Ebola Is Different With High Death Rate, Easier Transmission Than AIDS, No Medical Help Yet, Vaccinations In Future

Breaking news:  Liberia To Prosecute Man Who Brought Ebola To U.S. because he lied on the form they use about being exposed to ebola directly.


Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart slams media for Ebola fear-mongering because he is delusional:


On Wednesday evening’s edition of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart addressed the first case of Ebola in the United States. The U.S. is more than equipped to prevent the spread of the virus, but for some reason the media hasn’t gotten that memo.


Stewart showed clips of cable news coverage using ominous music and frightening graphics… Hide your kids, hide your wife, cable news warned, Ebola is coming for you.


Just up in the news:  5 People Are Infected With Ebola Every Hour In Sierra Leone.  Stewart’s belief that our system works is naive in the extreme.  We now know that the hospital that turned away the ebola African fellow KNEW he was from the ebola region but he had no insurance.  Then, they took him back only when forced by the CDC.  This isn’t a joke topic, Stewart is all freaky out crazy over if it is too warm (it isn’t) and thinks we are all going to die due to being warm (it isn’t warm, winter is around the corner here) but this mega-dangerous very contagious nearly always deadly disease is…a joke to him!


He makes fun of conservatives about this???  Now obnoxious.  This isn’t a left/right issue.  This is a life/death issue.  The US is so unready for this disease, they are still debating how to dispose of stuff that infected people touch!  There are no vaccinations but now people are working on this very thing, thank goodness.  Here is an interesting, informative interview from Germany:


E.Sutton (Thanks!) here on the blog alerted me to this video about a microbiologist doctor who is wearing a suit saying, ‘CDC Lies’ warning us about this epidemic:

Interview with Peter Piot (the Belgium expert doctor) Discoverer of the Ebola Virus – SPIEGEL ONLINE


SPIEGEL: Why did WHO react so late?


Piot: On the one hand, it was because their African regional office isn’t staffed with the most capable people but with political appointees. And the headquarters in Geneva suffered large budget cuts that had been agreed to by member states. The department for hemorrhagic fever and the one responsible for the management of epidemic emergencies were hit hard. But since August, WHO has regained a leadership role.


Yes, funding dropped because the Bilderberg gang who run Europe and the UN, thought we didn’t need this anymore.  But now they are scared because they are vulnerable, too.  Instead, money has been wasted on starting and running endless wars against Muslims and Russia with China as the next victim for chaos creation.  Well, they got chaos in spades and it will backfire on all the elites in the long run just like WWI did.


Cuts to World Health Organization budget intensify Ebola epidemic – World Socialist Web Site: cuts up to one billion dollars just as the ebola outbreak began.  The UN last month decided, rather slowly, to add $600 million because of this out of control event. Since it began doubling in size every week, panic is setting in for good reason.  This is a very bad sign in any disease particularly one that kills virtually everyone who shows symptoms.


SPIEGEL: There is actually a well-established procedure for curtailing Ebola outbreaks: isolating those infected and closely monitoring those who had contact with them. How could a catastrophe such as the one we are now seeing even happen?


Piot: I think it is what people call a perfect storm: when every individual circumstance is a bit worse than normal and they then combine to create a disaster. And with this epidemic, there were many factors that were disadvantageous from the very beginning. Some of the countries involved were just emerging from terrible civil wars, many of their doctors had fled and their healthcare systems had collapsed. In all of Liberia, for example, there were only 51 doctors in 2010, and many of them have since died of Ebola.


SPIEGEL: The fact that the outbreak began in the densely populated border region between Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia …


Piot: … also contributed to the catastrophe. Because the people there are extremely mobile, it was much more difficult than usual to track down those who had had contact with the infected people. Because the dead in this region are traditionally buried in the towns and villages they were born in, there were highly contagious Ebola corpses traveling back and forth across the borders in pick-ups and taxis. The result was that the epidemic kept flaring up in different places.


The US is even more mobile.  How will Texas contain this epidemic?  They are still struggling to find out how many people touched this man who very definitely had this disease?  They can’t, quite frankly, since he went all over the planet earth with many people trapped in various ways really close to him.  He used public transportation all over the place!  With AIDS, if you shook hands or rubbed against some sweat or dried tears, you didn’t die of AIDS.  Very close, sexual contact had to be made or via IV abuse which is very intimate.  With this disease, being in slight contact, shaking hands, for example, can give you the disease!


Piot: In large cities — particularly in chaotic slums — it is virtually impossible to find those who had contact with patients, no matter how great the effort. That is why I am so worried about Nigeria as well. The country is home to mega-cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt and if the Ebola virus lodges there and begins to spread, it would be an unimaginable catastrophe.


SPIEGEL: What can really be done in a situation when anyone can become infected on the streets and, like in Monrovia, even the taxis are contaminated?


Piot: We urgently need to come up with new strategies. Currently, helpers are no longer able to care for all the patients in treatment centers. So caregivers need to teach family members who are providing care to patients how to protect themselves from infection to the extent possible. This on-site educational work is currently the greatest challenge. Sierra Leone experimented with a three-day curfew in an attempt to at least flatten out the infection curve a bit. At first I thought: “That is totally crazy.” But now I wonder, “why not?” At least, as long as these measures aren’t imposed with military power.


Listen carefully, everyone: the ONLY way to control this level of epidemic is via military power.  Not foreign troops bringing in tents but full blown restrictions on movement, to prevent the disease from spreading plus military controlling anyone providing services just like the communist Russians did with Chernobyl and the Japanese refused to do at Fukushima!  No other entity can enforce the only solution: total shutting down of contacts, travel and movements of any sort.


Here is a fine example from our own past:  Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


During the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5000 or more people were listed in the official register of deaths between August 1 and November 9. The vast majority of them died of yellow fever, making the epidemic in the city of 50,000 people one of the most severe in United States’ history. By the end of September, 20,000 people had fled the city. The mortality rate peaked in October, before frost finally killed the mosquitoes and brought an end to the epidemic in November. Doctors tried a variety of treatments, but knew neither the origin of the fever nor that it was transmitted by mosquitoes (which was not verified until the late nineteenth century).


The mayor and a committee of two dozen organized a fever hospital at Bush Hill and other crisis measures. The assistance of the Free African Society was requested by the city and readily agreed to by the members, based on the mistaken assumption that native Africans would have the same partial immunity to the new disease as many had to malaria, the most common source of fever epidemics during the summer months.[2] Black nurses aided the sick and the group’s leaders hired additional men to take away corpses, which most people would not touch. Blacks in the city died at the same rate as whites, about 240 altogether. Some neighboring towns refused to let refugees in from Philadelphia, for fear they were carrying the fever. Major port cities such as Baltimore and New York had quarantines against refugees and goods from Philadelphia, although New York sent financial aid to the city.


The Yellow Fever Epidemic in New Orleans – 1853 the militias quarantined the city and shot anyone fleeing it.  They also shot off cannons like crazy to ‘fix the air’ which they thought was the miasma was causing the disease.  They didn’t know mosquitos were the vector.  With ebola, the vector is bats.


SPIEGEL: The virus is continually changing its genetic makeup. The more people who become infected, the greater the chance becomes that it will mutate


Piot: … which might speed its spread. Yes, that really is the apocalyptic scenario. Humans are actually just an accidental host for the virus, and not a good one. From the perspective of a virus, it isn’t desirable for its host, within which the pathogen hopes to multiply, to die so quickly. It would be much better for the virus to allow us to stay alive longer.


SPIEGEL: Could the virus suddenly change itself such that it could be spread through the air?


Piot: Like measles you mean? Luckily, that is extremely unlikely. But a mutation that would allow Ebola patients to live a couple of weeks longer is certainly possible and would be advantageous for the virus. But that would allow Ebola patients to infect many, many more people than is currently the case…it is clear that the virus is mutating.


ALL viral diseases mutate if they run wild.  We still have the Black Plague, for example.  But we have medication for this which is why it doesn’t kill millions of people anymore.

▶ The Return of the Black Death: VICE Reports (Part 1/2) – YouTube

This event was recent, in Madagascar offshore of Africa.  In a remote village, the bacteria reappeared thanks to rats there and caused a small epidemic which was fixed by doctors flying in and administering the proper antibiotic.  But the evolution of viruses are faster and harder to prevent.  Thus, the greater fear of this epidemic aside from the super scary fact, there is no medical way of stopping this thing so far.


Stewart, using his perch where he fear mongers like crazy about ‘global warming’ which is a phantom problem, is pure evil if he is mocking this very real, definite problem.  A total fool, in my estimation.


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21 responses to “Ebola Is Different With High Death Rate, Easier Transmission Than AIDS, No Medical Help Yet, Vaccinations In Future

  1. melponeme_k

    Stewart is a fool. He is stuck in his dogmatic thinking that is totally controlled by the same elite. The elite who also give the conservatives their scripts. Everyone is operating on targeted propaganda.

    You know what makes me more sick? Commentators on Huffpost and Salon laughing that Texas was hit. This is serious life or death time for the world, there is not room for being a ideologue. Texas needs to close its borders, quarantine the area where the plague carrier took shelter if not the whole city and set up a triage center solely for Ebola treatment.

    And the US borders should be closed to any and all foreigners with strict quarantine procedures.

  2. Jim R

    “With ebola, the vector is bats.”

    Not true, actually. While bats are believed to be (maybe one of) the natural reservoirs of the virus in the wild, they are not a vector.

    When a mosquito is a vector, the virus must have a mechanism to reach the insect’s salivary glands. When a mosquito takes blood from someone sick with other types of virus, the virus dies in the mosquito’s gut. So a vector is a very specific thng. The plague was spread by fleas (the vector) between the rats, (the reservoir), to humans. But the plague germs had to survive in the fleas’ stomachs… and so forth.

    The vector for ebola is any little droplet of mucus or fluid from a victim. This virus doesn’t really need a vector. Not that I’d let a mosquito from Monrovia bite me, mind you. All it takes is a few particles of this stuff.

  3. emsnews

    You are right about that. Though bats DO interact directly with humans, fruit bats, that is. Via fruit gathering where bats hang out.

  4. Jim R

    Couple more interesting facts:
    1) In the Richard Preston book from 20 years ago, he wrote about some experiments that had been done with lab animals to answer the question: how many virus particles are required to start an infection?

    They found that you could receive, say, ten virus particles and never get infected with whatever it was. The few particles would simply get lost in body fluids and eventually taken up by the immune system and recycled as protein/nucleotides.

    Different types of virus had different levels of infectiousness. With a filovirus (the ebola family), it was something like a hundred particles to start an infection. Rarely would ten particles be infectious, they’d be mopped up and disposed of. (note that one infected cell might produce a thousand new particles, however)

    2) Yellow fever does not spread without the mosquitoes. Direct transmission from a victim to another host is quite rare, and when mosquitoes are taken out of the picture, it stops spreading immediately.

    Of course, there is no such simple strategy with ebola.

    We should have stopped all air travel from Africa several months ago.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    True, Ebola has easier transmission than HIV, but much of Africa already has HIV (a much larger percentage than official figures, in some places as large as 40%). AIDS depresses the immune system and makes diseases even easier to spread. Thus, Ebola in Africa will spread via more accelerated vectors than, say, Ebola in the US.

    Without some microbiologist announcing that this strain of Ebola in this outbreak is more contagious than the strains of Ebola in the many previous outbreaks (involving mostly less than a thousand cases), HIV prevalence in Africa presents the simplist hypothesis as to why we are seeing so many cases in Africa this time.

    This easily could be proven or disproven if the reported cases of Ebola in Africa had a statistically significant higher percentage of HIV positive victims than the local population. But since the governments are covering up and downplaying the HIV problem, there’s little chance of that reporting.

  6. melponeme_k

    @Alaskan Ice

    HIV has nothing to do with this epidemic in Africa. In the recent past there were outbreaks that burned out so quickly the victims were not able to reach populated areas. This was the reason why health officials were not too worried over it spreading.

    However this time, it seems it has mutated enough (longer incubation time) to survive inside fleeing carriers.

    As it spreads around the globe with exposure to a great number of hosts, it will mutate further.

    Allowing this man into the country was criminal negligence on a massive scale as is keeping the borders open.

  7. ziff

    whats missing here is questions about people leaving [have left] infected countries for places other than NA ,, india , china , anywhere.

  8. wellwell

    These things often have unforeseen political consequences. In the case of the Philadelphia yellow fever outbreak in 1793, many congressmen had been reluctant to relocate the federal government to D.C., which was not ready for them. But the yellow fever outbreak quashed any move to keep the government in Philadelphia.

  9. emsnews

    Thanks, wellwell. Yes isn’t that ironic. 🙂

  10. wellwell

    It is ironic, Elaine! Here’s a short video showing how the 1793 yellow fever outbreak doomed Philadelphia’s role as the national capital (source: “Philadelphia the Great Experiment” YouTube channel):

  11. Alaskan Ice

    @melponeme: “HIV has nothing to do with this epidemic in Africa. In the recent past there were outbreaks that burned out so quickly the victims were not able to reach populated areas.”

    HIV/AIDS stands for human immunodeficiency virus.

    A deficient immune system has much to do with the spread of virtually any disease.

    In the recent past, Africa was not so widely infected with HIV.

    So, I wouldn’t be so quick to proclaim that a large portion of a given population with an immunodeficiency virus has nothing to do with the increased spread of this particular EBOLA virus.

    At any rate, this could be proven one way or the other if the reported cases of Ebola in Africa had a statistically significant higher percentage of HIV positive victims than the local population. But since the governments are covering up and downplaying the HIV problem, there’s little chance of that reporting because it would involve admitting what the actual HIV rates are in those local populations.

  12. Alaskan Ice

    What’s worse is that the stutter-stepping from this type of pathological, knee-jerk lying on the part of officials still trying to figure out the new lie might have contributed to the “criminal negligence” in ignoring Mr. Ebola here in the US.

    Agree with you about the borders as well.

    We have a nanny state that will ticket you for not wearing a seatbelt and toss loudmouth drunks in jail for being “terrorists” at airports, but if it comes to a Katrina event, or an Ebola outbreak, or a wide open border allowing illegal immigrants to take jobs, benefits and commit crimes, then it’s no longer a nanny state, it’s more like the wild west.

  13. Luke

    Mel, scratch a bit deeper.
    John Stuart Leibowitz.

    Jon Stewart (Leibowitz)

    Think of the hate-infested Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) pretending to sympathize with the Palestinians; who is he kidding? He despises and mocks the American gentile.

  14. e sutton

    IRC warns ebola could be “out of control” in one month.

    From Russia, with love:


  15. e sutton

    American camera man for CNN in Liberia comes down with ebola.


    The horseman cometh.

  16. emsnews

    Sad news about the cameraman. See how easy it is to get this terrible disease? This is why my alarm is growing.

  17. melponeme_k

    Medical waste companies refused to take sheets and other items from the Ebola carrier in Texas.

    So apparently there is still no way for hospitals or anyone else to properly dispose of ebola medical waste.


  18. emsnews

    Oh, it is even worse! The Dallas officials entered the apartment with NOTHING not even gloves and now more and more people are being put in isolation except NO ONE IS MONITORING THIS and reporters have already seen violations of this ‘quarantine’.

    And JP Morgan has been ravaged by computer hackers! Funniest news ever.

  19. Jim R

    Yeah, they made a big deal of it when Target was hacked. It was on the news round the clock. Now Target stores are these big empty caverns.

    This hack was ten times worse. Let’s see if people want to take their business away from JPM.

    As for ebola, yeah, the scariest thing is that the “experts” and “officials” don’t have the faintest clue. Back when TB was running rampant, they had these places, called sanitariums, and they didn’t fool around, as victims of things like leprosy and TB were locked away until they were demonstrably free of disease, or forever, whichever came first.

  20. emsnews

    Correct. I remember these facilities. Riker’s Island wasn’t just for ‘processing’ people entering the US, they were checked for diseases!

  21. DeVaul

    I tried to explain to my idiot mother that this is The Plague. The fact that it has a scientific name means nothing. It is just as dangerous or even more dangerous than bubonic plague.

    Think about this: who is now or has been sitting in the airplane seat that conveyed this coward from Liberia to DC? Who is now or has been sitting in the same seat as this bastard as he was flown from DC to Dallas? Did the airline company remove each seat and incinerate them?

    He sat there and sweated on the seat cushions like we all do. His hair oil is on the head rest. His fingertips are all over the armrest. If he sneezed — even once — well… did they incinerate the seat in front of him?

    This is government incompetence on a grand scale. Nothing will be done because our real president — Bibi — will not allow us to divert precious resources from his middle eastern wars. These come first.

    The same thing happened in New York over a hundred years ago. The local authorities were so incompetent that the citizens would arm themselves with whatever they could find and head off the rumored plague ship before it docked and unloaded. The police would try to remove the mob, but usually got beaten back and dispersed by (rightfully) fear-crazed citizens who no longer trusted Tammany Hall to do anything.

    I now have to seriously consider rerouting my wife and daughter to a different airport in January so as to avoid Dallas. I chose Dallas because there was no layover in Tokyo (a radioactive hell-hole). Hong Kong was relatively safe, but now Dallas is not safe. Eventually, nowhere will be safe.

    Based on my own recent experiences, I predict that most young Americans will cease flying within the next five years. The elderly will continued to fly around to connect with their cruise ships for one final “party-like-hell” blow-out before they pass away. They don’t care at all.

    The connection between generations in this country is completely broken. I watched my grandfather try to keep it together and ultimately fail. He was one of the last persons in my family who actually cared.

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