NYT Notices That Poor Students Are Being Milked For Fed Loans By Cynical Colleges

▶ The College Conspiracy Full Documentary – YouTube

Creeping up on us all on cat’s paws is the school loan bubble.  At over a trillion dollars this year, it is going to double again each decade and is already at a crisis because schools are luring in students who were incapable of handling Jr. and Senior High classes and then dumping a lifetime of unescapable debt on them.  This is not repayable at low wages and will be deducted from Social Security payments to the lower classes.  A total future catastrophe.



Like so many Pinocchios lured to Pleasure Island (▶ Pinocchio(1940) The Coachman’s Proposition – YouTube), armies of badly educated, poor students are pouring into schools hoping miracles will happen when the only point of all this is to enrich the people who run or own or control these schools.  They want the Federal loans.  They don’t care if the students suffer lifetime losses.  Community College Students Face a Very Long Road to Graduation – NYTimes.com has this sob story of a kid who is piling on debts and getting nowhere:


Vladimir de Jesus, a child of Puerto Rican parentage and Soviet enthusiasms, had arrived early with various supplies and considerable energy. At 23, he had been at LaGuardia sporadically over six years, amassing fewer than half of the credits he needed to progress to a four-year college…Mr. de Jesus attended Washington Irving High School, which has a long record of dismal performance. He eventually dropped out and earned an equivalency diploma.


He is covered by tattoos and had a child at age 17.  He dropped out of high school finding it too hard.  If he gets loans to go to colleges, he gets to live the free lay about life as an adult.  So he signed up and proceeded to skip classes and goof off, way too often.


More than 70 percent of LaGuardia students come from families with incomes of less than $25,000 a year. The college reports that 70 percent of its full-time students who graduated after six years transferred to four-year colleges, compared with just 18 percent nationally, but only a quarter of LaGuardia students received an associate degree within six years.


Six years for a two year college?  Then four years to get a bachelor’s degree?  Good lord, talk about slow!  And then six years to earn a four year degree?  Glacial.  Each year costing around $25,000, adds up to $200,000.  The price of a rather good home for a middle class family in a good school district neighborhood.


This poor guy thinks getting an art degree means the owners of the Kulturwelt will hire him. He is not Jewish.  He could hope to make a splash independently but he dreams of being a teacher which is odd considering he, himself, despises schools and teachers and disses both regularly even in college.


Vladimir de Jesus started taking classes at LaGuardia in September 2008 but left after his first semester. When he returned to the college in the fall of 2012, he had already declared a major in fine arts, with the goal of transferring to Hunter College to earn a bachelor’s degree and, eventually, getting a master’s and teaching studio art and art history.

Mr. DeJesus is taking remedial math. This is an 8th-9th grade Jr. High course. This is no credit towards any degree. This guy took this course three times and each time failed the finals worse and worse. Read his excuses for missing classes and we see he is the class clown:


In March, he suffered further distraction when he learned that two close childhood friends had been shot in a house in Pennsylvania, in a drug-related crime. “That really put me in a depression,” Mr. de Jesus told me a few months later. “They were my homies and I loved them so much. Wrong is wrong but they were supporting their families. They messed up their lives and they couldn’t get good-paying jobs.”


Yikes!  This derailed him going to school?  If this is his excuse, did this happen in the past?  Bet he has many dead buddies!  Someone making up this sort of lame excuse means he will spend his entire life making up similar excuses for goofing off.  There is little hope for him since he gets away with this even with a reporter from the NYC sucked this down without comment.

U.S. Students Rank 32 in Math Proficiency, 17 in Reading, Study Says | School Library Journal which pretty much sums up our lower levels of schooling which is woeful and all the reforms especially math reforms, make worse.  Instead of studying how other countries teach, we go off one cliff after another and produce math-phobic students in mass numbers.


I note here that the above video pretends that Europe’s schools succeed in teaching because they don’t have teacher’s unions nor American sort of schools.  But the truth is, the culture there and in Asia is what makes the schools work.  In the US, we have made it nearly impossible for smart kids.  They get few rewards.


They are mocked by peers.  They are ignored by teachers.  They are not challenged enough by lessons.  I skipped grades when younger and was competitive and even so, the other students didn’t look up to me, they actively tried to physically harm me which is why I spent quite a few hours mastering sword fighting and shooting guns, etc.


That does work wonders.  The thing is, in other countries, there is a different school culture.  We have to face this reality.  We are degrading our colleges by feeding into the system students who have no intention of actively learning anything, they just want a piece of paper.  Professors and the cheap labor adjuncts exploited by higher education owners and presidents, are told not to flunk anyone if possible because this keeps them inside the schools until ever last loan dollar is eked from them and the best outcome is to keep them for double the normal time for graduation.  The longer, the better.

▶ Peter Schiff exposes college scam – Interviews Kelli Space who paid $190,000 for a sociology degree (1 of 2) – YouTube.  Kelli made the news because she went online to beg for money to pay off this insanely expensive, useless degree.  She got only $10,000 which is funny because she was basically pan handling.


The young lady in the interview went to Northwestern University, a high end school.  And got a worthless degree.  She thought she was on the train to the upper class station.  But she was buying the ticket for the guys running the school, they rode to that station and left her in Debtor’s Prison.  Peter Schiff suggests she should flee the country like so many poor, in debt folk fled England and came here.


Here are some good reads about the scandal of letting bad students go to college at great expense after they flub high school: Confessions of a College Professor: December 2013

Confessions of a College Professor: 25% of Community College Is 6th Grade Level

Remedation Is A Bridge To Nowhere: 90% of all remediation students take more than three years to finish 2 year degrees.


And here is a Huffington Post story that is sad:  ‘My Degree Has Been Pretty Much Useless’: a poor sap thought they could get Hollywood jobs via going to film school in Arizona.  The writer of this article isn’t Jewish.  So their chances of landing a job is near zero.  Hollywood’s lower and often upper level jobs are all apprenticeship entry positions gained via family connections.  The same is very true in the art world.


You don’t get a job with a degree but rather connections.  This is cruel reality.  And this is kept carefully concealed until it is too late.


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22 responses to “NYT Notices That Poor Students Are Being Milked For Fed Loans By Cynical Colleges

  1. melponeme_k

    “Hollywood’s lower and often upper level jobs are all apprenticeship entry positions gained via family connections. The same is very true in the art world.”

    I can back this up as being true. Unless you are willing to be a kind of “blackface” in the art world, there is no place for anyone without family connections.

    The true irony is, even with the art world under control Jewish people still have to impersonate WASPS on the screen. Instead of inspiring their racism and delusions of superiority, it should make them think and frighten them. Even with power, they are a tiny, tiny minority.

    I’ve traveled some in the US and I’ve seen masses of white faces. Many of them white, angry, racist faces. That put the fear in me….big time. Only a fool would ignore it.

  2. tfoth

    You don’t get a job with a degree but rather connections.

    That’s what makes our society what it is today! To paraphrase Willie Nelson: The good ole boy system ain’t no good system, but its our system.

    In grade school, I too was attacked by the other children for knowing all the answers and having all my homework done. I turned to rock and roll.

    I still can’t get a “real job” because I don’t have any connections.

    So I guess I am not caring that much that everything is being destroyed. I can at least say that it is not my responsibility.

    What can I say. Fuck ’em all. “If that don’t suit ya’, that’s a drag”.

  3. vengeur

    And then on top of everything you so accurately describe, we have this insane college SPORTS CULTURE . Now I’m all for intramural sports, but the money spent (and made!) on college sports is astounding. Now since title 9, the insanity has spread to women’s sports too. I am not against sports for physical fitness, and believe it should be available to ALL students, not just the elite chosen ones. But it has just become a monster that has NOTHING to do with education.

  4. melponeme_k


    Ebola survivor back in the hospital with infection. The doctors now are checking for a possible ebola relapse.


  5. e sutton


    Fukishima threatened by even a “mild” tsunami.


  6. e sutton

    The educational system all the way from elementary school to university is thoroughly and completely corrupted beyond all dimension. I suffered as a student through it and later when I became a teacher. It would be difficult to find a bigger fraud in our contemporary life. Sick Care (sic) Industry follows with a close second. Fraud, racketeering, and swindling are the names of the game in “business” today, which is why corporations don’t care about the products they make anymore. Witness the tremendous amount of recalls we’ve seen in the auto industry in the past ten years and especially in the past five. When you can buy back your own company stock on the cheap and still make money, you could be gift wrapping dog turds in this economy and still walk away smelling like a fucking rose.

  7. Petruchio

    HaHa! I guess the sleazeballs that set the agenda for public discourse in the US figure the bottom of the well has been reached. The money well that is. It’s no mystery that if you saddle students with massive debt coming out of college, it damages if not ruins their futures. Making money for the looters, that’s ALWAYS been Priority #1. So what if the kid isn’t prepared for college? Give him/her a loan! Notice how similar this is to the Housing Bubble? You know, the one that caused the Crash of 2008? In that Bubble, people who shouldn’t have gotten home loans were getting mortgages. The people who designed this student loan system knew all along the potential disaster they were creating. They didn’t care then and they don’t care now. The only concern they really have is where to go looting from here?

  8. e sutton

    OT: Ex German presstitute spills beans:

  9. e sutton

    ^ ^
    Wrong video. Will try again!

  10. Luke

    Hollywood. Once I was at a party where someone who had worked for Debbie Reynolds for many years told me ‘I know 200 male actors who are a success in Hollywood. They all put out [male-male sex].’ Its who ya go to bed with.

  11. Luke

    ‘Six years for a two year college? Then four years to get a bachelor’s degree? Good lord, talk about slow! No, it has to do with ‘Low’ not ‘slow’. Low IQ.
    I looked at ‘Us News and WR’ issue on colleges. It listed ‘percent that graduate in 5 [or 6?] years with a BA’. I was shocked.
    The educational system has declined due to immigrants [yes low IQ non Whites]. First it was ‘Bi lingualism’ [1970]. Then ‘multi lingual’. Then Multi cultural. Bye Bye USA.

    Elaine, read Brimelows bestseller, ‘Alien Nation’. He talks of NYC where school is taught in 100+_ languages.
    There is no place at a 2 year college for ‘remedial’ . Thats the job of a HS or nite school.
    california 2 year colleges have gutted ‘blue collar’ at some schools. Instead things are taught like ‘chicano studies’ and ‘Hebrew’.

  12. Luke

    This is hysterical. The man behind the curtain. What USA state had highest IQs [at least prior to 1965 immigration act]? Minnesota, land of Germans and Nordics.
    Why are these people so smart?
    1. White
    2. Nordic

    This is sooooo funny in its ‘4 ton elephant in the room’


  13. Luke

    One ‘student’ confided in me that he paid someone else to take his ‘hard classes, online’! EMS, what about ‘distance learning’? And the Asians who have taken school cheating into a whole other nether realm?


  14. Luke

    With Gov Loans Colleeg is now a racket. One school offers GIs a AA degree for one online class + ‘life experience’. And all the GI bill money the ‘school’ can grab. There was an article in Time or Newsweek.

    Search Results

    Asian Immigrants and What No One Mentions Aloud …
    Oct 8, 2013 – And when they don’t cheat, they game tests in a way utterly … Cheaters need lots of money, an imposter who can guarantee results, and an anonymous setting. … The few Asian students I found who’d never seen it attended …
    “Conundrum”: 90 Percent of China’s Applicants Cheat …
    The Huffington Post
    Nov 7, 2011 – Chinese students are coming to American colleges in record numbers. A recent … I chalked a lot of this up to “cultural difference.” One of the …
    Elite Asian students cheat like mad on US college applications
    http://www.globalpost.com › Home › Regions › Asia-Pacific › Thailand
    Jan 4, 2012 – Chinese students in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Feb. … “Even if a lot of the students who cheat are bright, and they go on to succeed, is this …
    Chinese Students in America – China Law Blog
    China Law Blog
    Jan 11, 2012 – “I’ve heard that most of them cheated to get in. …. a lot of chinese students that study in the US seem to be very pro-party. likewise the chinese …
    Test cheating by children of Asian immigrants – Steve Sailer
    Steve Sailer
    Oct 8, 2013 – Cheaters need lots of money, an impostor who can guarantee ….. So Indian kids cheat because dead Anglos did something to their dead …

  15. emsnews

    EVERYONE cheats these days due tot he fact that any professor or adjunct that catches cheaters is PUNISHED not the cheaters.

    The cheaters bring in lots of loot to the administrators and owners of colleges. Way back when I was at the university system, rich kids and athletes were well known to have people take tests for them or do their papers, etc.

    Some of my bright friends made money doing this because they were desperate. I wasn’t desperate because each summer I made lots of money working in bars and then lived off of this during the school year.

    Today, a large number of women still do this to survive school. We also strip. Bababoom.

  16. Maddie's Mom

    My opinion is that Obama’s ultimate goal is to turn the USA into a third-world dung hole or something very close to.

    We’re well on our way; no need for me to count the ways.

    I believe Elaine blogs on most of them.

  17. Luke

    Maddies Mom, I agree. The Dreamers are the future. Yuk.

  18. CK

    But what other country would want a Kelli Space even if she could find the energy and cash to get from here to wherever?

  19. Petruchio

    So, the NYT, the rag of the elites, has FINALLY noticed the student debt scandal. Why? This is just SOP for the ruling elites. They do everything they can to create a problem, let it fester and then fester some more. Then, when it really is too late to do much of anything actually constructive or meaningful about it, they feign concern. Why the phony concern? The elites note the opinions of the masses, which the completely ignore unless it suits the elites purposes. Apparently the ruling class feels the blowback on the student debt issue is going to be big enough the need for tokenism is required. Don’t expect any meaningful, substantive reforms of the current student debt system, just a bunch of “gee, isn’t it too bad about student debt…” commentary from rags like the NYT. I imagine the Washington Post in the coming weeks with their take on student debt. This reminds me of the minimum wage “debate” going on. Please note that even some Republicans are in favor of raising the minimum wage. Why? Same reasons as with student debt, the chance of a harsh blowback from the peasants, but there is one more thing. Republicans know that the minimum wage has not kept up with inflation for a loooong time. The minimum wage of 1968 was a better wage then than the current minimum wage. A inflation adjusted minimum wage, one that keeps pace with inflation, would be about $15/hr. The Republican “solution”? Raise the $7.75/hr minimum wage by 50 cent increments over the next three years and you kill two “birds” with one stone. You look like you are helping the peasant class, but at the same time you are REALLY doing nothing for them. This will satisfy the Political Rulers desires of continuing to increase their wealth at the expense of everyone else. This is really despicable, but par for the course for Washington DC.

  20. emsnews

    Petruchio, isn’t that sad? I remember when the housing bubble was utterly out of control. Suddenly, the media noticed this right before the crash. I pointed it out years before the crash, it was obvious.

    And part of this mess was due to giving loans for houses in California in particular and Nevada, to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Using fake ID! It was insane.

    Giving huge loans to people refinancing their homes and telling them this was very smart was also part of the scam. Even right before the bubble popped, they told people debt on homes was smart.

    I have no debt on my home. I live here. I don’t want a bank owning my dwelling place.

  21. emsnews

    CK, the saddest thing about Kelli Space is, she is cute but no marriage material. Which man will accept paying off her immense school debts? After all, anyone she mates will be equally responsible.

    This is destroying marriages faster than any other social force. The main one being, unable to marry in the first place.

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