CDC Claims Quarantines Make Ebola Worse

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We can see from this disease/population connectivity map of central Africa, that 90% of previous ebola outbreaks were in lightly populated areas deep in the Congo river basin with Uganda being the only dense area to have outbreaks until this last year when the disease hopped to the Ivory Coast where it now runs out of control.  the CDC continues to lie about all this and the administration continues to push the idea that quarantine of the plague nations will do nothing to stop this disease.  Meanwhile, more people are looking to this 1995 study from a previous outbreak where African doctors injected blood of people who survived ebola into patients and 95% of these survived.


The CDC here in our nation is insane.  Sealing Off West Africa Won’t Stop Ebola – Business Insider


Why doesn’t the world simply seal the borders of the hardest-hit countries?


Put simply, preventing people from entering or leaving the three countries where Ebola is raging will do nothing to stop the virus from spreading. On the contrary, cordoning off Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone would likely make the outbreak worse.


Aside from being “simple and wrong,” quick fixes like isolation will make it even harder to get help into the countries that need it, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden told reporters on Thursday. All isolation will do, said Frieden, is “enable the disease to spread more widely” in the most affected countries, which will in turn create “more potential for it to spread elsewhere and become more of a problem.”


The longer the outbreak goes on, the more opportunities there will be for the virus to jump from the region. The first priority should be to focus all resources on containing the outbreak, not sealing off the area that needs the most help.


None of this makes any sense at all.  The only way to stop an epidemic, if one has no vaccinations, is to confine it to a small area and let it burn itself out.  How can it spread when it is confined to an area where no one is allowed to leave?  Impossible.  Letting it die off—literally—will not create ‘more potential…to spread elsewhere.’  This continues to reduce faith in our CDC doctors and staff if this is truly their position which I very seriously doubt.


This is what the politburo wants us to believe and it ignores the doctors and reality.  This is why a virologist doctor did his protest at the airport the other day.  Meanwhile, there is a therapy for this disease that saves lives and which was discovered by African doctors:

Treatment of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever with Blood Transfusions from Convalescent Patients


Between 6 and 22 June 1995, 8 patients in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo, who met the case definition used in Kikwit for Ebola (EBO) hemorrhagic fever, were transfused with blood donated by 5 convalescent patients. The donated blood contained IgG EBO antibodies but no EBO antigen. EBO antigens were detected in all the transfusion recipients just before transfusion. The 8 transfused patients had clinical symptoms similar to those of other EBO patients seen during the epidemic. All were seriously ill with severe asthenia, 4 presented with hemorrhagic manifestations, and 2 became comatose as their disease progressed. Only 1 transfused patient (12.5%) died; this number is significantly lower than the overall case fatality rate (80%) for the EBO epidemic in Kikwit and than the rates for other EBO epidemics. The reason for this low fatality rate remains to be explained. The transfused patients did receive better care than those in the initial phase of the epidemic. Plans should be made to prepare for a more thorough evaluation of passive immune therapy during a new EBO outbreak.


NOVA made a film about this, as I linked above.  In this, the US/EU ‘experts’ sent to help the Africans refused to allow the injection of blood from survivors of ebola and instead, then insisted they do a ‘study’ whereby they give half the patients no blood but a placebo and half, the therapy.  The Africans refused to do this.  They were frankly outraged at the idea of using patients as test subjects.


The proof was in the pudding: everyone that got the blood infusions, except for one, survived.  Why this isn’t being implemented today baffles me.  The Africans also gave vitamin C injections to help with the cure.  The study cited here was published in 1999.  There is no excuse for ignoring it today.


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8 responses to “CDC Claims Quarantines Make Ebola Worse

  1. melponeme_k

    The blood transfusion can be dangerous. But it is a necessary risk.

    Its the same as the desperate inoculations of the past in which healthy people were injected with early smallpox vaccines (1700s).

    It all goes back to money. The blood from the survivors is precious. But it has to be monetized for us poor heathens.

    I wonder how many rich cats are getting themselves pumped with survivor blood.

  2. emsnews

    Breaking news, a possible ebola Liberian landed in Newark and threw up on the plane!

  3. ziff

    odd story, as Chad and ivory coast are next door and ebola free.

  4. Christian W

    I wonder how many rich cats are getting themselves pumped with survivor blood.

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the headlines, a month or so ago, that a white guy had been successfully treated with new meds (called ZMapp) I knew the shit would hit the fan.

    This is another case but note the treatment:

    The third US patient to be treated in the United States for Ebola is now free of the virus, doctors at the Nebraska Medical Center and the patient said in a news conference on Thursday.

    “The CDC has declared me safe and free of virus. Thank God. I love you all,” Dr Rick Sacra, 51, a Boston obstetrician who developed Ebola while treating patients as a medical missionary at a hospital in Liberia, told a news conference.

    Sacra was treated with an experimental drug called TKM-Ebola made by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp , and also received a “convalescent serum” made up of antibodies taken from the blood of US Ebola survivor and fellow missionary Dr Kent Brantly.

    The fourth unidentified patient with Ebola to be treated in the US is still in treatment at Emory University in Atlanta.

    It’s a good thing that meds/blood serums are proving effective, but that can be no excuse for allowing the virus to spread. Somehow I doubt that in a real epidemic such meds and blood treatment would be widely available to that public.

  5. emsnews

    We need a vaccine. The antivaxers are delusional. The only way to stop a dangerous virus is via vaccinations. Has been true for a century.

    There is no herd immunity for ebola. This herd immunity from measles and diphtheria is disappearing thanks to antivaxers.

  6. Jim R

    It is pretty obvious to me that the piecemeal quarantine they are trying with this Dallas man will not work. What with the intercontinental air travel, the obviously incompetent Dallas health officials, and the power-washing of that Dallas sidewalk, they are going to have cases popping up on three continents among people who were not “at risk” and were not being monitored.

    Will they come to their senses and cancel air travel from Africca then?

    Probably not. Quarantines don’t work.

    I have a feeling it will be up to your immune system, and commone sense as to when to stay indoors and away from crowds…

  7. melponeme_k


    It isn’t only us that are left to fend for ourselves. All of Europe is in the same boat. Not only do they have to fear air travel, they have African refugees storming their borders every day. And they aren’t catching all of them. It only takes one plague carrier to find sanctuary in a European-African immigrant ghetto and game over.

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