Ferguson Continues To Burn As Feds Encourage Rioters, Police Shot By Crooks

Brooklyn gun crimes 2014 one week statistics

One week’s shootings in Brooklyn, NY

Ferguson Police Chief Sparks Riots After Trying to Join Protesters Calling for His Resignation: the poor sap apologized to the Brown family and was rewarded with more riots.  The President and our ‘Attorney General’ both heavily contributed to these riots.  Instead of calling for calm and waiting for a proper investigation, this was turned into a witch hunt of blame while the family of the thug continued to demand his past antisocial behaviors be covered up.  Liberals have a lot of blame for this mess.  Meanwhile, Ferguson is now on the death list of previous riot cities like Detroit or Newark, etc.  Any whites left will flee.


PR man hired by the city of Ferguson is fired because he was convicted of reckless homicide for shooting man dead in 2006: they hired this black dude to fix things but he has blood on his hands.  If black leaders want the death of black men to cease or at least slow down, they have to confront the fact that they are their own worst enemies.  They literally hate each other to death and this death spiral is getting worse and worse, not better.


The new mayor of NYC has restarted the mass murder of blacks by stopping the police searches of black males who kill far, far more frequently than any other group.  Every week now in Brooklyn, a community I used to patrol back when the city went nearly bankrupt, black men shoot each other by the dozens.  The statistics for whites of any sort, mostly cops, shooting blacks is near zero compared to blacks killing each other which is enormous, the vast majority of murders are blacks killing each other.


FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 1 shows that more than half of the murder victims are black even though they are less than 15% of the population and FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 3 shows us that 4,729 murderers were whites, but 5,486 were blacks.  This is a huge proportion of killers considering their small numbers as population.


So a black criminal shot a cop in Ferguson: Police: Ferguson Officer Shot; 2 Suspects Wanted.  The black males rioted because they want cops to fear hurting them and thus, hold their fire mainly so black criminals can get a shot on the cops first.  Seriously, when a population is this badly out of control, the shoot first/ask questions later makes sense.  As I predicted when the President on down all coddled the Brown family and their criminal class supporters, Ferguson is rapidly dying.  There will be no businesses anymore unless vigilantes like myself take over.


I was very lucky in Brooklyn in the seventies.  Enough of my black neighbors were married and interested in stopping the crime wave that engulfed us all.  So they joined the patrols and were magnificent doing this.  One of them, along with me, cornered a man who violently broke into a house and kept him pinned down until the cops came to collect the crook.  And were we nice about this?


Ha.  We told him we would kill him if he resisted!  Duh.  This is key.  If people imagine they can fight back and break free, they will, but naked fear makes it much easier.  Some people think living in a world where they can run riot is fun.  It is NOT.  When we had riots in Brooklyn and large parts of the city were burned, these neighborhoods remained dead zones for many years.


The one I patrolled took off thanks to gentrification and the fact we made life very unhappy for crooks, murderers and robbers.


One reason black communities are imploding badly is due to the fact no one needs them as cheap labor anymore.  Instead, illegal aliens are great labor resource because they are illegal and thus, under the table.  Even the Pentagon is openly doing this:  Undocumented immigrants will be allowed to serve in U.S. military | Daily Mail Online


The announcement is an expansion on an existing program that already allows foreign nationals with exceptional skills like rare foreign languages to serve.


Dubbed Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI), the program is targeted at ‘immigrants with language skills critical to national security, such as Arabic, Chinese, Pashto or Persian’ according to the Military Times.


One insider revealed that, within the 1.2 million and 2.1 million people eligible for DAVA, it’s unclear how many would have the in demand language skills to make the cut.


The President is trying to legalize illegal aliens.  The DNC has decided, quite stupidly, that this will keep them in power.  The black community better fight this because the entire point of bringing in armies of illegal aliens is to eliminate black workers!  This is life and death, literally.  Welfare won’t pay in the long or short run.  It is a dead end, literally.


And then there is the overall decline in US education thanks to cultural values that is anti-intellectual, anti-cooperation, anti-social:  U.S. Students Rank 32 in Math Proficiency, 17 in Reading, Study Says | School Library Journal


The proficiency rate in the United States varies considerably across students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, the report says. While 42 percent of white students were identified as proficient in math, only 11 percent of African American students, 15 percent of Hispanic students, and 16 percent of Native Americans were proficient. Fifty percent of students with an ethnic background from Asia and the Pacific Islands, however, were proficient in math. In reading, 40 percent of white students and 41 percent of those from Asia and the Pacific Islands were identified as proficient. Only 13 percent of African-American students, 5 percent of Hispanic students, and 18 percent of Native American students were proficient.


The Asian students are smart and easily educated.  But they are not the majority of illegal aliens.  The Hispanics are the majority and their stats are terrible.  Liberals dare not examine why whites and especially, Asians, do much better than the favored populations of illegal Hispanics, blacks and Native Americans.  All of whom are held as wonderful and worthy by liberals.


This tragic situation can be fixed but it won’t be easy because it is cultural and Hollywood makes mountains of loot exploiting the dysfunctional lives of these three ethnic and tribal groups.  Glorifying exactly those things which are destroying these people makes billions for cynical users at the top.  The same people who fly private jets, drive gas guzzling cars while living in multiple palaces and sailing on huge yachts, the same people who scream about global warming and yelling that we must live in Tiny Houses@ and stop consuming fossil fuels.


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21 responses to “Ferguson Continues To Burn As Feds Encourage Rioters, Police Shot By Crooks

  1. vengeur

    I suspect that in those crime FBI crime statistics, Hispanics are lumped in with whites. “Other” means everybody else, NOT Hispanics. The point being that actual murder rates among whites are lower than presented. Just my suspicion.

  2. DeVaul

    I don’t think it is productive to harp on this subject endlessly. The same thing was going on in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other major cities back in the late 1800’s, but nobody referred to it as “white on white” crime or “out of control” whites or whatever.

    They did understand, or at least most independent newspaper editors did, that the source of the crime was extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse of the working classes, and they actually proposed reforms to try and deal with it. Some worked and some didn’t. Some that would have worked were sabotaged by the oligarchs (the 1%) of that time period. You can find their names under the term “Robber Barons” or on the nearest fancy library.

    If everyone here is going to harp on “black on black” crime, then at least do so with comparisons to the unheard of levels of “white on white” crime that ravaged our major cities a hundred years ago, and prompted the world to declare New York City the “murder capital of the world” before black people even got there.


    ELAINE: Oh, they blamed it on the flood of immigrants! Seriously. NYC’s crime families were mainly Irish and Italian, for example. Mafia, anyone?

  3. vengeur

    Far from “harping” on this subject, our media scrupulously avoids any mention of black on black crime. It’s only brave people with GUTS who dare bring it up.

  4. melponeme_k

    In regards to Native Americans, the problem is one of culture just like the Black community.

    I’ve seen the tribal lands in the Midwest, East Coast, and Northwest. Almost all of them center around huge, rich, mega casinos. Technically the reimbursement checks Natives receive for the use of their land should help them. But they don’t. They turn around and spend those checks plus more in the casinos on their land.

    They are also wasting away from misplaced anger. They are angry about past failures from the 1800’s, failures they cannot fix. The same with the Black community.

    The past cannot be changed. Throwing money in reparations cannot change the past. Instead it cripples the present and the future. All that matters is fixing a culture of failure. To emulate cultures that work and build. Except the current liberal focus is to celebrate failed cultures and blow smoke up their asses about being noble.

    There is nothing noble about failure in the present that is possible to change.

  5. DeVaul


    I have to infer from your comment that you believe “black on black” crime is a far more dangerous and terrible thing than “white on white” crime, or anything else, and thus should be discussed here ad nauseum because the MSM refuses to discuss it along with a million other things.


  6. vengeur

    You are quite right about that Devaul. Black perpetrated crime would be more accurate. The focus on black on black crime is indeed a bogus way to call attention to the HUGELY disproportional problem of black perpetrated criminal activity.

  7. vengeur

    Because if You just say “black crime” or “black criminality”, you are dismissed out of hand as being a racist. So people get around that by talking “black on black” crime. I plead guilty.

  8. Luke

    Off topic. You have mentioned crime in Miami [often caused by Haitians]. This leaves me wondering. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article2282344.html

  9. e sutton

    “….at least do so with comparisons to the unheard of levels of “white on white” crime that ravaged our major cities a hundred years ago, and prompted the world to declare New York City the “murder capital of the world” before black people even got there….”

    Ouch. My head hurts. So black people weren’t here causing trouble in 1914. We’ll I’ll be damned. There really isn’t any black crime. It’s all been YT’s imagination. Sort of like Bobby’s dream in the t.v. show, Dallas. In real life, blacks are exactly like we saw on The Cosby Show. And forget all that jazz about reparations. Heck, they didn’t even get here until after 1914, long after slavery. So who the heck did Lincoln free in 1863? Ouch. My head hurts. Let me have another bite of that liberal cracker you be munchin’ on, vengeur.

  10. e sutton

    OT: A mass grave has been uncovered in Ukraine, previously under control of the Ukrainian army before the truce. I just had to pass on one of the comments from the news site, RT:

    “what a Huge surprised its Not front page news not even in the back pages in the “free western” news never mind they are looking for “evidence” to show the Russians did this to their own people to blame Kiev maybe in Fox news? no they run out of time”


  11. emsnews

    Ethnic warfare always ends in mass graves!

    Race warfare: ditto. Religious warfare; identical.

    We are seeing spasms of race, religion and ethnic warfare all of which is being ENCOURAGED by our elites who throw gasoline on all these fires including here at home.

    This is why I keep mentioning the destruction of the minority communities via turning them into sociopaths via mass media entertainment systems, encouraging ‘chip on the shoulder’ rage and sneering at ‘intellectuals’ while the children of the middle class parade around demanding the climate never change (that is pure insanity!) while Rome burns and WWIII is on the horizon in all its bloody gore.

  12. emsnews

    I was just watching the Ken Burns’ FDR series on PBS. The episode of WWI got me really enraged. He used this CUTE music while showing grim photos and films of that very bad charnel house war.

    I wondered why he did this stupid thing. Using say, Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ would have been appropriate especially since this premiered right before the war began, for example.

    Instead, he chose this insipid music that clashed horribly with the images.

    They are trying to habituate us for major catastrophe by making it seem harmless, I am guessing. This is why the horror of Ukraine or Afghanistan or god help us all, IRAQ, are treated as almost a joke.

    Then there is all the insanity surrounding the magic number day event of 9/11. Sigh.

  13. John

    They are trying to habituate us for major catastrophe by making it seem harmless, I am guessing.

    It’s a form of neurolinguistic programming. And yes, the media is conditioning the masses to accept catastrophe, and more importantly, to accept the media’s interpretation of that catastrophe.

    Ye gods, this is going to get ugly.

  14. vengeur

    @ esutton, I didn’t write that stuff .Devaul did. I am a lot of things, but I am not a liberal.

  15. DeVaul

    @ e Sutton

    Yeah, you quoted me, but I don’t eat liberal crackers. I eat deer jerky that I make myself. Liberals would be horrified, so that’s why I am eating it at work.

    I think it would be far better to focus on the source of the criminality that has raged non stop since the 1850’s in our major cities: the oligarchs.

    They rolled out the welcome mat for immigrants and then dumped on them on the side of a railroad track or in an urban slum — both of which they had built, of course.

    They experimented on black people using the CIA, they prodded the government to steal every inch of Indian land and slaughter those who resisted. They imported the slaves and worked them to death. They created all the conditions for what was then a catastrophe and still is today.

    The OWL kids did not need a set of “demands”. Just confronting the 1% got them pepper sprayed, assaulted, beaten, arrested, and in some cases, killed.

    Talking about black on black crime, Hollywood, MTV, white trailer trash meth heads, and so forth is useless as long as the small group of sociopaths who pull the levers that set the conditions for all of this are not confronted and removed from our society.

    Since people are so easily distracted by symptoms, I doubt the source will ever be extracted in time to save what is left of our so-called “civilization”.

  16. emsnews

    Correct, DeVaul.

  17. emsnews

    Too bad the dude at the center of this horror show never raised his hands in surrender.

    I hate it when people make up stuff. Probably, after being shot, the Gentle Giant backed off from the cop car trying to get away from being shot again.

  18. Luke

    Remember the media [stirring the pot] calling this 300 pound criminal a ‘Gentle Giant’? Then the clip of him attacking the shopkeeper was revealed.
    But the facts didnt stop the media.

  19. THE MEDIA ARE A BUNCH OF LYING PIGS! THEY SUCK! all of them are worthless unthinking. politics-liberal-controlled ZOMBIES. THE ZOMBIE MEDIA HAS NO BRAINS.! they are always biased, they hate and are intolerant yuppie liberal SNOBS. And they have nothing to do with REAL NEWS.They “invent” their own illusionary, biased fantasies and pretend they are REAL NEWS. But the media hasn’t told any real news in many years.They just HIDE it.

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