Gang Warfare Rages Around Elementary Schools In Chicago While Kiddies Shake Their Booties To Rap Songs

‘I’m So Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea

This video is by a white hip hop wannabe gangsta chick young lady who is paid to shake her tush and sneer about being civilized and sane.  Note the classroom in this Hollywood video made for kiddies shows angry, defiant, bored students who don’t want to learn even though the ‘teacher’ is a pole dancer at night and is sexually suggestive in school.  This video is interesting because a woman reporter who works for the Washington Post had this shocking story about her neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago  which mentions little girls in school singing, shaking and aping this very same video…in a school that is closing due to being a total failure.


Protecting children and making neighborhoods safe takes a lot of vigilant parenting and neighbors caring about social harmony and people restraining themselves from running wild and doing very stupid things.  But we see a deterioration in many minority communities that seem to have given up and work mainly on fierce territorial disputes mainly over drug dealing jurisdictions.  This, in turn, is destroying minority communities at a very fast rate.  Literally laying to waste huge tracts of land.


The Toronto Star newspaper has a strong headline for a story about black Chicago which is actually trying very hard to minimize the destruction going on there:  Dodging bullets in ‘Terrortown’ | Toronto Star


 My last day on the South Side, I headed for my old school, Mount Vernon Elementary. Principal Dawn Scarlett met me at the door and showed me around. I remembered the gym where Cheryl Franklin taught me the words to “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder; I remembered the cavernous auditorium where we watched all those science tutorials with the all-white faces.


It took a lot of doing, “but I’ve got good kids now. We got an award for low suspensions last year,” Scarlett said. She pointed to the new lockers and fresh paint. “Don’t write this as a heartbreak,” she urged. “Like there’s nothing left and there’s no signs of hope. The kids here are still good kids.” Mount Vernon renovated and expanded its park, she pointed out. “People still take pride in this neighbourhood.”


As I walked away, I watched a group of young girls practising their dance routine, and I remembered when I was a little girl standing in the same spot, singing a bluesy version of “Little Sally Walker” with my friends. “Put’cha hands on your hips, and let your backbone slip.”
“I grew up right there,” I told them. I started to walk away, and one little sparkplug of a girl came running after me.


“Excuse me, but do you want to see our dance?” she asked. She reminded me of all the little South Side girls I had ever known, and the one I had once been. A sweetness that could change the world.


“I would love to see your dance,” I said and hovered as they gyrated to the Iggy Azalea song: “I’m so fancy.”


She doesn’t mention the school in her article which tries very, very hard to make things look good when things are very, very bad.  I looked at Google maps and the school she is talking about is about to merge with Marcus Garvey Elementary school which is on South Morgan street, too.


We turned onto Morgan and began to crawl the block. A layer of well-cut grass covered the empty lot next to the house my family left when I was nearly 10. Tattered blinds hung in the picture window, and the downspout was unhinged. The big maple in front was gone. It was late afternoon, and half a dozen young men were hanging out in the street.


Her old school is the ‘better’ of the two schools by a hair.  Both are 99% black and barely limping along.  Chicago school closings provoke confusion, anger among parents | Reuters


Marcus Garvey is one of 53 elementary schools, and one high school, that Chicago Public Schools said last week it intends to close by late August. In all, 61 buildings are to be closed, representing 10 percent of all elementary school buildings. If the plan, which requires approval by the school board in May, is carried out, it will be the biggest mass closing by a school district in U.S. history.


The 54 schools that will close are primarily in poor African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods. Marcus Garvey and Mount Vernon are 99 percent black, and 94 percent of students at both are classified as low-income…


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and school administrators say enrollment in Chicago’s public schools has fallen 20 percent in the past decade. The school district has said it can accommodate 511,000 students, but only about 403,000 are enrolled. Almost 140 of its schools are more than half empty, it said.


The article goes on to mention that gangs there are dangerous. But parents are terrified of sending their kids to other ‘black’ schools because of these gang territories that don’t let anyone stray from their home bases.  Ironically but not surprising, Mt. Vernon which is to take up the students from this school is equally atrocious.


See the video here where a mother complains that a school a handful of feet away is too far away for her kids due to black on black hatred:  A Study In Contrasts For CPS School Closings In Washington Heights Neighborhood « CBS Chicago


Parents were freaking out due to this school closing because the schools are THREE BLOCKS apart and therefore, in ‘enemy territory’ for children under the age of 12. Who can get shot and the article by the woman writing for the Toronto Star article even mentions a shooting right in front of the Marcus Garvey school.


The writer of the article about Mount Vernon school talks about the children as ‘cute’ because they are singing and dancing to a favorite video which is utterly destructive for their education and which is training them to hate school and practice sexy stuff while very much underage.  The video at You Tube even states that children shouldn’t watch it because it is too dirty for them but obviously, grade school pre teens in this community love this video and their parents don’t care.


Here ‘Little Sally Walker’ which is mentioned in the above article about Mount Vernon Elementary school and it is a slightly less dirty ditty for children which is popular, too, and which involves asking them to shake their booty for men:

Little Sally walker walking down the street she had no where to go so she stopped in front of me and said hey girl shake that thang shake that thang no stop hey girl shake that thang shake that thang no stop


This is no minor problem.  Minors acting out adult sexual activities is a huge problem in poor communities.  Here is today’s hot mess news:  15 people, many teenagers, wounded in Miami nightclub shooting 15 to 11 year old children shaking their booty at 1am at a club.  And they have school the next day?


Probably not, I presume.  Below is a nearby candy store to these Chicago schools and I seriously doubt it sold lollipops.  Old Skool Candy Shop indeed.

Chicago Old Skool Candy Shop


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5 responses to “Gang Warfare Rages Around Elementary Schools In Chicago While Kiddies Shake Their Booties To Rap Songs

  1. Peter C.

    I grew up in Toronto, Etobicoke suburbs shootings were unheard of really.No gangs out in the suburbs,very peaceful.(95% white there I said it)
    I would not go back now.
    I am living on Vancouver Island which has actually got a bit whiter over the years if that can be imagined.Biggest minority are the natives.To see a black person is very rare.

  2. Well at least nobody got shot making this crap? No rock bands anymore? I watch American Idol and all they can do is scream cover songs. Thank god I don’t have watch it.

  3. CK

    It is distressing when immigrant white Aussie girls do rap better than domestic innovators. However as the Aussie proverb goes, it is the tall poppy that meets the scythe first.

  4. Luke

    This idiot is a PROFESSOR and mulatto who [wiki] ‘never identified w being part white’. this is also part of dilemma w the media. Gangster rap is just part of the problem.

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