Obama White House Will NOT Shut Down Travel From Ebola Nations In Africa

First US Ebola patient does not lead to new travel restrictions from White House because Obama wants to let in anyone from Africa no matter what due to his father coming from Africa, himself.  This is infuriating since the only way to stop this epidemic is to completely isolate any and all communities or in the case of Liberia, nations which have this disease.  There is no cure, no medicines, no vaccinations to stop this therefore we must use the ancient but effective method of physical isolation to stop the disease.  Even in the Middle Ages, people figured this out.  The last thing you want is to have diseased people flee their homes hoping to escape like Mr. Duncan did, and thus spread it far and wide.


Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, best buds (for now) – Hilary Krieger – POLITICO.com: the doorman gave the Zionists some small trouble two years ago when he refused to stand at attention at the front door of the White House and skulked inside instead.  Now, the doorman is working properly again and I suspect some large sums of money greased his palm.


The doorman running the White House for lobbyists has his own agenda and one of these is to massage black US voters by aiding them in the delusion that nasty white folk are the ones killing massive numbers of blacks not blacks doing this to themselves and by refusing to do anything about stopping Africans from ebola nations from traveling to the US.


The Hill reported Earnest also said ‘We’ve provided guidance to pilots, flight attendants and others who are responsible for staffing our transportation infrastructure to ensure that if they notice individuals who are exhibiting symptoms … that the proper authorities are notified.


‘In light of this incident, the administration has taken the step of re-circulating our guidance … to make sure people are aware there is an important protocol that should be implemented.’


Earnest explained the unlikeliness of a massive outbreak, saying ‘The reason for that is that it is not possible to transmit Ebola through the air. … The only way that an individual can contract Ebola is by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is exhibiting symptoms,’ according to The Hill.


This is INSANE!  First: if anyone on any airline sees anyone throwing up, sweating, staring like a zombie or coughing, they are to report this?  What???  Everyone is now going to run like hell away from this person!  There will be a stampede!  Spreading the disease if the ill person, like Mr. Duncan, is throwing up!


Imagine the report: ‘Oh, by the way, we think this person has a highly contagious, deadly disease you get from touching them or any of their fluids.’  Right.  Furthermore, the Mouth of Saruman, aka the White House, tells us there is no problemo, dudes, because this disease which is so toxic and contagious, isn’t dangerous because it isn’t pneumonia?  Huh?


Doctors and nurses trying to care for the sick are dying like crazy even though they wear the best anti-disease wear possible!  The slightest mistake and boom…you die!  Pull off your gear slightly wrongly so the outer surface touches your SKIN and you die!  Hell’s bells, this is about as toxic as it gets!  Now, they are finally, very laggardly, releasing real information of where this Typhoid Mary African went so people can then panic about this because you can’t do a THING if you were exposed except be isolated immediately before you spread it to everyone else.


This is why the only solution is isolation of ebola nations and this is what our ridiculous leaders yapping about homeland security due to our many wars against Muslims which is what Netanyahu came to endorse and expand, we have zero protections where it really matters and our wars endanger us greatly, too.  And then there is the Hajji in Saudi Arabia: a prime plague site.  One ebola carrier showing up there can spread this disease to a billion people pretty fast.


The entire world should be demanding this be stopped and the UN should be having an emergency meeting about this.  The weather is perfectly fine, thank you, if a tad on the colder side, meanwhile, we have this catastrophe staring at us in the face and our rulers are utterly laggard.  I suppose they all plan to isolate themselves further from the rest of us and hide out on their private islands while the plague roars onwards.  After all, the Black Death in Europe, once it faded from view, led to the 100 Years Wars, for example.


The number of rulers who died during the Black Death were very few compared to t he peasants and city dwellers who died like flies.


Then there is this other item the UN refuses to talk about and which Obama never mentions:  Fukushima Water Treatment System Fails Again | World | RIA Novosti, thank you, Russian news, yet again.  Seems Fukushima is a Verboten Ding in US media like so many other items we are not allowed to know.  The UN has to force Japan to stop this mess.  Instead, the US is encouraging Abe to arm Japan and make territorial claims.


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5 responses to “Obama White House Will NOT Shut Down Travel From Ebola Nations In Africa

  1. charlottemom

    Seems that for a variety of reasons US and allies are becoming pariahs in the world at large. Movement of people, monies and goods is shutting down.
    See israel saudi arabia japan liberia ukraine poland…
    Is this a trend?

  2. melponeme_k

    I wrote to the “White House” and I hope every citizen is deluging the president with emails or calls for the borders to be closed.

  3. e sutton

    Again, from Russia. Something our press forgot to mention, curiously enough. Apparently American visas are quite the hot commodity among Africans desirous of U.S. treatment for their ebola. http://on.rt.com/jhnr5z

  4. emsnews

    Yes, they all heard the news that the doctors who were sent back home, survived.

    But the meds that did this is all gone now. Used up! Thus, this disaster is going to be a million times worse.

  5. Petruchio

    I can’t help but note in passing the very sharp contrast between the White House policy re this issue compared to the immigration policies in Israel. Totally open borders in the US, apartheid in Israel. It is especially galling when one realizes just how much influence Israel has on the US in general and US politicians in Washington DC especially.

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