Panic In EU As Desperate Homeowners Rush To Buy Good Vacuum Cleaners, Rage Rises As Dyson Demands Change

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New Space Station Photos Show North Korea at Night, Cloaked in Darkness (this magazine believes we will all roast to death if we don’t stop modern use of electricity!)


Standstill confirmed: eurozone growth has ground to a halt except in one area alone: vacuum cleaners!  All Of Europe Is Panic-Buying High-Powered Vacuum Cleaners …Vacuum cleaner ban: Britons clean out stores ahead of EU power limit on dust-busting machines.  The global warming lunatics have struck a blow at modern life in their eternal quest to turn us all into North Korea. The rage about this latest directive from the Politburo in Brussels is going to cause an all out war inside the EU.


This war will be to storm Brussels and eject all the eco nuts there.  Right now, we are in a global warm phase thanks to our dear old sun.  NASA reveals ‘flurry of flares’ from the Sun and lo and behold, surprise, surprise, it gets warmer right off the bat.  Solar activity that is higher than normal leads INSTANTLY to warmer weather.  And when it ceases and goes cooler, this INSTANTLY is felt far and wide.

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This is because the sun, a not all that stable star, isn’t uniform at all in any way, shape or form and in the last three million years, much less stable than before.  Tomorrow will see thunderstorms and heat because the sun activates both not to mention auroras.  This solar cycle is rather unusual.  It was fairly flat, often eerily quiet with sudden eruptions of energy that are out of cycle a tad.


The eco nuts ignore all this in their incessant anxiety about the state of affairs on our planet.  They want ‘nature’ to be perfect and so, irritate their neighbors in various ways I won’t go into here, the simple ‘lead by example’ is ignored by many eco nuts.  I am a realistic eco nut, myself.  I farmed with oxen, I tend my forest carefully, I live a very small carbon foot print life, indeed, I am in the positive side of the ledger unlike most eco nuts.  I even lived in a tent for ten years!


The present crop of nuts are falling from their trees due to hubris.  This vacuum cleaner ban is going to destroy Dyson and other industries so far as business in Europe is concerned.  Here is a poll about people’s feelings concerning the eco nut coup:

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Dyson is now fighting back, ferociously:  Dyson: Britain should quit EU over vacuum power row


Sir James Dyson, who gave the world the first bagless vacuum, waded into the row and called for more rigid testing for the appliances in a proper family environment rather than sterile labs.


He said: “The motor cap is the sensible part of the upcoming regulation from Europe, as it can drive investment in efficient technology.


“But it is mad that vacuum cleaners are tested dust-free. It’s not how they are used in the home, and it is misleading because some vacuums start losing performance as soon as you use them. “You may buy an A-grade machine to find that the performance and efficiency drops as soon as you use it.


It isn’t just the vacuum cleaners, Britain and Germany are also hoovering up  entire populations and caring for them:  Immigration to Britain ‘cuts Romanian unemployment’: Romania’s president admits his plan is to export his people to Britain and thus, destroy the British social services systems and this is how Eastern Europe is looting the ‘winners’ of the Cold War.


EU gas production decline to reach 43% in next 12 years, So, the EU wants to go to war with RUSSIA while doing all this!  HAHAHA.  Eurozone’s Economy Stagnates in Second Quarter due 100% to the idiotic boycott of big customer, Russia.  Russia isn’t Estonia.  Everyone can safely boycott Estonia and not be hit hard.  Boycotting one of the biggest nations on earth is insane.


Ukraine and Russia signed a no fightsky comrade deal so the UK says new Russian sanctions could be lifted if ceasefire holds indeed, all the EU nations will now rush to fold their war tents and resume trade with Russia.  Like lightning.  Scotland is about to vote to sever itself from Britain and the Brits are yelling, ‘NO!’  but guess what?  They have a right to do this just like the East Ukraine Russians have a right to do the same, comrades!


And what is funniest of all is, Russians and since Scotland is NOT going to be allowed into the EU if they vote succession, both will be allowed to buy real vacuum cleaners!  HAHAHA.  This is hysterical.


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17 responses to “Panic In EU As Desperate Homeowners Rush To Buy Good Vacuum Cleaners, Rage Rises As Dyson Demands Change

  1. Jim R

    Isn’t this supposed to be the solar maximum right now? That’s the rub– it’s a very anemic maximum.

    Oh, and remember I was wondering about the NPPs in Ukraine a while back? News about them is suppressed, but my attention was just drawn to this:

    Yet another ‘nobody could have foreseen’ consequence of war these days.

  2. Alaskan Ice

    Had to laugh about the vacuum cleaners.

    I remember when I switched to energy efficient light bulbs. Way more expensive than incandescent bulbs, besides using less electricity they were advertised as lasting over a decade and thus worth the price.

    Turned out they actually need to be replaced after only about a year or two. What’s worse, if you keep your house cool in the winter, again to save energy, they annoyingly take a few seconds to “warm up” to full brightness when you flick them on (the earlier ones took even longer).

    And, unless you live in a warm place, all the “extra” electricity that those incandescent bulbs required ended up as heat, heat that heated your home! So with the energy efficient lightbulbs, your home heating bill goes up as your electric bill goes down! Now unless you use electric heating, I know comparing electric heating costs to other sources, there is usually still some savings there, but it really saps away the remaining efficiency advantage to those very, very pricey “green” light bulbs.

  3. melponeme_k

    “Romania’s president admits his plan is to export his people to Britain and thus, destroy the British social services systems and this is how Eastern Europe is looting the ‘winners’ of the Cold War.”

    I believe a few years back, the Mexican President said much the same thing about border runners to the US.

    Venal elites in Banana Republics live with the fear that the overpopulated masses will rise up French Revolution style and bring out the guillotines. Encouraging them to leave is how they forestall that dilemma.

    If way back when, Louis and Marie could encourage the starving French peasants to border run to Germany or push more of them on boats to the infant US…they would have done it.

    Oh and Germany, France, Italy and UK readers….this is the kind of batshit crazy you have to look forward to….

    Just wait til they run your borders then just stay by default because they weren’t caught within a few years plus managed to spawn babies. Get ready to be accused of racism when you want your border laws enforced. The US is your future.

  4. tom jones

    thank you england!
    on benefits and proud

  5. melponeme_k


    You have to be careful regarding this subject. The video you linked to is an Elite con job designed to get you angry so there are no benefits at all for any citizen. You will get a Dickens Hard Times life and the elite will get more money and extras to build their war machines.

    Freeloaders are a hazard of the program. However their numbers are dwarfed by families who truly need benefits to help them recover financially. As long as they are all citizens, its all good.

    My problem is giving benefits to illegal aliens. My problem is illegal aliens stealing the identities of citizens in order to steal benefits.

  6. JT

    @alaskan Ice

    “And, unless you live in a warm place, all the “extra” electricity that those incandescent bulbs required ended up as heat, heat that heated your home!”

    Exactly the same thing here in Finland.
    People have changed back to the ordinary 30 cent light bulbs.
    You have to buy the heat you save in light bulbs and the ESLB’s do not work as light sources in the cold at all. I use the ones I bought during the summer but not going to buy any new ones.

    EU has the same rules for Greece and Finland in energy.
    That is so utterly stupid.

    For example we have made heat/electricity in the same plants since the 1970’s.
    But we have to make the same cuts as central europe even though our effiency was at 80% to begin with. Europe’s average is 40% (no heat extraction).

    And Elaine…
    You guys do not understand Russia one bit.
    It is all about myths and conspiracies.
    You cannot shout and yell at a bear, it will kill you.
    I guess the bear needs a friend too since everybody else hates it and is afraid of it.
    And it’s also just very cool to have a bear as a friend. 😉
    Hopefully there is still room for us here outside Nato and we are not wrong this time.

    This is how you can talk with a bear, calmly and friendly.. You need trust.

    And then after you have trust you can agree on how to share the fish….


  7. JT

    And bears apparently just like breaking things, it is perfectly natural and in their nature?
    They are also very smart and fast learners.
    And they like southern fruits and treats.
    So why not coexist?

  8. tom jones

    Even if it was scripted (and i honestly think those are real people exposing themselves) it’s pure comedy. Make me angry?! I can chuckle all day long playing back that video in my mind. Like the Sugarman (Sixto Rodriguez) sang, how long can you wake up in this comic book and still plant flowers?
    Or the guy who gave Judy Garland these words: Life is just a bowl of cherries: you live, you love and you laugh at it all.
    Reclassifying all this as ‘your problem’ might be a good step in anger management.

  9. JT

    Not sure about the desperation concerning vacuum cleaners.
    I had not heard of that, looks more like a Dyson campaign.

    They don’t make ’em like they used to.
    I’ve had the same vacuum for 20 years.
    A Nilfisk, from Sweden.
    That one lasts forever.
    My mother has one that is 35 years old and still going strong.

    This model is the one I have, from the 1980’s.

    That would be a way to save the planet.
    Make stuff that lasts a lifetime not 5 years.

  10. emsnews

    Making durable goods? HAHAHA.

    We are lucky if a car lasts for 100,000 miles! I once had a Geo Metro. Great milage. I got up to 250,000 miles on it before a friend crashed it while skidding on ice.

    It was a miracle car because most of its brethren had expired much earlier.

  11. emsnews

    Virtually none in the Atlantic, lots in the Pacific this year!

  12. Luke

  13. CK

    Imagine a kitchen range that lasted from 1960 to 2010. 50 years. Sear’s Kenmore. Would still be going strong except that some mice found a way into the warm and munched the wires. That stove served three home owners adequately. Now where is the profit in that??
    The difference in production cost for a stove that will wear out in 10 years and a stove that will wear out in 100 years is about $100 or about $1.11 a year over the extended life span. The difference in profits is 9x profit for the current stove. It is not logical for the producer to spend the extra $100 to make century lasting stoves.

  14. Luke

    thanks CK. I had a fridge from 1992?-2011?. 20 years. And gas stoves that ‘last forever’.
    The 1990s Fridge was heavy. My newer one weighs much less and I am told will not last 20 years.

  15. emsnews

    I used to be a landlady.

    Appliances back in the 1970’s and 1980’s broke down all the time.

  16. Luke

    That may be. I remember ones that did not. Perhaps a case of ‘get what you pay for’. Stoves and friges that ‘lasted forever’.My latest frige is a Whirlpool and it weighs maybe a quarter what my 1990s fridge did.

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