Warmonger Media Relentlessly Drive US Public Into Multiple Wars Including WWIII

There are a zillion conspiracy theories popping up in lieu of actual information with the latest airplane shoot down.  The aviation business and governments pride themselves on solving crash mysteries except when crashes are political warmongering fodder then the systems collapse and lies, deceptions and secrecy reign.  Meanwhile, Israel steals more land and a prominent professor of ‘Indian Studies’ is fired by the University of Illinois (funny, that’s an Indian name for the state!) because he wrote a tweet chiding Israel for killing Palestinian children.


The warmongers who run the NYT are livid the US isn’t sending more arms to Ukraine so the coup and kill citizens:  Amid Intensifying Requests, American Military Aid to Ukraine Stalls – NYTimes.com


Despite appeals from the Ukrainian armed forces, the United States has so far provided only a modest package of nonlethal assistance to the Kiev government, and much of it has yet to arrive.


The White House, which has relied on economic sanctions and the threat of international isolation to deter Russia from escalating its involvement in Ukraine, has been reluctant to step up military assistance for fear that it will lead to an escalation in the fighting and provoke Moscow.


he $70 million in aid the United States has pledged includes rations, radios, concertina wire, first-aid kits and limited supplies of body armor, but no arms. But much of the assistance is still in the pipeline, including such important items as night-vision goggles. The United States has also promised to train 700 members of Ukraine’s National Guard, but that program is not scheduled to get underwayuntil 2015.


In contrast, Ukrainian separatists have been battling the government’s troops with the help of Russian tanks, artillery, antiaircraft weapons and, NATO says, thousands of Russian troops.


The NYT puts forth this obvious lie because they can claim ‘NATO’ said this is happening.  Our rulers are NATO!  They and the NYT want war and are furious the US public is lukewarm despite tons of propaganda.  One reason for this lack of lust for war is, the US public still dimly realizes that war with Russia means annihilation.


Do note our government no longer has any nuclear war drills.  When I was a child, we had these all the time and it was talked about realistically, the idea we could all be blown up instantly was not far from our tiny minds back then.  Now, the rulers want to resurrect this Cold War horror and at the same time, are making zero moves to protect us at home.


Back in the 1950’s and well into the 1960’s, we were instructed as to how to build a nuclear bomb shelter and how to flee the cities, etc.  Now, nothing, nothing at all.  Not one finger is lifted to protect us at home just like the NYT is whining about Ukraine’s borders and the US is sending barbed wire fences to fence this off while our borders remain totally open to aliens who are flooding in.


War weariness hardens into resolve for military action: the Washington Post is quite proud of its efforts to shove us into yet another war.  Obama prepared to act against militants in Syria because of all the hard, hard work of Zionists who hide the massive provocations of Israel.  The recent land grab has finally made the NYT a week late.


What is really sad is how sane and adult Russia’s diplomats sound.  Lavrov: West may use ISIS as pretext to bomb Syrian govt forces — RT News


“We have repeatedly suggested to the US, the EU and leading European states to realize the extent of this threat. We have called on the UN to resolutely condemn terrorist attacks staged by Islamists in Syria. But we were told that it was Bashar Assad’s politics that gave rise to terrorism, and that denouncing such acts was possible only alongside with the demand for his resignation,” Lavrov said.


In Moscow’s view, this represents “a double standard” and an attempt to justify terrorism.


Up until the Syrian conflict, Russia and the West were unanimous that terrorism cannot be justified “no matter what motive was behind them,” Lavrov said. But in case with Syria the West had a “different, two-faced stance.” It was only when the terrorism threat which originated in Libya crept to Lebanon and then Iraq that Western countries realized it was time to deal with that, Lavrov said.


None of this is quoted in the US press.  The discussion here is on the most childish level with no mention that Assad is the target of ISIS and that the US via the CIA and Saudi Arabia is our creation and we are totally responsible for this element creating destruction.  Now, we are whipped into fighting our own creature yet again.


Here is a sad New York Times headline:  Emblem of Conflict: Seized West Bank Land.  How ridiculous!  This isn’t an ’emblem’ it is rock hard land being openly stolen by the Jews.  It is all about how Israel was forced to steal more land and this is the fault of the Palestinians who didn’t negotiate correctly.  Kerry Arrives in Iraq for Talks on Strategy Against ISIS  after his huge failures with the Israel negotiations.  The mixed up mess grows ever greater.  Gaza: Arrests Suggest Disagreement on Truce Details is another NYT effort at explaining events in their home state of Israel while not telling a single true thing.


The ‘disagreement on truce details’ is disingenuous.  The Gaza arrests are happening despite Jewish promises not to do this.  These promises are always tossed aside when Jews want to torment the Palestinians.  There are no laws, no treaties, nothing when it comes to stealing stuff and brutalizing the natives.  These people are treated exactly like US Indian tribes during the last 300 years.


There is never a ‘truce’ in Palestine because the Jews don’t want one, they want war for whatever excuse.  Cheney Urges House G.O.P. to Abandon Isolationism because AIPAC won’t give the GOP any more money if they so much as whisper that we can’t afford endless wars with a billion Muslims.  Instead, we are to go to war with all of them plus Russia and China.


Our country is turning into the USSR:  Professor fired for Israel criticism urges University of Illinois to reinstate him | Education | theguardian.com


Steven Salaita, a university professor whose appointment at the University of Illinois was withdrawn last month after he was critical of Israel on Twitter, spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday, saying he should be reinstated on the grounds of academic freedom.


“I am a passionate advocate for equality, a fair and open-minded instructor, and highly collegial. No legitimate evidence exists for any claims or insinuations to the contrary, which have severely damaged any reputation and my prospects for future employment,” he said.


Salaita, a former tenured professor of English at Virginia Tech, accepted a faculty appointment at the University of Illinois in October 2013 to teach in the American Indian Studies program starting January 2014. But his appointment was revoked in early August, after Salaita posted to Twitter several messages criticising Israel.


“Only Israel can murder around 300 children in the span of a few weeks and insist that it is the victim,” said one. “If Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised,” asked another.


In explaining his dismissal, university officials described his comments as uncivil, saying they represented “disrespectful and demeaning speech that promotes malice”.


Whoa!  This professor dissed our real President!  Also, the Jews threatened to remove all money from the section this guy teaches.  Talking about the savage behavior of Zionists is verboten.  They will make an example of this poor man who will never, ever be employed by anyone as a professor.


What is particularly funny here is, any discussion about how the Palestinians are identical to the American Indians is also verboten.  At the same time, the Jews will allow the ‘nobel savage’ storyline to continue with it being surgically attached to the Holocaust and themselves.  So it is OK to compare the suppression of the Indians and the theft of their lands with the Jews in Germany but not the Palestinians.


Here is the Washington Post’s headline:  Steven Salaita, more than just an obnoxious tweeter.  Yes, Jews like Joan Rivers can say very nasty things and wish the Palestinians all die and nothing happens to her (except maybe divine intervention) but if anyone dares talk the way she talked, but pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist and they are savaged brutally.


Note that during this whole one sided war with Israel being armed heavily by the US, not one US media outfit talked to Jimmy Carter!  He is hidden from us.  His opinion isn’t wanted.  Recently, both Bush and Clinton were on stage together hosting this corporate ‘charity’ thingie and Jimmy Carter was not invited.  But former Presidents are VERY chummy, by the way because both are Bilderberg gangsters.


Not Jimmy Carter.  We are trained to despise him and don’t understand why, we just respond with recoil instinctively thanks to many years of propaganda.  I am a bit biased here because he was a friend of my father.  Nonetheless, we can see how he has been demonized thanks to his strong support for telling the truth and refusal to warmonger.


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14 responses to “Warmonger Media Relentlessly Drive US Public Into Multiple Wars Including WWIII

  1. Christian W

    I saw this interesting quote by Voltaire over at ICH:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine: Thank you for reading and critiquing the NYT; saves me the effort and time. The NYT has always been a forum for articulating the elites’ agenda. Let me ask: is the current editor of the NYT as disgusting as Abe Rosenthal was? Just curious…

  3. Christian W

    What is really sad is how sane and adult Russia’s diplomats sound.

    Personally I find that very damn fortunate that the Russians are sane at this point in time.

    Netanyahu might as well be Martin Bormann pulling strings from behind the curtain in the rotten US political system.


  4. Christian W

    From the wiki link above:

    “After Hess’s solo flight to Britain on 10 May 1941 to seek peace negotiations with the British government, Bormann assumed Hess’s former duties, with the title of Head of the Parteikanzlei (Party Chancellery). He had final approval over civil service appointments, reviewed and approved legislation, and by 1943 had de facto control over all domestic matters. Bormann was one of the leading proponents of the ongoing persecution of the Christian churches and favoured harsh treatment of Jews and Slavs in the areas conquered by Germany during World War II.”

  5. emsnews

    Voltaire’s favorite reader was Catherine the Great of Russia! Really!

  6. melponeme_k


    Catherine tried to give more freedom to Serfs and use some of Voltaire’s ideas. The ruling class put an end to those ideas. And being a German…she had to play it safe. So reforms were off the table.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    Why don’t they just send McCain back into Syria to talk with his ISIS pals and Syrian rebels he supports again; maybe he can get another photo op and work something out?


  8. emsnews

    Good idea, Alaskan Ice. 🙂

  9. Alaskan Ice

    That photo of McCain in Syria last year with his arm arounds around ISIS and Syrian resistance rebels. . . couldn’t look any worse if he’d brought Willie Horton and Jane Fonda along with him.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    It’s a shame to see McCain as a part of this tired “blow-back” machine that pretends not to create a potential enemy, only to find that it has turned on its betrayers.

    Al-Qaeda was encouraged by Saudi Arabia with Western backing as a way to divert Muslim hard-line nationalists from focusing on Arab Peninsula Wahhabist leaders, who were trading oil on the cheap for security and Western assurances they would remain in power.

    ISIS, even more cartoon-ishly, with their matching black pajamas and comic book name that mocks them as an inside joke.

  11. emsnews

    ISIS is copying Saudi Arabia including the stoning of women, beheading people, attacking women, etc. They are the SAME.

  12. emsnews

    Hey, did you get in the brawl with the Palin clan? 🙂

  13. Alaskan Ice

    No, I hadn’t heard about it. 🙂

    But I wonder whether politicians who cozied up to ISIS and Syrian Resistance like McCain will stay away from the Foley family in NH for a while. . .

    “She added that the family was told many times that raising ransom “was illegal (and) we might be prosecuted.”
    “We were just told to trust that he would be freed somehow, miraculously,” Foley’s mother told CNN. “And he wasn’t, was he?””


    I wonder whether McCain and his pals see the Foley’s as just another unfortunate cog in their “blow-back” machine? What do they tell them?

    And, who was that piece of human garbage who threatened to prosecute a Mom for trying to raise the ransom to free her son from terrorists?

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