9/11: All Our ‘Allies’ Want Weird Wars With Nuclear Powers While US Battles Muslims And Our Borders Are Open

Here we are at 9/11 all over again and the only thing that has come out of this event is the rise of far, far stronger and more numbers of al Qaeda clones and more wars, trillions wasted on wars and our supposed ‘allies’ egging us on into wars with both China and Russia which is pure insanity.  The real 9/11 is nuclear war annihilating much of civilization as hysteria is whipped up by media owners and the rich who want the poor and working classes distracted because they fear workers might wake up and attack them, instead.  But of course, this ‘solution’ is no solution at all.  But then, liberals in the US now want 99% of humanity terminated, fast, so we don’t roast to death as if nuclear war isn’t roasting to death, in all reality.


Here is one hot spot:  More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll: over the years I have read Japanese comments about China and the delusional thinking there is amazing.  The Japanese really do imagine they can ‘crush China’ in a NUCLEAR war.  Seriously!  What Japan expects is for the US to nuke China and Russia while Japan sits idle, sneering offshore as if no noke would hit the 2 and only 2 population centers in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka.  What remains will be some poor, disconnected villages filled mainly with the elderly.


If any nation on earth is about to be self-annihilated, it is Japan.  Literally dying, not replicating, huge tracts of land fatally polluted by Fukushima, a dying culture mired in a wallow of infantile cultural pablum, senility setting in badly, at the same time the entire country is very belligerent and proud, imagining they are lords of all they survey.  Mainly due to latching onto the US like a lamprey.


Then there is the EU, created by the Bilderberg gang.  EC suspends aid to farmers hit by Russian food ban after claims exceed annual trade

Polish farmers had submitted 87 percent of all claims for support and had demanded compensation for more than double the EU‘s overall annual exports to Russia of cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages, the sources claimed. Figures for cucumbers and gherkins were almost five times higher than annual EU exports.


Of all the countries affected by the Russian import ban Poland arguably reacted most vocally.


The above article doesn’t mention this fact which one of the readers posted in the comments section:


Perhaps the exaggerated demands had something to do with the fact that the European Commission Director General for Agriculture, Jerzy Bogdan Plewa, and chairman of the Committee of Agricultural and Rural Development of the European Parliament, Czeslaw Adam Siekierski are both Polish?


These many wars are merely excuses for various crooks to milk the taxpayers for money for themselves.  The sanctions are the same.  The people who are under attack are taxpayers in all nations in the Western Alliance which is all about looting someone, preferably the taxpayers.  This is because looting citizens is easy compared to trying to loot Libyans or Iraqis.  The pick pocket method to riches is practiced on the lower working classes by the very rich.


It is simple: taxes rise on the lower classes, so do fees and other methods of extraction, global warming taxes being a prime example of this, and then all the governments from Japan to Europe to the US run deep in the red, putting all the expenses onto future tax bills and then they all turn around and announce there is no money for the working class schmucks because everything is running in the red!


Then, when the budget is balanced somehow, another excuse for another war pops up magically and voila: same goes on over and over again.  Meanwhile, social services for the lower classes decline or vanish entirely.  While miraculously, taxes on the rich go down, not up, and the gulf between rich and poor widens.


Ukraine’s security service raids independent Kiev newspaper after report on SBU chief’s family as the fascists there crush anyone who exposes their criminality.  This is happening in fascist Japan, too.  The new secrecy laws are being used to crush any investigation of the ruling elites.  Senior Scientist: Fukushima reactors like Swiss cheese; No one knows how far melted nuclear fuel has spread — Newspaper: Highly radioactive water thought to be coming up from ground and directly into open ocean, bypassing plant’s bay; ‘Other substances’ making contamination more serious (VIDEO),


Fukushima fallout continues: now cleanup workers claim unpaid wages because TEPCO works with the Yakuza to exploit labor and the LDP protects both.  Japan Gov’t: Tokyo area hit with ‘unnoticed’ wave of Fukushima radioactive material — Newspapers: “Heavily contaminated… High-concentration radiation” — Prime Minister: “We were right on the verge” of evacuating 50 million people (AUDIO): this information came out this week, not when it was happening.


All this warmongering by Abe and his gang while the GDP contraction revised to deeper than estimated 7.1% which means the Long Depression in Japan is going to be a lot, lot longer.  Fascists have only one solution for this: war.  And the warmongering by Japan is deafening yet nearly entirely concealed by US media.


Now on to the EU disintegrating:  ‘V for Vote’: Catalans rally on National Day for independence referendum like the one in Scotland.  The Scottish vote is 50/50 so far with the bankers shrieking that they will all leave and all the voters in Scotland will be suddenly poor and this is a threat?  HAHAHA.  England’s banking system is actually a piratical operation that has very little in the way of reserves and of these, the Scottish gas/oil fields are a major part.


Poor Obama!  He has to pretend to be a warmonger.  Aside from encouraging race wars, he has to fight all the Muslims all the time.  So here he is, aping his owners’ views:  ‘If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven’: Obama vows to destroy ISIS with Syria airstrikes in televised address – but insists there will be ‘no boots on the ground’ because most Americans are tiring of this stupid war with all Muslims.


Syria and Iran warn Obama that he could trigger the ‘first sparks of fire’ in the Middle East with vow to bomb ISIS in Syria because the US is using alien NATO nations as ‘partners’ rather than the real people who live right where these terrorists are operating.  We see our rulers shrieking about ‘sovereignty’ while our rulers ignore sovereignty nearly entirely even our own sovereignty which is why they want open borders where activist James O’Keefe Crosses The Border As Osama bin Laden  and crosses over from Canada: The right-wing documentarian’s latest work follows an August video that showed ‘Osama bin Laden’ sneaking into New York …


Our borders are not protected at all except from honest citizens who are given the shakedown if they try to leave or return home.  Aliens flood in with Obama and his gang applauding this and enabling this while all the 9/11 howlers ignore our border problems.





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18 responses to “9/11: All Our ‘Allies’ Want Weird Wars With Nuclear Powers While US Battles Muslims And Our Borders Are Open

  1. Peter C.

    Makes it obvious the airport assaults /stadium/bus searches/etc. are not to catch terrorists but to subjugate the population.
    Myself not planning to cross the northern border anytime soon.

  2. DeVaul

    A little maintenance on the gas storage facilities and the Confederacy dies:


  3. aashild

    While The USA prepares for nuclear war. China aims for further exploration of space. In 2022 China will have its own space station.

    China completes construction of advanced space launch facility

    Space station eyes cooperation with other countries

    The US National Research Council said in June in a report mandated by the US Congress that the ban on NASA-China ties “denies the US partnership with a nation that will probably be capable of making truly significant contributions to international collaborative missions.”

  4. e sutton

    Yeah, we don’t do technology and stuff like that no mo. It’s so “acting white” to be into Science and Math. Thinking makes the brain hurt. Majoring in Gender Studies and writing a term paper that would have earned a sixth grader a ‘D’ in 1954 is practically enough to be a doctorate dissertation in 2014. And yes, our leaders see value in destroying things, not exploring things or building things. Get with the times, man! 🙂

  5. emsnews

    WORSE! NASA is in shambles and spends most of its energy on stupid global warming crap. We can’t even go into space all that much anymore as everything rots away.

  6. Alaskan Ice

    The coverup in Fukushima is partially because the Japanese are building nukes: the only thing the GE Mark I design does well.

    They are on the verge of becoming a regional nuclear superpower, propped up as a buffer state to balance China and Russia in the region if and when the U.S. withdraws its bases from its Pacific rim satellite states.

    So, of course their role as a buffer state is to be a crazy mad-dog warlike culture. . . .and we have no idea why or how they slipped the leash. . . just like Israel, or Iran to Russia, or North Korea to China, etc.

  7. Luke

    ‘ NASA is in shambles and spends most of its energy on stupid global warming crap’ . Obama put a Black man to run NASA.


  8. tio

    @Alaskan Ice — Bingo!

    why? same reason a dog licks its balls.

  9. tio

    “America, our endless blessings bestow an enduring burden. But as Americans, we welcome our responsibility to lead. From Europe to Asia, from the far reaches of Africa to war-torn capitals of the Middle East, we stand for freedom, for justice, for dignity. These are values that have guided our nation since its founding.” – potus

    “Following Obama’s address to the nation Wednesday, America’s psychiatrists and liquor stores stocked up on anti-depressants and massive amounts of alcohol. States allowing for legal marijuana report booming sales.” – Firedoglake

    “The jargon is “controlling the narrative”. In his seminal Culture and Imperialism, Edward Said was more explicit: the western media machine was now capable of penetrating deep into the consciousness of much of humanity with a “wiring” as influential as that of the imperial navies of the 19th century. Gunboat journalism, in other words. Or war by media.

    Yet, a critical public intelligence and resistance to propaganda does exist; and a second superpower is emerging – the power of public opinion, fuelled by the internet and social media.

    The false reality created by false news delivered by media gatekeepers may prevent some of us knowing that this new superpower is stirring in country after country: from the Americas to Europe, Asia to Africa. It is a moral insurrection, exemplified by the whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. The question begs: will we break our silence while there is time?”

  10. emsnews

    Rulers find it ridiculously easy to inflame the emotions of the mob. But when economic conditions are bad and these emotional outbursts don’t fix this, the emotions suddenly surge against the rulers.

    Over and over again, this stupid game is played. In the US we have the added mess of race hate that protects the elites but since the elites have now decisively sided with rioters, I find this very funny indeed.

    In a horrible way, of course. I feel sorry for blacks who have been led to this situation where they will be forced to go to war with the vast bulk of the angry population, that is white working class stiffs.

    History says, when the majority of workers seek someone to kill, they start by killing minorities. Once that is done, they turn on the elites.

  11. John

    I’ve caught some considerable flak from people I know, for suggesting that Obama and his minions are deliberately trying to gin up a violent race war between blacks and whites. The reason is simple: to give Obama an excuse to suspend the Constitution, roll out martial law, and most importantly, to suspend elections at the Federal level. I am convinced that he wants to be “president for life,” and that at least for now, his Bilderberg/Zionist masters want this too. He can get away with a lot of stuff no white person, not even a white woman, can get away with, just by screaming racism at anyone who objects.

  12. emsnews

    He desperately wants to retire, play golf and hobnob with the Bilderberg gang and collect immense fees making fake speeches no one pays attention to.

  13. tio

    And there was I thinking that the Normans were the minority. Black pudding all round.


    ELAINE: Yup, they were the top 10%. And trust me, they HATED each other and would kill each other (War of the Roses being a typical example).

  14. Alaskan Ice

    “He desperately wants to retire, play golf and hobnob with the Bilderberg gang and collect immense fees making fake speeches no one pays attention to.”

    In the fascist amalgam of influence and power between the super-wealthy and high-level government bureaucrats that is our government, Obama was the best candidate the apparatchiks could come up with to temper the insanity, betrayal and incompetence of the “Elite” candidates like Bush.

    Or so we all assumed. . .

  15. Luke

    ‘History says, when the majority of workers seek someone to kill, they start by killing minorities. ‘ and who or what is in minority now, In the USA?

    Elaine a year or two ago here you posted ‘multicultural societies are the strongest’.

    Alaska Ice ‘Or so we all assumed’..who is we? tens of millions who could have voted for him did not.

  16. emsnews

    Multicultural ARE the strongest unless the elites exploit everyone and make the economic situation dire.

    Monochromatic societies like Japan simply up and die. Implode slowly. Or swiftly in the case of Japan.

  17. Luke

    Japan has been strong for 5000? years. No empire is forever.

    Oops, did I mention empire? Meanwhile AIPAC http://www.dailyslave.com/jew-whore-retards-in-u-s-senate-pass-bill-elevating-israel-as-major-strategic-partner/

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