Unknown Number Of People Exposed To Dallas Ebola Vector Carrier, Little Information Of His Activities

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It looks like the ebola carrier from Africa came into the US via Kennedy Airport and he roamed freely about while very much infected and showing symptoms in Dallas including hanging out in an emergency room, using things and touching things and being examined by nurses and a doctor who then went on to other patients…and the CDC won’t give out the dude’s name, nor say where he stayed while infected, nor the name of the flights he took to get here, nothing.  How can people know if they had contact like say, a store clerk handing him something, if they don’t know any information?


The chicken littles complaining about the weather and how we are all doomed are mainly silent about this latest Germ Empire attack on humans, ebola.  The fix for this thing is to isolate the areas affected until the epidemic is ended and to work harder to find a vaccination regime to neutralize this disease.  The anti-vaccinationists on the left and right don’t want THAT solution!


And they seem to not want the isolation solution, either.  As a middle of the road person, for the most part, I vote for both solutions at the same time.  The chances of the disease spreading in Europe and the US is quite high, not low:  Rhiza Labs FluTracker Forum • View topic – Contacts of Dallas Ebola Case


Dallas County Health Director Zachary Thompson said that includes four or five children, several adults, and the emergency medical personnel – about a dozen people in all.


This is insane.  The guy was near or in contact with many, many more people and each of them were in contact with others and the symptoms show up slowly, not fast so we don’t know how many are infected until at least two weeks go by.  Naturally, our leaders are telling us where this Typhoid Mary went and what flights he came on and which cities, etc.  NOT!  Not one iota of information.


If he went through Kennedy, he was seen by authorities there and the international flights processing area is extremely crowded.  Did he sneeze on anyone?  Wipe his saliva and then touched hands with the person handling his passport?  The mind reels.


American Airlines or Delta flew this guy into the US:  Health officials tracing Dallas Ebola patient’s path 


Officials would not release the name of the airline or the flight number.


A statement from American Airlines said: “American Airlines does not fly to Africa and we have been told the passenger was not on a connecting flight involving our aircraft. We follow the guidelines put in place by the CDC specifically for airlines and work with our crews to protect the health of our customers and employees.”…He said the experimental vaccine that was used on two Americans who contracted Ebola in Liberia this summer is no longer available.



Liberia has done little to nothing while Sierra Leone quarantines 1M ahead of UN Ebola talks Liberia’s top doctor in quarantine after assistant dies of Ebola – Yahoo News


Already weak national health care systems have been over-run by the disease, which has infected 375 health care workers in the region, killing 211 of them.

Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, contracted the disease himself and died in July.


Belgium still flies in and out of Freetown while many other nations have eliminated travel to and from there:

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British Airways halts flights to two Ebola-hit nations for the rest of the year amid growing concerns about the worst outbreak ever with all flights cancelled until Xmas.


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Flying to and from Monrovia/Liberia


Already, Five Illegal Immigrants Detained in Albania With Ebola Symptoms in Europe, EU forced open border policy may have brought ebola to Italy which is no surprise.  Italy’s False ‘Ebola Outbreak’ Is Spread by Racists and Conspiracy Nuts | VICE News claims.  If only.


Alas, due to flimsy border protections and Africans being nearly hopelessly unable to contain these plagues, the chances of this crossing easily into Europe isn’t only high, it is INEVITABLE.  It is much, much easier to temporarily totally isolate the countries gripped by this terrible disease until a cure is effected or it dies out literally, or we shall have an AIDS event that will slash and burn its way across the entire planet.  AIDS still plagues many people thanks to needle addicts and others living dangerously and irresponsibly.


Previous ebola epidemics were fast moving diseases, transmission was less than three days before symptoms appeared.  This latest mutation has a 21 day lag which is huge and like AIDS which is also slow to show, is why it is so hard to stop. A video from 2013 predicting today’s plague.


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10 responses to “Unknown Number Of People Exposed To Dallas Ebola Vector Carrier, Little Information Of His Activities

  1. melponeme_k

    According to the one website you linked to, one commentator claimed the EMT crew that treated the Ebola victim were released since their tests came back negative.

    And it looks as if the man/woman did come through New York.

    Heads need to roll for this.

  2. Christian W

    Shows the whole “Homeland security” business up for the sham it is.

  3. Luke

    Open borders
    Pelosi ‘the illegals are like Moses’
    Obongo ‘The dreamers are our greatest strength’
    Africans can move to USA. The ‘oklahoma muslim beheader’ is an african.

  4. nclaughlin

    First of all, we are told by the main stream media that it is difficult for Ebola to move from one person to another, it requires some sort of fluid exchange or something of that sort.

    Secondly, many doctors and caregivers have contracted Ebola. These people are extensively trained on how to protect themselves.

    Did the doctors and caregivers forget their training? Or is there something incorrect in the first paragraph? Huh?

  5. Jim R

    The Germ Empire sounds like an interesting character for a new cartoon 🙂

  6. CK

    However, if your ancestry is northern European, you have a very high chance of being immune to haemorrhagic viruses.

  7. Maddie's Mom

    They can’t keep one nut job out of the White House, but we’re supposed to feel confident they can control this?!?


  8. emsnews

    The ebola man flew via a Brussels airline to LONDON and then to JFK and then Dallas…he also claims he told the hospital he came from the ebola region and they gave him pain killers and sent him home.

    The list of people affected by all this continues to grow. In England there is an uproar over his use of the main airport of the nation.

  9. Peter C.

    Always good to stay away from crowds but now especially.

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