Dallas Hospital Sent Ebola Man Home With Antibiotics

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This is infuriating news.  Not only are people flying in and out of this well of disease in Africa unhindered, due to assurances that no one will come to the US with this contagious disease has caused hospitals to be laggard in processing people who have come from the sector where ebola is running out of control.  This is ridiculous.  It will soon be too late to stop this epidemic from coming here and lodging itself in our poorer neighborhoods or say, homeless people and drug addicts.


Man with Ebola at Dallas hospital was first SENT HOME with antibiotics before the deadly virus was later discovered | Daily Mail Online


A Dallas hospital initially mistook a man’s case of the Ebola virus in a Texas hospital for something much less serious and gave him antibiotics
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden said the patient left Liberia on Sept. 19, arrived the next day to visit family and started feeling ill four or five days later
The unidentified man was critically ill and has been in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital since Sunday, officials said
Frieden said there was no risk to anyone on the airplane because the patient had no symptoms at the time of the flight


This is why quarantines are required.  Anyone traveling from the plague areas must undergo a 2 week quarantine.  This has been imposed in the past in the US.  This is to protect us from obvious dangerous, contagious diseases.  I remember quarantines in my youth for a wide variety of diseases.  Luckily for us, vaccinations came along and eliminated many of these but these older diseases are making a comeback thanks to anti-vaccination hysteria.


And we now have this monster disease!  Boatloads of illegal African aliens are desperately trying to get into Europe, for example, and Saudi Arabia continues with the pilgrimage business without checking for diseases and we must not forget who the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse is: plague.


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8 responses to “Dallas Hospital Sent Ebola Man Home With Antibiotics

  1. Peter C.

    Sent home with antibiotics as if that is the cure for everything!
    I wonder what disease the hospital thought warranted antibiotics anyway?

  2. emsnews

    It was probably a charity hospital with mainly illegal aliens and the very poor.

  3. melponeme_k

    All of this is gross negligence on a massive scale.

    So all they quarantining the hospital where he dragged his plague backside? Are they contacting the people who sat in the waiting room with him? Probably not if it was a bunch of transients, poor and illegal aliens. How about the plane, did they contact anyone who was sharing it with him? Is his family under quarantine? What about every store or person he had contact with?

    When you really think about it, if powers didn’t want this to happen…it just denotes a stupidity that is off the charts. And it is only matched by the comments on the local news sites eating up wrong information and barking that there is nothing to fear.

  4. I hope to goodness that they have contained the disease. That Texas hospital is a 900 bed hospital. If any staff gets Ebola there will be a major health crisis in Texas. Look what happened to hospitals in Canada when SARS cropped up there.

    It isn’t the Doctors that you have worry about, it is the nurses and ancillary staff. A lot of these people are single parents, who looks after the kids if Mum or Dad is in quarantine? Who will pay for this?

    The Triage nurse actually did a good job in picking up the risk of Ebola in the first place. Knowing US healthcare costs it is a bold nurse that sends every patient with the sweats to the isolation suite.

  5. Jim R

    It was Dallas Presbyterian. Not Parkland. Not really the main Dallas public charity hospital.

    But all hospitals nowadays get all sorts of riffraff into their emergency rooms.

    My question is, why is air travel still available from Africa to any other continent? Why were flights not canceled starting six monts ago, until the epidemic played out?

  6. emsnews

    Thanks for the info, Jim. I wanted to know this and last night, couldn’t find it.

  7. Luke

    ‘My question is, why is air travel still available from Africa to any other continent? Why were flights not canceled starting six monts ago, until the epidemic played out?’
    That would be racist. That would be bad for airlines. That would staunch the epidemic outside Africa. Diseases are a gift from Africa.


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