NYT Discovers That Think Tanks Are Actually Trojan Horses For Illegal Foreign Lobbying (No Mention Of AIPAC)

The US voters go to the polls regularly and vote for people who then will not represent the voters but rather, foreign powers.  Of course, the representatives do vote for some things the voters wanted but not when it comes to foreign affairs or issues of great interest of foreign powers.  Worse, 99% of this is hidden from view and Congress, surprise, surprise, won’t investigate.  Why?  Well, ask AIPAC which has 100% control of Congress. Anything AIPAC wants, Congress gives with zero votes against these issues.


Shocking news (not): Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks – NYTimes.com


More than a dozen prominent Washington research groups have received tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments in recent years while pushing United States government officials to adopt policies that often reflect the donors’ priorities, an investigation by The New York Times has found.


The money is increasingly transforming the once-staid think-tank world into a muscular arm of foreign governments’ lobbying in Washington. And it has set off troubling questions about intellectual freedom: Some scholars say they have been pressured to reach conclusions friendly to the government financing the research…


The think tanks do not disclose the terms of the agreements they have reached with foreign governments. And they have not registered with the United States government as representatives of the donor countries, an omission that appears, in some cases, to be a violation of federal law, according to several legal specialists who examined the agreements at the request of The Times.


What is glaring here is the fact that Israel is never mentioned at all in any way in this article which supposedly exposes foreign money pouring into our ‘think tanks’ (sic).  These stupid tanks of fools are not thinking at all, they are, all and every one of them, PROPAGANDA and LOBBY tanks which don’t think about anything except how to whore themselves.


It used to be at least a place that hired Americans but these think tanks don’t even bother with that, anymore.  They will hire a front man or woman and then fill the ranks with foreigners.  Something the NYT didn’t explore.  Dual citizens, thanks to AIPAC lobbying weakening the value of citizenship, proliferate and run these things, too.


Now off to real news:  Crisis in Ukraine is ‘all EU’s fault’ – France’s Marine Le Pen dares to say out loud.  At least some of the right wing is honest.  In the US, ‘liberal’ publications like the Huffington Post were warmongering as strongly as AIPAC during the Ukraine crisis.  It looked more like Völkischer Beobachter with its coverage of the situation in Ukraine.

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 6.48.23 AM

The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide News | Newspaper

The British are freaking out over the fact that the Scots still remember how they were brutally conquered and ruled!  Labour Party is freaking out because Scots vote for them and their party will collapse if Scotland isn’t part of the Queen’s empire.  But the Scots won’t be burdened by the Tories, so they are double winners here and this is why they want to sever their relations with England in the first place.


Minsk ceasefire protocol: Ukraine to be decentralized, special status for Lugansk, Donetsk is the deal but the cease fire isn’t working too well because there is no reason for the winners, the Russian Ukrainians, to stop.  Only if the coup in Kiev makes a lot of moves to withdraw entirely will the fighting stop.  Right now, they are sitting inside Russian Ukraine territory, trying to get more arms from a foreign power: NATO stages massive military drills in Latvia as the US aggression continues.


Many ‘think tanks’ think this is a great idea since their owners want this to happen even though this will cause WWIII.  I can’t imagine a stupider think thank than one that works insidiously to drive us into WWIII.  Europe is a patchwork of languages, religions, ethnic identities and a long bloody hate filled history which is all about them killing each other over some of the stupidest things.  And even when they speak the same language like the Scots and Brits, they hate each other!


And we, the ‘melting pot’ must fix all this by taking sides and killing even more crazy Europeans who hate each other.  And learning nothing from WWI and WWII, we are sliding into WWIII thanks to the exact same ethnic cleansing insanity.


Russian Navy sends flotilla to Arctic to start permanent service at military base: the US condemns this as ‘aggression’ while encouraging and backing the identical stuff when Japan does it offshore of China.  More ‘exceptionalism’ at work.  One rule for us, a totally opposite rule for select nations we are supposed to hate.  Eventually, Russia will buy up enough lobbyists and stupid think tank traitors so they will control our government, too.  Like China.


Note that many of our rivals don’t allow us to do this to THEM.  Not at all. They put in prison anyone who does what our think tanks do with impunity.


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12 responses to “NYT Discovers That Think Tanks Are Actually Trojan Horses For Illegal Foreign Lobbying (No Mention Of AIPAC)

  1. melponeme_k

    Good for Scotland. Let them be free from an inbred ruling family who thinks they have magical blood.

    I’m reading an intriguing book (Finding Arthur) that proposes King Arthur was Scottish. That amuses me and is very convincing. When Scotland leaves, they will be taking the once and future king with them. LOL

  2. I saw that this morning compare and contrast the different treatment of AIPAC and what happened when Pakistan tried the same idea. The Pakistani operation was closed down with the full force of the law.

    It is not just France’s Marine Le Pen saying that We got it wrong in the Ukraine. From the UK Daily Telegraph which is thought to be controlled editorially by the security services.

    Putin’s ‘unacceptable’ action was predictable and provoked


  3. larry, dfh

    The think tanks provide rocks under which the out-of-power political party hacks can take refuge until their party returns to power. Thus the Wolfowitzs and Perles and Gaffneys and Adelmans have a place to hide, and still get paid wen their flavor of looney is temporarily out of vogue. These organizations are used as foils to legitimize the fraud that is hailed as ‘intelligent discussion’. Thus the Brookings is the ‘liberal’ house and the Heritage, etc. are the ‘conservative’ enclave, although Cynthia McKinney has just as much chance of representing the former as Pat Buchannan has in the latters. Brookings houses the Saban center, which is out and out jewish nazi. Yet these orgs. (and they are all tax exempt) form the Alpha and the Omega of acceptable discourse. As if grifters like D’nesh deSousa and Elliot Abrams actually have something to contribute to any conversation taking place outside a federal prison.

  4. Christian W

    Elliot Abrams was one of the ‘neocon big brains’ in the Dubya White House. It was his brain child, along with Dick Cheney’s, Prince Bandar’s etc, to use Sunni fundamentalists as a tool to attack Syria, Iran and Hezbollah (Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s enemies).

    ISIS is the baby the US got from sleeping with Sunni fundamentalists. This is the dirty secret that is verboten to mention in the MSM.

    ISIS is still operating along it’s original purpose. Break up Iraq and Syria and create a ‘humanitarian disaster zone’ that requires action – if not military action at least political and diplomatic action.

    The neocons (Zionists) are evil. Every single depraved act by ISIS is a consequence of US policies. The responsible parties need to be put on trial for war crimes.

    If you want to stop ISIS invade Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

    Seymour Hersh, back in 2007, highlighted what would come:



    In the past few months, as the situation in Iraq has deteriorated, the Bush Administration, in both its public diplomacy and its covert operations, has significantly shifted its Middle East strategy. The “redirection,” as some inside the White House have called the new strategy, has brought the United States closer to an open confrontation with Iran and, in parts of the region, propelled it into a widening sectarian conflict between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

    To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

    Some of the core tactics of the redirection are not public, however. The clandestine operations have been kept secret, in some cases, by leaving the execution or the funding to the Saudis, or by finding other ways to work around the normal congressional appropriations process, current and former officials close to the Administration said.

    This time, the U.S. government consultant told me, Bandar and other Saudis have assured the White House that “they will keep a very close eye on the religious fundamentalists. Their message to us was ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.”

    Note that Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, back in 2007 already saw and spoke the (verboten) truth:

    He [Nasrallah] ]went on, “I can say that President Bush is lying when he says he does not want Iraq to be partitioned. All the facts occurring now on the ground make you swear he is dragging Iraq to partition. And a day will come when he will say, ‘I cannot do anything, since the Iraqis want the partition of their country and I honor the wishes of the people of Iraq.’ ”

  5. emsnews

    Hell’s bells, we created bin Laden!

    The bin Laden clan was VERY close to the Bush and Cheney clans. Lived together, even. Visited each other here in the US, Europe and inside Saudi Arabia.

    This entire hatchling was from eggs laid by the Saudi bin Laden family and the Bush/Cheney clans!!!!

    My parents were once stationed in Saudi Arabia the same time, under Nixon, that Bush Sr. was sent there, too. I warned America about all this long, long, long before 9/11 but of course, no one listens.

  6. CK

    Most foreign governments understand that almost all elected and all appointed American politicians’ loyalties are for sale. And most foreign governments understand that those leased loyalties last only until a higher bidder comes along. Therefore most foreign governments that need to or wish to milk the American public rent as needed these highest fruits of American democracy … the elected American politician. AIPAC learned faster as is only to be expected from the higher IQ of the average Ashkenazi pol lessor.
    That other, lower average IQ peoples are now renting and leasing the elected and appointed American is not to be found surprising. Marketing theory tells us that there are early adapters ( the Ashkenazi and before them the Russian communist Jewish Bolsheviks), then come the grand majority of users. ( That would be the rest of the Semites from Saudi Arabia, The Trucial States, etc., the English, the Japanese, and the Europeans.)
    Finally Marketing theory suggests that the late adaptors ( the African Nations mostly, the Mestizos from Central and South America ) will buy into the elected and appointed only after there is nothing new to purchase and just before the product/politician becomes obsolete.
    It is the great strength of a diversity democracy that there exist no politicians not leasable. Should you think I jest just examine the last 90 days of Rand Paul.

  7. melponeme_k



    Trump gloating that he destroyed Atlantic City.

    And this is how the titans take back prime land. In a few years there will be something different on AC land. It will whiter, involving mega beach estates, closed community. And it will be hailed as gentrification. All it required was to beggar a city and its citizens.

    Thousands of people who will never find a job and Trump gloats.

  8. CK

    Once you leave the strip by as much as a block, you are in another world in AC. The casinos never added or improved anything to AC. The not so prime land is the beach front and the state owns that not the casinos.
    Honourable people have never dealt with trump; politicians love him.

  9. e sutton

    I lived in A.C. for a few years in the ’80s. A more depressing town is hard to imagine. Rampant homelessness, even then. The Italian mob was there long before the casino era. The article you linked to shows Trump once again revealing himself to be a degenerate, lying, self-centered blow hard.

    As for the future for A.C., I’m willing to bet that a lot of rich cats are going to be picking up some prime beachfront real estate for pennies on the dollar. The place is ripe for a true family resort town, sort of a mini-Disney on the beach. I’d give it about five years or so before it starts bringing in any kind of money, though. And yes, the blacks will be leaving en mass, as well as most whites. The money to be made from this is to big to just walk away. It’s going to take a huge, huge amount of cash. Only the big cats will be able to sit this one out.

  10. Petruchio

    @larry, dfh: I read your comment and thought of a quote from Joseph Stalin. The quote went like this: “We don’t let our enemies have guns and since ideas are more dangerous than guns, why would we let our enemies have ideas?” Of course you are right about these fraudulent “think” tanks being holding pens for the political whores who are out of power, but there is more. The propagandist–and the fascist–knows that one must control the debate agenda, the narrative of any and ALL critical subjects. The appearance of real and open debate is important to the media/thought manipulators. This is why, for example, that Fox Propaganda CONSTANTLY claims to be “fair and balanced”.

  11. emsnews

    There is no debates. There is propaganda and tribal memories. Which is why it is so easy to enflame people.

    When liberals and conservatives who lead their flocks conspire to lie about events in order to inflame passions, we get massive wars.

    It isn’t very popular to oppose these propaganda pushes. The point is to make people stop thinking. The same thing is being done to the black community.

    The ‘we want revolutions’ people think that by encouraging blacks to blow up and go crazy and burn cities means we will have a lovely leftist revolution.

    FALSE. It means tribal warfare and fascism. And the fascism will be welcomed with open arms because no sane person wants rampaging lunatics burning down cities after being stopped by the police after they commit crimes which is what I call ‘the slow burn’ of cities.

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