Abe Takes Over Asahi TV and Newspapers, Forces Censorship of Fukushima and Comfort Women

Thanks to the new secrecy law in Japan, Abe and his fascist gang have throttled the press and he as totally taken over the NHK and now all the Japanese get is pure propaganda.  Abe now has begun to attack news papers and forced an Asahi to apologize for erroneous Fukushima, comfort women reports ‹ Japan Today:  The rulers of Japan told the newspaper all the stories about Fukushima and the comfort women were outright lies.  Which is false.  They are certainly true!

The top editor had to resign and now the paper is run by a fascist pig.  Japan is headed towards a repeat of WWII thanks to the US giving them the green light to do this suicidal, insane thing.  I suppose very cynically, the expectation is for China to wipe out Japan and thus, eliminate one quarter of US debt owed overseas and if China is crippled, this is 50% total between the two countries, wiped out in a war with the US getting off with no payments.


Some Japanese are fooled by these retraction of honest reporting but some can see clearly how fascism is destroying Japan:

hamptonSEP. 12, 2014 – 11:58AM JST
We all know that the workers fled Fukushima because we all know Naoto Kan had to make them go back, even if they died as a result of returning. This “fact” has been countered by “an official document” has it? What a surprise!


Meanwhile the current state of Fukushima is unknown because since December last year no independent news articles have been permitted. We are only given the information the government allows us to be given.


Comfort women testimonies can be overturned and disproved by “rival newspapers and academics”. Which academics are these then; are they the ones that Mr. Abe pays to support his idiotic revisionist agenda? This is just the government’s historical revisionism at work again, nothing more. Anything this government sees as portraying Japan in a negative way will be overturned by “official documents” and “academics” and a few Japanese will be taken in as they have no other sources of information. The rest of the world just sighs deeply and wonders why Japan is unable to take responsibility for what it did and move on the way Germany did.

Papi2013SEP. 12, 2014 – 12:03PM JST
Japan’s press freedom level took another deep dive. All the democracy is being slowly and methodically being undone by Abe’s government who is building a projection of Japan that he wants the rest of the world to see. This may fool the Japanese, but the foreigners in Japan won’t get fooled so easily.


There is virtually no more Fukushima information and the people are being forced by Abe to return to obviously contaminated places.  Our government never mentions Fukushima, either.  We see them shrieking about Russia while our ‘ally’ pollutes half of the planet earth’s oceans and not a peep.


The idiots who think we are roasting to death are having a major anti-modern life demonstration in Manhattan Sept. 22 to try to force us all into living hell, and not ONE of them is saying ANYTHING about Fukushima.  No big demonstrations about that turkey!


This infuriates me.  The ecological movement has been hijacked by fascists and far right wing North Korean believers and yes, there are organizations that do worship North Korea, I once babysat a young girl whose parents were in a political cell that did exactly this.


Back in 2005, Abe won’t testify on NHK censorship | The Japan Times.  JPRI Critique Vol. XII No. 3:

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 6.11.00 PM

These are our ‘allies’!  They all run trade surpluses with us and undermine us and many are turning outright fascist.  Japan is even now going to build nuclear submarines and sell these to our other allies further wrecking our trade relations.  They are hostile enemies, not allies but so are the Saudi royals.


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5 responses to “Abe Takes Over Asahi TV and Newspapers, Forces Censorship of Fukushima and Comfort Women

  1. Alaskan Ice

    The Saudis are still our “friends” as long as they are still selling oil priced with Western financial center methodologies. i.e. a nickel on the dollar at 20:1 EROEI.

  2. Alaskan Ice

    Fukushima is going to destroy their Island. I can’t believe they’re going to do nothing to dig up and cask the coriums.

    I think the global warming crowd should join the nuclear engineers, media and politicians and they should all go to Fukushima and be made to help carry some water.

  3. aashild

    Good idea Alaskan Ice, let them clean up Fukushima along with the Bilderberg gang.

    As for Japan, they really should get rid of Abe as soon as possible unless they want their country annihilated.

  4. aashild

    The ageing of Japan’s population is quickening new data shows. 26% of the population is now above 65, up by 1,1 million from the same period last year.

    This share is expected to increase to one third of the population by 2035.


  5. emsnews

    Yes, WWIII in Japan will be fought by an army of obasans.

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