Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

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It increasingly looks like, despite the news that the Prince of England is spawning more children, the Scots want to exit this lovely hotel and live on their own which has thoroughly enraged the Bilderberg gang which wants to decimate many countries but not their home bases like England or the US.  Or Ukraine, for that matter.  But the Scots are determined and the more the media owners and their political pals scream at the Scots, the more the Scots shake their fists and yell their famous battle cries.


Scots, What the Heck? – Krugman, the Bilderberg Bambino, gives his lovely Zionist warning to the pesky Scots:


Well, I have a message for the Scots: Be afraid, be very afraid. The risks of going it alone are huge. You may think that Scotland can become another Canada, but it’s all too likely that it would end up becoming Spain without the sunshine.


There is no risk. If the EU and UK rulers choose to punish the Scots, they have new buddies to pick up.  Putin will certainly give them a ring!  The Scots have the right to evict the Brits from their lovely nuclear sub base since this will be in violation of Scot’s sovereignty exactly like the British rulers say about Crimea.  Britain has zero say in this, right?


Here is another Bilderberg big shot, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson:  Scottish independence: Decapitate Britain, and we kill off the greatest political union ever – Telegraph


Every year I speak at a ceremony in City Hall, at which we congratulate people who have lived and worked hard in this country, and who have become British citizens. They come from all over the world, and it is always moving to see the enthusiasm with which they sing the national anthem, and then have their picture taken with the big photo of the Queen. I always tell them that in becoming British, they have achieved something fantastic – and they plainly agree…


Mayor Boris Johnson goes on to praise London as a great place where 40% of the residents are FOREIGNERS! This irritates British readers of this speech and gives us a strong hint that UKIP just may destroy the Tories soon in elections:


johnrigby • 10 minutes ago


The UK is run by and for the interests of London. British identity is cast as London identity (hence the unfunny “comedian” Lenny Henry demanding that over 40% of ALL people seen on the BBC should be ethnics). Anyone watched CBBC recently and the portrayal of “normal England”? The liberal London metropolitan elite could not give a damn about normal British people. At least the Scots have the ability to leave – what about the poor people in the English counties stuck with the quisling ruling class forever?


I see this all over the comments in British news.  The populace is furious about the flood of aliens coming to England and how they are displacing the natives.  Under fire, attacked for being racist, scolded for wanting to stop the flood of aliens, the media owners and elite Bilderberg politicians work insidiously to displace the citizens and make them feel like they are the aliens, the invaders.


Here is another bitter Brit:


LeePefley • 22 minutes ago
“…but that doesn’t mean quite the same in a city where 40 per cent were born abroad and where not everyone can have an “English rose” complexion.”
Yes, Britons ought to be ashamed of their genetic inheritance and must denigrate it at all opportunities. After all, any group could have created the Britain that used to be, and Caucasians ought to be ashamed of imagining they were in any way a laudable people. Best, I suppose, would be a sort of self-inflicted genocide.


johnrigby LeePefley • 17 minutes ago
Johnson LOVES the idea that the capital is inhabited by a population where “40 per cent were born abroad and where not everyone can have an “English rose” complexion.” Remember, that’s 40 % not born in the UK. Add the rest whose parents sneaked in from Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and all the other 4th world dumps. In that situation, wtf does “British identity” mean?


This same rage is building in the US, too.  We are told that letting in a flood of foreigners will make life better but this is a naked lie, it makes life worse…for the working class.  The elites are the ones who need these foreigners who are atomized, small in power and easily pushed around.


Back to Boris doing his mightiest to beat the Scots about the head and keep them captive:


What we are fighting to protect is not so much the Act of Union of 1707, or even the United Kingdom. The Government has decided that in the event of the Scots voting to break away, the “UK” will simply refer in future to England, Wales and Northern Ireland; though no one seems to have a clue exactly what this truncated state will be called. No: the entity under mortal threat next week is Britain itself. You cannot refer to a state called “Britain” unless you include Scotland, because it is a basic fact of geography that Britain comprises everything from Land’s End to John o’Groats.


And every inch of that Britain from Land’s End to John o’Groats was paved in blood.  The union of Scotland was very violent.  Ditto, Ireland.  Northern Ireland isn’t a country, it is a colonial outpost carved violently, very violently, out of sovereign Ireland.


Is Salmond going to ask for the Elgin Marbles to be restored to Elgin? No one has thought any of this through, and I am frankly appalled by the complacency and apathy of so many of my non-political friends – people who haven’t focused at all on the debate, and think we can afford to let the Scots go because a) we subsidise them, and b) they have so many Labour MPs.


HAHAHA…the Scots already informed Boris that they HAVE thought of the Elgin Marbles and do want them back so they can return these to the rightful owners, the People of Greece!  Scotland has many potent allies starting with Ireland.  Big time, same history, similar beefs, anger at London, all of that is there in spades.


And then there is Russia.  If the Brits get too nasty, the Scots could ask Russia to take over the sub base!  Seriously.  NATO will go mad.  Since the Brits seem bent on punishing Scotland for being independent, I bet they will try to kick the Scots out of the EU and NATO which many in Scotland think is a good idea.


And this really pisses of the Bilderberg gang who created the EU in the first place.  Why, the Scots might then be able to buy vacuum cleaners and electric tea pots, too!  Wow!  Endless fun for them!  And they sell gas and oil, too, offshore.  A win, win, win for them.    Incidentally, this is the true reason why the London bankers are freaking out, they use the value of the Scottish oil fields as collateral for making banking deals.


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18 responses to “Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

  1. Alaskan Ice

    I noticed that the post secession maps retain for England oil in the ocean north of Scotland. Now there’s a real flashpoint for war.

  2. larry, dfh

    And they’re talking Sarcozy to TRY to de-rail le train dele Penn

  3. larry, dfh

    Y Las Malvinas!

  4. Peter C.

    1500 watt vacuum cleaners for all!!!

  5. CK

    And then there is the Rotherham situation.
    All those daughters and sisters groomed and screwed and used for decades by imported non-whites. Liam Neeson is making a fine fictional career out of being an outraged male who revenges himself upon thugs and sexual perverts. In the real world of Rotherham not so much revenge.
    A great deal of “fear” of being called a waycist. It is indeed a universal truth exposed by the Great Machiavelli 500+ years ago. People will take umbrage and take action for small hurts, for large hurts, the great mass of people will do nothing to balance the books.
    I firmly believe that when the party gets dull one leaves the party. Scotland is finding the UK to be not to their liking, so; they should leave. There exists no social contract that forces Scotland to remain.
    Likewise Wales, likewise Ireland. Had the UK listened to Enoch Powell in 1968 the UK would still be a civilized society.
    Would that there existed an American equivalent to this politician.

  6. CK

    Ah the gentle Krugman.
    such a wise man
    so full of the hasbara of human deceit.
    The hostile minority spokesperson.
    Let not a northern European culture be allowed to exist un-mongrelized.
    Force all such cultures to import new peoples; diversity races, to the detriment of the existing cultures and the existing race.
    There shall be no Perfidious Albion, there shall be no France, there must never be another Prussia or even another Germany. There can only be nations of imported minorities wherein the chosen can feel safe.
    I noticed today that the owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team has outed himself as a racist. He is, as are all but one of the team owners, a member of the hostile intellectual minority. I smell another multi billion dollar payday for a property that is worth way fewer shekels. It worked, possibly inadvertently for Mr. and Mrs. Sterling ( who are now back together and enjoying their billions without any multi-culti boyfriends, and girlyfriends cluttering up their beaches), mayhap that size payoff will accrue to Mr. Bruce Levenson.

  7. DeVaul

    @ CK

    Wait. Are you saying that the bruhaha over Sterling’s comments was “staged” so that he could dump the sports team he owned on someone else?

  8. larry, dfh

    Some of the most beautiful people I have seen are mongrels. red hair and freckles is supposed to be a Neanderthal trait. my mother had red hair and freckles, and was a beautiful, vivacious person..but ,a mongrel nonetheless (apparently). Look no further than the Stuarts and Hapsburgs to see the end result of ‘pure’ breeding. Aint nothing wrong with mongrel dogs, either.

  9. emsnews

    Genetic health is all about ‘mongrels.’

  10. melponeme_k


    Anyone who has European, Native American or Asian ancestry have Neanderthal genes. Neanderthals are where we received our “white” skin, long noses, blue/green eyes and Red/blonde hair. Scientists think that part of the reason why we survived the last ice age was because we interbred with Neanderthals (who were adapted to cold weather) .

    Of course the study of this ancestry is riddled with danger because people from Africa have no neanderthal genes. Genetic scientists fear all of this turning into a eugenics, racist flag for bigots.

  11. Luke

    Mongrels you say. New research may indicate otherwise.Why inbreeding really isn’t as bad as you think it is – io9
    Nov 30, 2011 – Inbreeding is where cousins and other close relatives have children … appear to produce healthier offspring than the general population.

    Iceland’s Genetic Secrets |
    Sep 6, 2010 – Researchers were startled to discover the extent of inbreeding … to be about the same and people are eating muc

  12. melponeme_k


    I believe genetics allows for a small amount of inbreeding. But the natural preference is for new stock. Icelanders are not purely European…the first chance they got, their Nordic ancestors interbred with Native Americans.

  13. emsnews

    The Icelanders today are the survivors of a HUGE die off back in 1786.

    Most of them DIED. They starved to death, died of disease and so forth due to a major volcanic eruption. The weak died.

  14. Pingback: Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots | Atlas Monitor

  15. @melponeme_k
    Could you please point to me on good study about it ?

  16. Luke

    No, the hungriest died.

    As far as tribe billionaires that own teams [He is, as are all but one of the team owners, a member of the hostile intellectual minority. ] did you know Mark Cuban is tribe? This is sooo funny, wiki lists him as a ‘jewish activist’. Arent all jews activists?

    Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,[6][7] and grew up in the affluent suburb of Mount Lebanon, as part of a Jewish[8] working-class family. His grandfather changed the family name from “Chabenisky” to “Cuban” after his Russian grandparents landed on Ellis Island..etc.

  17. CK

    I am not certain that the Sterling situation was staged by Sterling with the help of his then squeeze. The discrepancy of the financial outcome versus the accounting valuation of the team was enough to cause much salivation among other “racist” owners. The value of the San Diego franchise if it stays in San Diego is also much smaller that the value of the same franchise should Ballmer move it to Seattle.
    I am saying that when one sees that size payoff from that small a issue/situation, the temptation to find one’s own similar situation ( email in this case) and use it to garner a similar sized payoff is LARGE.

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