Ineptitude, Out Of Control In Dallas, And JP Morgan Is Attacked By Possible Russian Hackers, Is Very Sick, Too

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Map showing most places the ebola family wandered around in Texas.  Take note, anyone living there!  This situation is being handled very badly by everyone because no one is interested in really putting anyone under quarantine including entire countries or now that it is all out of control, most of Africa.  Now, it is here and the family that brought it here are being asked to voluntarily stay home and have no visitors…right.  Look at the news!


Dallas Ebola shambles: Family try to break out of isolation at virus victim’s apartment as visitors come and go, up to 100 may be exposed and even cop cars are in quarantine


A woman called Louise, who identified herself as Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan’s ‘wife’, spoke out from her isolation…
Family members initially violated orders and left their Dallas apartment, prompting a quarantine order, Dallas judge said today…
Three visitors were seen by the Daily Mail going into and out of the apartment…

Four relatives quarantined – Louise, child, 13, and two adult nephews…
‘Four sheriff’s deputies, health official and doctor went into apartment without protection on Wednesday’ – they have now also been quarantined…
Louise said CDC have not told her what to do with Duncan’s sweaty sheets, pillows and the towels he used while contagious…
Hospital sent sick Mr Duncan home on Thursday at 10pm – THREE days before he was rushed in and not the two days initially reported by hospital…
100 people being sought who had possible contact with Duncan – 12 have confirmed contact including five children.


Here is the Washington Post front page talking about how Americans penetrate the defenses surrounding the Fortress White House while in Dallas, an ignorant and very stupid ‘county health official’ and his staff go INSIDE the ebola apartment…with NO hazard suits, no gloves, nothing!  This is insane.  They will possibly spread this disease further!

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It gets even worse: Ebola Cleanup Is Delayed in Dallas as Workers Balk because frankly, they are terrified and understandably so.


Never fear, the GOP is on this case, big time, saving us from abortions:  13 Abortion Clinics to Close in Texas After Court Ruling because they are expecting what?  Millions of dead that need replacement over time?  The return to Medieval Times requires women be baby machines to keep the population from plunging, eh?


People being ‘careful’ in the Death Zone are dying off or being transported back to the US:  NBC cameraman diagnosed with Ebola and station’s chief medical correspondent put in quarantine: News team flown back to U.S. from Liberia in new deadly virus scare


Speaking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening, Dr Snyderman said that just the previous day the cameraman had appeared healthy when they were required to have their temperatures taken as a border crossing.


At that time his temperature was considered normal, but as the day progressed he felt tired and achy and went to get some rest.


This is PROOF the ‘do you have a fever’ plan is a roaring failure.  One minute, you don’t have one, ten minutes later, you are spewing ebola germs all over everyone around you if they touch you or you sneeze.


Then there is financial ebola, our bankers that were rescued at tremendous cost to the rest of us, the clowns who gave us ZIRP bail outs that caused rampant inflation…are suffering from a plague of hackers:  Hackers’ Attack on JPMorgan Chase Affects Millions – LAST SUMMER!


Lying like the CDC or Mr. Duncan while crossing borders illegally, they told the Federal Reserve (a bunch of monkeys destroying the world) that only…ONLY a million accounts were stolen but it turns out to be many, many, many millions, the biggest ever.


And they got oodles of information!  They got JP Morgan’s APPLICATIONS and PROGRAMS!  This is actually funny.  I am betting they are Ruskies.  Remember Russia?  The Evil Empire we were going to crush like a bug?


They aren’t dummies there.  In fact, they are quite good at many, many things.  They are also hard fighters when backed into the wall by fascists.  Lots of experience with this.  Would not surprise me after the EU and US announced grandly that punishing Russia meant crushing their banking system.


This, from the Bilderberg lunatics who destroyed OUR OWN banking system!  HAHAHA.  I thought, oh, we are going to ask Russia to join the Federal Reserve!  That would wreck Russia’s banking in no time flat.  Well, they will win this round, too.  Note the Malaysia airplane crash data is still secret and no one is talking about the ‘investigation’ because it is as toxic as Mr. Duncan’s apartment in Dallas.


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38 responses to “Ineptitude, Out Of Control In Dallas, And JP Morgan Is Attacked By Possible Russian Hackers, Is Very Sick, Too

  1. melponeme_k

    All of Dallas needs to be put under strict quarantine because it is obviously out of hand and I’m now sure other cases will be appearing.

    Our government needs to call all our troops back home to deal with this because if there is an outbreak, martial law will be needed. Unfortunately. People can’t be trusted to enforce their own quarantine.

  2. emsnews

    As of tonight after reporters saw the family come and go and friends come over, they now have cops watching them.

    This will lag over time, I am betting and I am also betting the family will cry racism and demand they not be confined.

  3. melponeme_k

    Take a look at the disgusting comments waving off the fears of parents who have had their children exposed at school.

    Some of them claiming that the disease is so hard to get. No it isn’t! That is why neglect shown by Dallas officials is so criminal! Yeah, this is the time to panic and get mobilized. And even more comments crowing at Texas in danger.

  4. Ken

    On the positive side, all of the violations of quarantine will settle once and for all whether Ebola is truly hard to catch.

  5. e sutton

    Contrast the response to ebola with AIDS back in the early ’80s. Entire basketball games had to be stopped when Magic Johnson was was bleeding on the court. It’s just the opposite today, with “reporters” an other media whores sniggering about people being scared to get it. John LaPook (La-puke) on CBS last night had to practically bite his lip to keep from laughing when he said you had to “touch the blood” of an infected person to get ebola, as in, don’t worry, it’s only transmitted by body fluids. Okay. How many times has someone, particularly children, sneezed on or near you and you’ve been hit by nasal spray? Ditto, coughing/hacking. And we’re coming into flu season! The virus is being given just enough time to incubate. Soon it will be very cold here in North America and we’ll all be indoors, shut in with a lot of sick people, like we are every winter. Only this time, instead of maybe catching the flu there is something much more sinister lurking. Watching that simp Obama give a talk at Northwestern yesterday, claiming the U.S. is “exceptional” in fighting ISIS and ebola was nearly enough to make me lose my breakfast.

  6. emsnews

    Our only hope is to create a vaccination against this ebola strain.

    But the real problem is Africa which is over populated, has the highest population birthrate on earth and is filthy. Very, very little sanitation systems.

    Used to be, the seething masses of China birthed many diseases. Now it is the Middle East and Africa. The Middle East has sanitation systems in many places but these lie in ruins thanks to our endless wars there.

  7. melponeme_k

    “Our only hope is to create a vaccination against this ebola strain.”

    Unfortunately a Vaccination is years away. Maybe longer considering the disease is claiming all our best doctors and researchers on the ground in Africa.

  8. melponeme_k


    The Dumpster idiot is at it again. His girlfriend LOVES it.

    Does Dumpty the Dumpster diver have advice on decontaminating Ebola infected dumpsters in this new epidemic age?

    And will his paramour raise children in said dumpster? LOL. Both of them look rich and, if they spawn, will move to a huge house in the exurbs post haste.

  9. melponeme_k


    The spray from that hose alone spread the virus far and wide. Plus the poor, clueless woman who walked right by the spray.

    We are doomed.

  10. DeVaul

    “Our only hope is to create a vaccination against this ebola strain.”

    This is true. Quarantine failed and the germs outwitted us this time with the three week long sleeper period. The average person can visit 21 countries in three weeks in this day and age. Perhaps more. People infected with ebola will be quarantining people about to die from ebola. The germs must be laughing their heads off on this one.

    Every medical researcher not dead or dying should be yanked from his or her job and put to work on this immediately, but us being humans, this will not happen. It is kind of sad, when you think about it, because previous human civilizations did not have such an ability. We actually have it, but we will not do it.

  11. Alaskan Ice

    emsnews:”But the real problem is Africa which is over populated, has the highest population birthrate on earth and is filthy. Very, very little sanitation systems.”

    Absolutely! My hope is that this Ebola outbreak from Africa will revert to its past pattern of localized and containable epidemics, particularly in the US where there is decent public health and medicine.

    But I fear this is not the first or the least of the diseases we will see decimating and spreading from Africa if its public health and medical care are not immediately and drastically improved.

  12. Jim R

    I’m not sure how much useful research you’d get out of such a conscripted crew of microbiologists, but I wouldn’t put it past the current crew of hooligans to try.

    And where did “Dr” Gupta get his medical degree, in a crackerjack box? He has no idea. That guy cleaning the sidewalk, if he really is cleaning up an ebola mess, is very likely to have the disease now. Also an unknown number of people in the neighborhood. The pressure spray will simply splatter germs everywhere. This should have been done by a crew in protective suits, and more importantly, they should have an air filter there to filter all the droplets from the air. Also they should be hoovering up all the water from the gutter. This cleanup crew is as useless and incompetent as the one at Fukushima.

    The ebola virus is a LOT less fragile than HIV. Looks like Dallas is in for a Darwin test this fall.

  13. Alaskan Ice

    My hope is that contagiousness and transmission rates for Ebola will go down wherever the virus is no longer in a high HIV positive population. The spread of Ebola in Africa is partially an opportunistic infection for those with immunodeficiencies due to HIV.

    What’s worse, it seems that once a few HIV positive individuals are infected with Ebola, those patients likely have a higher “viral load” of Ebola due to the lack of appropriate immune response, and thus will be more contagious to others.

    “Viral load is a good predictor of the likelihood of transmitting an active virus between the same or different species. . . . . . The higher the viral load value, the more viral elements there are in blood, other body fluids. . .”

  14. DeVaul


    With all due respect, this virus is nothing like HIV.

    Not every man has anal sex with another man. Not every person has a blood transfusion from the local hospital. Not everyone shares used heroin needles, and not many people cut themselves and then bleed into the open mouth of another person. And yet, do you remember the hysteria over Aids?

    Everyone sweats. Everyone sneezes. Everyone coughs. Everyone spits. Everyone urinates. Everyone has diarrhea. Yet, no hysteria.

    The fact that this plague does not travel on the wind is irrelevant. Neither did the bubonic plague, and look what happened with that.

    As Jim R pointed out, if doctors who are now dead in Africa had to wear hazmat suits around their patients, then how is it that our paramedics, nurses, doctors, receptionists, and clean-up crews here in America don’t?

    Any person in the Dallas hospital that was sick at the time Mr. Dumbass entered the place will now have, according to your theory, a “higher viral load” than others and when they are released, they will spread the disease after spending three weeks unaware that they are even infected.

    I have a sick feeling about this one. We cannot “change” our behavior to avoid Ebola, and none of us has any clue as to where anyone around us has been in the last three weeks.

    I really hope I am wrong and it goes away, but I also have to be realistic.

  15. melponeme_k

    Get a load of the comments on this story. We have to look at things through the plague carrier’s eyes. We need to sympathize with him not the hundreds of innocent people he endangered on all three flights, in airports, in the Dallas neighborhood (god help the children who were exposed at school). NO we have to cater to his criminal willfulness. We have to pay for his medical care which will cost millions. Where are the comments crying for endangered fellow citizens?

  16. Alaskan Ice

    DeVaul, no that’s wrong, the viral load of any Ebola fluids left in the hospital would be increased if Mr. Dumass had HIV/AIDS (we don’t know that yet). The concept of viral load applies to transmissibility of all viruses, not just HIV. Anyway, what I’m speaking to is how it’s spreading so fast in Africa.

    Someone with AIDS is more likely to catch Ebola, and afterwards their vomit or spit will be more contagious to others because it will have a greater amount of Ebola in it.

    A large percentage of Africa is infected with HIV and thus will have greater rates of both infection and transmission for Ebola, like any opportunistic infection.

    This means it might spread fast in Africa, but more like past Ebola outbreaks in other areas.

    Of course, governments won’t address this because they still want to lie about the actual HIV rates in Africa.

  17. Alaskan Ice

    However HIV was spread in Africa, it is there already. What I’m addressing is how other opportunistic diseases will piggyback across those populations quickly, increasing their overall transmission rate to everyone.

    What’s more speculative, quite frankly, and beyond my laymans view, is the future possibility that even more and deadlier strains of diseases will mutate, incubate, and arise out of this human misery.

  18. DeVaul

    Ok, what I am saying is that anyone in the hospital who is sick will already have a decreased immune system, and thus be more susceptible to infection from another virus — like Ebola. You are saying that is wrong.

    That means that you believe that HIV and Ebola are connected in a special way that other viruses or bacterial infections that depress the immune system are not.

    I have not read anything of that sort. As for Ebola originating in Africa, the tropics have always been the major breeding grounds for world pandemics, so there is nothing new there. It’s hard to get something going in Iceland and then spread it over miles of ice to the next igloo.

  19. Jim R

    AI, you can get off your high horse now.

    HIV and ebola are two different things. There is no connection, except that they come from Africa. Africa is a source of many interesting parasites, including schistosomiasis, guinea worm, and sleeping sickness. If you have any two of these things, you will be sicker than if you only have one.

    Africa is the worst petri dish for such things because it is overpopulated (thanks to a century or so of ‘progressive’ do-gooders of various stripes), filthy, poor, uneducated, and tropical.

    HIV has been around (at crisis levels) for several decades now. Ebola is here now, and it’s gonna be ugly. But the two are no more connected than any other two things, such as TB and malaria.

  20. emsnews

    Higher danger due to low white blood cell count is VERY much a huge deal here. Our hospitals are filled with cancer patients who have exactly that.

    It will spread like wildfire in our hospitals.

  21. Alaskan Ice

    Jim, if you’re being serious, you should re-read these links and others like them before you decide that HIV doesn’t affect the spread of other diseases. Deases don’t have to be “connected” to be opportunistic as long as the other suppresses the immune system. And nothing does that like HIV.

    And, I agree with emsnews that cancer suppresses immune systems too, and thus provides a higher transmission rate for infectious diseases.

    But, there are places in Africa where the HIV rate ranges from 10% of the entire population to 40% of the entire population. We do not have cancer rates anywhere near that.

  22. Alaskan Ice


    “Ok, what I am saying is that anyone in the hospital who is sick will already have a decreased immune system, and thus be more susceptible to infection from another virus — like Ebola. You are saying that is wrong.

    That means that you believe that HIV and Ebola are connected in a special way that other viruses or bacterial infections that depress the immune system are not.”

    No, what you said was:

    “Any person in the Dallas hospital that was sick at the time Mr. Dumbass entered the place will now have, according to your theory, a “higher viral load” than others and when they are released, they will spread the disease after spending three weeks unaware that they are even infected.”

    That is wrong. According to my theory, a person with HIV is more likely to contract Ebola and (perhaps) will have a higher “viral load” in body fluids than a person with only Ebola.

    Your mischaracterizations border on intellectual dishonesty.

  23. Jim R

    Aside from the opportunistic infections, and like ems said, the hospitals will be full of ’em, this virus is just plain nasty. HIV carriers will certainly face a higher risk. As will TB carriers, etc.

    You get opportunistic infections from common bacteria that live in the environment and on our skins, yeasts, etc. These things are normally brushed off by the immune system of a healthy person.

    OTOH, ebola converts as much as possible of the soft tissue of a victim into virus particles, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between ebola in a weak transplant patient and ebola in a formerly healthy person, like that guy power-washing the sidewalk. The only difference is that the formerly healthy person has maybe a 40% chance of survival, while the cancer patient in the hospital will be 100% dead from it.

    Your own immune system is your only hope.

  24. Jim R

    By the way, they talk about “viral load” in HIV carriers, because it is an important metric of their disease state. HIV is sneaky and hides, and only kills its victims slowly. A few thousand HIV particles is a “viral load”.

    Ebola doesn’t hide. It is irrelevant to talk about “viral load” in an ebola patient, because the only answer is “a lot”. The number would be in the trillions even for a light, survivable case.

  25. larry, dfh

    This discussion between HIV and Ebola leads to some speculation: both viruses (virii?) use NA as their genetic material. When a virus multiplies in a cell, many copies of the genome are produced, and may copies a few ancillary processing proteins. These are not compartmentalized: one area for each virus. As the capsids of the infecting virus start to burst from the infected host cell, the genomic material and proteins fill the capsids. It is not unimaginable that in the event of co-infection of a cell by two different viruses, some genetic material from one type of virus might end up in a capsid of another type. The mechanisms of RNA reverse transcription to DNA lack high fidelity. That’s how mutations occur. If the mechanisms of packing capsids on their way out of the host cell also lacks high fidelity, it may be possible for, say, an HIV particle with the capsid longevity of Ebola. Such a postulation has been made on the origins of HIV: cattle infected with Bovine Leukemia Virus and Syncycial Virus being infecetd with Cowpox to be used in the production of smallpox vaccinations ( but that argument was robustly rejected by our Hostess!)

  26. emsnews

    HIV came from central Africa. It is nearly 100 years old, in origin.

  27. CK

    A theory:
    HIV came from the labs in the Union of South Africa. ( back when the doctors in South Africa were the leaders in heart transplant techniques ) It was an attempt to develop an immune suppressant treatment for heart transplant and other transplant patients. Recipients immune systems were fighting the transplants and causing high rates of rejection. Killing homosexuals was collateral damage; unintended consequences

  28. Jim R

    Stupid-sounding theory, CK.

    Nature can beat you stupid “bioweapon” technology with the slightest gesture of her pretty little hand.

    Like Elaine said, the scientists, the ones who really study this stuff and know more than our little online discussion group, are currently saying that HIV is probably 100 years old. It is a very slow-moving thing.

    But there are related viruses all over the mammal family tree. Also worth noting, some viral genomes have been inextricably mixed with those of living animals, and are inherited. You have ancient viruses inside you — in fact, one of them makes the placenta possible. Before that, everybody laid eggs 🙂

  29. Jim R

    While anything is possible, it is unlikely for HIV to hybridize with a filovirus, because they are from completely different virus families, and their various functional proteins do not work well together.

    HIV is a retrovirus, meaning that its RNA is reverse-transcribed into DNA, which is inserted into the host cell’s nucleus. (and by the way, that is how viruses can pass genetic material between totally unrelated organisms). The virus is then copied when the host cell divides, without causing any visible damage. Only when it receives some specific signal does it make more copies of itself and break out of the host cell.

    Ebola, on the other hand, is a simple RNA virus which never does the reverse-transcription trick. It just replicates, as fast as possible. When it can’t actively replicate, the epidemic slows down and comes to an end.

  30. Alaskan Ice

    JimR, what you discuss regarding viral load is highly plausible, for all I know, but still leaves increased vulnerability of HIV victims.

    Again, the simplest way to prove or disprove this is a study that determines whether a statistically significant greater number of Ebola victims have HIV than the local population at large. They won’t do this because it involves admitting what the actual percentage of HIV is in the general population in those nations.

  31. Alaskan Ice

    I’m all for hyping the Ebola crap and spewing what the news has to say about it.

    But not if the end result is throwing a bone to homeland security to lock down the sheeple and then have our elites watch Africa die, if not from this epidemic, than the next, or the next.

    The root problem is that about 30% or 300 million people in Africa have HIV. Imagine what we would say and do if that figure were true here in the US? They die before they are 35 years old and the last generation was raised by its grandparents.

    If we’re going to hype a few thousand cases of Ebola in a foreign land, with no confirmed cases transmitted in the US, then let’s at least hype that too. After all, it is the root problem.

  32. emsnews

    The problem is, unlike AIDS, for example, the ebola virus is VERY virulent and VERY easily transmitted. And to make this trifecta, it is also VERY fatal and hard to treat due to the very easily transmitted part.

  33. Jim R

    There is no coon in the tree you are barking up.

  34. emsnews

    True story: my husband actually shot a rabid raccoon out of a tree. With a handgun. Shot a rabid skunk the same month.

  35. CK

    As I said, it is a theory. Read another one theory today about HIV that claims it first crossed the species barrier in the 1920’s in Kinshasa in the Congo.
    Result of infected bush meat imported to the Congo from Cameroun.
    Then it took 60 years to make it to the USA.

  36. DeVaul

    Gosh, Alaskan, there is no intellectual dishonesty here when I say that according to your own theory, those with suppressed immune systems will have a higher viral load and thus be more susceptible to contracting Ebola.

    I am repeating your own theory, but it seems that you want it to apply only to HIV. Is that true?

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