There Was NO Blood Test Of Liberian Sick On Plane, Examined Only For ‘Symptoms’

The CDC lied when they claimed the Liberian who was sick in Newark, has no ebola.  They simply noted at the hospital that there were no strong SYMPTOMS of ebola!  That isn’t a real diagnosis we know that the symptoms show up very suddenly, one minute, a person has a low level fever then it shoots to 105 degrees which is how the Hong Kong flu worked, too.  We still don’t know when the infection rate begins to rise, doctors are only guessing.  Certainly, at death, it is very high indeed.


Man, daughter on Newark flight not exhibiting Ebola symptoms, officials say |


Johan Gerinck, who lives in Brussels but works for Johnson and Johnson, said CDC officials had given passengers a list of symptoms that they needed to report immediately.

“They gave us a paper with all of the symptoms (and said) in case we got any of the symptoms, we should contact them,” Gerinck said.

Papp said she will be much more careful from now on whenever she travels.

“I was thinking about next time I travel, I will take hand sanitizers with me,” she said. “From now on I definitely will be more cautious. You never know.”


After I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu, I discovered I would get sick really easy from casual contacts so I spent several years wearing gloves in public and wiping down things with sanitary towels like when I rode the subway.  My daughter does this, too, due to learning to clean public things up from back then.  I also wore an Afghanistan shawl over my face so Muslims would think I was Muslim, too.  This was to keep people from coughing or sneezing on me.


We may all end up doing this to stay alive if ebola takes hold here and with the US healthcare system falling to pieces when it comes to crowded urban centers, this is a quite real possibility.


All the comments, nearly uniformly in the US media and Britain, are cries to stop travel to and from Liberia and the other ebola nations.  This cannot be ignored forever.  It will definitely be a campaign issue and the Democrats are going to lose, big, due to this.  The ‘open borders’ game has to stop in its tracks, now, not a year from now.


The Newark affair has some horrible side stories:  CDC investigating sick passenger at Newark airport |


A spouse of one of the passengers, however, said those on board the flight were kept in the dark as to the reason they weren’t being released from the flight.


Dr. Denes Papp, 57, of Princeton, who along with a crowd of drivers, family members and news crews, was waiting at Terminal B in Newark Saturday afternoon, told NJ Advance Media that his wife was one of the passengers on board the flight.


Papp, who is an anesthesiologist, said he received a text from his wife while the plane was on the tarmac, reporting that a man was ill. Papp said his wife and other passengers weren’t told that the CDC was investigating whether the passenger had Ebola.


“Shame on the airport, shame on the airlines that they didn’t make any announcements,” Papp said. “I think it’s really outrageous.”


“They made them wait on the airplane for more than an hour before they made any kind of announcements,” he said. “And they knew that something was wrong when they saw somebody coming on board with protective gear.”


Instead of immediately providing cleaning materials for the passengers, they were forced to sit and wait.  Protocols for dealing with sanitation with this crisis don’t exist.  Cops and ambulance drivers are getting pretty scared now because they are the ones handling people like Mr. Duncan.


Who is dying. First US Ebola case Thomas Duncan ‘critical’ condition which usually means he is probably going to die.


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8 responses to “There Was NO Blood Test Of Liberian Sick On Plane, Examined Only For ‘Symptoms’

  1. e sutton

    The following is a from a commenter on Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker site. Denninger’s in the camp saying that ebola is very hard to transmit and curtailing flights from Africa is a ridiculous, unnecessary precaution. Needless to say, I disagree with his view on this. 99% of his readers agree with him (what I like to term ass kissers) except this guy, whom I believe is a pilot:

    I’m posting this from Lagos Nigeria.

    The company I’m currently sub contracted to flies all over Africa. From its hub in Lagos there are direct flights to London and New York.

    Both Delta and United have non stop flights to the USA from Lagos. Again passengers on these flights connect from all over Africa.

    Medical screening in Lagos consists of a questionaire with a list of symptoms and a yes/no check box. They take your temperature and you’re on your way.

    There is no screening at all for entry into New York or London from Nigeria. The only thing that is checked is the passport.

    Expect more Ebola cases in the USA – I’m personally surprised that these direct flights have not been stopped or that some form of medical screening is not in place.

    The system currently in place is a complete joke imho and has zero effect on stopping the spread of Ebola.


    Always fly a stable approach – it’s the only stability you’ll find in this business.

  2. Jim R

    Like Fukushima: worst case scenario, here, now. The difference is that it will take ten years for cancer rates to reach their climax in Japan. This will only take a few weeks to reveal itself.

    I suspect that the officials don’t really have a reliable test for it. There aren’t tools for dealing with these little buggers because (and I heard this from a microbiologist) scientists don’t want to mess with it. They’d rather write learned papers and give speeches about some obscure bacterium that gives off light, or has an interesting color, but is otherwise harmless. If you risk dieing every time you stick your hand in the glovebox, it sorta takes the fun out of the science.

  3. Jim R

    Oh, and another reason the scientists don’t want to mess with it is all the paperwork they have to fill out just to have it in the lab.

    It’s like “ooooh noes, the trrrrss might get ahold of it!”, while some dufus is hosing the stuff off of a north Dallas sidewalk.

  4. El Kabong

    Now here is an interesting patent held by the US government.

  5. Luke

    FEDERALIST45 | October 3, 2014 at 16:07 | Reply

    Four children, each went to a different school for at least two days. Hundreds of other children exposed. Many hundreds of people exposed overall. Duncan was on the ground in Brussels airport for 7 hours. He was on the ground at Washington Dulles for 3 hours. He came into contact with hundreds of people at those airports. NO ONE IS TRACKING THEM. This shows you how easy it is for ONE person to expose HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS. Cases allegedly now in D.C., Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Hawaii. No one knows how many hundreds have been exposed in those cases. Seriously, is there any explanation other than an administration that wanted this to happen–even promoted this outcome–to continue to tear American society apart at the seams, causing division, panic, and possibly dire consequences–consequences that will be used as the excuse to impose martial law and, perhaps, suspend elections? This is all quite sinister–as evil an act as has ever been committed in America. Yet they remain in power. How?

  6. Luke

    On Wednesday night, October 1st, two Dallas “health officials”, accompanied by numerous police personnel, went into the victim’s apartment UNPROTECTED, as in not wearing any protective gear. This is the quarantined apartment I’m speaking of. They’ve now had to turn in their uniforms and boots, their squad cars were taken out of service and are being cleaned (hopefully not by the guys in the bottom link), and the deputies have been put on leave. Can this get any stupider?

    “The three deputies, a sergeant, and a lieutenant accompanied the head of Dallas County Health and Human Services Department and a doctor into the apartment late Wednesday night. They had gone there on the orders of Sheriff Lupe Valdez to get the people inside to sign a court order forbidding them from leaving the apartment.”

    And the quarantined family told the officers that they were running out of food, so:

    “…one of the supervisors got sandwiches and drinks for the family from a police prostitution diversion initiative that was going on nearby. ”

    Only in America!

    Here’s a picture of the two “health officials” leaving on Wednesday night – no protective gear.

    Tell me this article is from The Onion, please.

    Then check this out – look at the two men power washing the victim’s vomit off the parking lot, with one woman in sandals walking through it. Hey, Dallas, bend over! A Red Cross worker can be seen delivering food to the apartment, again no protective gear.

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