Lab Mice Get Human Gene Splices In Brain, Become Smarter, Want To Take Over The World

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Yes, the Pinky and the Brain scenario is now officially real.  In this lab, as in the cartoon, mice were given human genes to make them smarter.


Scientists make mice learn tasks faster by splicing human brain gene into their DNA


In the first study designed to assess how partially ‘humanizing’ brains of a different species affects key cognitive functions, scientists reported on Monday that mice carrying a human gene associated with language learned new ways to find food in mazes faster than normal mice.

Building on that, neuroscientists led by Christiane Schreiweis and Ann Graybiel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained mice to find chocolate in a maze. The animals had two options: use landmarks like lab equipment and furniture visible from the maze (“at the T-intersection, turn toward the chair”) or by the feel of the floor (“smooth, turn right;” “nubby, turn left”).



Other intelligent creatures are being beaten to death by Japanese: Season’s first dolphins slaughtered at Taiji as the right wing fascists there encourage more dolphin and whale killing or capture to sell to arenas to entertain humans.  Maybe the lab mice and work with the dolphins and whales to take over the earth.  Global warmists should appreciate this, mice love warm weather and I suspect, so do dolphins but not whales.  Whales like very cold weather, they have enormous amounts of blubber.


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3 responses to “Lab Mice Get Human Gene Splices In Brain, Become Smarter, Want To Take Over The World

  1. Alaskan Ice

    Flowers for Algernon

  2. ziff

    my mice are already pretty smart!

  3. NARF!
    Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    Yes, Brain, but it’s too stupid even for me..

    Hey, you know *someone* had to do this!

    As for whale slaughter, at least someone had to face justice, although it was for serving whale at a sushi restaurant in California.

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