US National Guards Will Work With Ukraine Nazi Storm Troopers

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California and Ukraine National Guard gear up for military collaboration in 2015 — RT USA: The US has been invading Russian space for a long time now.  And is expanding this by putting all the former Warsaw nations into NATO and then plopping down missiles in these countries to deliberately menace Russia.  This is going to cause WWIII.


The Guardian, devoted to the ‘liberal’ story lines this last several years, is 100% ‘we are going to roast to death if we drive cars’ and was, until today, utterly blind about the neo nazi political military parties which are the junta in Kiev.  But lo and behold, today, they actually report the truth for once:  Azov fighters are Ukraine’s greatest weapon and may be its greatest threat | World news |


Seems the fascists in the pay of NATO are disgruntled with losing the war with the Russian Ukrainians and are muttering about returning to Kiev and killing off the junta rulers and replace them with full fledged Nazis.


I find the comments of readers to be far superior to the article and most are irritated with the Guardian for hiding this information for half a year.


SamsungGalaxy MissToto
10 September 2014 5:31pm
The Azov causes particular concern due to the far-right, even neo-Nazi leanings of many of its members.
So, The Guardian is finally admitting that neo-Nazis are prominent in the Ukrainian government’s campaign against the rebels. Better late than never. A month ago, people who spoke about this were ridiculed by columnists and reporters in this newspaper and called Putin propagandists.
Far-right radicals and even neo-Nazis were also prominent in the armed clashes on the Maidan that resulted in the overthrow of the democratically elected (albeit corrupt) Yanukovych. They did not hide their presense – they flew their neo-Nazi flags, carried their their neo-Nazi banners, wore their neo-Nazi armbands, and chanted their their neo-Nazi slogans openly on the Maidan, but the media chose to pretend that they were not there.


Another poster breaks in with this news:


Poland Halts Reversed Deliveries of Russian Gas to Ukraine
KIEV, September 10 (RIA Novosti) – Poland has stopped reversed deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine, the head of Ukrainian gas transport network operator Ukrtransgaz said Wednesday.
“Today Russia started limiting gas deliveries to Poland in order to disrupt reversed deliveries from Poland. At 2:00 p.m. [local time, 11:00 GMT] Poland stopped reversed deliveries of about 4 million cubic meters of gas to Ukraine,” Ihor Prokopiv said.


The first leaves are falling and due to the EU plotting to do some tricky stuff to steal Russia’s gas, Putin moved first and now Ukraine is cut off pretty much totally.  This will be tons of fun for the people who supported the anti-Orthodox fighting!  Here’s another Brit’s comment:


I haven’t got the time to see if Slovakia can cover the reverse flow previously provided by Poland. The bigger picture is this, EU leaked massive sanctions against russian energy before reaching consensus. (Hint Finland imports a cool 100% of its gas from Russia). So whilst EU waits by the minute to announce the sanctions Putin goes right ahead and turns down Polish supply by 24%.
Putin has acted ahead of the sanctions and in doing so is delivering a clear message. The gas supply to Europe will be disrupted this winter.


And since the British climatologists (sic) have warned this winter will be both warm AND very cold, is bad news.  Yet another poster at Guardian put up this Russian news story:


 ODESSA, September 10. /ITAR-TASS/. Svetlana Fabrikant, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and secretary of the parliamentary commission probing into the massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014 and into other episodes of violence in other Ukrainian cities, on Tuesday withdrew her signature under the commission’s report, saying it had been falsified.


“Regrettably, other members of the commission made some adjustments to the document after I had signed it,” she said. “After the document was published on the official website of the parliament, I found my signature under a different document and I cannot agree with it.”


Earlier on Tuesday, Odessa-based mass media published the original document that differed from the one posted on the parliament’s website. Journalists noted that a number of important episodes were absent from website edition of the report. Thus, it omitted witnesses’ evidence proving the involvement of Andrei Paruby, the secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, in the organization of the Odessa massacre.


Paruby, chief of Ukraine’s Security Council Valentin Nalivaichenko and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov refused to talk with the commission’s members. The report, according to the media, lacked evidence of numerous witnesses about involvement in the riots of about 500 radicals of the Kiev’ Maidan who had been accommodated in Odessa with the help of the region’s governor, Vladimir Nemirovsky.


The final report did not mention the names of the leader of the Odessa branch of the Udar party, Andrei Yusov and other local “maidan” leaders, who instigated radical nationalists to set ablaze a tent camp of pro-federalism activists and the House of Trade Unions.


“Key participants in those developments had never showed up at the commission’s sessions. The reluctance of officials to provide explanations to the commission is an eloquent answer. What kind of openness and joint work can we speak about?” she said, adding that the authorities were apparently seeking to drop the investigation of the Odessa tragedy.


I saw videos of this massacre.  The news about this was hidden from Americans and many Europeans. This censorship of vital information is how the people are shoved into one disaster after another.  The entire Middle East mess is due to censoring the news so events shock and surprise people, events easily foreseen if they had real information.


Liberal or right wing, both wings of this beast don’t fly.  Everyone censors the news for their own ends which is why so many dumb things happen.  Right now, we are supposed to hate Russia.  And hate spreads like wildfire.  Only we also hate each other.


Gang of Black Teens Beats White Memphis Grocery Store Employee into Unconsciousness didn’t make 90% of the US news and if it did, the race of the mob wasn’t clearly mentioned.  The black mobs are on a delusional course imagining they are big and strong and can attack whites with impunity and nothing will happen.


This is really insane but thanks to our media focusing mainly on the really rare occasions that whites kill blacks, gives erroneous ideas to many who have no idea the toxic shit storm they are cooking themselves, imagining they are allowed to attack any whites any time and whites are not allowed to fight back.


It will make the Ukraine mass murders look like a Chicago weekend.


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8 responses to “US National Guards Will Work With Ukraine Nazi Storm Troopers

  1. Christian W

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures of the so called Azov battalion in Western media. The simple truth is that the Azov battalion is the closest thing there has been to a Waffen SS outfit in Europe since WWII.

    These are the guys that will recieve (more) training and equipment by US Special Forces. What can possibly go wrong.

  2. e sutton

    Glad you mentioned the most recent black beat down of YT in Memphis. One of the angelic, saintly youths was apprehended recently, identified from cell phone footage of him stomping on the head of some poor white guy. His 33 year old mom was on the news the other night saying her son, he’s one of eight, is not a monster, only upset with “anger issues” over the fact that his dad was dead. I suppose the fact that he even knows who his dad was is in itself quite remarkable. And these ghetto mammas seem to go on a breeding frenzy in every celebration of Uncle Sam’s Newest Addition of the Platinum EBT card rollout. But a better example of a race of people absolutely refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever for their behavior was clearly evident once more.

    On the other side of the pond, parties seem to be getting a little nervous. Good. They asked for this huge sh*t sandwich, and Putin is going to deliver it to them on a plate of watercress. 😀

  3. tio

    Not so much ‘asked for’ rather refused to reject said sandwich, we are keenly aware of the arsehole that formulated the menu options.

  4. Jim R

    Soon it will be clear why the Russians like to paint things white.

  5. tio

    I’d like the Barry Burger with the Nuland patty with extra pink slime .. Yes! I’ll take a false flagon of diet toxic piss and a side of burnt dutch fries .. Oh go on .. make that large and to go.

    I can’t wait for this winters crop of frozen grannies, perhaps we can concoct some modern art installation with the cadavers .. mh17 on ice?

    Why fear the ruskies?

    Anyway whoo hoo, the former UK is getting Obomber Care, finally privileged with US-Corp health systems .. McSoylent Green? you betcha! I’m lovin’ it.

    Red Mist is rising.

  6. I hardly leave responses, but i did some searching and wound up here US
    National Guards Will Work With Ukraine Nazi Storm Troopers | Culture of Liffe News.
    And I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be simply me or does it look like some of the comments appear like coming from brain dead individuals?
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    Would you mmake a list of the complete urls off all your social pages like yohr twittedr feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?


    ELAINE; Are you a kook or spam? Can’t make up my mind.

  7. melponeme_k


    If you can believe the Daily Mail (can you believe any of them), they have released numbers regarding illegal alien children abandoned at the border and where they have been sent for sanctuary in the US.

    Texas, California, New York and Virginia are bearing the brunt of this illegal alien crime wave.

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