CDC Forced Hospital To Take Ebola Patient Back: Government Struggles To Develop Protocols For This Disease

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The incompetence and lack of understanding by our leaders concerning ebola continues as Texas ‘orders’ possible contagious family members of ebola carrier to ‘stay home’.  This is insane.  They can walk out of the house whenever they want because there is no guards to prevent this and you can bet, since Mr. Duncan did this to us, they will be just as irresponsible.  Enforced confinement has to have some teeth or it fails.  It looks like the CDC was called by family member begging for help and then this forced the hospital in Dallas to take patient back in.



All plague infestations start with someone entering new territory with no epidemics:  Black Death Entered Britain Through the Port of Weymouth


In this year 1348 in Melcombe, in the county of Dorset, a little before the feast of St. John the Baptist [that is, around the 25th June 1348], two ships, one of them from Bristol came alongside. One of the sailors had brought with him from Gascony the seeds of the terrible pestilence and through him the men of that town of Melcombe were the first in England to be infected.


All it takes is one person to do this.  We have to fear this because the government won’t use more forceful measures to stop the spread of very contagious diseases like this one:  Ebola Patient’s Family Ordered to Stay Home for Two Weeks – NBC


Texas health officials have ordered four family members who had contact with the Dallas Ebola patient to stay home and not have visitors to prevent the potential spread of disease. The order, hand delivered to Thomas Eric Duncan’s relatives Wednesday night by Texas Department of Health Services officials, legally requires the family to comply until at least Oct. 19, when the incubation period has passed and the family is no longer at risk of having the disease. The order also requires the family to be available to provide blood samples and agree to any testing required by public health officials.


Meanwhile, Ebola Patient’s Texas Contacts Zoom to 80, Authorities Say which is a gross understatement since it doesn’t include people in contact while this man was traveling.  He knew for certain that he was very much exposed to this disease because he took the woman dying of it to a specific ebola hospital where they turned her away because they are overwhelmed.


This also means that the system set up there is in total failure now as the number of cases rises exponentially.  The official number is grossly out of whack due to them counting only ‘official’ cases while bodies accumulate in the streets and hidden in various huts and homes.  We have zero statistics for the countryside.  No idea at all what is going on there.


Something is different in this outbreak.  It isn’t dying off quickly but literally traveling all over the place.  The previous lack of seriousness in stopping this disease should turn into a level of panic because this is something we should be in a panic, not ‘ho hum’.


The fact that this U.S. Ebola Patient Vomited ‘All Over the Place,’ Witness Tells Reuters should be real scary since we know that even and especially doctors and nurses are dying of this disease that it is highly contagious, not somewhat contagious.  It has jumped the shark.  On NBC where this news about the vomit appeared they also had this reporter saying we shouldn’t fear this disease because we have to touch or clean up vomit, for example, to get it…wait!


This is happening now!  That is, the vomit.  Who touched it?  If in the hospital, is the staff who dealt with it in isolation now or spreading the disease within the hospital?  No answers to that pressing question.  Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan’s Nephew: I Had to Call CDC – NBC  Turns out the Texas hospital turned this man into the streets due to him having no insurance.


Seriously.  The CDC then ordered them to take back the patient.  Amazing, isn’t it?  We have this strange healthcare system which will collapse if we have an epidemic here with the poor unattended as if they are in Africa.  No insurance=no care.  The government is also figuring out how to dispose of waste from ebola patients.  Which is considerable since everything has to be incinerated thoroughly!


They should be treated in tents, for example, so they don’t infect entire hospitals.  But we won’t see that, either, I am betting.  This is 100 times more contagious than AIDS.  No one got AIDS from touching sweat, tears or vomit!


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19 responses to “CDC Forced Hospital To Take Ebola Patient Back: Government Struggles To Develop Protocols For This Disease

  1. Jim R

    Best advice: be ready to shelter in place. Stay home as much as possible.

    Travel and interaction has become dangerous.

  2. melponeme_k

    The CDC had to force medical waste companies to process the waste from the patients hauled back to the US a few months ago. They actually had to be sued.

    This isn’t a good situation. The man was contagious on his way in here spreading disease from origin point into Brussels, DC and Dallas. At these points he had potential contact with people from all parts of the world. I don’t believe in miracles, but the odds are bad and they say he has managed to infect someone on his journey more likely several someones.

  3. melponeme_k

    Dailymail strikes me as yellow so this should be taken with a large helping of salt.

    But they claim another potential Ebola case has turned up in Hawaii. The paient is under isolation in a regular room but the med staff is wearing protective gear.

    The incompetence continues.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, it is possible there is another and I am betting there will be more since everyone saw in the news that doctors with the disease brought to Europe and the US have survived!

  5. melponeme_k


    You are right, triage centers should be immediately erected to separate ebola patients from hospitals. Ebola should not be given a chance to mix with other pathogens nor should weakened patients be exposed. Hospitals will become a vector not a safe point in an epidemic.

  6. kenogami

    This man Duncan is a disgusting scumbag and a criminal. First thing he did when he knew he had Ebola in Liberia is to flow to the US hoping they would save his sorry ass. He did not care one bit how many innocents he contaminated on the trip: children, airplane persons, medical persons, his own family.
    He probably lied to the medical persons in the hospital: nothing he says can be trusted.

  7. charlottemom

    Wapo reported that tx hospital diagnosed duncan with a low grade viral infection and sent him home w antibiotics. Funny…i thought antibiotics didnt work on virus.

    Question: did patient tell er worker that he suspected he might have ebola? Yes or no?

    Who is responsible for this decision? NAMES PLEASE! This is more than incompetence ..this nurse practitioner (?) is guilty of subverting public health policy rules. hate to say but this smells like a deliberate attempt to provoke fear and terror. And its working…at least until the zmapp serum can be administered..dhh just signed a contract w mapp and tekmira for vaccine!! I fear many more will die from ebola though and i am enraged by the turn of events.

    Here in Charlotte, this August, cmc hospital had a patient come in with ebola symptoms and he was immediately quarantined
    (later diagnosed as malaria) .

    If us gov and hospitals wont quarantine, will fearful citizens self quarantine ?

  8. emsnews

    This isn’t a deliberate attempt at sowing fear, quite the opposite. The government keeps saying there is nothing to fear, we have it under control when we DON’T.

  9. charlottemom

    Enterovirus 68 deaths are under the radar during all the current ebola reporting. This infection w polio like symptoms is reported in most states w deaths in rhode island mass Wisconsin and California
    I don’t know much about this..but have seen some reporting that it effects children primarily (speculation immigrant children who are not immunized) and being spread at schools?? This however could be a rumor – fear mongering

  10. charlottemom

    I dont think that gov is sowing fear. I think ebola is truly lethal. i think gov is deliberately sowing chaos. Same tactic w lack of border controls, law enforcement or lack of it
    Heck we’ve been doing it abroad. .why not here too?

  11. charlottemom

    Youre right elaine that gov is sowing fear. I think ebola is truly lethal. i think gov is deliberately sowing chaos..which is worse and with terrible consequences. Same tactic w lack of border controls, policing/law enforcement or lack of it
    Heck we’ve been doing it abroad. .why not here too?

  12. charlottemom

    Oops elaine said gov not sowing fear..i misquoted.

  13. emsnews

    They want us to let the open borders CONTINUE not stop!!!

    Think! Be logical for one minute.

    The other virus, the one hurting children causing polio-like problems probably came across the borders from the south, too. Warm areas generate more diseases than cold areas due to lack of winters which kill many viruses.

    So we generally get plagues, etc. from warm areas especially jungles and such.

    And yes, our system is wide open to epidemics. We have vaccinations for older epidemics which foolish anti-vax people have reintroduced, no thanks!

    But this is new. And very, very dangerous with a 80% death rate! Worse than the Black Death, for crying out loud.

  14. Elaine said: The government is also figuring out how to dispose of waste from Ebola patients. Which is considerable since everything has to be incinerated thoroughly!

    Ironic is it not. Just at the point that those who have experience of building and operating incinerators for the mass incineration of bodies are dying out.

    Still there is a ready supply of shale gas to power the ovens.

  15. Sara

    There is no vaccine for Enterovirus 68

  16. emsnews

    Correct. No vaccination. Very sad.

    I nearly died of a virus when I was 20 years old, got it from working with patients for free while in college, ended up in a coma before recovering very slowly.

  17. Lois T.

    Ah, remember Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, when the U.S. had functioning public health services that kept on top of these deadly outbreaks, and we had county general hospitals that treated indigent patients?

    Seriously, do health practitioners these days really have to wait until they’ve read official bulletins from the CDC before they decide to put puking feverish patients who’ve just flown in from Africa into isolation units?

    What also worries me is how we have so many people in this country who are absolutely clueless about what actions they should take to prevent diseases from spreading. I think of how many influenza-infested relatives of mine show up to our big family Christmas parties every year. Good grief, all we need is one person shedding Ebola particles and that could wipe out the entire family!

  18. Peter C.

    40 bags of contaminated waste per patient per day? will overwhelm any hospital.
    Waiting for the first new Walking Dead episode.

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