North Korea Sister Coup/ Spoiled Ruling Elite Rich Brats In China, Korea, Etc. Dooms Dictators In Long Run

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Moving along from news about ebola in the US, we have news that something screwy is going on in North Korea, the place with low CO2 emissions and low population growth, the model for our global warming future: Kim Jong Il’s former sushi chef sees coup potential back in January, 2014.


Jang, the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who had served as the nation’s No. 2 official, was suddenly executed for treason last month. Kim Kyong Hui, his wife and the blood aunt of Kim Jong Un, has also made no public appearances for months, with some media even speculating that she has already died of a heart attack or suicide.


Evidently the Caligula clone had his own uncle and his family mass murdered because Jang used girls brought in as ‘dancers’ as concubines!  Had Jang shot with a machine gun and then flame throwers.  He is renown for his ISIS way of dealing with rivals and people he hates which is nearly everyone on earth.  So today, North Korea Coup Fears: Kim Jong-un ‘Under Threat’ as Pyongyang is Sealed Off after this lunatic was operated on due to him stuffing his fat face while his slaves starved to death.  Most likely, this being a very wolf-ish society at the top, when the Leader stumbles, the other wolves jump him.

Has Kim Yo-Jong Taken Over For Kim Jong Un? Sister Assumes North Korea State Duties While Brother Undergoes Medical Treatment


Kim Yo-jong is the daughter of the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. She was only officially mentioned for the first time on March 9 and was later identified as a senior official in the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, according to Ria Novosti, the Russian news agency.


Maybe she is half way sane.  Who knows?  Dictatorships are usually very insecure due to being brutal and nothing corrupts a mind faster than absolute power which is why some infamous dictators like Stalin end up killing family members.  Hitler did this too, by the way.  Raising spoiled brats leads to disaster which is something the very wealthy cannot understand.  Way back in the Victorian era, many ruling elites deliberately forced their young heirs to go to harsh schools or work with rough workers to learn how to handle people correctly and thus, stay in power.


But we are back to the coddle the very rich model which leads to disaster.  The world is awash with spoiled brats in communist, fascist and capitalist countries.  The old system which has royals as well as rich children going to schools that force them to take cold showers in the morning, make their own beds, clean up after themselves and show respect to their teachers is dead and gone these days.


Now on to Hong Kong: shop keepers and other workers are attacking the students there because the demonstrations are ruining business.  After making some headway with the mainland Chinese rulers, the students overplayed their hand and made impossible demands.  They are to be commended for their persistence and concentration but they will end up crushed like in the US.  No one talks about Occupy Wall Street anymore and Wall Street is just fine even though it continues corrupt and inept.


Hong Kong is like one giant Wall Street since inception.  It won’t have democracy anymore than we have here since any votes we make are rendered null by lobbyists bribing everyone quite openly.  I doubt Hong Kong will do any better at this since the rich Chinese who rule that place won’t let things happen like taxes on their wealth, for example.  Here is what the Hong Kong protestors are up against:  Boston student ‘drove Maserati 100mph through 30mph without license:


Wealthy Chinese student, 19, arrested for ‘driving Maserati 100mph through 30mph zone in upmarket Boston neighborhood without a license with female passenger’…Boston University’s Zeguang Xu sped through 30mph section of Back Bay…Was the same intersection where two people were killed in June…When he was stopped by police, he provided a false name and license.


Each change in government in Beijing tries to fix the corruption and venality of the previous generation in office and this fixes nothing since the idea that rich youths must be spoiled to death is so powerful a force.  Way back in Medieval times, the ruling elite Normans had an iron rule that no one, not even the king, should raise their own sons because they will be spoiled rotten.  So they had this complex system set up to farm out their sons to each other to learn how to fight, ride a horse, kill, hunt and associate with others who are not close relatives and thus, learn diplomacy which is both hand shakes and sword thrusts.


Other extra sons were sent to monasteries to be held in reserve if the main son dies in battle after flubbing the diplomacy parts.  Italy, for example, did not have this system and it led swiftly to the crash and burn of various ruling families like the Medici who would fall apart as each generation was more bratty than the previous one.  Ditto the Italian popes who had an army of illegitimate children who destroyed the Catholic Church and provoked the Reformation.


The ruling Chinese that have so rightfully angered the students in Hong Kong are doomed due to their spoiling of their own brats.


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5 responses to “North Korea Sister Coup/ Spoiled Ruling Elite Rich Brats In China, Korea, Etc. Dooms Dictators In Long Run

  1. Alaskan Ice

    If you believe the story about Jang, this would mark the second time in two years that Jang has been “executed.”

    I don’t believe any of it, one way or the other.

    North Korea is China’s buffer state. They trade saber rattling, mad-dog antics for rice. As Dennis Rodman said in a moment of clarity: “he’s just doing his job”; in other words, those mad-dog antics are very deliberately calculated to achieve the specific goals of a war-like buffer state: to divert and distract agression away from its patron empire, in this case, China.

  2. Alaskan Ice

    Curious how the US brats stack up against the Asian brats on the brat scale. We regularly have CEO’s throwing multi-million dollar birthday parties, bar-mitzvah’s, etc.

    Good taste and lack of imagination aside, there are plenty of other ways to spoil kids besides, sportscars, watches, and bar tabs. A US centi-millionaire might choose to spoil kids with sailing trips around the world, three ponies, a trust fund, and a summer cottage on cape cod? Preferable results, maybe, but same ballpark.

  3. Time Traveller

    Ah! The Stones!

    In their twisted, sick, pure evil, child sacrificing, power hungry, hyper psycho minds (‘they’ being a mix of fanatical New World Order proponents, their blood lusted Owl-like and demon-like deities and their banker Bosses and Lords), Ebola and ISIS are some of the “tools” that could be used against the proles, first to pacify them and then to cut their numbers down. The Prime Directive written on the Stones is to cut down the population to 500 million (ie 500,000 super-rich and their servants). Then, it is their religious belief that after they achieve that, the result will be One Government, One Religion, One Language and Absolute Power Forever (the last reserved only for their caste, of course). It is something like an EU fiscal policy, but with people and blood, instead of money and interest rates. Economicaly speaking, cutting down people equals lower debt and inflation, equals big bucks that come to daddy.

    You see, for some time now they feel they don’t need so many servants, to bring them wine, clean their big fat belly buttons and keep their mansions squeaky clean, the rest could be done by robots, so the numbers have to go down to “a managable level”. For humanity’s sake. of course.

    “No alternative, I am afraid. Terribly sorry!” as the London based big bank spokesperson would say…

    In the mean time, there is an added bonus: it is their deepest belief that a mass sacrifice of 7 billion people will please the demon deities so much, that they will surely be granted absolute power for at least two to five thousand years, if not ten or twenty. To them and to their spoiled super brat offspring, power granted forever… What a plan!

    Picture this: in every post-pandemic, post-nuclear war, future super mansion around the globe, a terrible echo will come in sync from every master bedroom: The half a ton fat monstrosities will shout from their beds, in One Language “More! I want more! Mooooooore!” and the scared debt-slave servants will run to bring them food, drinks and deposit gold, taxes and stocks to their feet. Ah! What a glorious future they’ve devised for Mankind! Bright and Glorious! A Banktopia on Earth!

    So Luke, the answer is “2014 is the year it all begun”, now say Bill and Ted’s Big Scary Guidestones…

  4. emsnews

    Asimov wrote about exactly this in his amazing Foundation series. I read these periodically to remind myself of what Fate can do to humans who are too powerful.

    Especially the part about Solaria, a planet run by robots to service the very rich who live in unimaginably huge mansions and WHO HATE EACH OTHER so they never communicate or visit!

    HAHAHA. They are drones to the robots who rule the place quite ruthlessly.

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