The Age of Iraq: Diplomacy Collapse Is Leading To WWIII With Russia, China, Muslims, Everyone

Andrew Bacevich is a well known writer about foreign affairs and wars who knows rather little about these things but due to being  a military man, people imagine he understands diplomacy which has very little to do with armed might and a lot to do with sophistication and thinking about political power.  Here is his latest attempt at trying to understand the world today:  Obama is picking his targets in Iraq and Syria while missing the point | The Great Debate


“We are now living in what we might as well admit is the Age of Iraq,” New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks recently wrote. There, in the Land of the Two Rivers, he continued, the United States confronts the “core problem” of our era — “the interaction between failing secular governance and radical Islam.”


Brooks is wrong. For starters, he misconstrues the core problem — which is a global conflict pitting tradition against modernity.


Traditionalists, especially numerous in but not confined to the Islamic world, cling to the conviction that human existence should be God-centered human order. Proponents of modernity, taking their cues from secularized Western elites, strongly prefer an order that favors individual autonomy and marginalizes God. Not God first, but we first — our own aspirations, desires and ambitions. If there’s a core problem afflicting global politics today, that’s it.


The US is at war with huge parts of Islam, both Sunni and Shi’ite.  This war isn’t getting smaller and smaller, it is getting bigger and bigger with the Jews pitching for gigantic wars and the Saudis working hard against the US while being an ‘ally’ like Israel is an ‘ally’…namely, cynically abusing and using US military and political power via bribes in DC and media power, to keep us paying for their wars.  Both money and human tolls.


To understand the cowardly wars we are waging, against unarmed Palestinians and against Russia, China, Iran/Iraq/Syria/Libya, is easy: the US and its many, many allies are at war with each other and all want the US to fund all of this, fight all of this and die in these wars on their behalf.  The Japanese are very cynical about this, they want us to fight WWIII with China for them while they sit aside which is pure insanity because the Chinese already are armed and able to annihilate every single human in Japan in less than five minutes time!


Why is Japan itching for war with China?  This makes no sense.  But suicidal leaders are nothing new, history is littered with the corpses of civilizations sent to the charnel house deliberately by their insane leaders.


Both Hirohito and Hitler wanted all their people to die in WWII.  Only when their wishes were abundantly clear did the generals below them, the few remaining diplomats, stop the deaths by surrendering.  At the very last minute, of course.


WWIII won’t end this way.  It will end when the last nuclear missile lands on its unhappy target.  This is why starting WWIII is dangerously suicidal.  Yet we all forget how easy it is to start.  Pushing into deep Russian territory while screaming abuse and attacking Russian nationals or ethnics is a great way to begin WWIII.


Having the Japanese call the Chinese names and sneer about WWII war crimes against China and then have the US give the Japanese a green light to rearm and make wild unilateral territorial demands right offshore of China is guaranteed to start WWIII.


The problem isn’t ISIS, the problem is the collapse of US diplomacy as we let insane, violent allies provoke massive wars with each other or with Russia and China, the two other super powers both of which are fully armed with nuclear weapons and fairly competent, large armies, navies and huge air forces and in the case of Russia, space forces.


The EU has nothing, it is a loose, hate filled confederation of client states which have depended on the US to protect them from themselves and neighbors.  Choosing to provoke a war inside Ukraine was an EU/CIA project that got what it wanted except it wanted Russia to surrender instantly and not react to a coup which was insane and due to no diplomatic skills.


A diplomat would have cautioned everyone about doing any of the things NATO, the EU and US did in Ukraine.  All actions since then made things worse and the undiplomatic, warmongering language of Obama, all EU leaders and our media systems including ‘liberal’ ones in both the US and EU have drawn us right to the very edge of the WWIII cliff.


Europe, like Japan, can be wiped out in a matter of minutes, not hours.  Russia’s missiles are close by.  Our defenses will work for the first 5 minutes but each wave will find more targets until, 2 hours later, nothing is left.  Since both the US and EU have done absolutely nothing for preparing the populace for annihilating counter-warfare, one must conclude that the Bilderberg gang, wailing about the world roasting if we don’t stop using modern systems, really do want to kill the mass majority of us off in the first world.


In liberal websites I see this all the time and the authors and hosts of these liberal sites never censor readers saying, ‘I want 90% or 99% of all humans dead!’  I read this all the time with horror and amazement and then liberals yap about saving us!  They have zero intention just like the jihadists don’t want to save Muslims, the Japanese rulers don’t want to save the Japanese people, the Jews want the Holocaust to return so they can be emotional victims again as they batter the Palestinians, screaming for them to all die…death stalks all of us and death is our rulers, our media, our liberals, our conservatives, they all want WWIII.


And that is the true ‘missing the point’ here.  The point is to avoid WWIII at all costs.  We can’t win it.  We can’t even survive it.  And it will fix nothing except drive us back into the stone age which seems to be the goal of a huge number of people today.


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21 responses to “The Age of Iraq: Diplomacy Collapse Is Leading To WWIII With Russia, China, Muslims, Everyone

  1. aashild

    I do not think it would be an exaggeration to say that WWIII would be the end. Hopefully it will never happen.

  2. Jim R

    Here is an English translation of one prominent Russian view on the topic:

    Russia does not want war, of course. But it is not going to lie down and let the looters and pillagers run wild like under Yeltsin.

  3. Petruchio

    “an ‘ally’ like Israel is an ‘ally’…namely, cynically abusing and using US military and political power via bribes in DC and media power, to keep us paying for their wars. Both money and human tolls….” Don’t forget the use of blackmail, Elaine. I’ve always thought that blackmailing a member of Congress should be a death penalty offense. Of course, if there were a well funded agency to investigate-and formally charge in a court of law-the blackmailing of Members of Congress, that would change the income levels/lifestyles of quite a number of our honorable members of Congress. Not a likely happening, I know.

  4. CK

    Obama has declared that ISIL is not a state. He is wrong. ISIL is a state, forming as all states have since nations began. The strongest group of thugs in any region becomes the state. Later they don red or blue shora and stick a flag pin in their robe and become “Presidential.”

  5. Mewswithaview

    It appears that the Gaza attack was a pre-emptive strike by the Israelis. They are currently providing air, artillary and medical cover for ISIS affiliates to launch an attack and penetrate Damascus. Bringing down Assad has always been the objective and with aircover on the way courtesy of the US air force it should remove any obstacles.

  6. Jim R

    Here’s an account of the preparations from MoA:
    Syria: The Southern Attack On Damascus

  7. Alaskan Ice

    These conflicts are theatre to divide,confuse and exploit weak nations, not to mention reboot the War on Terror and the Cold War as domestic memes.

    What I see is a de facto alliance of the great powers against the week. The purpose of these conflicts is to maintain economic control in a decreasing system, both monetary controls and, more importantly, controls on supply, demand, and pricing of energy. With the supply of cheap oil falling, prices are suppressed on opaque western commodities and derivatives exchanges, markets, and pools. To avoid shortages in the face of cheap pricing, global consumption is reduced by inducing nation-state bankruptcies, memes like “global warming”, and local wars, etc.

    And, in a decreasing system, when the big players need to change their relative allocations, what better ruse than what’s going on in Ukraine to shift some energy supply from, say, the EU to China? As they tighten their belts, the people of the EU will be convinced it’s their patriotic duty to fight the Russian “tit for tat” boycotts and embargoes.

    The big “tell” here is that the Russians are cutting long term energy deals with China written with price terms measured in western pricing methodologies, like “Brent” or “WTI” etc.

    A nuclear stalemated alliance of big powers engaged in constant theater to cannibalize the weak in a decreasing system and thus maintain power through consumption.

    Orwell thought attrition would be the goal, not consumption, because he didn’t understand Peak Oil.

  8. melponeme_k

    @Alaskan Ice

    We are heading back to horse and buggy days. Maybe we’ll all see it in our own lifetimes. And not because the oil will totally run out. It will be because the elite will hoard it for themselves.

    And horse and buggies weren’t any cheaper than cars are today. A great many of us will just using the power of our own two feet.

  9. John


    The way I’ve phrased it is that the goal of the elites is to have “Captain Picard” technology for themselves, while those few million of us (globally) who don’t die off are left with “Ben Franklin” technology – if we’re lucky.

    Yes, the elite plan to hoard everything for themselves: energy, medicine, food, transportation, art, science, technology. They are sociopaths and psychopaths, and thus have no empathy or conscience. Believing themselves to be superior to all humans who are burdened with conscience, they see themselves as completely entitled to rule over the whole of the Earth. They view anyone who objects to their ambitions as inferior, and anyone unwilling to be as ruthless as they are to be weak.

    Ridding humanity of the psychopathic nationless elite is the only way we avoid the global catastrophe currently looming large on the horizon. The operative question, of course, is just exactly how we go about doing this.

  10. e sutton

    “They (the elite) view anyone who objects to their ambitions as inferior, and anyone unwilling to be as ruthless as they are to be weak.” John

    I completely agree, John. But I disagree with you and Mel on the elite’s Little House on the Prairie plan for lil ole you, mel, and me, and I’ll tell you why. The elites don’t even want to be bothered with us breathing up oxygen on “their” planet. No matter how small a footprint the three of us make together, it will be too big. Consider Sitting Bull and his people. How much of his tribe got to enjoy North and South Dakota after 1862? No, it isn’t horse and buggies they have in mind for us. We should be so lucky.

  11. Alaskan Ice

    “Ridding humanity of the psychopathic nationless elite is the only way we avoid the global catastrophe currently looming large on the horizon.”

    This is already part of the plan. . . once the oil runs out of the third world and there is nothing left to devour. . . then these “nationless elite” serve no purpose but to be used as a scapegoat by big-boy nationalists as they slam shut the “free trade” door and open up the spigots at all the secret domestic oil fields being saved for later, start putting shiftless masses back to work in labor and commodity markets well engineered to make things like domestic farming, mining and manufacturing immensely profitable (again).

    The catharsis of which you speak is already baked into the cake. . . controlled opposition and managed snap-back against a well-deserved whipping boy.

  12. Alaskan Ice

    so carry on

  13. John

    @e sutton,

    They need a few of us to labor for them. Not many, only a few million, worldwide. Those few get to live Ben Franklin, Little House, pick your favorite imagery.

    @Alaskan Ice,

    “…big-boy nationalists…”

    Please elaborate on exactly who these people are, and how they differ from the NWO elites.

  14. Alaskan Ice

    @John: “…big-boy nationalists…”

    Please elaborate on exactly who these people are, and how they differ from the NWO elites.”

    I did say the catharsis was contrived, didn’t I?

    Up until now these globalists have been doing the sinister heavy lifting in the economy of an empire that showers 20% of the worlds resources on 5% of the population. . . and getting rich quick in the process.

    Historically not much difference between a prince and his whipping boy, usually an heir to a duke, at least from the perspective of a commoner. Not much difference between a big-boy nationalist and a NWO elite, either. Mostly, just apparatchiks and billionaires and their minions who were were smart enough to keep their name off the globalist labels, like “NWO”, Bildergergers, etc, and who aren’t straight-up nationless globalists.

    So the difference is your globalist “NWO elites” are more stupid, soon to be unnecessary, and being pretty ferociously vilified by the “big boy” nationalists in the buildup.

    As a practical matter, I suppose fantastically wealthy rich jerks (and their minions) should be wondering whether their names would be given up by any self-professed, true-believer NWO illuminati minions if some putative future Cromwell or Robespierre were water-boarding them.

  15. ziff

    Isis catches ebola heads for the ukraine!

  16. emsnews

    The former liberal community, thanks to global warming propaganda, want 99% of all humanity to DIE. They are very vocal about this in their home pages online, all those deadly ‘liberal’ websites that harp on and on about global warming, it is scary as all hell.

    And they are utterly clueless about this since these same liberals wishing death on all of us are the ones slated to die! The elites are only using them temporarily, they know these liberals will impose the North Korea lifestyle on them, too, so they will be killed off after the Great Deaths of WWIII.

    The problem with WWIII is the planet will be a huge mess. This is the only thing that stops the elites. But then there are the 600 nukes in Israel….and the Samson war option.

  17. Luke

    Samson war option.???????

  18. Christian W

    The Zionists are quite insane of course. During the latest assault on Gaza they flattened an entire neighbourhood with concentrated artillery and air strikes in order to kill one of their own soldiers that had been captured. They call this the Hannibal option.

  19. Christian W

    Correction, it is called the Hannibal Directive, to be exact.

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