25% Americans Want Secession, Wales Wants What Scotland Might Get, Catalonia Wants Free of Spain

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Bezos is driving down the Washington Post as he announces cuts to retirement benefits for workers there.  AIPAC’s many wars against Muslims is blowing up in our faces and our empire is being crippled by these wars.  Ebola is Nature’s way of fixing overcrowding and can be stopped only via vaccinations which is a very great need now, it is obvious like the wars, this disease is getting worse and worse.  Then there is Scotland: the vote there was due to the Tories promising all sorts of things they have zero intention of honoring and as the British empire continues its 100 year collapse, the US learns that One in four Americans want their state to secede from the U.S.


The US has always been on the verge of breaking apart.  The pollsters called a selection of pro-secession people and they all said that Congress doesn’t represent them anymore and this is why they are so angry.  And this is certainly true.  We get to vote for whoever but when they come to Congress, lobbyists like AIPAC buy their votes and so we get 100% support for things we don’t want like endless wars with Muslims and we get nothing in return while the rich get richer thanks to ‘tax reforms’ and ‘free trade’ while wages fall and Bezos cuts benefits to WP employees.


Catalans press on with independence hopes, despite Scotland’s No vote  and that state has been part of Spain ever since Columbus.  Justice Secretary Grayling tells Scots MPs: Get off my lawn:


Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, accuses Labour of seeking to erase England from the map of the United Kingdom as he declares that Scottish MPs should be banned from voting on his legal reforms.


The Labour Party worked very hard to stop the Scottish independence movement.  I knew from day one that any promises made by the Tories would be ignored later and this is very much the case.  Resentment of the deals thrown to the Scots is very high in Toryland.


Ed Miliband rejects plans to stop Scottish MPs voting on English laws:


Ed Miliband has rejected David Cameron’s call to prevent Scottish MPs voting on English-only issues in Parliament, despite appearing to accept that the current system is unfair.
The Labour leader refused to support the idea of “English votes for English laws” in the wake of the Scottish referendum, arguing that it would “divide” Parliament.
However, asked whether he agreed that there is “no reason in fairness” why Scottish MPs can vote on English laws while English MPs cannot vote on devolved Scottish laws, Mr Miliband replied: “Absolutely.”


Here is an interesting headline:  David Cameron will pay ‘heavy price’ if he ‘welches’ on Scotland pledge.  To ‘welch’s someone is to cheat them which is what the imperial victors who brutally suppressed Wales  over the course of hundreds of years and tons of castle building.  The Normans didn’t cheat the people of Wales, they openly stole everything quite violently and blatantly!


For Cameron to use that ancient slur on the good people of Wales is very provocative and the people there responded with a good deal of rage.  ‘Whatever is offered to Scotland has to be available to Wales too’ says one of the Parliamentarians representing Wales.  They are now demanding the same thing Scotland is getting which means Scotland will most definitely get absolutely nothing and all the promises were naked lies told to people who were severely repressed and violently conquered in the past.


Oh, and notice how Ukraine is no longer in the news?  Funny, that.  The plane business is very much not in the news, either.


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5 responses to “25% Americans Want Secession, Wales Wants What Scotland Might Get, Catalonia Wants Free of Spain

  1. Luke

    I do not want secession. I saw this today. I am like ‘good gawd, the great divider strikes again’.


  2. melponeme_k

    “The US has always been on the verge of breaking apart. The pollsters called a selection of pro-secession people and they all said that Congress doesn’t represent them anymore and this is why they are so angry. ”

    The founders gave us an option for the cronyism that they knew would develop. It is within our rights, as citizens, to recall the government, call for a constitutional convention and reform with new representatives. This, the founders thought, we be a soft option instead of refighting a revolution.

    However I think they underestimated just how powerful an oligarchy can become with the just the right amount of money.

  3. vengeur

    And in the LOL Dept. this morning: A candle caused fire at a memorial shrine for Michael the Mugger in Ferguson sparks looting. Eric Holder is looking into it. LOL


    ELAINE: There is less and less to loot at this point.

  4. DeVaul


    So… what? Are you implying that King George I and II were the great unifiers?

    Do you really believe that the succession movement suddenly started under Obama (a black man) and no one even considered it under the Bush regime that went to war with all of the Middle East?

    I have noticed for years how so-called “libertarians” (another meaningless word) were strangely silent under the brutal Bush regime, which started the whole torture and rendition thing, but now blame Obama for everything.

    Obama is simply carrying forward the old Bush Regime’s policies, or perhaps I should say Israel’s policies. Like Bush, he plans to retire from office and be showered with millions of dollars in speaking fees.

    Succession will bring with it an immediate race war, but this will give way quickly to a more important war — a war over resources, and that war will pay no attention to skin color. Anyone willing to bear arms in support of a warlord or mini-republic will be more than welcome in the ranks of the new militias that will spring up after the rich have been looted or chased out of the country, and all that is left are raw resources like water, farmland, forests, and mineral deposits — i.e. real wealth.

    Since I live in Kentucky, I am very much afraid of this war. I am sure someone will make an attempt on Fort Knox, and Lexington will be besieged because of its location at the junction of north-south, east-west railroads and highways.

    Lincoln once said that without Kentucky, he could not win the war. The future mini-states of the US will discover the same thing. There is no way around Kentucky.

  5. ISIS – A brief TV run back in the 70’s

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