Where Is Carmen Segarra? Fired Fed Investigator Strikes Back At Goldman Sachs Criminal Gang!

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The bankers are scrambling for cover yet again as Carmen Segarra recorded 46 hours secret tapes between New York Fed and Goldman Sachs | Daily Mail Online:


A fired New York Fed regulator recorded hours of meetings which allegedly show how government supervisors were afraid to ask tough questions of the biggest banks on Wall St.


Carmen Segarra, 41, was brought in by New York’s banking watchdog in the wake of the financial crisis to tighten the government’s grip on the major banks, and assigned to Goldman Sachs.


And after encountering a culture of ‘fear’ and ‘deference’ to the finance giants at Goldman, Segarra explosively started recording meetings in which regulators offer softball questions to bankers, then congratulate themselves for standing up to them.



Goldman Sachs Said to Prohibit Bankers From Buying Stocks – Bloomberg news story from today, let us not forget that Goldman Sachs executives and former mayor Bloomberg are THE SAME ENTITIES.  And furthermore, are AIPAC financiers of Congressional bribery:


Employees at the New York-based firm were notified yesterday of the change, which takes effect immediately, said the person, who requested anonymity because the matter isn’t public. They also aren’t allowed to invest in activist or event-driven hedge funds, the person said. Previously, bankers needed approval before they could invest in individual stocks.


The change came on the same day that a former Federal Reserve Bank of New York examiner’s recordings of her ex-colleagues’ dealings with Goldman Sachs were featured in reports by public radio and ProPublica. The former examiner, Carmen Segarra, sued the New York Fed last year, alleging that she was fired in 2012 because she refused to change her finding that Goldman Sachs didn’t have a conflict-of-interest policy. Her case was dismissed in April and she’s appealing.


Funny as all hell.  Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are now going to try to force Congress into investigating all of this.  I have sat in on such hearings of the Fed and the bankers in the past and it is all sound and fury followed up by more bribes to Congress afterwards making everyone happy who is very rich.  The key here is how Congress is corrupted by bribes.  The Fed is an alien entity that was foisted on the nation.


Way back at its birth, the excuse for private foreign and domestic bankers to own our Treasury and print money was, ‘If the voters had control of this, we would see the dollar DEVALUED.’  Of course, since the bankers run things unhindered and with no oversight, the dollar has lost 95% of its value.  Thanks to ZIRP money printing by the Fed which then feeds the bankers giving them basically free loans of dollars which are printed at a mad rate, we are paying over a dollar for food that cost 5 cents back in 1929.


All the other Wall Street entities are now rushing to put in rules they bribed Congress to avoid.  The Fed has zero oversight of these banks because…surprise, surprise, they own the Fed itself. The Fed is NOT Federal nor a reserve.  It is a carte blanche for bankers to print money for themselves which then then lend to us taxpayers at a high premium and then pocket the profits from this.  A corrupt system from top to bottom.


Naturally, they get whistle blowers fired but this woman was smarter than these creeps and she now is putting into the public realm her tapes and she should be commended for this and rewarded but I expect the ruling elites to either kill her or put her in prison.


As always, we should be putting the Fed heads and the Wall Street gangsters in jail.  If nothing else, for letting inflation run rampant.


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9 responses to “Where Is Carmen Segarra? Fired Fed Investigator Strikes Back At Goldman Sachs Criminal Gang!

  1. melponeme_k

    Carmen is a true patriot. She decided our freedom was worth her life. I can’t imagine the kind of courage it takes to do what she has done.

    Thank you Carmen! You are a hero.

  2. ziff

    don’t mess with the guys with the derivative bom-b

  3. emsnews

    Carmen is the Banking Snowden.

    Maybe she will be forced to move to Russia, too. Supposedly, Putin is this Evil Dictator which is hilarious considering our own dictators like the Goldman Sachs criminals.

  4. Petruchio

    “As always, we should be putting the Fed heads and the Wall Street gangsters in jail.” At the very least. At one time in the good ol’ US of A, counterfeiting was a DEATH penalty offense. It’s true. Personally,I have no problem with reinstating the death penalty for the looting that these banksters have been doing. I said it and I’m not joking when I say it.ou can get ten years in prison for robbing a liquor store of 200 bucks. What’s an appropriate penalty for robbing an entire economy of trillions?

  5. Dick

    god bless the many good werks done by godmen sucks and the federal reserve banking system. Without their steady hand at the financial tiller, I am afraid we would have long ago been subjugated by the evil, nasty international jueish banking cartel.

    Piece in our times! and hurrah for global warming in our time!

  6. John

    Goldman Sacks Western Civilization.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    What’s the similiarity between regulators patting Goldman on the back for running ethically amok and politicians and judges applauding law enforcement for adopting murderous rules of engagement with unarmed suspects. Both alienate whole communities. Both are setups.

    Still can’t believe we created a Syrian opposition only to re-name it sissy spelled backwards and bomb it a year later. If that was deliberate, it’s pathetic; if it was a mistake, could we fire someone for it before we start a war where we put good people in real harm’s way.

  8. emsnews

    Do note the difference between ‘unarmed suspects’ and ‘armed suspects’ often isn’t discovered until criminals pull the trigger of a gun suddenly.

    GOOD LORD! Once, in NYC, I was sweeping my stoop when a crook ran down my block and since I was a major part of the civilian patrol, I observed him because he was running and I figured he was a crook.

    HE WAS, of course.

    He saw me and jerked his hand out of his pocket and a bunch of jewelry fell out of it so I hit him with my broom.

    From his OTHER pocket, he drew his gun which I slugged out of his hand with the broom and it slid under a parked car.

    He dove for it and I flung myself upon him and pinned him down while yelling for assistance which arrived very fast, for the cops came running down the street and yanked him aside while I pointed to the gun.

    He went up the river to prison for a long, long time.

    I am very lucky he didn’t get to shoot me. Sheesh.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    But he wasn’t unarmed, and you didn’t kill him anyway.

    We could debate the nature of violence, the remote risks inherent in any unknown encounter, whether policework is in the top 15 most dangerous jobs, whether our military apprehends high value targets more gently than many “civil” arrests, whether the meme that “at the end of the day, doing whatever it takes to get home is justified” has any moral value beyond that of a drowning rat?

    But none of that matters because killing unarmed people in fact alienates whole communities and that complicates policework more than it helps.

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