethnic violence. Which I am terrified of because my skin is not white.

  2. emsnews


    This is why people get mad at me. For example, blacks think very erroneously that they are a majority…in certain places which most people avoid religiously like Detroit.

    But in reality,they are an increasingly marginalized minority concentrated in various places where they can be easily wiped out. So this violent revolt business is suicidal for them and I am totally against this which is why I deplored the riots in Ferguson which only wrecked their town and now more blacks will be concentrated there!

    Jews are in particular, vulnerable. They have huge estates and wealth to loot and are a very tiny minority. History is clear: the powerful, when hard up for cash, loot the richest religious/ethnic minorities. Always, forever.

    This is a very hard iron law of history. Make no mistake.

    I am against ethnic cleansing, religious warfare and race riots. Stopping these is very, very hard. Indulging in emotional hysteria makes these things more likely to happen.

  3. Please note that the USA can only afford to spend as much as the rest of the world put together on defence because the Dollar is the worlds reserve currency, Petrodollars and not paying it’s debts. The abundance of Petrodollars give almost unlimited credit to the USA. Europe is pulled along in the USA’s coat tails.

    This era is coming to an end. The oil trade is switching to other currencies and the age of oil is coming to an End.

    Being an empire does not help – Think Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy here.

    The hankering after lost empire prevents you from progressing. The UK and France are clear examples of this. The USA is passed the peak. There are very bleak times ahead.

    We depend on turning Oil into food and weed killers. Oil stops food production stops.

    We will have a collapse in demand and a collapse in food production. Closely followed by a plague to kill off weakened populations.


    ELAINE: True story: I knew Asimov via my father. He used to live in the Village in NYC. A wonderful, amazing man. When my little daughter was introduced to him, she turned to me and in greatest excitement, said, ‘Mommy, Bilbo Baggins!’

    And yes, he was Bilbo in all sorts of ways including habits! He laughed when she said this and was quite sweet about it.

    His views of history helped shape my own views. Watch what the empire is doing: they ALL die.

  4. Jim R

    Really, since WW2, it hasn’t been so much the USA protecting anyone, as much as it has been about dominance. It’s essentially like, you know, when one male dog humps another. It was about hegemony.

    And so long as the USA was a net exporter of petroleum, and of things made with / derived from petroleum, and so long as its sphere of influence included the oil-rich Middle East, it was to the advantage of the USA to have bases everywhere. Very much like the Romans had outposts all the way to the border of Scotland.

    Once the growth-by-conquest comes to an end, of course (and you’re always going to run out of stuff to conquer eventually), the bases and the responsibility for ‘Pax Americana’ become a liability. After Vietnam, it was downhill from there. But we haven’t had a president since Carter who seemed to have any understanding of that at all.

    So, Russia is the last imperial conquest target, but the prospects aren’t very good.

    On the downhill side of empire, as JMG has pointed out, it’s a lot of zero-sum and net-negative games and arguing over who ‘owns’ the dwindling stocks of resources.

  5. emsnews

    NO WAY IN HELL the EU or the US can conquer Russia.

    History is totally on my side in this debate! Every time Russia has conquered Europe, by the way, they eventually retreat without firing a shot or killing anyone.

    They simply go home! Imagine that.

  6. ziff , see, all is well, now just clean up isis and we are done.

  7. emsnews

    Al Qaeda is rising now in India, too.

    It is all over kingdom come thanks to the US and Israel. The attack on Gaza by the Jews was totally uncalled for and was cover for yet another land grab.

    So the flames rise higher and now the US has to beg Assad to save us from the monster we created.


  8. ziff

    whats remarkable about the Assad story, along with media silence, is asssad seems to have lost half his country.

  9. WOW just what I was searching for. Came heere by searching for dating site

  10. John

    Do you think that the Saudi royals and the Israeli Zionists are actively in cahoots? Or is it more of an “uneasy alliance” where each side seeks to use the other to advance an agenda, while at the same time each thinks the other is full of idiots?

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