Homeless Dallas Ebola Man Found After Hunt, Chaos Continues To Grow, Africans Kill Ebola Educators

As Ebola patient worsens, family faces stigma in Texas.  This is understandable.  No one trusts this family to be forthright about being sick.  Since the only way to prevent getting ill is to religiously avoid contact with anyone in contact with a dying ebola patient, everyone connected shouldn’t be shocked to be avoided literally like the plague because this is a plague.


The homeless man who caused Ebola panic in Dallas: Vagrant who wandered off while he was meant to be under observation for virus captured after frantic search – and will now be held against his will.  Yes, they let him go thinking he would obey orders.  Duh.  Naturally, he wandered off.  Did he spread the disease?  This is the entire problem: the disease is spreading madly in Africa due to overpopulation and terrible sanitation efforts.  The place is filthy and crowded.  Here in the US, that is true of the poor who live in crowded, filthy situations.


How can we contain this once it starts here under these conditions?  It is hideously expensive and would mean clearing out our slums, for example.  We are spending trillions on Muslim wars overseas and on military confrontations with China and Russia and protecting rich Europe while they do little to protect themselves.  Obviously, since we spend a huge hunk of money on these foreign affairs, we have  none for at home so our major cities often are turned into bombed out slums filled with often illegal aliens and people on welfare living often in filth.


 NBC cameraman fighting for his life against Ebola virus leaves Liberia and will land in Nebraska for treatment this morning because all ebola patients who are Americans and working in Liberia get to come home and often get the cure used in a previous ebola outbreak, that is, injections of blood from survivors that helps white blood cells fight the disease.  As the number of ebola patients rises, we can assume that someone is coming here like Mr. Duncan unseen and under the radar.


100 potential Ebola victims reported by hospitals on high alert for deadly virus. There is understandable panic about this fact.  Eventually someone will come over here and spread the disease even further than Mr. Duncan managed.  For example, a Sick Child From West Africa Was Tested in Miami But Is Unlikely to Have Ebola.  As US Ebola Fears Widen, Reports of Possible Cases Grow and it is flu season and many flu symptoms are similar in the beginning with ebola symptoms.  This will push emergency rooms to their limit during the next three months.


Back in Africa, all attempts at halting this disease is collapsing due to incompetence and disorganization as well as outright madness:  Help for Sierra Leone Is Nearby, but Delayed


More than $140,000 worth of medical supplies have been locked inside a dented container at the port in Freetown, Sierra Leone, since Aug. 9.


The entire excuse Obama and his gang gives for doing nothing to quarantine Liberia and the adjoining countries is, we need open borders there to deliver ebola aid.  Well, it isn’t working.  Then there is the madness of the crowds:  Ebola burial team from Red Cross attacked in Guinea – Health – CBC News


Family members of the dead initially set upon the six volunteers and vandalized their cars, said Mariam Barry, a resident. Eventually a crowd went to the regional health office, where they threw rocks at the building.


The attack is the most recent in a series that have plagued teams working to bury bodies safely, provide information about Ebola and disinfect public places. The most shocking was the abduction and killing last week in Guinea of eight people, health workers educating people about Ebola and the journalists accompanying them.…In April, Doctors Without Borders briefly pulled out its team from the Guinean town of Macenta after their clinic was stoned. In Liberia, the homes of some of the infected have been attacked. Last week, Red Cross workers were threatened in Sierra Leone, Carpentier, the Red Cross spokesman, said.


Little of this news appears in our own media due to the need to whitewash anything showing madness in black communities.  Instead of grappling with the problems caused by this, we are told to look away or like news the Zionists don’t want us to see, it is reported in Israel and not here.  This way, we are ill-informed.  We are told the Africans want more aid but reality says the opposite.


I didn’t hear of the 8 people, health care educators and 2 journalists, who were murdered!  This is disgusting.  While reading EU national news, I did learn that there is tension with fear aimed at workers trying to stop the disease but not this outright mass murder of them.  During this, calls are going out for volunteers to come to this hell hole and save the people with no mention of the fact that the people might just murder them for coming.


This is why blocking out the entire region is necessary.  You can’t force sanity in this case anymore than we can trust drunks and drug addicts to be careful and follow sanitation and quarantine rules.


Missed this earlier: From Russia—75% chance Ebola will reach France by end October, 50% for UK – scientists.  This is close to 100%.  Unlike the false US estimations of near 0%.  Belgium is 40%.  The US already has ebola here.  Air France and Belgium still fly to Liberia.  Saudi Arabia recently stopped flights.  This is definitely a UN matter which is why there are no meetings about this, only about ‘global warming’.

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24 responses to “Homeless Dallas Ebola Man Found After Hunt, Chaos Continues To Grow, Africans Kill Ebola Educators

  1. Luke

    Open Borders is the end of USA. That is why Soros pushes so for his ‘Open Society’.

    From the web,

    President Barak Ebola
    ‘’Ebola is such an enormous problem in Africa that we have to send troops,
    But it’s such a trivial problem that we shouldn’t keep Africans WITH ebola from coming to the USA. This makes perfect sense in our ‘ Community Organizers’ world
    Americans do not matter in the least.’

    I was on a flight from Frankfurt to US today. Plane was filled about 35-40% with West Africans. Not saying they all have Ebola, but rather those that have enough money to buy a ticket are getting out — and of course coming to the US where they know they can stay as long as they like. And Barack Obola and his fellow Dems are 100% behind that – even more new Dem voters from these “biological refugees”. Ask any airline crew member, they know.
    Hussain is probably all excited about being able to import yet another disease into America. Enterovirus from flood of illegals, and Ebola/Marburg from Africans.
    How much more will it take before congress sees how urgent it is to remove this traitor from office?

  2. Henry

    Apparently Israel has refused a request from the U.S. government to send a medical team to the Ebola stricken region of Africa. The reason: they might catch the disease and bring it back to Israel.


  3. aashild

    While The US is policing every corner of the world, the homeland is in decay.

    What kind of disaster would force The US to focus more of its attention to internal problems, rather than on expensive military adventures right next to China and Russia? A major natural disaster? A civil war? An epidemic..?

  4. Bola

    A Norwegian doctor working for Doctors Without Borders has been infected with ebola virus, working in Bo, second largest city in Sierra Leone. She now is evacuated by ambulance plain to Oslo where doctor and nurses dressed in space suits will treat her in quarantine hospital.
    From Madrid Reuters reports that priest Miguel Pajares infected by Ebola virus disease died 12. August at a Carlos III hospital. One of the space suit nurses that treated him has now tested positive for ebola virus.

    Conclusion: doctors don’t know how stop Ebola virus!

    From Wiki: Ebola virus has not been shown to be airborne among humans, but it can be transmitted through aerosolization of body fluids, such as when an infected individual sneezes, vomits, or flushes a toilet after use. Ebola virus has been shown to be airborne in pig infections.
    The term “airborne” here is a medically defined term that implies a disease that can remain in the air for long periods. However, this does not exclude droplet transmission, where small droplets pass through the air to infect by droplet contact but do not remain in the air for long periods.

    And Vow-wow-wow?: Dogs may contract the Ebola virus but do not get the human symptoms of the disease.


    ELAINE: My husband, who is very damaged from chemical exposure from work, goes to the hospitals frequently. Today, I saw posters at the hospital warning about ebola but didn’t say ‘EBOLA’ on them just a map of Africa.

    I said to my husband, ‘Look at that ebola poster’ and immediately, other patients and their families made sounds of horror and began talking about ebola.

    Note the clever trick of leaving out the word ebola!

    I then learned about the nurse and couldn’t post about this due to being stuck there until dinner time. Thanks for the comment about this story.

  5. Christian W

    The US has little choice but “project power” across the globe. The instant the US starts to “play nice” the economic house of cards comes tumbling down. It’s the natural consequence of having abused the system for far too long.

    Amusing that people still believe who is President of the US makes the slightest difference in a larger sense anymore. JFK might have had a chance to change things, but they shot him. The President is basically a doorman, as Elaine says, on a spectacular ego trip.

  6. DeVaul

    This is a true “let them eat cake” moment from our ruling oligarchs and their lackeys. How will this play out? NOTHING is under control.

    Some rich jerks will fly out in hopes of waiting out the pandemic on some deserted tropical island they own (makes me wish for “real” global warming). Some rich clowns will wait too long and not escape or spread it wherever they land (good). The rest of us are square in the crosshairs with no escape possible.

    This is a disaster for the black community. If things worsen, whites, Mexicans, Asians, and anyone else will shoot black people on sight simply on the grounds of “self-defense” as the disease spreads out of control and people go insane. (“How do we know they’re not from Africa?”, they will ask.) After that, anyone with the plague will be shot or shoved out of town.

    I find it ironic that after so much talk about the “economy” and “the fed” and “national bankruptcy”, the straw that breaks our back is Mother Nature.

    But, she loves irony (I guess).

  7. DeVaul

    Oh god. It’s already starting:

    [Yet while authorities say the situation in the US is currently under control, native Africans are apparently being widely blamed for introducing the deadly disease to the country. According to a report published over the weekend by Reuters, Africans in the highly diverse Dallas region say they’re experiencing taunts and finger-pointing from people who are widely blaming entire ethnic groups over the introduction of Ebola into the United States last weekend.

    “Some people around here see us as bringing the disease and that’s just not right,” a Liberian who asked to be called Sekou told Reuters.

    “People are looking at us in a bad way. We didn’t have anything to do with this. Somalia does not have Ebola. It is on the other side of Africa,” added Shadiya Abdi, 27, an immigrant from Somalia.

    “Some guy told me ‘go get yourself quarantined,'” an Ethiopian parking attendant in downtown Dallas told Reuters.

    “Go back to Liberia,” a Liberian nurse working in Dallas says she’s been told.

    “If I am Liberian, that doesn’t mean that I have Ebola,” the nurse, Carolyn Woahloe, told the Los Angeles Times. “This is not a Liberian problem. This is a world problem.”]

    From RT — the last available international news source for Americans.

  8. DeVaul

    There are high hopes for a treatment based on tobacco plants that CNN ran on the news, but it did not mention that the drug plant is still waiting to be paid 36 million to produce 100 million doses (on a fast track).

    That comes to a tiny fraction of a fraction of our military budget, but it has not been paid. Even if it is paid, that still leaves each dose costing 330,000 dollars. My idiot mother could not figure that out.

    Who has that kind of money?

  9. e sutton

    @ Devaul,
    Who has that kind of money?

    Better question: Why does it cost so friggin’ much?

  10. Maddie's Mom


    There may as well be NO treatment.

    Big pharma is right up there with the fed’s student loan program.

    Take as much money as possible from the little people. And promise them the moon.

  11. Christian W

    Survival of the fittest eh? Only millionaries. and their families, are fit to survive.

    That head of the CDC, Dr. Frieden, sounded very duplicitious to me when he was talking about how the experimental drug Zmapp was “all gone” (gone as in used up or gone as in bought up?) and how Mr. Duncan was left with the other, apparently far cruder and more poisonous, experimental drug and the choice to pay prohibitively expensive amounts for it (this was of course implied rather than said outright) or go with the choice of taking his chances without it.

  12. emsnews

    I remember polio. Universities vied with each other to find a vaccination. The University of Chicago needed test children for it and I was one of the lucky ones due to my dad being a professor there. My husband’s father was in the chemistry department and he got it, too, back then.

    And it was nearly FREE given to all and anyone under the government which wanted to stop the epidemic.

  13. DeVaul said: $36 million for 100 million doses of vaccine. at a cost of $330,000.00 each.

    Suusi: ?? That does not look right to me:

    cost per dose = total cost / number of doses.


    $36,000,000.00 / 100,000,000 = $0.36 per dose

    If it was $330,000.00 per dose then the total cost would be $33,000,000,000,000.00

    DeVaul said: My idiot mother could not figure that out.

    Suusi: She may be expecting an apology.

    Neglecting vaccines. Viruses only kill those who are genetically susceptible to them. This is as true of Ebola as it was of the 1918 flu epidemic. This strain of Ebola 45% of victims survive.

    As a result the next generation of people in that aria will be Ebola resistant. The unanswered question is what happens when a Ebola Mary enters the population of an unprotected population?

    Ebola Mary ->> the Ebola version of typhoid Mary. OK I know that typhoid is a bacterium and Ebola is a virus. But the possibility is there.

  14. emsnews

    That happened with the black plague, too.

    But the question is, do YOU want 50% of the population to die horrible deaths quite suddenly, over a decade????

    Remember: you have a 50% chance of being one of the dead, too!

  15. DeVaul

    @Suzie M. B.

    Wow. You are right. I am losing the ability to do math. I admit it. My illness has spread to other parts of my brain and now I have trouble with numbers. I found out this morning that my budget always appeared negative for years because I counted my property tax as a monthly expense instead of dividing it by 12 and spreading it over 12 months like I did all other expenses. For years I wondered why I was not bankrupt. Now I know.

    Thanks for catching my error.

    As for my mother, I owe her no apology whatsoever. She has not asked for one because she cannot do math of any kind, and made no attempt to figure out the actual cost on her own. She just ignored the cost (like her bills) and babbled about miracle cures while avoiding my main question:

    “If this company only needs 36 million to fast track 100 million doses, why has the government not paid them already? Ben loaned out 16 trillion overnight to banks everywhere, but we don’t have 36 million?”

    Her answer: “I don’t know.” (Then avoids subject by babbling.)

    Susie, perhaps you know the answer. Can you tell us why the government does not have 36 million to give to this company? My mom didn’t know, and was content to leave it at that. Are you?

  16. DeVaul: No Idea I am in the UK. but the US government seems to be drunk on power. Like Rome was with Julius Caesar and the emperors that succeeded him.

    No idea why the US Government cannot find the $36 million. But they have plenty of money for their pet projects. Unless they want to cull the population.

    There is a game called “Deus Ex”. It could have parallels with what is happening in the world today.

    The plot of Deus Ex depicts a society on a slow spiral into chaos. There is a massive division between the rich and the poor, not only socially, but in some cities physically. A lethal pandemic known as the “Gray Death” ravages the world’s population, especially within the United States, and has no cure. A synthetic vaccine, “Ambrosia”, manufactured by the company VersaLife, nullifies the effects of the virus, but is in critically short supply. Because of its scarcity, Ambrosia is available only to those deemed “vital to the social order”, and finds its way primarily to government officials, military personnel, the rich and influential, scientists, and the intellectual elite. With no hope for the common people of the world, riots occur worldwide, and a number of terrorist organizations have formed with the professed intent of assisting the downtrodden

  17. DeVaul

    Deus Ex. Never heard of it. Is it a computer game?

    I know the phrase “deus ex machina” was a term used to describe how, in French plays, a god or some divine being would appear at just the right moment to save the day; hence: god from the machine (stage equipment).

    I will need to google deus ex to find out what it means.

    If you are in England, can I ask you how the English people really feel about their royal family? I mean, really, they are laying claim to all minerals underneath entire towns and villages. They are world class parasites, but I know…

    You know what, my boss just came by and we talked about Ebola and he joked about it, saying it was too late to close the borders or quarantine anyone or do anything at all and then said that it would not amount to anything at all anyway. I asked him if he would say that after 100 million Americans were dead and he replied: “Well, think of all the job opportunities…” “You mean like gravediggers?” I said, and he said “Yes”.

    Since no one here takes the matter seriously, I will not pass judgment on some other country and its problems. If the English want peasant status forever, that’s fine with me. We are not far above such status here anyway.

    And we are stupid.

  18. emsnews

    The most popular royal is, according to last month’s poll,Prince HARRY, you know, the red head one that doesn’t look like a German, he looks like a Scotsman.

    Seriously, he is down to earth and funny and friendly so the peasants like him and they dislike his ‘father’ Charles and hate his wife, the Old Witch, and they don’t even like the new Princess who is a rich Peasant but who is ‘nose in the air’ as far as the other peasants are concerned. They don’t like her at all.

    Funny, all that. Still can’t get the gumption to get rid of all of them.

  19. DeVaul

    I googled “deus ex” and it sent me to the game of that name at Wikipedia! I guess this game must be popular, but it is beyond my knowledge of games.

    Perhaps my sons know of it. Wikipedia did not even give me a definition of “deus ex”. It did have “deus ex machina”, which I already knew.

    Is the name just irrelevant or does it have a meaning in this game?

  20. Elaine: Funny you should have said looks like a Scots man. Maybe if the Scots had gone for independence they should have invited Harry to be King.

    James Hewitt who is suspected to be Harry’s sperm donor is from Derry Northern Ireland. Which rather suggests Scots origins.

    DeVaul: No idea.

  21. DeVaul

    Wait! What the hell!?!?

    Did I miss something or did you just imply that one of the princes is from a sperm donor?

    Why would they need a sperm donor?

    That’s crazy.

  22. DeVaul: there is a question mark over Prince Harry’s parentage.

    Lady Di, His mum, had a fling with a red haired soldier called James Hewitt. She even admitted to having committed adultery with James Hewitt.

    Prince Charles, who is Colonel in chief of the parachute regiment, on the other hand was shagging the wife of Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles. A big no no in the Army.

    Charlie boy has since married her. After the rather convenient death of Lady Di. He is a brave man who wants to wake up with a horses head next to them 😉

    Andrew Parker Bowles the man who sacrificed his wife for his country as the joke goes.

    follow the link and enjoy a good bit of satire 🙂


  23. DeVaul

    Thanks for the info!

    I knew about the Bowles connection with Charles, but I had no idea that Princess Diana also had a lover. Time to do a paternity test?

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