Black Women Hate The Way They Look So They Torment Themselves To Look ‘White’

black super model goes from curly hair to long hair extensions


The top picture is Beverly Johnson today and the bottom picture is herself in 1974.  Note her hair is really very curly not long ans straight.  The Huffington Post has this angry editorial by a black woman who has destroyed her natural hair because she is embarrassed to appear in public with natural curls.  She complains about black men not liking black women the way they are yet she, herself, hates her own appearance and goes to great lengths to look as white as possible, herself.  The Definition of Beauty for Black Women Is Still in Flux — Why? | Beverly Johnson


 The notion of what is beautiful in black women is still a source of great debate in popular culture; just look at the recent casting call for a movie about the trailblazing rap group N.W.A. The call sheet asked women to “grade” themselves, from A through D, using such criteria as skin color, waist size and hair type. The “A”s were the women who had a model-like build, light complexion and long hair.


By their scale, Beyoncé would rate only a “B” grade! Sure, “B” is for beautiful and Beyoncé, but I don’t think there are many who would argue that Bey earns an “A” on the scale of beauty across all races, so what gives?


Beyonce is nearly totally fabricated.  There is virtually nothing natural about her anymore than say, Joan Rivers was natural.  Joan went to tremendous lengths and under surgery many times, finally dying, like poor Michael Jackson, in her eternal quest to look like a Nazi poster of Nordic Beauty.


This ideal, far from dying off, reigns supreme these days.  The beauty industry is mainly all about making everyone look like a Nazi dream.  Long legs, slender waist, big tits, sharp pointed nose and chin, blonde straight hair, pale skin: this is the huge ideal, embraced by everyone and the amount of money spent to look as close to this as possible is immense, a huge part of the world’s economy since few are naturally born this way.


Here is a controversial black you tube commentator, Sotomayor, who uses very rude speech to talk about race issues, he is very conservative and at the same time, talks like the Black Panthers I knew in the sixties in California and I knew all of them very well back then.  He rages often about black women refusing to grow their natural hair and instead, wearing weaves and wigs and trying to make themselves be pale as possible:

black women and white women in 1930s had same wavy hair

Fashion shifts all the time.  During the 1930’s, the ideal woman had short DARK hair!  Not long, straight blonde hair.  This ideal was married to the short wavy or curly blonde hair that slowly took over by 1955 with the rise of M. Monroe.  Everyone had to have this stupid hair style.  I remember when I went to the beauty parlor to get my straight hair fixed.


I felt ridiculous and let it grow out and by 1964, I proudly wore straight, blonde hair.  This was the bare beginning of the Hippie Revolution and hair was at its center which is why ‘Hair’ was made into a musical.  Everyone wore natural hair!  Blacks suddenly discovered the Afro, for example.  We were quite proud of overthrowing the Beauty Industry.


Except it didn’t stop there.  Women had to have my hair type even though they didn’t have it so the Beauty Industry produced it for them.  By 1980, natural was out, again and fake in because people all want to look the same.


On top of this, thanks to integration and dropping of racist laws, black men could legally marry white women and many chose this because it is ‘high status’ to have a white woman.  Black women are held in so little regard, 70% of them don’t get married to anyone at this point which is tragic.


Below is the casting call put out by a group of black rap stars who are making a dumb movie about themselves playing ghetto gangstas:


Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 9.18.13 AM

They want The Real Thang which is long legged white chicks with long straight hair.  I am in my sixties so I can’t be in their movie!  But what they want is what I am which is ridiculous.  The ghetto gangstas claim they want black, white, asian, hispanic, mid eastern chicks but they have to have long hair which Asians and Middle Eastern women do have, by these women are not Africans.


Black women buy 70% of all hair extensions most of which come from India.  What is very ironic to me is how in the Nazi era, the Beauty Ideal even in Germany was not Nordic at all.  All the Nazi chicks married to Nazi war criminals had their hair curled and permed like they were Jewish (who have natural curls) and almost none of them wore it straight.

The ‘B girls’ of these ghetto rapsters is Beyonce who is fake.  And they know it which is why they also demand ‘long NATURAL hair’ which eliminates Beyonce, herself, ironically.  And yes, fashion is all about irony and self deception.  Natural is the enemy of fashion and always has been.


But periodically, fashion’s house is cleaned out by ‘back to nature’ movements’ such as the famous French Revolution which threw out the elaborate hair does, the dresses and fashion sense of the previous century and replaced it with simple, natural hair styles, light, easy to wear gowns and sensible shoes.  100 years later, it was all about wigs, restrictive, elaborate clothing and lots of fake stuff again!


The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other and right now we are at a ‘fake is good’ extreme again so it is time to return to natural, clean, clear, easy fashion again and I can’t wait!  I will finally, with no effort at all, be fashionable again!  Whoopee!


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17 responses to “Black Women Hate The Way They Look So They Torment Themselves To Look ‘White’

  1. John

    I wonder how much of the phoniness of fashion gets down to low self esteem, regardless of race. Even leaving aside hair and skin color, the makeup styles and so forth can be very unnatural.

    I wonder of the phoniness of fashion reflects a society’s collective self-esteem? Perhaps cultures who are happy, overall, with themselves and not trying to outdo or “one up” another culture are more willing to look like their natural selves? Because fashion is definitely a collective thing.

  2. Luke

    ‘I wonder how much of the phoniness of fashion gets down to low self esteem,FOR WOMEN regardless of race.’
    Six year old girls that dont want to wear a swimsuit because ‘I look fat’. eating disorders, plastic surgery etc.

  3. Luke

    ‘Black women are held in so little regard, 70% of them don’t get married to anyone at this point which is tragic.’ Held in little regard by themselves.
    check a show called ‘Hot Ghetto Babes’ and see the pics here

  4. melponeme_k

    What you are pointing out is Elite FASHION. I’ve noticed in the world of games, almost all players (male and female) gravitate towards avatars that are raven haired, tall and very ethnically mixed.

    We, as animals, want healthy looking mongrels. The fashion industry is very into the inbred “marry your cousin and keep it in the family” look. Which isn’t surprising. Since the elite are very into keeping the Royal family in the spotlight and trumpeting how wonderful they are over the rest of us.

  5. vengeur

    The fact of the matter is that American blacks are whiter than they have ever been in their long history in this country. If they went to Africa, most would be considered white or mixed by the indigenous people. By the way, that women at the top of the post IS beautiful, regardless of her hair. I also believe fashion is all about MONEY, those hair extensions are expensive as hell. Of course white women spend crazy amounts of money on their hair too. It’s all very simple: blacks want access to all and everything “white”, but want to maintain an EXCLUSIVE (whites NOT WELCOME) cultural, political and societal domain for themselves. This is why they start to freak out when they realize they are mimicking white hairstyles, etc. But considered he tortured history of blacks in America, this is understandable.

  6. vengeur

    The part about the Nazi thing, if you notice, the ideal in Germany at that time was long BRAIDED hair. In the fields harvesting etc. Kinder, Kirche, Kueche.

  7. csurge

    Hi, Elaine. It’s been a long time since I commented here. ^_^. Funny you should mention this, because all my cousins (mixed decent) stated firmly in their teens that they were going to marry white women. Here we are twenty years later, and they have done exactly that. I can tell you now, it has nothing to do with looks. It has everything to do with CULTURE and ATTITUDE. The whites they married weren’t particularly good looking

  8. emsnews

    The torture people (Michael Jackson!) put themselves through to look like Nazi elites is sad, very sad.

    Beyonce doesn’t look anything like she was as a child and she gets blonder and more ‘Nordic’ by the year, destroying her mental and physical self.

    I feel sorry for people who do this….look at Japanese women. Westerners think they are cute as all hell. Dolls!

    What are they doing to themselves????

    Dying their raven locks to be dry as hay and this reddish color! Tweeking the eyes to not slant. Fixing the nose! Very, very sad to see. Ditto, even worse for Koreans.

    Many Westerners love the slanted eyes and oriental young people do all in their power to eliminate this feature. Why? If they ask any young Western European kid about their eyes, the European would be aghast. They love the slant eyed look. Dreadfully love it!

    Poor Michael Jackson went from being cute, lovable and healthy to looking like a vampire because he hated his own self and thus, died in pursuit of this perfection that was just too ugly for words.

  9. ziff

    funny thing about fashion, you would think the $$ are in fat, since most now are.

  10. melponeme_k

    “Dying their raven locks to be dry as hay and this reddish color! Tweeking the eyes to not slant. Fixing the nose! Very, very sad to see. Ditto, even worse for Koreans.”

    To be fair it is not a western ideal that Asian women are chasing. They are looking for features much closer to home abet with some European influence. The women of North China were thought to the most beautiful in Asia. The people of North China are mixed with Russian which gives them a very Eurasian look.

    To be honest the women from that area are extremely beautiful…neither looking truly Asian or Rus.

  11. larry, dfh

    To me, (head) hair is plumage. If someone wants to make a statement with their plumage, that’s fine. As mentioned, these statements take time and often $$. I applaud the results. How long does it take to get a head of corn-rows? Even afros, although called ‘natural’, require considerable and constant effort to maintain. As to fashion, I pay no attention to what old queer males think is attractive. To me, the most beautiful thing a person can have is a real smile. A smile makes me want to talk to someone, to engage them.

  12. wellwell

    Beyonce sure looked great as a 1960s throwback in the Austin Powers movies.

    And it’s clear that you’ve lived every part of your life to the fullest, Elaine 🙂

  13. Christian W

    Well I live in Norway where there are a lot of “Nordic” women… and lot’s of women dye their hair here as well. Playing on insecurities about looks and low self confidence is a huge money earner for the cosmetics industry.

  14. emsnews

    Exactly. Sad, isn’t it?

  15. melponeme_k

    Controlling women and keeping them busy with worries is essential to keep protesting at a minimum. Women are the bulwark supporters for revolutionaries. The powers that be want no washwomen and the like marching to the WH screaming for bread.

  16. vill

    How sad that black women assert that “black women are beautiful” by making themselves as “white” as they can be(whiter skin, straight hair, etc) and then proudly show pictures of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and other half-white half-blacks, to prove that black women are indeed beautiful. Pretentious.
    Have a geniune pride!

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