Race Wars, Destructive Social Conditions, Warmongering: Things That Grow During Depressions Are Growing Today

What is popularity?  Readers usually want to read only things that confirm group thinking.  This is why History is so bloody: if everyone read things that shocked the mind and forced someone to argue, to think, we would not have helpless falls off of obvious cliffs.  I have been tracking the connection between fascism and economic collapses all my life and now as we live in exactly this, people hate my message as I explain what will happen next and why this will happen.  We want fairy tales, damn it!  Sane thinking about trade, jobs, money and ethnic cleansing is verboten.  Look at how say, the Huffington Post has become a warmongering, ‘Let’s have WWIII’ rag so effortlessly!  The left is dying in not just the US but the world as ethnic identity politics poison public relations and drives us relentlessly into wars even as our rulers seek to dilute socialist powers by pushing for more immigration.


The most broken community in all this in the US is the black community.  Seething with rage, killing each other at a mad rate, nearly totally out of control except via hamfisted police actions, Civil Rights has brought destruction down on the heads of the community to the point that they no longer can form simple families or hold simple jobs.  Out of control immigration of rival ethnic groups has undermined the black community economically in basic, terrifying ways.


And liberals have to take responsibility for their role in all this.  Liberals support illegal aliens, for example, which businesses desperately need so they can break unions and avoid hiring black workers.  In schools, black students refuse to learn while classrooms fill with children who can’t speak English as their first language dragging down everyone even more in the cities.  Instead of focusing on fixing all this, liberals demand citizenship for illegal aliens which will render them useless for business because they will have legal rights, while also demanding the police cease policing black communities which already are falling to pieces due to very high crime especially murder rates.


Here is a typical story that doesn’t surprise me:  Broken Windows (Real Ones) Surge in Public Housing – NYTimes.com


Among the review’s other findings was one that Staten Island has the city’s highest-quality housing stock for rent-regulated and market-rate homes. The Bronx has the worst, the report said.


More than one-third of African-Americans in rent-regulated homes reported at least three “serious maintenance deficiencies,” according to the analysis, making them the most likely to live in poorly maintained buildings. Twenty-eight percent of Hispanic households and 16 percent of white households in rent-regulated units reported at least three deficiencies.


And a building’s height can be an indicator of its condition, the comptroller’s office said. In most housing types, a taller building suggests relatively few problems. But in public housing, the reverse has proved true: The highest percentage of deficient units (40.5 percent) was found in buildings over 20 stories.


I have owned or restored a number of Victorian buildings.  Most had most of their windows.  These were 100+ years old.  Windows are actually quite durable unless there are trees nearby and lots of storms.  Then on occasion, they break.  My in-laws own a 200 year old house and it has nearly all of its original windows made before sheet glass was invented.  Windows break in public housing mainly when people smash them.  There is virtually no other reason for them to break.


And smashing windows happen a lot in these communities.  Since the people living there have zero reason to be even slightly careful, they are childishly indifferent to what breaks around them because they feel entitled to act out.  I have seen this first hand.  High rises, in particular, should not have broken windows.  All the lower class high rises in NYC are public housing.  So the taxpayer has to foot the bill as residents there systematically destroy everything because they are bored or angry.


Rent regulated housing is a burden on the landlord who can’t evict destructive tenants so there is no incentive for a tenant to be even slightly careful about their surroundings.  This blight is a real problem for places like NYC and it drives up the rents on the unregulated housing much higher than it would be if there was no rent regulated housing.  This, in turn, drives out the middle class leaving mainly the rich and the poor.


The US has no money for Americans:  Federal budget crunch idles Guard units across US – U.S. – Stripes.  As our media howls about terror, demands we go to war with more Muslims in the Middle East, as money is sent in huge quantities to Kiev to push for war with Russia, as NATO demands the US give Eastern Europe more military aid, we  have no money for Americans defending our borders.


Now on to another story that is very obviously sad while at the same time shows how fascism is on the march:  Who Killed the Israeli Left? – NYTimes.com by a Zionist Jew:


Mr. Liel and his friends made the mistake of thinking that outside forces would force Israel to act as they wished – instead of realizing that in a democracy like Israel the primary mission of any political camp it to rally fellow citizens to its cause.


Mr. Obama and like-minded world leaders made the mistake of thinking that the best way to sway Israelis was to pressure their government – instead of realizing that Israelis respond better to policy proposals of outside leaders if they have a measure of trust in those leaders (Israel’s close and respectful relations with former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are the best proof that Israelis only listen to you if they trust you).


International encouragement of Israel’s left was instrumental in killing it. The outside world promoted the unpopular views of an Israeli political minority, giving the left an inflated sense of its own importance domestically. This illusion led to despair, and then to alienation from mainstream Israeli society – all resulting in a further reduction of the left’s political allure.


Israelis can listen to the views of dissenters. They are used to it. But they also want to trust that their dissenters are still a part of the family.


Israelis don’t listen to anyone.  They liked Bush Jr. because they owned him.  He did what they wanted and didn’t force them to change anything.  The left is dying in Israel because it is a neo nazi ethnic cleansing state.  People forget that ‘socialist’ is the second half of Nationalsocialism.  Israel wasn’t respectful of either Clinton or Bush Jr, they were contemptuous.


Israeli leftists also were very delusional.  They wanted fascism for Jews while at the same time, pretend to be international socialists out of pride knowing full well that socialism is only for Jews in Israel, not anyone else.  They wanted to hide from their own neo nazi beliefs and actions.  Now, the mask is off.  Naziism is good.  Be proud of being a Nazi!  Outside pressure can’t fix this.  Only deciding that ethnic cleansing is evil, stops this and it seems to me that ethnic cleansing is the way to go when economic conditions are in a depression.


Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence, Cameron warns | Mail Online


PM said the UK had the best security and intelligence services in the world
He urged Scots to stay together in a ‘very dangerous and insecure world’
The PM said this was one of the ‘strongest arguments’ against separation
Came after Gordon Brown said he would push for further devolution
The former Prime Minister’s declaration signals a return to front-line politics
Ex party leader among Labour MPs involved in final push against separation
Comes amid mounting alarm voters are swinging behind a ‘Yes’ vote


‘Terror’ is code for ‘Muslims’ here.  Why on earth would Muslims attack Scotland?  The Brits are worried because their nuclear sub base is in Scotland and they want to keep it and I predict they will do this by refusing to hand it over and then occupying it militarily all while yelling that Putin is evil for doing the same thing except they won’t have a referendum to see if the Scots nearby want this.  All this is typical of depressions.  Mindless militarism, threats of terrorism, demands that people embrace the military to protect themselves from aliens even as the borders are wide open to cheap labor and cheap imports driving down wages and eliminating jobs.


And yes, we are in a depression.  Globally, workers are suffering many outrages thanks to international finance and the rising gulf between the very rich and the rest of humanity.  Africa is spiraling down into chaos and death to a frightening degree and the Muslim states are in an uproar,  and here we have Europe toying with the idea that WWIII would be tons of fun, too.  And the US is racing towards a race war with our media and political parties choosing sides and it will be very ugly and the left is doomed to lose that particular war due to blacks being a fairly small minority.


Dengue spreads beyond two Tokyo parks; tally at 74 as homeless men see deteriorating conditions in Japan.  This hasn’t happened there since the end of WWII!


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15 responses to “Race Wars, Destructive Social Conditions, Warmongering: Things That Grow During Depressions Are Growing Today

  1. larry, dfh

    What you mentioned about Israel seems completely correct. What Cameron said to Scotland wasn’t a warning, it was a threat. Anything that happens will come from Britain and its agents. Their entire history of dealing with the Scots has been duplicitous (to be generous).
    My business partner rented a house to 2 white doctors: they trashed the place. My neighbor rented to grad. students: they trashed the place. Renters, in general, are pigs, regardless of class. ethnicity, or gender.

  2. vengeur

    Hmmm. Another white person beat unconscious by a mob of blacks. I guess this sort of thing really isn’t news any more, but I post anyway. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/07/Gang-of-Black-Teens-Chanting-Fan-Mob-Beat-Memphis-Grocery-Store-Employee-Customer

  3. melponeme_k

    The majority of illegal alien minors are being shoved onto the backs of Long Island tax payers.


    Taxes in LI, in the better districts, pay upwards of 10,000 a year and up. They should get ready to pay more.

  4. Luke

    majority??? as in what percent?

  5. vengeur

    @John: this comment from the comments section: “I am an elderly citizen living in Mid-Town and now more than ever I am afraid to venture out for fear of being a victim of some stupid hit and grab crime. I hate being “Jailed” and if I were able I would move out of Memphis immediately. Shame..When I was a teenager, Memphis was the cleanest and quietest city in America. Now Look at it, filthy noisy and crime ridden. Shame on all the so called leaders in this community and I’m not just talking about the Mayor. Give our Police dept the equipment and authority to deal with this mess and our judges to deal out meaningful sentences. Not only to the Children who commit crimes but the parents of these kids also”

  6. emsnews

    Exactly. And these kids who attack whites also attack BLACK elderly, too! The mayhem/murder rate in black communities is nearly totally out of control.

    I said some time ago, during the Zimmerman/Trayvon business, the ‘thug’ culture is all about making the police too scared to deal with out of control, flailing about, shooting and attacking blacks who want to do this with impunity.

    They LOVE to have everyone scared of them.

  7. melponeme_k


    Reich says Detroit’s problems are because the rich and middle class (mostly white) citizens left for the suburbs! No mention of riots. No mention of crime. But damn, why didn’t they draw the city limit border further out!

  8. melponeme_k


    According to some reports, NY has absorbed almost 4,300 illegal alien children, the second state to offer sanctuary after Texas. They split this number between the metro area and Long Island. Which means everyone’s taxes here will go up to give these aliens assistance and education. Assistance that our struggling CITIZENS desperately need.

  9. Luke

    Mel, thanks…http://dailycaller.com/2014/09/07/high-school-girl-taunted-beaten-at-bus-stop-for-acting-too-much-like-a-white-person/………..

    In the July 28 issue of Time maggot-zine, there is a sob story about the poor, poor little immigrants – no, wait, REFUGEES – coming in from Central America, written by Joe Klein
    It’s the usual ‘heart-wrenching’ garbage – they’re fleeing violence, their society has collapsed, somebody has to DO something, etc.
    Remember the UN sets our refugee policy and refugees get ‘to the grave’ freebies. I am in Cali, I see the ‘russian jewish refugees’ taking all they can grab.

  10. Luke

    ‘The mayhem/murder rate in black communities is nearly totally out of control. ‘ Remember the ‘race riots’ of the 60s-70s? That was a disinforming term. The riots were ‘black riots’. And Blacks have been in decline ever since. LBJs give aways etc led to single mothers syndrome.
    as someone else noted, For quite a while “the black grandmother” was the bedrock of black society in America. Unfortunately we’ve reached the point where today’s “black grandmother” is yesterday’s black mother who, being unable to properly raise her children, passed them on to “the black grandmother”!

  11. melponeme_k


    “I am in Cali, I see the ‘russian jewish refugees’ taking all they can grab.”

    Don’t get me started on those ingrates. They’ve been in the NYC area since the late 80’s/early 90’s gouging anything fit to gouge. I used to see them drive up to supermarkets in their Lexus cars, men dressed in fancy suits and the women wearing mink coats only to pay for their groceries in food stamps. No one here likes them. They only have one volume SCREAM. I’ve learned to scream back at them, then they grudgingly give you a bit of respect.

  12. balsa

    The bilderbergs are the steering committee, the club of rome are the brains, the central banks the sources for funding, the corporate cabalists the resouces, the politico’s the managers, the police the enforcers, the media the massage.

    Anyone who thinks the interplay of the insanity going on around us is accidental is an zombified person. Not necessarily stupid, but zombified.

    What we are looking at here is an active plan to eliminate undesirable races by a body of people. Why they believe this I cannot say, but the evidence is overwhelming that this one of several goals.

    For an intelligent understanding I recommend John Taylor Gatto, whom as an Irishman was classified by Darwin as the lowest of all the races. Never mind that we don’t think of the Irish as being a race.

    Eugenics, which is the foundation of racial superiority, formed atop the early outcrops of anthropology when anthropology was it itself only an idea and not a real science. This where many have developed crackpot ideas about racial superiority.

    Fundamentally, interbreeding creates defects in organisms, while breeding outside of groups is fundamental to growth and defense of the genetic structure of an organism.

    Eugenics fundamentally violates everything we know which is productive to species survival.

    In each corner of the globe, different conflicts are in play, but each links to the other in a grander plan. In the US the idea is to get a race war with simple minded people seeing all problems the result of non-whites, and all non whites seeing the problems in the vein of white people being the devil incarnate, and neither one comprehending they are nothing more than red and black ants locked in jar and being made to fight by an amused sadist child.

    Like Interpole itself, the self appointed global police, the origins of the bilderbergs begin with fascism, and the missions of both are tied to the
    same objectives, which is fundamentally a global eugenics program on at least one level.

    It is interesting to note that people can somehow connect a religious ideology with a race of people, when there is no genetic transport of bodily fluids involved, and a jew one day may become an atheist tomorrow. Whereas one cannot make such switches with physical characteristics.
    Therefore this logic is as insane as the origins and people whom practice the faith that eugenics is somehow advantageous to our species, which flies in the face of science. Rather it is a recipe for extinction.

  13. emsnews

    Tribalism is anti-civilization. It is all about raw power that excludes ruthlessly anyone who isn’t ‘family’.

  14. Mewswithaview

    Everything is lined up for round 2 of the attack on Syria. Are people making noise with their congress critters to stop this?

    Boehner Refuses to Say If Congress Should Authorize ISIS War – -> http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/09/Boehner-Refuses-To-Say-If-Cong-Should-Auth-ISIS-War

    Republicans to Obama: We Need Your Terror Strategy – -> http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/republicans-obama-we-need-your-terror-strategy-n199146

    Obama ready to strike at Islamic State militants in Syria, he tells policy experts – -> http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/obama-prepared-to-order-airstrikes-in-syria-as-part-of-strategy-against-islamic-state/2014/09/09/058199e2-3834-11e4-bdfb-de4104544a37_story.html

    Stray fire from Syria wounds Israeli soldier: army – -> http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-08/269967-stray-fire-from-syria-wounds-israeli-soldier-army.ashx

    Israel claims joint US missile launch in Mediterranean for ‘target practice’ – -> http://rt.com/news/ballistic-launch-eastern-mediterranean-343/

    Israel fires missile in test of defense system – -> http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-09/270094-israel-fires-missile-in-test-of-defense-system.ashx

    Air strikes on Syria not coordinated with legitimate authorities will escalate conflict – -> http://en.itar-tass.com/world/748725

    Syria media slams Arab ‘green light’ for US attacks – -> http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-09/270079-syria-media-slams-arab-green-light-for-us-attacks.ashx

    Syrian Government Attacks Islamic State Positions – -> http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Syrian-Government-Attacks-Islamic-State-Positions-20140909-0010.html

    UK Announces New Arms Shipment to Iraq – -> http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/UK-Announces-New-Arms-Shipment-to-Iraq-20140910-0008.html

    Well-Armed Turkey Aided Rise of Islamic State: Yet NATO Promises To Defend Ankara From Extremists – -> http://www.forbes.com/sites/dougbandow/2014/09/08/well-armed-turkey-aided-rise-of-islamic-state-yet-nato-promises-to-defend-ankara-from-extremists/

    Obama said to push Syria no-fly zone with prodding from Turkey – -> http://www.worldtribune.com/2014/09/08/sources-turkey-may-prodded-obama-considering-syria-fly-zone/

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