Possible Ebola Liberian Lands In Newark, NJ United Airlines Then Threw Up All Over Everyone (Tested Negative)

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UPDATE: PICTURED: Inside the plane that prompted temporary Ebola fear at Newark Airport the New York Daily News:  The man tested negative for ebola.  Thank heavens.


BREAKING NEWS: CDC officials rush to Newark Airport to meet Liberian passenger flying from Brussels who was vomiting violently and ‘showed symptoms of Ebola’ : all hell breaks loose!  Right on the heels of writing about the desperate need to stop people from coming from Africa to the US, another ebola carrier arrived, throwing up violently on a plane and landing where I lived in New Jersey and I have family still in that state!  THIS IS INSANE.


United Airlines again.  225 people shared this plague plane with this man.  Like the previous one, it came from Brussels, EU.  This is because the Netherlands won’t stop planes coming from the Ivory Coast region.


At Friday’s news conference, White House adviser Lisa Monaco was asked whether she would recommend to President Barack Obama that he impose a travel ban on West Africa, as some public officials have called for.


‘Right now we believe those types of steps actually impede the response,’ Monaco said.


I think Obama should be impeached.  At this point, he and his crew obviously are deranged.  How on earth would a ban on anyone leaving these pestilent countries ‘impeded the response’?  Eh?  Quite the opposite!  I predicted two days ago that an army of infected jerks will fly here from there in order to get VIP healthcare for free.  They are lining up to come in and we can’t dilly dally for a month, I am betting already dozens have come in unseen and will hide here until they are sick enough to go to the emergency rooms.  Gah!!!


It gets more insane:  EXCLUSIVE: Friend of Texas Ebola patient who visited him in hospital has been told he can return to work as nursing assistant… but his family must remain in quarantine.  What the hell is this?


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13 responses to “Possible Ebola Liberian Lands In Newark, NJ United Airlines Then Threw Up All Over Everyone (Tested Negative)

  1. melponeme_k

    The White House poll site is filled with petitions screaming for the borders to be shut to African visa holders plus any and all visitors.

    I believe Obama should be impeached now too. It is obvious he is not working for the American people.

    AND SHAME ON HIM. We will never have another minority president because of his VENAL ways. He has poisoned the well. He has literally fucked up the chances for real, honest black politicians for the rest of all our lifetimes. THAT is a sin. Its despicable.

  2. DeVaul

    Yeah, I agree Mel. It seems the worst minorities are picked by the white oligarchs and then blamed later on for being “less intelligent”. It happens all the time here in Kentucky. It is the black community itself that demands the prosecution and removal from office of these idiots, only to be ignored by the white power establishment for years and years until the criminality becomes so blatant that no one can ignore it. Then, the white mayors and their masters claim “they had no idea”, only to be caught lying later on.

    Nothing changes though. The same creeps are given special appointments in obscure parts of the government to reward them for their past service, assuming they are not in jail for life.

  3. melponeme_k

    Look at the pictures on this news site.

    The EMTs who transported the possible Newark Ebola case are not even wearing the proper hazmat gear. Their skin is still showing, their eyes and ears are unprotected.


  4. vengeur

    I have to disagree with you guys. TPTB choose the most pliable, suggestive, easy to manipulate candidates. It has nothing to do with intelligence. My only question in this whole affair is, why haven’t we had any cases of ebola being transmitted here YET?

  5. emsnews

    It may be here already and the body is lying somewhere to be found later! This is why a total interdiction of the Ivory Coast nations is highest importance.

  6. melponeme_k


    This new strain of Ebola has a 21 day incubation period.

    If they have not contained the virus, Dallas will see cases around Oct 11/12. But since there is no quarantine against the countries that are affected, it is unknown how many infected managed to get into the US.

    Before this outbreak the virus was confined to the hinterlands because it burned through its hosts quickly. The incubation was short, with victims getting sick within hours or a few days at the most. Now, since it takes 3 weeks to make people very sick, it has given victims a chance to flee to all points of the globe thereby spreading it more widely.

  7. emsnews

    Correct and the Liberian taken off the plane in Newark Airport could be carrying the disease, it just doesn’t show up until the last stages even in blood tests.

    Then it multiplies very rapidly in hours.

  8. emsnews


    I see that there are a number of ebola petitions and they happen quickly so the numbers are big but the petitions spreads this out all over the place so it isn’t making much of an impact.


    So far there are 5 petitions with a total of about 10,000 people.

  9. Maddie's Mom

    Isn’t there video of Obama saying Ebola would never come to this country?
    Why would he make such a bizarre claim???

    Oh well, now that it has, it’s taken our minds off that nasty Isis beheading business, right?!?

  10. Luke

    ‘ think Obama should be impeached. At this point, he and his crew obviously are deranged.’
    And just a few years back you called his oppostion ‘Mittens, who was the worse of 2 evils’
    You know of bilderbergers / Kill uminati. Its part of the plan. Read the GG [georgia guidestones].

  11. Luke

    Well into his long talk he mentions all the reasons this patient should never have been allowed into USA.

    worth scrubbing to that part,http://takimag.com/radioderb/life_among_the_nomenklatura_radio_derb#axzz3FCitJuNS

  12. Luke

    ‘’Ebola is such an enormous problem in Africa that we have to send troops,
    But it’s such a trivial problem that we shouldn’t keep Africans WITH ebola from coming to the USA. This makes perfect sense in our ‘ Community Organizers’ world where Americans do not matter’.

  13. Luke

    via Drudge

    I was on a flight from Frankfurt to US today. Plane was filled about 35-40% with West Africans. Not saying they all have Ebola, but rather those that have enough money to buy a ticket are getting out — and of course coming to the US where they know they can stay as long as they like. And Barack Obola and his fellow Dems are 100% behind that – even more new Dem voters from these “biological refugees”. Ask any airline crew member, they know.
    Hussain is probably all excited about being able to import yet another disease into America. Enterovirus from flood of illegals, and Ebola/Marburg from Africans.
    How much more will it take before congress sees how urgent it is to remove this traitor from office?


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