Fall Comes Before End Of Summer To Upstate NY

summer fall foilage 2014 Sept equinox

Claim: Fall foliage season may be later, but longer on a warmer Earth: the ‘studies’ continue as Mother Nature moves winter closer to summer, not later.  Absolutely everything is now pointing towards a cooling cycle, not a warming cycle.  The Global Warming parade is in Manhattan today and I suppose there will be lots of people there demanding an end to first world culture to save the planet from being ‘hotter’ when the true danger is freezing to death since most first world nations are near the Arctic circle.


Antarctic Sea Ice Extent sets new record, pierces 20 million square kilometer barrier which makes big news in the cooling earth websites but is not even mentioned in our darling Mainstream Media.  Since the Bilderberg gang has decreed we are going to roast to death, we are going to do that even if we freeze.


Climate Craziness of the Week: White House fence jumper was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and wanted to alert the president shows how vulnerable, mentally ill people are controlled by media freak stories and act on these.  The utterly insane story that August, one of the cooler Augusts I have experienced in New York, was the hottest August ever, shows how insanity breeds with insanity to produce crazy actions.


The weather this last year has scared me greatly because every aspect including the typhoons hitting Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, reminds me very strongly of the 1960-1980 cool cycle.  Normally, in warm cycles, tropical storms don’t travel up the Gulf of California but during cool cycles, they do this frequently.


I remember vividly the first one to hit Kitt Peak long ago.  The trailer I used to sleep in which was next to the quonset hut there, was blown right off the mountain.  Luckily, we were not in it that night.  Tucson was very green in winter, not just the usual summer monsoon greenery, but all winter long, storms came off the Pacific Ocean where there was no el Nino, it also snowed periodically and was quite cold at night.


I made money buying old fur coats from Value Village and turning them into warm blankets!


The picture at the top of this page was taken this morning on my mountain.  The maples are beginning to turn red and yellow along the edges of all their leaves, many other trees are going into full blown fall colors and this is the last day of SUMMER!  This is awfully early just like last winter ended very, very late.


All this garbage about the winter being shorter is ridiculous.  It will be longer and longer and the West Coast will feel this, too, eventually, the warm air from the huge Pacific Ocean which is much bigger than the Atlantic Ocean, will eventually cool down, too.


I remember this from the 1960’s!  When Arizona was already getting much colder even in summer but in particular, winter, California was still warm, warm, warm so everyone floated over there in 1967 and we had Hippie Heaven in San Francisco.


But by 1969, it was darn cold there, too.  Very cold.  The Hippie Heaven died.  And I began selling fur blankets there, too!


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25 responses to “Fall Comes Before End Of Summer To Upstate NY

  1. Jim R

    If we were to return to Kitt Peak, and camp out on a clear winter night, you and I would find that the sky is just a little warmer. The IR spectrum of CO2 has not changed, and there is about twice as much of it in the air now. So instead of the desert air, which is quite transparent in the infrared, the desert air exposing us to the nighttime cold of space, we would have a thin blanket of CO2.

    What you are mostly complaining about is weather, driven by the temperature difference between the Sun at about 5,000°K and the cosmos at about 4°K. Earth is necessarily in between those two temperatures unless it can produce significant amounts of heat itself. And, between those two temperatures, most of the weather-heat is transported by water. Between liquid, vapor, and solid, it is the number one heat reservoir that keeps our climate nicer than the moon.

    But of course, the political football that “climate change” has metastasized into, will not likely change any of the above facts. The ongoing economic and political collapse probably will, in the long run, but none of us will last long enough to see the good of it.

    One thing I do expect: as the economy further contracts, expect to see the political climate-theorists beating their chests and proclaiming that they have saved the planet, because carbon output has declined 1% or some such nonsense.

  2. emsnews

    Um, hate to tell you this but the stuff you see is Tucson, not climate. When I was a child, Tucson at the foundation of Kitt Peak, had only 32,000 people and was quite small.

    THIS IS WHY IT WAS CHOSEN! Due to no light/human interference.

  3. Luke

    Southern California [coastal] has been very hot and humid. And the drought continues.

  4. CK

    Happy first day of fall.

  5. e sutton

    Lovin’ life here in N.C. Cool, breezy nights. Most days I like to have a sweater handy. Coolest weather round these parts, and I’ve lived in Mid-Atlantic practically my whole life. Most friends here still enjoy the Kool-Aid and insist we’re in a global warming. Mmmmmmmkay. 😀

  6. Luke

    For others, like many who marched in New York, the answer is simpler — adopt socialism and reject the free market. Those sentiments would echo comments made by U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres, who once said Communism, especially as it is practiced in China, is the best model for fighting non-existent climate change because democracy allows for debate and a difference of opinion. Political differences, she argued, are “very detrimental” to solving what appears to many to be a non-issue.


  7. emsnews

    They want North Korea for us peasants.

  8. Jim R

    Elaine, I keep telling you, you have to get with the program.

    You know how the Wall St. banks will take a bunch of mortgages, and treat them as if they were 100% paid-up and perfectly good money for the next 30 years? Even though a lot of those mortgages are on things like vacant concrete pads in Detroit.

    Well, between modern finance, and the fact that you have at least one scraggly maple sapling, you are owed billions in carbon credits.

    You merely have to assume that every one of those little helicopter seeds, instead of clogging your eavestroughs and choking your lawnmower, is a complete huge tree with a ton of wood in it. Why, in 30 years, that sapling could populate the entire North American continent with maple trees!

    The carbon business _owes_ you, bigtime!

  9. ziff

    @ jim ”If we were to return to Kitt Peak, and camp out on a clear winter night, you and I would find that the sky is just a little warmer. ”

    show me the data! i’ll show you one w/ US dtr flat. pure desert data would be best

  10. DeVaul

    “…adopt socialism and reject the free market.”

    Luke, can you tell me exactly when the markets were “free”?

    Anywhere, at any time?

    They have always been owned by someone or some group of people who control them. The “free market” is and always will be a myth.

    I am so sick of that meaningless phrase. With all the information available to us now, claiming that markets were once “free” is the same is claiming the Lusitania was not a gun-runner.

    Markets are created for the benefit of someone, and that someone always controls them to his or her benefit. It has been that way since the dawn of agriculture and large cities.

  11. Jim R

    Turns out I exaggerated a little, the level has increased 27% since 1960. They guesstimate that it has doubled since prehistoric times, but it has been precisely measured since the 60s.

    For data, look here:
    and here:

    Beyond that, it’s just thermodynamics. It raises the sky temperature wherever that temp rise is not obscured by water vapor, a much stronger infrared scattering agent. So, really high mountains, the desert, etc. Light pollution from Tucson is a separate issue, whole different part of the specturm. Just a teensy bit warmer.

    At our present age, it would probably *seem* colder, though. We had more immunity to cold when we were 20.

  12. ziff

    @jim you are not paying attention, those are graphs of Co2 , i’m talking about diurnal temp range.

  13. Jim R

    Oh, snap! You’re right ziff, we were talking about weather.

    It’s getting nicer in Texas, not getting up to 100 every day. The humidity is higher, and we get the occasional sprinkle of rain.

  14. Mewswithaview

    Elite approved ‘climate change’ protests vs all other non-elite approved protests

  15. Jim ,so you don’t want to really talk about it then, all that weather, can’t measure the dtr, no agw to be had.

  16. Jim R

    Ziff, if you have some facts to show us, show ’em. That’s what science is about.

    Sitting around and arguing about it is science, too. But the big difference between science and politics/religion is that you must eventually come up with some verifiable facts. Do you have a new IR spectrum for CO2? Let’s see it.

  17. emsnews

    HAHAHA…so it SEEMS colder but it is due to us being stupid? HAHAHA…NOT.

    I invite anyone who believes this sort of garbage to visit me this winter and shovel snow with me. WITHOUT A COAT.

    Actually, I toss a coat when i work very hard outside dealing with snow.

  18. emsnews

    Actually, snow plow with me when it is below zero. Without a coat or snow shoes. Sheesh. The level of stupidity of warmists has no bottom. Or top. They are insane.

  19. Jim R

    Well, you know, if you don’t like the weather there, you can always move to a lower latitude and/or altitude.

  20. Luke

    ‘The level of stupidity of warmists has no bottom. ‘ A smart [High IQ] person can have irrational beliefs. Dogmas. They make getting thru life simpler
    Sting, Leo etc at ‘March’ [read they are puppets for the Billionaires].http://dailycaller.com/2014/09/21/leonardo-dicaprio-pauses-private-jets-yachting-with-oil-rich-sheikhs-to-join-peoples-climate-march/.

  21. Luke

    ‘ if you don’t like the weather there, you can always move to a lower latitude and/or altitude.’.
    If you dont like the heat get outta the kitchen. Or if you dont like the cold get offa the mountain!

  22. ziff

    This is a good summary , note the’ BEST’ paper


    note the error bars on the big chart, also dtr has been rising with big spike in co2

  23. ziff

    what we need is dtr records from places where no one lives like the middle of sahara, this would minimize the warming effects of clouds.

  24. emsnews

    The equator isn’t hotter. Neither is Death Valley.

  25. ziff

    it doesn’t matter if it is warmer [and it likely is] , what counts is diurnal temp range !! sheesh ,,,,

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