Truthout Publishes Global Warming Hysteria Story And Readers Talk About Killing 99% Humans On Earth

As snow flies in the upper Midwest and Canada, as an early fall thumps across the snow belt states, as my hummingbirds flee, the summer song birds wing south, we had a brief warm spell that felt like a cool summer for once and then back to the cold weather.  So what are the global warmists doing with themselves?  The British climatologists provide us some laughs:  Great moments in forecasting – UK winter weather to be ‘ very mild, wet and stormy to extremely cold and snowy’.  This covers all bases since the Sheffield University prognosticators have been 100% wrong much of the time, predicting everything means they are always right!


A lot of my readers fled in rage when I attack liberals but liberals have collapsed into a heap of despair, rage and hate as is illustrated in this article by Dahr Jamail | From Pine Beetles to Disappearing Glaciers, NASA Scientists Tell of “Dramatic” Planetary Changes which is all about how it is hotter than hell and we are all going to die due to California being in a drought situation which happens when el Ninos, which are hot events, cease happening.


The expected el Nino this year, as I predicted, hasn’t happened.  Arizona has been hit by monsoon floods over and over again this summer but not California which has many ‘liberals’.  In despair, they demand the rest of us cease using modern stuff and revert to living in huts and dying off so they can live in California which is the ‘drive your car a million miles for fun’ state!


Here are some of the vile, disgusting comments this stupid, lying piece of garbage has created:

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 1.35.23 PM

Right wing conservatives make fun of these monsters who think they are ‘liberals’ and ‘good people’ for good reason.  They ARE stupid!  They really do want to make us all live like in North Korea! No joke.  They really think that we must save the planet by eliminating most humans.


These are the exact same clowns who want endless illegal aliens pouring into the country unhindered.  These are the same people who weep and wail when cops violently interact with violent thugs in cities who are criminals and doing harm to the community.  I have turned hard against the global warming idea ever since my father showed me data proving that the sun was going to go into a hiatus and not heat us up at all, we were going to see fewer sun spots.


For a long, long time.  As in the Little Ice Age, long time.  Perhaps, longer.  What is worse, is the propaganda put out by liberals about glaciers shrinking, the Antarctic, which has seen great ice sheet growth lately, is ‘shrinking’ is that they are insane.  They even tried to prove to us that the Northwest Passage was open when it never opened this year and said nothing when confronting the ice.  Nor did they back down when stuck in the ice in Antarctica, either.


No, the machine they run which is ultimately all about producing a Garden of Eden for the Select Few continues happily but the liberals think they are going there, not the super rich.  Silly people.  They will be eaten by cannibals desperate for food a la the California Donner Party.


By the way, that dining event happened due to a super cold, super long, super snowy winter.


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19 responses to “Truthout Publishes Global Warming Hysteria Story And Readers Talk About Killing 99% Humans On Earth

  1. melponeme_k

    More false “liberal” insanity, trying to make a problem where there is none:

    As a Native American, in NYC, I’ve never had anyone tell me I spoke like a white person. The only comments I’ve had directed at me were that I sounded a bit transatlantic.

    However I have had South Americans get angry at me because they thought I was pretending not to speak Spanish. Never had an angry response from Chinese people attempting to speak Mandarin to me. Nor have I received anger from Middle Easterners who wanted to speak Arabic to me. Ditto for the Indians, Germans, French and Russians.

    Yeah, I’ve had all the people of the world assume that I speak their language. I find it amusing.


    ELAINE: You should work for the UN! 🙂

  2. JimmyJ

    I’m glad you keep up your critiques of the AGW hypocrisy Elaine. A particular bug bear of mine is that we are in danger of ecosystem collapse from habitat loss and species extinction by made development a consequence of capitalism that van NPV a mine or oil project but can’t figure out how to apply any value to the life substrate that keeps us alive.

    It’s obvious the debate was hijacked by industry the moment CO2 was considered a danger to life instead of chemicals, GMOs, bee dieoffs etc. The problem is right wingers against AGW are mostly close to rabidly Randian handsoff when regulating unfettered development.

  3. ziff

    my view of Gw is thus, living near glaciers and a 100 yrs photos of same its clear the world is warming in that time. !00 yrs also coincides with industrialization. So i have lived my life within a warming trend which has included many cold periods.
    A poster on suggested that the arctic vortex ” is a mechanism for distributing heat [ie how to explain cooling in terms of GW is a new trend]. simply put if you heat something unevenly it will create vortex’s . This says nothing about GW. The only true signature of GW must be night time temps. I will add that science has treated GW as a forgone conclusion as trying to find the evidence, a highly unscientific position.

  4. emsnews

    I am all for saving nature! I own a forest, live on a mountain. My trees hate acid rain, they hate air pollution, they hate poisoned water. So do I.

    They LOVE CO2. A lot. A tremendous lot.

  5. melponeme_k


    A series of old PanAM promotional videos. Check out mark 5:57 where the ads showcase the professionalism of American PanAM engineers.

    PanAm is gone. Those engineers are gone. That whole world that valued its citizens and their work knowledge is gone. All of what is shown is now done in China so American workers cannot be paid a decent wage. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. Luke

    I predict Winter will start this Fall and continue well into Spring 2015. I hope I am wrong. I also predict that the media will spin cold into ‘climate change’ and ‘extreme weather’.

  7. ziff

    If you really want to debunk { A}GW look at the differences in night vs day. If they are both rising that’s not AGW, night temps have to rise more. no brainer.

  8. emsnews

    The leaves are already changing up on my mountain, real early. And it is quite cold today. But the sun is blasting us again this week so it will slightly warm up again.

  9. Jim R

    Yup. Got a little rain in South Texas yesterday. Still cloudy today.

    Usually it stays hot here until October.

  10. Luke

    I am in So Cal. Hot August and hotter September. 105 this weekend.
    In other place what has summer been like?

  11. emsnews

    Cold as hell.

  12. Luke

    UK Independent

    In 1992, Earle Williams, also at MIT, noted a strong relationship between global warming and worldwide thunderstorm activity. In the tropics, where the majority of thunderstorms occur, the incidence of lightning roughly doubles with every 1 degree Centigrade rise in temperature. By observing a fundamental property of the Earth’s electric field, known as the Schumann Resonance, it may be possible to measure not only changes in the global temperature but also whether solar activity modulates the climate.

    Solar activity theories underline the complexity of the global climate system. Until we know more about how trace atmospheric constituents, photochemistry and the Earth’s electric and magnetic fields influence the climate, we cannot assume that current relatively simple computer models are providing an adequate picture of how the climate may respond to both natural and human perturbations. In the meantime, new evidence may yet show that the solar activists were right all along.

  13. emsnews

    Actually, lightning corresponds to solar activity. More sunspots=more lightning. Rain actually corresponds more with cooling. The equator jungles have more rain due to the jungle plants being cooler than the air.

    If plants are chopped down, the rain ceases.

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