Staten Island, NY Has Biggest Liberian Colony In US, Travel To And From Liberia Common

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BBC News – Ebola: Mapping the outbreak‘: This is known cases, the majority of dead in the denser jungles and more rural places is totally unknown.


Thanks to US lax immigration policies, we have armies of foreigners coming here with zero medical examination.  They tend to settle in tight communities often living in public housing.  From al Jazeera comes this very scary news: People go back and forth (from Liberia) all the time. There’s always the possibility of Ebola coming to America and spreading.’
Momo Fully
resident of Little Liberia which is mainly people living in public housing projects, in Staten Island, New York City.


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Ebola has never spread to this many countries before which means this is a new form of the virus that is much harder to stop.  The above graph shows it as a hockey stick event shooting to infinity.  The numbers of ill and dead are false.  The decrepit hospitals in Liberia are full and people are left to die on the streets and these are NOT COUNTED.  Nor is anyone going into the hinterlands anymore to count the dead, I am betting the real numbers in Liberia are more than quadruple the official statistics, and this is conservative.


It may be over 100,000 at this point.  Meanwhile, There are only 19 level 4 bio-containment beds in the whole of the United States…and four in the UK  which is clearly hopelessly inadequate for an epidemic here if this happens to us, too.


There is no quarantine for anyone traveling to or from Liberia:  In Little Liberia, expats nervously eye those returning from Africa to NYC | Al Jazeera America


In Little Liberia, some 4,500 miles from where Ebola has ravaged parts of West Africa, the disease is still taking a toll. As fear and rumors spread around this enclave in New York’s Staten Island — home to the largest concentration of Liberians outside Africa — so, too, have stories of lost relatives and fracturing communities.


“I told my mom to stay away from that lady,” said Assie Jalloh, gesturing toward an apartment building near where she was picking up groceries on Targee Street in the Clifton area of the borough.


The object of her concern was a woman who recently returned from West Africa, said Jalloh, a nurse and a Sierra Leonean expat. She favors a mandatory 21-day isolation period for all travelers arriving from the affected countries.


So, even some Liberians who came over here want quarantines (I presume this nurse is fleeing her homeland and came here to get a job which is why so many foreign nurses work in our hospitals for cheaper wages).  New York moves to limit federal deportations of undocumented immigrants | Al Jazeera America they will let these people roam free, instead of putting them in secure places.  The other city refusing to cooperate is Chicago which has earned a fine reputation for being an out of control, violent city more and more like a third world nation.

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Staten Island is part of NYC.  The Tristate Area is one of the most densely populated places in North America.  Many millions live in this region.  Below is a picture of the center of Little Liberia which happens to be public housing projects there.

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These are dense population areas which is prime territory for spreading diseases.


Now on to news about the enterovirus which is killing people, too, but not at a mad rate like ebola:  New Jersey preschooler who died confirmed to have been infected by Enterovirus D68 as over 500 children across the country are diagnosed with the illness | Daily Mail Online


This enterovirus germ is not new.

It was first identified in 1962 and has caused clusters of illness before.

Because it’s not routinely tested for, it may have spread widely in previous years without being identified in people who just seemed to have a cold.

This year, the virus has gotten more attention because it has been linked to hundreds of severe illnesses.


Obviously, something has changed with this virus.  All viruses can evolve rapidly if they have various demographic or host changes that push evolution along.  Children are dying of this disease especially if they have asthma.  This may explain why last winter when my son got a ‘flu’, he developed pneumonia very rapidly and had to go to the hospital, fast.


Beginning last month, hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chicago have received a flood of children with trouble breathing.

Some needed oxygen or more extreme care such as a breathing machine. Many, but not all, had asthma before the infection.


I have a preschool grandson in New Jersey.  I am concerned about him.  I am also wondering if I got this germ two years ago when a simple flu turned rapidly, literally overnight, into a very bad case of pneumonia.  I felt as if this hole was drilled into my left lung and all the air was wheezing out of it.  Obviously, we need vaccinations of some sort for this new form of enterovirus which was considered to be harmless before this last few years.


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4 responses to “Staten Island, NY Has Biggest Liberian Colony In US, Travel To And From Liberia Common

  1. melponeme_k

    “I am also wondering if I got this germ two years ago when a simple flu turned rapidly, literally overnight, into a very bad case of pneumonia. ”

    About the same amount of time, I suffered from what I thought was a bad cold. Not a big fever. But just bad, bad congestion. I would feel fine in the mornings but by late afternoon, I felt so weak, I thought I would pass out. The congestion would get so bad I could barely breath. Now I’m thinking, if I had this thing as well. And if so, how many of us had it? Unknowingly passing it on to others.

    And all because our medical infrastructure is just focused on making money for a handful of companies not keeping the public health.

    Ebola will be the turning point. It will usher in the far right government that promises strong deportations and no immigration. It will unleash pent up fury against minorities.

  2. Jim R

    Nature is back on the job, whether the silly humans like it or not.

  3. Luke

    “Thanks to US lax immigration policies, we have armies of foreigners coming here with zero medical examination.”
    I blame the Democrats, from LBJ on. Bush 1 and 2 also were of the ‘keep the flood gates open’. Reagan did the first [but not last] Am-nasty. Amnesty and the 1965 immigration act spell the end of the USA.

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