Climate Change Fraud Used To Scare Young Into Believing We Must Live Tiny Lives

Changing wind patterns causing temperatures to rise on America’s West Coast according to a very recent NOAA study.  NOAA has been utterly incapable of predicting future weather for a dozen years now due to beliefs in global warming, always predicting it will be hotter in winter rather than colder.  Well, now they finally admit that the West Coast is warmer due to entirely normal weather patterns that have happened for thousands of years.  Thank you.  But few headlines are saying this as our major media works day and night relentlessly telling us that we are heating up the planet when it is really getting colder, not warmer.


In tandem with this propaganda, we have these stories that reveal our ruling elite’s desire to shove everyone into hovels:  Professor Dumpster: ‘You can be happy living in 33 square feet’ — RT Op-Edge


“In America, the average American homes are about 2,500 feet more or less, and we wanted just to see whether one can have pretty good life on a lot less. So in this case we are living in 1 percent of size of average American home and our main hypothesis is that one may have a pretty good life in much, much less,” Wilson told RT.


Dr. Jeff Wilson, who is now known by the nickname “Professor Dumpster,” is a Harvard-educated environmental science professor and dean of the University College. He managed to transform an ordinary, smelly dumpster into a comfortable accommodation with a shower, kitchen, bed, toilet and even Wi-Fi. This project turned out to be very successful and warmly welcomed by students, though Dr. Wilson didn’t ask anyone to abandon their homes and join him.


While building my lovely home, I and my family along with the horses, ox team and sheep, lived in this huge tent complex I built.  It was made mainly from scavenged materials.  It was cheap.  It was located on a very cold, snowy mountain.  We were not hot.  Few people lived as rough as we lived.


What really steams me is how elites love to pretend how much FUN we peasants will have living in Tiny Houses and dumpsters!  How it is possible to live this way.  I once lived in my truck when going to college to save money.  I had a full bed, a sink, an easy chair and a superb sound system and a garden on the roof, all of which I designed and built myself.  Everyone loved to party there!  But I wouldn’t raise a family there nor can this creep from Harvard, one of the most expensive schools on earth where the elites send their brats, raise a family in a dumpster.


In the third world, families are raised in dumpsters and tiny huts and they die of ebola and other quaint diseases.  In Victorian London, armies of poor displaced peasants lived in basements and lofts and alleys and died in huge numbers from diseases and starvation.  And this is what our elites want for us.


The stupid weather change demonstration ignored this news: 5 Billion Bq of Strontium-90 flows to the sea every single day | Fukushima Diary.  I had a raging argument with a dear deluded friend who was at that march and thought it was wonderful and she, a Japanese nun, spent her entire life demonstrating against nuclear weapons and energy plants…and she now wastes her precious time worried that we are going to die due to too much atmospheric plant food (CO2).


I warned her that her stupid demonstration was on behalf of MORE nuclear power plants.  She couldn’t hear me because she insisted we are all going to roast to death thanks to CO2.  I then reminded her that she annually flees from our mountains every winter to go to warm southern Japan because she can’t take the severe cold.  She couldn’t hear me talk at that point due to her mind shutting down.  I see this all the time with people, once they commit to a religious belief, they shut down.


This is also why we have bizarre political debates where no one considers the other side of having any ideas.  For example, I am a social liberal but I believe that blacks in the US have fallen off the social cliff and are now annihilating each other and need to stop hating cops and start patrolling themselves better so cops don’t have to be involved in stopping them from being antisocial and violent.


I despise liberals who want to stop the climate debate via putting anyone who disputes their ridiculous beliefs, in prison like RFK Jr. has demanded recently at that idiotic demonstration against weather changes.


Why do people grip various beliefs and refuse to change?  Both left and right can’t see how the elites play BOTH sides like a fiddle and who work to keep us all from agreeing on various smart things like stopping the endless wars against Muslims, talking respectfully with Russia, stopping global free trade which is destroying our economic base, etc.  How simple is all this?


Antarctic sea ice continues to grow beyond record coverage – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): Australia is getting colder and colder as the ice sheet from Antarctica creeps relentlessly closer.


“This is the third year in a row that sea ice extent in the Antarctic has reached a recorded maximum, and the first time on record that it has exceeded 20 million square kilometres,” Dr Lieser said.


The expert, Dr. Lieser, goes on to say, quite insanely and with zero proof, that this is proof of global warming because the water isn’t as salty as…well, we have no idea due to the fact that no one knows anything about this over time, say, 50 years, to draw any conclusion.  All I know is, it is cold on my mountain this last several years getting colder all the time and it is really cold in the Antarctic and ice grows when it is cold, not warm, and anyone saying otherwise better have very solid proof, not stories about how the ‘warm is hidden deep in the ocean’ and other ridiculous excuses.

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25 responses to “Climate Change Fraud Used To Scare Young Into Believing We Must Live Tiny Lives

  1. m

    Hello, Madame: You probably have covered this, but I was wondering how geoengineering fits into your thinking about the climate. I have seen presentations at and found the research quite compelling. Your take ?

  2. Luke

    What they are is ‘useful idiots’ for ‘Agenda 21’. I was not able to get thru 30 seconds of the nitwits movie.

  3. Luke

    M, I am in California and ‘they’ are spraying. Sometimes several days a week, sometimes not for weeks at a time. I have spoken to others worldwide who concur with my sightings.

  4. melponeme_k

    Wilson’s background is mysteriously absent on any bios I could find on him.

    I have an inkling he grew up in a very nice suburb in a very nice, big house (if not Mansion).

  5. Luke

    There was a tragic tale of some homeless boys in China who died of fumes while sleeping in a trashbin.

  6. Jim R

    What this guy is building is nothing but an RV without wheels. Of course with an RV, you can easily move it, a pretty nice deal if you want to live in a different climate zone. Maybe he’ll figure out how to put wheels on his dumpster some day.

    And, there’s another reason to conserve energy: peak oil. Even though you can’t forestall peak oil by driving a Prius, you can at least get around for less money.

    Also worth noting: the advocates of financial fraud will be boasting that they have “saved the planet” as fuel production declines.

  7. Went to a book launch, loyd khan, tiny houses, some are amazing , there were a few jokes, you need two tiny house. Some young folks just need a stealth camper to live and avoid high rents, great idea. His next book isnot so tiny houses.

  8. emsnews

    Peasants eventually are NEVER allowed to avoid paying the aristocracy rent.

  9. Jim R

    And apparently they won’t be allowed to have wheels this time. 🙂


    ELAINE: 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Reminds me of the hordes running across the Roman Empire and Chinese empire way back during the Dark Ages.

    They had wheeled carts carrying their tents.

  10. Maddie's Mom

    Experiments are often fun. They usually come to an end.

    Let’s see him live in that dumpster for 20 years.


  11. emsnews

    Well, ten years in a tent complex was interesting. Only times I disliked it was during blizzards and tornadoes and yes, we had both. 😦

  12. Maddie's Mom


    I remember reading about your tent complex and seeing the pictures.

    You are one tough lady.

    I could not have done it and I’d wager Harvard dumpster guy couldn’t either.

  13. m

    Still waiting for a response: Hello, Madame: You probably have covered this, but I was wondering how geoengineering fits into your thinking about the climate. I have seen presentations at and found the research quite compelling. Your take ?

  14. emsnews

    All things that humans do has an effect on the environment. All things termites do also affect the environment. Ditto for single celled sea creatures.

    The question is, what is the worst?

    I say, WWIII is top of the list which is why we must avoid this at all costs.

    Then there is Fukushima, another major destructive force.

    Now if you suggest we have no civilization as a solution, I say, everyone who wants this should live like people in the poorest parts of India.

  15. Jim R

    Back to this dumpster professor story . . .

    My wife’s cousin came to Austin a couple decades ago, went to UT, and like a lot of folks decided he liked Austin and stayed on. He got a good job with UT as his employer now, and he and his wife moved into the ever-so-hip-and-trendy neighborhood, not far from where Professor Dumpster lives. Lots of twenty- and thirty-somethings have moved into that neighborhood, bought a crappy old 1960s house, and fixed it up as an urban homestead. Solar panels on the roof, bauhaus design, housewares from Zinger’s or Breed & Co., furniture from whatever cool store the UT kids shop, you know, all that stuff.

    Time passes, and they have children … and they _moved_ to a different neighborhood! Turned out they didn’t want their children to be beaten up by the lower-class, let’s say ‘ethnic’, folks’ children in school. It’s still a crappy neighborhood. Funny how that works.

  16. Luke

    Yes, Jim R, the reason Gays Gentrify [double caps] is gays dont care about schools, wife safety, child safety. Once gays push prices up in Silverlake or where ever the riff raff [black n brown] is pushed out. Then families can move in.

  17. Jim R

    Luke, I don’t recall mentioning gays.

    But now that you bring it up, gay couples who have children don’t want to live in crappy neighborhoods, either. They move to the nice suburbs like West Lake Hills so their kids can go to good schools.

  18. emsnews

    Correct. EVERYONE who has actual living breathing children is HYPER aware that if they are doomed to go to school that is mainly black or Hispanic will be destroyed.

    The schools are resegregating. NONE of our elites especially Obama, sends their kiddies to ANY school that is mainly black or Hispanic. None of them.

    Just like none of them live in Tiny Houses@ or ride bikes instead of driving cars as big and heavy as tanks.


  19. Luke

    Elaine, are you aware that Schwarzenegger and Huffington had their children in the same Brentwood school at the same time? I just thought it funny. And the Huffingtons made their money from ‘East Timor Oil’.

  20. Luke

    gay couples who have mean Lesbians? I meant gay men. And they usually do not have children.

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