NATO Goes Insane, Bilderbergs Go Nuts As Events Race Out Of Control

The EU/US attempt at isolating Russia is causing the Althernative Alliances to grow stronger and more powerful as China, Russia and the other members of the BRIC group ignore the Western hysteria about nearly everything:  PressTV – Russia to build 8 power plants in Iran: Iranian minister


The comments came a day after Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian said that Russia would invest nearly USD five billion in the construction of thermal power plants in Iran.On September 9, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in Tehran that Russia and Iran have signed projects worth 70 billion euros to develop trade and economic ties.


Yes, more nuclear power plants are being built where wars and earthquakes rage.  It seems we are doomed to do this and it is a part of the WWIII puzzle, namely, Israel’s Jews already bombed a previous Iranian nuclear power plant in the past and will do so in the future and I strongly suspect all nuclear powers have secret plans to nuke each other’s power plants in a world war.  Oh, by the way, looks like Ukraine’s EU coup is surrendering to Russia more and more each day….!


This is yet another reason to avoid WWIII.  But since Israel, a major nuclear bomb power, won’t allow any inspections, won’t sign any disarmament treaties and won’t cooperate with anyone on this issue, means no one has to cooperate, disarm or whatever since it is pointless and even dangerous.  The Zionists in particular, are pushing the hardest for WWIII and are directly responsible for the miserable, useless, violent form of ‘diplomacy’ the US pursues these days.


The British Bilderberg Guardian newspaper issues yet another hysterical and false Climate change report story from our darling Bilderberg run-OECD which claims now that the global warmists’ plans to deconstruct modern life will not cause our lives to worsen, taxes to rise (yes, despite them doing exactly all this already!) and we will be much better off living in Tiny Houses, using Tiny Vacuum Cleaners and going to be real early like good peasants and not using anything but Public Transport.


Tackling climate change can be a boon to prosperity, rather than a brake, according to the study involving a roll-call of the globe’s biggest institutions, including the UN, the OECD group of rich countries, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and co-authored by Lord Stern, one of the world’s most influential voices on climate economics.


Lord Stern doesn’t go to bed early, he isn’t a vegetarian, he doesn’t ride a bike or use the Tube, he doesn’t live in a Tiny House or force his maids to use Tiny Vacuum Cleaners, etc.  Lord Stern also complains that there will be billions more people in the future, ignoring the fact that most of this is in third world countries that don’t practice birth controls like virtually all first world nations.  The rich don’t have big families mainly because this screws up their inheritance business which concentrates wealth and power.  But they also Quixotically want the peasants in England, Europe and America to have Tiny Families because they fear peasant revolts and suspect, keeping families Tiny will prevent this in the future.


Only they need more cheap servants which is why they import armies of second and third world peasants into first world countries where the local peasants have stopped reproducing, mainly the middle classes of first world countries have stopped having multiple children and we all know that the LEADERS of revolutions are nearly always the bourgeoisie.    Not the peasants living on Tiny Farms.


Now on to more Tiny Wars;  US steps up Isis fight with air strike near Baghdad fighting the Sunnis which is OK with the Shi’ites.  Simultaneously, the House GOP Bill Would Let Obama Arm Syria Rebels, With Limits which is what ISIS is: armed rebels created by the US and Saudi Arabia.  The pretend ‘moderate’ Sunni fighters are a fiction.  NATO allyTurkey Is a Steady Source of ISIS Recruits as well as Kurdish fighters, too. Into this stew, the neocons, worried that this will menace Israel now, want US soldiers to enter and fight yet again.


Here is another disaster of great importance:  3,000 US Troops Going to West Africa to Combat Ebola


Hospitals have been helping to spread the virus — 240-plus health workers have been infected, including some of Sierra Leone’s top doctors and four U.S. workers. And Ebola patients are overwhelming hospitals in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, driving away patients with other conditions.


ALL MILITARY BRING HOME DISEASES.  I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu long ago when I gave first aid at the Free Clinic in San Francisco to a soldier from the Vietnam War who went on holiday in Hong Kong.  He nearly died and so did two the the people tending us when we got very ill.  All throughout history, plagues like the Spanish flu which was wasn’t from Spain, came from the trenches of WWI, for example.  Diseases march with troops.


The only fix for Africa is vaccinations.  It looks like there will be a vaccination for this epidemic, it is very near and like all previous vaccinations, will work wonderfully and of course will cause hysterical screaming by people who think communicable diseases can be cured or prevented by magic food and magic thinking.  But sending troops into an epidemic is INSANE.


Doctors are dying, they are bringing home doctors with this disease and imagine 3,000 non-medical doctor troops coming back with diseases!  Yikes.  Imagine this coming to a cruise ship which is already Disease Central.  Many a nasty virus has parked itself aboard these floating plague carriers.  Will the 3,000 troops be put in isolation when they leave their stints in Africa?  Nope.  I seriously doubt troops even want to go.  This is worse than fighting a billion angry Muslims.


Meanwhile, African elites and leaders don’t want to go to their own countries anymore


Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sacked 10 senior officials because they failed to heed a warning to return from overseas travel to help the government’s fight against an Ebola epidemic that has killed at least 1,100 Liberians. The officials, who include six assistant ministers, two deputy ministers and two commissioners, were dismissed with immediate effect for being “out of the country without an excuse,” according to a statement from the president’s office. They were initially told in August to return to Liberia.


Last of all, for the EU, stupid news:  The Realist Report: Jews warn Europeans about “far right” parties


Chancellor Angela Merkel and Lauder are to speak at Sunday’s rally in Berlin, organized after tensions over the Gaza conflict spilled over into demonstrations in Europe that saw anti-Jewish slogans and violence. In May, European Parliament elections brought successes for far-right parties, particularly in France.


“One person representing a country who is extreme will give their whole country a bad name,” Lauder told The Associated Press.


The most fascist nationalist socialist neo-nazi government on earth is Israel’s Jewish rule.  They do every bad thing ethnic cleansing neo-nazis do.  They are the exact reproduction of Nazi Germany in every regard from top to bottom, they talk like Nazis, walk like Nazis and bellow like Nazis so of course, they warn Europe about imitating them especially closing borders to aliens because the Jews want the right to go anywhere, anytime, anyhow with no restrictions.  This means countries can’t defend themselves from aliens including Angry Muslims which means more Angry Muslims come to Europe…etc.


A complete mess indeed and no one learns from history, of course.  History is all about excuses or finding bad things to imitate because one wishes to be nasty.  Speaking of History and Nasty, the Bilderbergs and British elites are screaming like banshees at the Scots and the more they scream the more likely the Aye vote will win.  Even the German Queen, Elizabeth of Brunswick, is screeching at the Scots which I find immensely funny.  She is the alien, after all.


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17 responses to “NATO Goes Insane, Bilderbergs Go Nuts As Events Race Out Of Control

  1. DeVaul

    I hope the Scots vote “yes” to independence. I so badly wish to see the British Empire disappear finally and for all time. With Scotland gone, the rest of Ireland will soon follow because it will make no sense for northern Ireland to be part of England, except as a colony.

    I have been watching “Das Boot”, the original uncut version that was done as a mini series after the movie came out. It is 5 hours, but it is incredible. It is so demoralizing and really makes you think about the total waste of lives in WW II — the great gasoline war, as some call it.

    I am amazed at how much oil was burned. 100% octane for tanks, airplanes, halftracks, you name it. Entire tankers sent to the bottom or burned on the water. Gasoline spilled, burned, bombed, leaked and dumped everywhere. I often wonder how much oil was lost in WW II, and yet there was still enough left over to run the massive fleet of cars and trucks we have today.

    I know what they are saying in German. I wish I could still hear it though. It has more meaning when you hear it in German.

    The jews in Israel are a fine piece of work. I have a feeling their end will be terribly ironic, and no one will really care.

  2. melponeme_k

    I want Scotland to be free. I want them to throw off the yoke of monarchy. Because I want that, I realize what you write about Countries returning to form is true.

    The US began as anti-monarchist, and it will go back to that sentiment. I saw it come back first hand when they tried to install the Kennedy woman in the NY government. The fervent protest on all papers against a kind of “royalty” was inspiring. And that was when I begin to trace the strict control of comments on news sites. The elite realized that the spirit of revolution still bubbles beneath the US.

  3. CK

    The Izzies bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981
    Since then, the destruction of nuclear plants has been left to tsunamis and government coders.
    I too shall wish for Scottish Independence, if it means that single malt scotches can be imported more cheaply.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    The scots are damned either way since the brits plan to keep most of the North Seal oil, shared with Norway, that lies Northeast of Scotland, by retaining a couple of small Islands on Scotland’s Northeastern shore.

    If they stay the scots get to be ruled by “effete wankers”, and if they go the brits keep (most of) the oil and ditch the ungrateful, beggared eaters.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    I couldn’t tell from the article whether those “thermal” plants to be built in Iran were going to be natural gas fired or nuclear?

  6. Alaskan Ice

    Given that the US founded Liberia with US citizens, and based on a moral imperative, we should be helping Liberia as much as any nation we help.

  7. emsnews

    The plants in Iran are nuclear.

    As far as all our human problems, now that human DNA has been planted in mice brains, we have someone who can save us from ourselves, few creatures are more clever than mice, after all.

    Except for one flaw: cats.

  8. larry, dfh

    Owls, foxes, shrews

  9. emsnews

    So, the shrews nag them to death? 🙂

  10. Alaskan Ice

    “I strongly suspect all nuclear powers have secret plans to nuke each other’s power plants in a world war.”

    It’s worse than that. A “losing” superpower in a nuclear exchange might decide to scuttle any number of massive nuclear fuel pools, letting them smoke the globe with radioactive fallout that dwarfs the fallout from the actual exchange of a few hundred missiles. A true scorched-earth, “Dr. Strangelove” doomsday scenario. “MAD” is just as much about the plants as it is about the bombs. So, planting them around Iran might make Iran less likely to go mad-dog. Similarly, that’s why Germany got rid of theirs.

    Any superpower planning on a “winning” a nuclear war against another superpower would want to bomb the loser’s pools to scatter the materials, and otherwise prevent a more efficient scuttling job by their adversary. I don’t think that result qualifies as a victory, even by the most hardened war-mongers. For that reason, I doubt there will ever be a major use of nuclear weapons between superpowers.

  11. emsnews

    Both Germany and Japan proved in WWII that suicidal insanity is very likely to cause WWIII.

  12. larry, dfh

    Blarina brevicata: Food Habits
    Short-tailed shrews are voracious eaters and must feed frequently, commonly in the early and late afternoon. It is estimated that they consume and metabolize as much as three times their weight in food per day. The diet of Blarina brevicauda consists mainly of invertebrates, small vertebrates, and plant material. B. brevicauda stores food for winter, including snails and beetles, and in captivity puts nutmeats, sunflower seeds, and other edibles into storage.

    The submaxillary salivary glands of Blarina brevicauda produce a toxic material which is effective in subduing its prey. This enables it to prey upon animals much larger than itself, including salamanders, frogs, snakes, mice, birds, and other shrews.
    Pound for pound maybe the nastiest mammal.

  13. Luke

    Alaskan Ice has the dumbest comment I have ever read. Such guilt.
    ‘Given that the US founded Liberia with US citizens, and based on a moral imperative, we should be helping Liberia as much as any nation we help.’

    Ice, USA is broke, due to Obama and Bush and Clinton.

  14. Alaskan Ice

    Perhaps we shouldn’t be helping any other nations; that’s a fair point of view.

    I have no guilt; my ancestors came from a handful of European countries, imported as cheap labor after slavey was abolished. But, it is fair to say that a nation bears a certain responsibility for what it creates, at least as much as the simple charity it chooses to give to others.

    That sentiment has been marginalized deliberately as a meme in order to focus on “making the world safe for democracy” as a narrative for empire building, which probably explains your visceral reaction.

  15. Alaskan Ice

    @emsnews: “Both Germany and Japan proved in WWII that suicidal insanity is very likely to cause WWIII.”

    Right, they were willing to trade millions of lives for territory, for land. Nuclear war and the prospect of scuttled nuclear power plants on both sides takes away that incentive.

    You can rebuild Dresden, you can even rebuild Hiroshima after a decade or so, but trying to cleanup twenty or thirty scuttled Fukushima’s seems too much.

  16. That’s a good summary of the Ebola epidemic. Let me add one thing, the Saudis have banned entry for pilgrims to the Hajj from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. However, they are allowing in travelers from Nigeria, although they are screening the passengers of the flights from Lagos and the capital. Anyone showing any signs of the disease will get whisked away to an isolation ward.

    Also, Canada had a false alarm last week, as someone presenting Ebola-like symptoms was admitted to the hospital in Windsor, Ontario, right across the river from Detroit. The patient turned out not to have Ebola. That’s not stopping local hospitals from preparing for the disease anyway.

  17. DeVaul

    Guess Elaine was right. Eastern Europeans are forming gangs in west Europe and terrorizing people:

    25% of all home break-ins in Denmark by East Europeans! Why? They have no border controls.

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